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Peugeot 306

Peugeot 306

N3 and N5
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Beyond expectations

We got this car 2nd hand' as always with used and unchecked cars " don't expect a rally car with immaculate performance "
The 306 xsi quite surprised me on all fronts as it drives exceptionally well and performs under pressures when given quick speed bursts at the transition of green to orange at the lights so as to make the crossover.
It is a very comfortable and well settled car that gives and gives.
Anyone that manages to get a true "fair 306" car will not be lost with 306 xsi.
I've only driven Japanese (incl a new toyota while learning) until this last purchase, and it is worth owning French.
Forget the mass produced J cars or competition euros and get a Peugeot' you will not be disappointed new or old.
Good for fuel and great for 2nd hand car buyers as the 306's are a hard find and look better than a Euro competitor and much better and safer than J cars of yesterday.
It's a car to maintain, re-invent or modify in every way' not compare maintenance costs with today's market.

so on and so on.Beeeeatriiiice!!!sweeeet beatrice, mmmm, beatriiiice

Looks good but is expensive to maintain

Roof mechanism is very flash in operation but all the sensors need to be working 100%. Also, the elastic stretches over time and this causes issues when closing.
The steering feels heavy just off center yet is light when parking (sounds like a contradiction but you have to experience it).
Mechanically it's well made however the wishbone 'P' bushes are a weak link and should be checked before purchase.
The 2.0 engine is smooth and quite quick. Reasonably light on fuel use.
Rear screen is plastic and once it has gone opaque you wont get it clear again. Very difficult to see out of at night and in the rain.
ABS and airbag are commendable safety features for a car of this age. No roll bar and the windscreen surround wont protect you in a roll over (probably no different from most convertibles of that era).

Not the worst car I've owned but I wouldn't recommend unless you're prepared to repair yourself or face big garage bills.
Looks very modern and sporty. Very expensive when new but cheap now.
Parts are expensive. Electric roof mechanism needed constant attention. Difficult to see out of rear window at night.


Why can't Peugeot make a new car as good as the 306?

Bought this XT hatch way back in 1996 and still driving it now in seventeenth year of ownership and having travelled 378,000kms. Original engine apart from head gasket replacement at 245,000kms. Never any problems with manual gearbox or clutch. Original exhaust. Interior now getting a little worn and paint is fading.
Great to drive and very comfortable particularly on long interstate trips. Great visibility both front and rear and so much better than modern cars. Excellent fuel economy as low as 5.8 litres/100kms on a trip to Queensland.
Not much. Have had problems with the control arm bushes. The replacements have not lasted like the original ones. Requires premium petrol.



We bought a '97 model 5 door hatch-back 306XT. Ran exceptionally well, but better on PULP. After 5 years, we had a major gearbox failure (hole the size of my fist in gearbox and bell housing). After writing a letter to Peugeot Australia, they replaced the gearbox, bell housing and clutch three years after warranty expired, if I paid the labour. Not bad...
Gearbox had suffered a hydrogen embrittlement failure - very rare these days.
Servicing was done through Alec Mildren in Artarmon - and was expensive.
No other real problems with the car other than an aircon re-gas after 5 years.
Passive rear-wheel steering was the best thing since sliced bread - especially on two-lane roundabouts.
As a second-hand car, look for a good service history (including timing belt) and injector cleaning. Other than that - find yourself a good Euro mechanic and enjoy the car. I certainly did.
306XT - fantastic looks, powerful little motor, excellent road handling with passive rear-wheel steering and 60-40 disc braking (stops on a dime). Michelins hug the road like your grandmother. 1.8 Lt 90 kW front wheel drive. Great stereo. 306 hell of a lot nicer in style than the 307.
Servicing and parts can be expensive. Requires a service every 10000 km's. Great seats and comfortable - but not for the tall driver (same for most small cars, though). 60-40 braking ratio means rear brake pads need replacing a lot sooner. Needs PULP to get the most out of it. Clearcote paint is soft and shows swirls from brush washing - so be prepared to wax polish it once/twice a year.



This is a great little car for all types of drivers, being a small car it makes little challange getting it to those tight parking spaces but you still feel that there is plenty of room inside. The rear seat can be taken completly out making it very easy to transport different types out item, great on fuel getting down as little as 7.5L per 100km. The 306 comes packed with features witch make it feel later model luxury Australian car.
Compact size car but still full of features, good vision while driving, great fuel economy.
Parts and service are very expensive due to the european make



I will never part with my 306 Cab. It is 10years old now and still looks like a 2-3yr old car. It has not dated. The inside i have updated with the extra wow factor things from 2002 models like silver dash, updated airbag with silver peugeot logo etc.
The most reliable, and sexy little car i've owned.
Parts and repairs are to expensive when owned in Australia. Very cheap for parts in Europe though.


I love the car and love the way it drives. For a 4 cylinder car it has a lot of power and hugs the road well, especially when cornering. When taking off at traffic lights, the take-off is very smooth and the car moves quickly and smoothly through all gears into top gear with no straining. It is a responsive vehicle and all you need to do to keep good control is to take your foot off the accelerator and the car settles easily. I bought the car second hand and the paintwork and soft-top is immaculate. The previous owner used 'NoWet' to clean and maintain the finish and it looks like a new car even though it is 7 years old. My favourite experience is to drive with the top down. Overall, it is a sheer pleasure to drive and I am learning to appreciate the art of real driving and to appreciate European design. They might be a bit heavier than Japanese and other cars, but the solid feel of the car is luxurious.
Fantastic car to drive, Handles really well around corners and moves rapidly and smoothly through the gears from when the car is stationary. The leather seats are luxurious and hug the body, supporting it well. I love the way it feels with the top down and it is such a fun car to own.Insurance premiums and licensing are the same as for my Corolla which was older (1999). The car feels very solid and is well presented throughout in the cabin. After driving this car, mu old Corolla feels a bit flimsy, even though it has been an excellent car.
The clutch is a bit harder to use than it is on other cars and requires a good bit of muscle power to depress and petrol is a bit more expensive.



This a very practical car for a variety of drivers. It has a range of feature which are able to compete with newer models. Drives very well and is easy to park in tight spots. It has a great fuel economy getting down to about 8L per 100km. It is extremely comfortable and roomy inside, considering the size of the car. The back seats are removable which makes it very easy to transport items. A very reliable vehicle.
Great little car to drive. Very comfortable and easy to direct into any spot.
Not a great towing capacity. Parts and service can be expensive due to european make.


Questions & Answers

I find that my radiator fluid evaporates quickly. Is this common ?
1 answer
No, this should not happen. My 2002 model has never had that happen and I live in hot NorthQueensland so check for a leak.


Peugeot 306 N3 (1994-1997)Peugeot 306 N5 (1997-2002)
CategoryConvertible and HatchbacksConvertible and Hatchbacks
Starting Price $27,995$49,990
TransmissionAutomaticAutomatic and Manual
Drive TypeFront Wheel Drive (FWD)Front Wheel Drive (FWD)
Fuel TypePetrolPetrol
Wheels14" Steel15" Alloy
Fuel Consumption9.5 L/100km
Fuel Tank Capacity 60 L60 L
Engine4 Cylinder 1.8L4 Cylinder 2.0L
Max Power77kW @ 6000rpm100kW @ 5500rpm
Max Torque160Nm @ 3000rpm187Nm @ 4200rpm
Country of ManufactureFranceFrance
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)2 year(s)
Release dateJan 1994Jan 1997
Discontinuation dateDec 1997Dec 2002
Replaced byPeugeot 307Peugeot 307

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