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Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift

MK7, MK5, MK6.I and MK6.II
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I love my car!

I mainly use my car to drive to the bus stop for work, the train for university and to drive to the gym or friends houses. I use my car every single day and Ive never had any issues with it. I love that its small, reliable and low maintenance but still looks so sleek. Would strongly recommend to anyone.

Engine Size1.4L Petrol
Date PurchasedApr 2017

Good but could of been better

Ive had this car about 3 weeks now, and have owned 2 swifts prior to this one. The build quality is exceptional as to be expected from the Japanese. But in order to keep the price competitive there have been some trade offs. THE GOOD: the handling and suspension have improved dramatically. The room inside the vehicle, including the boot has increased and improves passenger comfort. 16 inch alloys as standard is a nice touch too. The aircond seems to better than previous models. THE BAD: despite a decrease in engine size from 1.4 to 1.2 litre, it uses as much as the 1.4 litre. The engine feels too small and lacks the punch of previous models, which is more noticeable with every passenger you add. The fuel capacity has been reduced by 5 litres, which equates to about 100 km range reduction. The gear ratios feel odd, where im still trying to find smooth gear changes out of this gearbox. The voice recognition on the sat nav is terrible. The reversing lights are very dim and difficult to see where your going in the dark. The distance to empty display seems to swing wildly even when driven sedately. Cant display odometer and fuel range at the same time( very basic display). The spare space saver tyre is as cheap and nasty as it gets.
All in all this is a great car, but it depends what you want and what you can live with. For me it doesn't make a lot of sense to reduce engine size if there are no gains in fuel economy. Im mean why make it more comfortable and roomier for passengers when the car noticeably struggles with the more you add. A reversing camera in such a small car seems a little misplaced. Never really understood the point of day time driving lights either. I would of preferred to have the money spent on a larger engine, and more detailed instrument panel.
I still consider it to be a great car, but im not sure id buy another with this engine and gearbox configuration. The previous model was superior in this regard, so im not sure why they changed it.

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Engine Size1.2 litre
Date PurchasedDec 2018

Terrible car

10 Visits to the dealer in 9 months. Now being told I have to pay for the labor for suzuki to investigate a fault they keep telling my doesnt exist.

Have constant smoke from burning entering the cabin through the air vents.

Brakes had to be replaced at 1800kms

Power window fault has been repaired 4 times

Date PurchasedJan 2018

A small car oozing with personality

Great looks, Engine has superbly linear power delivery while being both refined and economical, Wonderful exhaust note, nippy handling. Only complaint is a firm ride over the harshest of roads.Also, great visibility due to the upright windscreen which for me was a v. important feature in comparison to the Mazda 2 and hondas. Feels solidly built and should be reliable according to surveys in UK .

Date PurchasedJul 2018

A cute one

Bought suzuki Swift GL Navigator recently. Went with this car after comparing pros and cons of similar size cars. We bought this car as an addition to our SUV, for mostly local trip when going alone. We now like swift more than SUV that we may go for next vacation in Swift. It is really smooth, great engine, lot of inbuilt features, sat navigation , android/apple auto come with itself. a fuel efficiency equivalent to hybrid one . more over Made in Japan

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Date PurchasedNov 2018

One of the rare made in Japan cars available today - Great Quality made car - an economical No probl

My Pearl white Suzuki SWIFT GLX Navigator 1.4 litre Automatic has been problem free so far. 70,000 klms has been travelled with many long trips to the North Coast of NSW , Sydney and Newcastle from the Upper Hunter Valley. The car has been serviced up until now with KLOSTERS in Newcastle , where the car was purchased from.... with Capped servicing. I would recommend this small car [although Suzuki does make a smaller car] to anyone. They are very easy to drive , very economical on E10 petrol... and they have one of the best reputations in the car world... My Car is used virtually every day to drive to the shops etc... I have also fitted seat covers made from wet suit material , and a CARBRA to stop any stone chips , and stop any bugs from getting into the radiator and protect the headlamp lenses , fog lamps & daylight running lights too.. it also has a good sized touch screen with phone messages, GPS maps etc, CD Player & Radio along with a USB Port to play Your Music... along with a built in person who asks you questions etc... of what you want to do.. Did I mention excellent gas mileage anywhere from 4.4l per 100 klms depending on how You drive....The original headlamps were good, but they are much better when they are replaced with OSRAM XENON Plus 75% bulbs or maybe plus 100% , now they are really bright. The GLX Swift has adjustable steering wheel that goes up & down plus in & out . Drivers seat goes Up also.. It also has 7 AIRBAGS... VERY SAFE ... ANCAP rating 5 out of 5... all true... Lee

