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Citroen rule the roads

2008 1.6 manual TD perfection. A small roomy vehicle that drives so nicely. Well balanced on the road. Great acceleration too. Really enjoy its styling and dynamics. AM planning on upgrading the stereo system with one from Aliexpress.

Purchased in June 2018 for $5,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Interior Design
Boot Size

And so the journey begins!

I have just bought a 2008 2 litre Citroen C4 turbo Diesel with electric everyfing and leather seats.
So it is 10 years old and metallic gold. I have yet to drive it other than a test drive but I did notice the 6 speed auto gearbox seemed hesitant to change up until I slotted it over.
Everything works well, and it has a decent service history only the wipers and turn signal stalks are on the opposite side of my Toyota Starlet, which is going to take a bit of getting used to - and that it is a DIESEL and not a petrol engined car. My sister made that mistake and it cost her nearly $300 to fix!
I love the pantograph wipers!
So here we are at the beginning of our journey and I will divulge the highs and lows.
I like the advice about opening the doors, putting the key in the ignition, t
hen getting in and going about fastening the seat belts by which time the computer has woken up! Very Gallic!

Badge2.0 HDi
Date PurchasedDec 2008

Great car no support

I love my cactus c4. Yes the gearbox is quirky but the car is economical and it’s design is excellent
I love 4-5 litres per 100km. I love the bench seat. I love the low dash and touch screen instrument panel. This is an excellently designed car

I recently hit a traffic island when the sun was in my eyes. This tripped the seat belts. There were no seat belts in Australia. There were none in Europe. My replacement seat belt had to be manufactured from scratch.

My car has been off the road for almost three months. When I questioned Citroen Australia the said they will not stock slow moving parts. Given the slow sales of the cactus in Australia it would seem very few parts are kept here and Citroen sees no problem in making customers wait months to get the parts they need Not even an apology

Badge2016 deisel semi auto
TransmissionSemi Auto
Date PurchasedMay 2017

Citroen C4 is a nice car but the dealership was crap

Yes the Citroen C4 is a very nice car, I bought it new for my daughter,But my experience with the dealership was exceptionally bad
It was one of those dealerships that after they grab your money they forget who you are
funny thing the citron C4 that I bought was the last citroen sold by that dealership Ever
Service costs are huge, the last service cost me $770
if you want a spare key you have to buy it from Paris at north of $600 each.
Would I buy a continental car like this again? Probably not
All up it probably cost me about $27,000
my daughter loves the car, but there's so many other cars on the market for young women, like mazers, & other sporty type cars for a lot less money
Use and I never got a discount on it either I paid list price, which is the first time I've ever done that in my life
Yes the citron 4 has all the Bells and whistles inside, but I believe it was too pricey for what you get.

Date PurchasedOct 2016
Believe it or not just a general service at continental cars at Canterbury Road punchbowl cost me $700 I don't know where these people get off in charging these ridiculous amounts of money that's why I will never buy a a European car again Stick to the Japanese or the Koreans Having a badge on your car from France or Germany is really not worth it, nobody cares and nobody gives a flying Sugar about itMy latest service was 890 $ it’s just a joke


Such a good little car! Beautiful leather interior and great fuel costs. Love the digital speedo and automatic headlights and wipers, so handy.
Only bad thing would be the electronic seat controllers for the driver seat as you don't get many options on how you want your seat and how close to the steering wheel.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Great Car but....

My vehicle a 2012 eHDi Exclusive has all the right stuff but, the turbo lag is very apparent on take off and acceleration, the 6sp EGS is a piece of garbage, it slips, gets confused and is useless. I've had the Mk1 and 2 models of the Mk2 a Seduction and now the Exclusive. All vehicles had the Auto box with the Mk2's with the EGS. With my first Mk2 C4 Seduction, I was involved in an accident (which wasn't my fault) and it got swiped in the front end (as the other vehicle pulled out from my right) and hit me with his VW Amarok. The C4's front end was destroyed and all the air bags went off, it was declared a 'right off' and I got the Exclusive e-HDi as a replacement. After getting the replaced vehicle, the same thing, EGS slipping, gets confused and is as slow as a snail. Citroen should really have a hard look at this 6sp Semi Auto box as its useless and a disgrace to wear the Citroen badge. And as I'm reading here, the new models, have the same problems including the C4 Cactus. I'm a devoted Citroen buyer but, I won't be buying another C4 Semi-Auto if they still persist with the 6sp EGS and I will be looking for another brand. I do all my services so i can imagine the cost involved with this vehicle. I had to take my vehicle for an Air Bag swap and a Hood adjustment and the Citroen dealer (I live in the South East Sydney region) was a joke, it took me 1 hour to find the dealer as it was hiding within a BMW dealership and Citroen was mixed up within that, no show room not even 1 Citroen car to be seen all I saw was BMW's and Peugeot cars, this is a joke and Citroen should be ashamed of themselves for downgrading their mark that way, luckily I do all my mechanical work and Ive got all the tools to do a service, diagnosis and Ive just done a replacement of a timing belt. Very disappointing to find the Citroen brand being basterdised so badly in Australia with no support, service in my area!

Purchased in June 2016 for $13,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Acceleration / Power
Gear Shifting
Fuel Efficiency
Interior Design
Boot Size

C4 Cactus - Great car, silly gearbox

I have now had my Cactus for 6 months, and it's a great car to drive except for the semi-automatic gearbox, which is unbelievably jerky, especially in 1st & 2nd. How it got past the designers/testers I do not know
Interior is leather trimmed and looks and feels good; higher stance accommodates my tall frame well.
It has all the bells and whistles I need, although the computer is slow e.g. reversing camera takes awhile to show.
Exterior looks smart, although the Airbumps are a bit of a gimmick - didn't help when someone shunted me from behind 2 weeks after I'd bought the car!
Living in the country, the gearbox isn't a huge problem, but if all my driving was in the city it would be a big issue.
Diesel provides good performance and great economy.
In summary, I would buy an other updated version if it had a proper automatic gearbox.

Badgee-HDi Exclusive
Date PurchasedApr 2016

C4 has a whole lot more.

The value is truly good.Very comfortable and very safe.This little french car is a nice little car with a great sense of security.Not much more that you could ask for...The handling is so enjoyable and the lovely noise from the exhaust is beautiful.The automatic transmission could do with a 5th gear,but otherwise fine.

Date PurchasedOct 2012

8 years with Citoen C4

Wiper to vertical is a feature for easy wiper blade replacement. You must be hitting the wiper stack on car exit?
Mine is EGS Diesel 1.6 C4 2008 few small issues love the car not to mention economy 6.8 l/100Km average to date have the figures to prove. Issues EGS box clunky till oil replaced, fast slow down use paddles to down shift faster computer cannot cope? When starting car turn key to ON position only then get in and put on seat belt by this time computer has done all its checks and you should have no issues.

September 8th 2017 Update: Living with Citroen C4 2008 Diesel with EGS.

Though I have rated my C4 as with a 4 star rating 4.5 would be more appropriate. Purchased July 2008 manufacture plate April of 2008. As at July 2017 120000 Km and climbing. Average Just over 14K Km per year. The car is 1.6 litre Turbo diesel, with a 6 speed sequential Automated gear box.
(That is its a manual gear box with a clutch and electronics to do the changing for you). As it is computer controlled this creates most of the issues as under certain circumstances computer cannot keep up.
Though most reviews complain about the gear box once you ignore the slight forward motion on gear change in certain circumstances the car is an excellent car. If the gear box is a bit noisy/clunky do have the gear box oil changed even though they will tell you this is not required. Noise will not totally go away as under certain circumstance as the car computer cannot change fast enough, so assistance with the gear change pads will help greatly. Example; In an emergency stop or fast stop.
Once you get what the French design quirks are about all goes well.
In summary excellent car, fantastic fuel consumption (6.72 Litres per 100 Km OR 41.47 MPG over its life).
Though I have had no major issues do keep a good rap-pore with your service center.
The only thing is correct starting procedure is important.
1. Always leave the gear box in Neutral when exiting the car.
2. Open door place key in ignition turn to on position.
3. Sit in car put on seat belt by this time the Computer has done all it needs to do.
This procedure makes everything work fine. A short warm up and cool down for Turbo goes a long way.