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Engine Size1.4L Petrol
Date PurchasedJun 2015

Love my baby car

I had been searching for a new car for ages when I was contacted by Brian Hilton at Wyong. Thanks to Frank and Courtney, I drive away in my little baby car ad I love it. I got a terrific deal and a much better trade in on the daggy old Mitsubishi ii had . I grateful for the help the guys gave me. I'm happy to recommend this company

BadgeZ Series
Date PurchasedSep 2018

Good rental car

I had this as a rental car for 1 month and I love the Apple CarPlay for music with the big touch screen but I don't know if it was my cord for the phone but it kept disconnecting from my Spotify and then reconnecting. Otherwise this car drives very smooth, easy to control and park. It's a cute car and I think it's worth buying if you like the new luxury style hatchbacks

Engine Size1.5L Petrol
Date PurchasedAug 2018

Thaifan Review of 07/08/2018

Readers, Product Review have not updated their Suzuki Swift models, so, if you bought a Suzuki Swift from about June 2018, and review it, it gets lumped into older models. If your Suzuki Swift has the new *bigger body is is the ZC33 series, and you might mention this in your reviews, so that Readers are aware, because Product Review has not kept themselves up to date. The Sport model is ZC33S

My review titled "Exciting" is for the July 2018 introduced SZ33S Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4 turbo Boosterjet engine model.

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Engine Size1.4L Petrol
Date PurchasedAug 2018

Super efficient

Small car outside, but great size internally.
Never had any problems with the car, super economical and zippy. Can get from A to B in no time and super efficiently. Service is affordable and parts are abundant. Cannot complain about this car.
The only drawback is the boot which is very tiny.

Engine Size1.4L Petrol
Date PurchasedMar 2016

Great Little Car

This is our first purchase of a brand new car, and we couldn't be happier.

Stylish (Looks great in blue, alloy wheels, fog lights)
Very economical (Around 670km from a 42L tank) 16.5km/l
Fixed price servicing only $199/service
Very zippy, from the 1.4l engine plenty of acceleration plus happily sits at 110ish on the highway - just drop into cruise control and way she goes. No issues at all in 20,000km traveled so far. Built in GPS/Entertainment system is also a huge plus in this (2016 Navigator) model.

Just $14000 drive away as a run-out model. Can't beat that!!!!!!

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Date PurchasedJul 2017


When you look at reviews on Product Review, you will notice they are mostly 5 star reviews. And of course you might be aware that Suzuki won the Customer Satisfaction Award for 2018.

I had been looking for a brand of car that still used a conventional torque converter automatic gearbox, with paddle shifters, if you wanted to drive it as a manual. Some of you will know that nearly all car manufacturers have ditched conventional automatics for CVT or Dual Clutch transmissions, and quite a few of these manufacturers have had problems with both types. No one knows whether either will last the life of the car, and there is no car review of a car with a lot of kilometers on it with either of these transmissions. But on YouTube, you will find videos about the failure of these, - for some brands, but not all, - yet.

Many people buy automatics, but they have *no idea of what sort of automatic they are getting. CVTs for instance, can not tow trailers, as the belt in the transmission may slip under added load. Dual Clutch transmissions can not back up trailers with a load, on to steep drive ways, as the clutches can burn out. And they become confused in slow moving traffic as to which gear to engage. They are also unsuited to stop start traffic jams, as the clutches will have a slipping effect. This is why those in the know, try to find a car with conventional torque converter. Suzuki had CVT transmissions in some of their models, but dropped them for torque converter automatics.

The new 2018 Suzuki Swift has a bigger body than before, and has plenty of room for 4 people, with lots of headroom at the back. I am speaking about the 1.4 litre turbo booster jet engine powered model here, but it probably applies to all 2018 Swift models, that despite their light weight, they feel very solidly built. And they do not feel particularly light to drive. In fact the electric steering does not suggest lightness at all, they seem well planted to the road.

The Swift Sport is the fastest of Swift models, and shares the same turbo engine as the SUV Vitara & SCross models. But being lighter than those, and with the engine spiffed up more than the SUV models, the Sport is a very fast agile car, and will leave all cars in their wake when traffic lights change to green. And without any real effort.