BadgeHDi 85th Anniversary
Date PurchasedJul 2008
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Addition to the above EGS gearbox only gives rocking motion the greater you accelerate from stop. (ie driving the car like petrol engine car, ie no power down low till about 3000 RPM) As the car is diesel there is little use going above 3500 - 4000 RPM engine runs out of power, to reduce rocking, accelerate more gently as you are in full engine power at 1750 RPM when turbo cuts in. Hope this solves a few misconceptions. This will greatly improve you diesel consumption, even though it should be great once the engine has done 12k to 20k kilometers. (RPM Revolutions Per Minute regards engine speed). EGS box should be similar in New Cactus ???

Little Beauty

I loved this car and the service from Citroen, it was a 2008 2lt Diesel with all the options and it served me well over the years. I only had one problem that was a a major hassle but could have been avoided which was the air conditioning. The drain pipe blocked up flowing water back into cabin. Otherwise, I didn't have any other problems and rarely opened the bonnet.
1200 kms country and 600 city driving is the best fuel economy I have ever had from any car.
The only down side was the quality wasn't up to the price and after 8 years started to show it age and would require some major servicing. The suspension is a tad hard but otherwise great car. Pity the new ones look like a Toyota copy.

BadgeExclusive HDi

Major advance in its time

I worked overseas from 1984 to 2015. Whilst in Australia in 2005 I needed a car urgently one day for an indefinite period. The only car I could drive away that day was a C4 from Zagame Abbortsford. As I am a long term Mercedes driver I was stunned that the C4 had lane change warning, navigation (now fairly primitive but at the time earth shattering) "follow me home lights", leather upholstery, dual zone air conditioning, great trunk with the ability to lay flat the back seats for an enormous storage area, a central pod with huge speedo, trip and distance to refill gauge, service advisory, seat belt warning and door open warning. The fixed centre of the steering wheel contains a cruise control, a speed control, volume and radio channel changing and mute ( I had a Tom Tom installed which automatically mutes the radio) and other features which FETH ( Fall easily to hand) . It has a 1.6 litre petrol engine which delivers about 7.2 litres per 100 kilometres on PULP and 8.6 litres per 100 Kilometres on 91 ULP. On a recent trip to Seymour on the open road the consumption fell to 6.4 litres per 100 kilometres at an average speed of 82 kph. on All of this information including average speed, temperature, date and time is displayed on a dash bashed console. Please remember this is a 2005 car. The leather seats are deeply dished, the seat belt heights are adjustable, the air conditioner is dual zone and brilliantly effective. The vehicle has auto on head lights for low light conditions, rain sensitive and speed sensitive wipers.After 10 years I returned to Australia last year. I have had the car serviced every two years when I have been out here. At 9128 Kilometres I had the vehicle serviced again and new tyres (She (brunhilda) has sat around mostly for 10 years I had her serviced again (5 services in 10 years) put on her. I went to buy a new Mercedes CLS and was offered $5000 as a trade in. Brunhilda will spend her days as my holiday car at my Phillip Island holiday home. She is a magnificent
little car and when I was looking for a replacement I drove her 2015 replacement which lacked the cutting edge that Brunhilda presented in 2005. I considered a Cactus but it is just a little to weird for me. I have driven a current C5 which is magnificent.
I have restored a Citroen DS21 Decoup, a DS 19 and a DS 21 Pallas as well as 16 Lancia cars. All of them are wonderfully weird and over engineered. I have driven the current C4 and simply it lacks the cutting edge that Brunhilda had in 2005 and still has in 2015.

Brunhilda has this wonderfully weird transmission. In full auto mode she labours between 3rd and 4th. In Stick mode on sport setting her little 2.0 litre engine blows almost anything off the line.

If you are 65 facing retirement and looking for a car for the next ten years, please look at a Citroen it will not disappoint. Grow a beard, let your hair ( if you have any ) grow longer, buy a Fedora from Henry Bucks and truly enjoy the Citroen Experience


very happy with my new 2nd hand C4

Hi, I purchased a 2006 C4 Hatch , 1.6ltr Turbo Diesel, I reckon its a bloody Beauty. I've done 300km and only just nearly used 1/4 tank of fuel, distance to empty still says 720km. That's absolutely ridiculous just how economical it is. WOW. can anyone tell me what the Turbo boost is set on as standard, and as its a max 15lb boost turbo where or how I can up the boost a little please, is it done via the computer or is it a manual adjustment by turning a nut as some turbo's are adjusted by...


Love this car

Bought secondhand in 8/15 - 2008 model. Love this car. I get 1200km to a tank on the open road and 900km to a tank around town. Cost of service and parts is no more expensive than the norm. Great car and very economical. Highly recommend as also has good safety rating.

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service is nearly double the norm! parts are so expensive. ive got thr 2008 model too

Style And Substance

Brilliant design, character, fun, comfortable, practical and amazing economy. The highly awarded Citroen C4 Cactus arrives in Australia in February 2016. We leased a new one from Global Cars for 10,500 kms in 8 weeks from Lisbon through Portugal, Spain, France, UK and finishing in Paris. The Cactus was so comfortable, fun and versatile. Through cities, villages, mountain ranges and autoroutes it returned 4.4 litres/100 km for the whole trip. It only weighs 1,050 kg - 200 kg lighter than the old C4, being based on a DS3 platform. The automated 6 speed manual actually is more efficient than the manual. It has paddles for manual changes on the steering wheel but with no pure manual mode is slips back to the automated mode. Citroen. This should be available as a driving mode. More fun and more responsive if you have that option. You learn to adapt your driving to get the best of the automated manual and its quest for efficiency. If you just floor it you get slurred changes when the slightly sloshed Frenchman in the gearbox computer slows the changes for smoothness and economy. Backing off briefly when you desire a change gives more satisfying changes without the rocking motion of the slurred change. Uphill reverse parking in a tight spot can be a bit disconcerting as the clutch engages and disengages in response to changes in the accelerator or brake. If Citroen gave you the full manual mode it would be like driving a DS with hydraulic gear change. Efficient and fun. I would then give it 5 stars. Almost fabulous, brilliant package with great charm and air bumps that protect you in car parks.

Great Car

Just love the car have had it for 12 months, bought it from new. Very stylish and economical to run. One draw back is the EGS which will stick in neutral at times after starting. It takes sometime for the software to reset. Haven't been able to get the dealer to fix, or even understand it yet!! Has happened three times and will get more forthright about this if it gets worse.

Badgee-HDi Seduction

Possessed C4

Hi - I love my 2007, C4, 1.6 diesel, with 6 speed automated manual gearbox. Unfortunately it is also possessed. For no apparent reason & quite randomly, it will decide not to change up beyond third gear, will momentarily loose power in cruise (at highway speeds), frequently unlock the rear door, on two occasions the engine has stopped (at low speeds) & really creepy, the wiper blades will sometimes be vertical when I go to get it out of the garage. Other than all this "French moodiness" its a great car, lots of power, economy and very comfortable. I do all my own servicing and get my parts from an excellent, Sydney based,after market supplier who can provide service parts for a fraction of Citroen dealer charges.