They have every safety feature known to the motor industry, except blind spot monitoring, which for a short car is not needed, the side mirrors give a perfect view of hat is happening on the sides, to the rear of the car. And the view through the back window is perfect, and expansive.

Here are some of the features of the Swift Sport :-

1.4L BOOSTERJET turbo engine
6.1L/100km fuel economy*
6-speed manual transmission or 6-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters
Multimedia Satellite Navigation System with Reversing Camera, Apple CarPlay® & Android Auto™
Bluetooth® & iPod® USB connectivity with steering wheel audio controls
Adaptive cruise control
Digital climate control
Keyless start and entry
Semi-bucket seats with red stitching and embossed "Sport" logo
D-shaped steering wheel
60:40 - split rear seats
Six airbags
5 Star ANCAP Safety Rating
Autonomous Emergency Braking
Lane Departure Warning
Weaving Alert
High Beam Assist
17" alloy wheels
Daytime running lights
Front fog lights
Automatic LED headlights
Privacy glass
Electronically folding door mirrors

So, you can see that it is also a very safe car with 5 star Ancap accreditation.

I think the basic Swift is about $16,000, but the Sport is $25,490 for the 6 speed manual and $27,490 for the 6 speed automatic. All colors except white, are metallic and cost an additional $500.The on the road cost of the Sport with metallic paint, is around $31,700.00.

I strongly suggest you watch the many YouTube videos on the 2018 Suzuki Swift Sport, and see the grins on the faces of all, but one reviewer. And take no heed to the comments about Suzuki hard plastic surfaces, you simply do not notice them when driving.

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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Engine Size1.4L Petrol
1 comment
Readers, Product Review have not updated their Suzuki Models. The review "Exciting" is for the 2018 MK 3 Suzuki Swift Sport introduced to Australia about June 2018.

Finally, my dream come true. I got a Swift with a prefect shape car and cockpit to drive what I want

I always want a Swift but never get around to it. Performance, handing and running costs are prefect choice for me to pick for a long term and fell in love since been out car hunting to buy for couple of weeks to test drive. This Swift GLX turbo (speedy blue) met my match what I want for travelling on road trip plus often on work trip too. Only dislike sun visor flaps are quite short for side door window, not enough block out the sun of my side face. Love the interior and rest of it. So I am in love with this car , nickname " Indy! " Love the keyless entry as well but annoyed that I had to bleep twice on button to open all the doors plus hatch as well, bit similar to Commodore VS as well. But overall I love it ..

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Nifty little car for the city

Gotten a Swift earlier in June this year after narrowing it down to a few choices. Like the car for its fuel consumption and good handling on the road. It won't win one any race however it is more than competent for city-style driving.

Interior wise it looks pretty modern with a touch screen, however I was a bit disappointed there weren't switches for folding in of the side windows. Having said that I am happy with my purchase generally speaking, even convinced a friend to purchase a swift too later this month.

BadgeGL Navigator
Engine Size1.2
Date PurchasedJun 2018

I honestly love my car it is so reliable and nice.

The driving performance is fantastic, it is the perfect car for a couple or a business person. It’s very small but does the job. The smoothest most relaxing car I’ve get driven. Very reliable and affordable. Worth every penny spent. Not many accessories to make this car unique. Comes with warranty but you wouldn’t need it. Very very very cheap on fuel. I fuel up my car which is like $70 and that can last 1000 kms.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Never skipped a beat this car.

I like the performance of this little car, its zippy in traffic & good for short commutes to work & back. The interior suits me as I am short, but my dad is a big man & he has enough headroom to fit in the front passenger seat comfortably for short 30min trips around the area. It also runs on E10, so I can save a few cents a litre when I fill up. The running costs are very good, I treat the car well & have not had to have a major repair in 10 years. The insurance is cheap as it does not have a huge engine. The fuel economy is really good.

Engine Size1.4L Petrol
Date PurchasedNov 2008

Fuel economy car

It is the best car as its smooth and it gives good mileage. I drive around a lot. So fuel consumption was my concern but this car is fuel economy car. Gives more than 15km per litre. No issues at all with its design or function. Good small car. Recommend it

Engine Size1.4L Petrol
Date PurchasedSep 2017

Very overly happy with my new car

I have never owed a car like this one it’s great on flue very sporty comfortable very reliable love fog lights indicators on side morriers is great idear . Love the gear box very roomy the speakers could be bigger apart from that it’s perfect I’m very happy with the car

Engine Size1.6L Petrol
Date PurchasedMay 2018

The Third One!

I smile each time I get into the car. It is hard to believe that so much has changed since my 2011 model. The basic shape has been maintained but the new style grill, headlights and rear doors have changed. Green tinted windows and dark privacy glass on the 4 rear windows adds to the allure. The GLX has 16 inch wheels with polished alloys. This all creates a sporty appearance. Keyless doors and push button start operate by a proximity sensor which means you don't have to take the key out of your pocket or handbag.
At first when I was told it was a 3 cylinder model with a small engine size of 995 cc, I thought it would not match my 4 cylinder 1400 cc model. A quick run down and up the Toowoomba Range surprised me. The 6 speed gear auto gearbox changes imperceptively. It pulled so much better as the torque power comes in at 1500 rpm where you do most of your driving. The previous model's torque was 130 N and this new one is 160 N. Similarly the engine output has grown from 70 Kw to 82 Kw. What a difference it makes. It moves faster and stronger and makes a marvelous growl when you accelerate hard.
The adaptive cruise is a new feature. It adapts to the speed of the car in front of you. On the highway you no longer have to brake and turn off your cruise control when stuck behind a slow moving vehicle. The radar sensor can be adjusted to different car lengths to follow behind the slow vehicle. I have mine set about 6 car lengths. When I indicate to pass the adaptive cruise immediately resumes to the 100 kph setting.
Lane departure was a bit disconcerting at first as a drift over the road centre line results in dash flashing lights and vibrations from the steering wheel. It makes me pay more attention to the road. Emergency braking applies when too close to an object or pedestrian. It has the normal assortment of airbags and safety structures which is reassuring.
Lights are brilliant. The LED projector headlights are superior to the old halogen ones and the daylight running lights incorporated into the headlight frames are an added safety feature. Two sensors on the dashboard operate the auto headlights at dusk or in road tunnels. They can also be switched on manually if desired. I have just discovered that I have automatic low and high beam! It is brilliant. Set on auto and the lever pushed forward to high beam, the lights automatically dim when an oncoming car approaches, and then return to high beam when clear. Also, if street lights in a built-up area are encountered, the lights go to low beam.
The interior has changed considerably. A "D" shaped steering wheel is unusual at first and the paddle shifters behind it are fun to use, though my wife prefers to just leave it in Drive.
The suspension and chassis has been updated and consequently it rides better and steers better with a smaller turning circle which is great for parking.
The new information display and sat-nav is good but takes a bit of learning. The only disappointment I have is that it doesn't give speed sign warnings like my old after-sales one does.
I am discovering new things with each drive. Blue tooth loaded up my phone contact list automatically and I can tell who is trying to contact me. You can answer the call if you wish by the steering wheel button and the sound comes through the radio. Personally, I prefer not to answer for safety reasons.
If the reliability and running costs are as good as the previous models I will be happy. Service on the Turbo model has dropped to 10,000 Km where as the previous Swift had 15,000 intervals. Currently I am averaging 4.5 Km per 100 Km on trips and 5.6 Km around town.

Engine Size1.0 litre turbo
Date PurchasedMar 2018

Great car!

Bought my car from Cumberland Suzuki in blacktown. Great car, runs smoothly, suits me and my lifestyle.

The service I received from Jason and Anne was genuine, quick and had great communication and honest,highly recommend to go and see them!
Found the perfect car for me.. Am very happy with this car.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

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Do swift have a temp gauge in dashboard
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Why does the side of the seat fold in when I sit into the car.?
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I have a 2005 Suzuki Swift sport 1.6 and my engine light keeps coming on generally after i have fulled up - She drives well, not overheating so I dont understand what could be wrong. Originally I thought it might of been the type of fuel, but im using 95 or 98 Thank you
4 answers
Pls see whether your fuel lid closes tightly and if its rubber seal is ok.If there is an air leak from the cap , the check engine light could come on.Thanks for the reply - I did check this - all seems okay - I have now narrowed it down to once i hit about 100 kms on a open road it comes on and then goes off after a day or so and then repeats the cycle - I am the only owner in Nz it was an import from Japan..It might be a bit technical as Scott Kilmer in youtube using the scan tool to plug in the car OBD2 port to have a clue of the car. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhYD3rXXz_c


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