Well since I wrote the above the wee Frenchy got a LOT more moody, frequently refusing to change up gears (even in manual mode) and eventually let us down completely on the M5, as we were coming home one evening from a trip to The Southern Highlands. A visit to the local Citroen doctor diagnosed a faulty brake light switch. This fault somehow confused the computer causing all the moody stuff. Replacement of brake light switch and rear door handle/switch, plus a brain wipe, did wonders for the girl.

Got three more tips for keeping your Frenchy in a good mood - * Try using a good quality diesel conditioner/injector cleaner every now and again (every third of fourth tank fill would be good). Read instructions and add concentrate at minimum ratio (usually 1 mil/litre fuel) or higher if you have never done it before. * Don't purchase diesel from the no-name cheepo servo. * About once every 12-18 months - locate as many electrical connections in the engine compartment as you can - CAREFULLY separate ( a small screwdriver may help) each connection one at a time and spray (using electrical contact cleaner or very similar) and blow dry/clean with air. Apply a small amount of good quality electrical contract grease and reconnect plug. SkippyDieselWell she lets us down again. We have decided that the many wonderful attributes of our petit Frenchy are outweighed by the one negative. Its a big negative - she is just not reliable. We have paid for another brain scan/wipe and she seems fine but we just don't trust her any more. Very sad but she will be passed on to someone else hopefully she will give no more trouble. Anyhow we are buying a boring, hopefully totatly reliable Asian diesel

Hydraulic pump - steering wheel defect

2014 C4 citroen - only 10 months in my possession. The hydraulic pump is defective. A spare part is being shipped from France and it will take up to 2 weeks - we have been told.
Citroen does not go into supporting the transport expenses in lieu when the car is immobilised.
the steering wheel gets blocked with error message flashing to stop some 2-5 minutes when you start driving.
At times, when you start the vehicle, the ignition key would not even turn.
Most of the time, the car would run normally - but when on a drive of 1hour, this happens to you 3-4 times you wonder at it. (and this is a new car) And when you start the car, and at the same time, you hear alarm tingling to and message showing to stop the car - you wonder also.

Driving the car, I missed a contour at 100kmh, and the customer service rep in NSW says to me much later - the steering wheel can turn!
You would think they wish to erase it from your head the experience of driving with a very stiff/blocked steering wheel. now come to think of it, he was going on and if one is not mistaken here, he was nearly at it to say the car is perfect.
The rep says it squarely and with confidence: your steering wheel works - clearly his life was not at risk - and he was not driving. At hearing him, it was not dangerous. How dare he?

Makes you feel very, very bad.

Thinking and reasoning closely of the incident more and more, that steering wheel could be turned to an angle of say 5-10 degrees at most I would approximate it to. And i had to really pull hard on the wheel, along a fair distance before i brought the car to the stand still - fearing for a crash whilst pulling hard and braking.

The C4 Citroen car and the person representing it and talking to me - at the wholesaler's level had a serious problem of admitting the manufacturer's defect.

Makes me wonder what is the next defect? I hope the next defect do not get me harmed/killed on the highway. (And the car is perfect I can almost hear the rep saying adamantly) That is the wholesaler customer service. Great. And says he also, he has been to great extent to get me a service car. Welcome to Citroen Australia. I have yet to experience another car so that I may experience a better story. May be yes, maybe no. What a signature Citroen Australia has made. For your evaluation read.

+ of the car: minimum blind spot, spacious, comfortable, security lock - love those bits and the smooth run too.

The End May Be In Sight

My last review of the Citroen C4 An Endless Problem Dec 09, 2014 was written after 6 months of dissatisfaction with the car. I had been to 3 Citroen dealers and they kept saying that they had solved the problem, only to have it return within a hundred or so kilometres.

Now, I'm not any sort of expert on any sort of car, but I've gathered some information that might prove useful:

The European pollution legislation for vehicles is much tougher than Australian legislation. If you could remove most of the anti-pollution devices from your Citroen or Peugeot, the car would still comply with Australian guidelines.

I believe that European diesel is purer than Australian diesel (not sure ... any comment?).

I managed to find a mechanic who was game to block the Exhaust Gas Recycling (EGR) Valve. It's the same for Citroen and Peugeot. This has had the immediate effect of stopping the hesitating / kangarooing / shuddering of the engine. The vehicle has is now running smoothly ............... What a relief!

Every Citroen mechanic I have spoken to over the last 6 months has indicated that the problem is not uncommon. It seems easy to fix, but probably affects the warranty.

I'm still waiting to see whether the problem of continuing anti-pollution "burns" continues, where the car loses power suddenly while it cleans out its anti-pollution device.


Citroen did contact their agents on my behalf, but didn't want to know anything about my costs and inconvenience over the last 6 months..

Consumer Affairs contacted me promptly and were very aware of this specific problem. I'm not sure how much help I'd have received if the problem hadn't been solved, but their knowledge and advice was fantastic.

One of the dealers I had dealt with contacted me when I complained and was enthusiastic about helping me to sort the problem out.

The last dealer I dealt with did understand the problem and explained what he'd done. He is a Peugeot specialist and recognised the problem from his dealings mainly with them.

The C4 is a beautiful car and my disappointment in it was probably as much a result of my pleasure in it before I had the problem. Mine has leather upholstery, electric seats, all sorts of useful sensors and gadgets. When you drive it, you feel safe. The brakes are wonderful and it handles beautifully. It has phenomenal fuel economy especially on a long trip.

The mechanic who fixed the latest problem for me summed it up in saying "These are fantastic cars. What a pity Citroen and the other European manufacturers have left these few bugs for Australian buyers."


Great and cheap to run

Purchased a 2008 C4 Hatchback Diesel with the 6spd auto box. Was amazed at the fuel economy and despite what has been said by others, have had no problems at all.

They are just another car and there is no special requirement to have general servicing at a Citroen/Peugeot dealer for oil changes/filter changes etc. Being a diesel it will need a good run out in the country to clean out the DPF (Diesel particulate filter). The dealer will have the relevant software for electrics etc, but overall no more expensive to service than other like types.

Sure the plastics and general build quality isn't quite up to the Japanese who win over any Euro's in a reliability/long term ownership situation but they are a great car regardless, fun to drive and with the usual French quirkiness. Get one if you are interested as they are one of the cheaper cars on fuel around.

Citroen C4 2006 1.6 HDi Manual - Great car, but not without it's flaws!

I recently sold my 2006 C4 HDi after 2.5 years and 60,000km of a bittersweet love-hate relationship. Thought I would share my experiences for anybody looking to buy and to compare with current owners. I will make this review as detailed and impartial as possible.

The good:

- The styling of the car both inside and out is very attractive and full of character, something that I feel they took 2 steps back on with the styling of the current characterless (ugly) model.
- There is something about driving a Citroen. They are quite individualistic, striking vehicles. In the same class in that regard as an Alfa Romeo.
- General French quirkiness that makes the car interesting to own (this is also a bad thing, which I will go into later).
- No wind noise at all on the highway. Other than tyre roar there are no sounds and you can comfortable drive along with the stereo off without it becoming tiresome.
- Fuel economy that is nothing short of amazing. Easily returning 1000km a 60l tank around town and 1300km for purely highway driving.
- Surprisingly good finish of materials used on the interior excepting some surrounding the stereo and A/C climate controls.
- Engine doesn’t sound like a typical clattery diesel like most diesels out there, unless you are idling.
- The fixed-centre steering wheel is actually very intuitive once you’re used to it. Only downside is it makes the steering wheel rather large to compensate.
- Includes a vast array of features for the vintage of the car. Features that are only becoming the norm on Korean and Japanese cars in the past couple of years. This car was ahead of it's time in that regard.
- Stereo is quite good, but would not have minded the premium stereo from the higher-spec models which had bluetooth.
- The optional split zone climate control that was fitted to my car was very effective, and made light work of an Australian summer. Something I miss in my new car.
- Decent enough ride and handling for type of vehicle, but nothing special.
- The headlights are very good.
- The car is very versatile. When moving house I fit the same amount of furniture in it as my mother did in her Ford Territory.

The bad:

- The low ride height may improve the aesthetics (didn’t appear to help handling much, however). It makes it a bit of a pain unless you park on the street or have a very flat driveway.
- Rear visibility is quite poor due to the sweeping roofline. Another case of form over function, which appears to be all too common with French cars. 12 months before I sold the vehicle I hit a large, but short rock, which caused me to damage my rear bumper as I couldn’t see it!
- You cannot replace the stereo with an after-market system. If you do you lose many trip computer and other car functions as they run through the stereo controls. I had to make to with an FM transmitter to stream music from my iPhone. One of the reasons I sold the car actually.
- The rear suspension is annoyingly stiff and crashes badly over manhole covers and tram tracks unless you reduce the pressure in the tyres to under 30 PSI which reduces it to only a minor crashing.
- Fly-by-wire throttle is sometimes unresponsive, especially when the engine is cold. You could be pumping the accelerator in first gear at a takeoff and you will go nowhere for approximately 5 seconds, then it would lunge forward. The only way around this seemingly was high revs which would cause wheelspin.
- The paint appears to be very thin and fades over time. On both the panels and plastic bumpers. This could have been attributed to the previous owner's treatment of the car than anything.
- Glovebox is completely and utterly useless. Is half taken up by the fuse box and the other half only has room for a few CD's, that is it.
- General electrical niggles. Things stop working sporadically and warning lights come on and would disappear for weeks at a time before returning. Mine was the cruise control and an ABS fault, which would disappear if you stopped the car and took the key out before restarting.
- A DPF fault turned up on a busy highway with a large truck behind me, killing any acceleration. Apparently this is common for this vehicle. Thankfully for me there was a slip lane I could pull into. This was solved by buying some injector cleaner and giving the car a mighty good thrashing on a country road. Like most diesels it is not suited to short city trips.
- Typically French ergonomics. The centre console armrest is far too high, and gearstick is too low, so changing gears will leave you constantly hitting your elbow into the console lid. You do get used to it, but the niggle is always there.
- 1.6l diesel is hopelessly underpowered, even for a car of this size. Price you pay for fuel economy I guess. If this bothers you, get the 2.0l instead if you absolutely must have a diesel.
- Although the dashboard materials feel and look nice on the interior, they are typically French and the various push to open compartments will break without doubt over time. Especially if left in the hot sun constantly.
- The material the seats are made with is very cheap feeling and to look at. Disappointing considering effort appears to have been made with the dashboard materials.
- The auto wipers are not adjustable for sensitivity and have been set from factory too high. They would even constantly turn themselves on randomly during a sunny summer day unless I turned them off.
- Parts pricing are enough to give you a stroke, this is if you are lucky enough to find the part in the first place. EBay is your friend here. There are many EBay stores in the UK that sell parts for much less than you will pay in Australia, however you have to wait 2 weeks for them to arrive.
- Possibly the worst thing about this car is, adding to the last point, the servicing costs. Be prepared to need to hand over your first-born child’s soul, your superannuation, the deeds to your house, and the entire contents of your savings account. Support for these cars in Australia is terrible and frighteningly expensive. The least I spent on a simple oil change service was $450. If anything needs replacing, be prepared with your high limit credit card.
- I simply cannot reiterate this point enough. You absolutely must service a Citroen at a Citroen dealership. Do not make the perilous mistake I made and get it serviced at a small workshop to save a few bucks. You will end up spending more than you would have at a dealership, with far more hassle. They do not know the car and I had to spend thousands having their mistakes fixed at the dealership, effectively doubling up. Something I am still trying to recover my losses for 8 months down the track. This is after not having my car for a month at the time.

Although from this review I have included more negative than positive points, I did like the Citroen, even with all of its flaws. That is not the point with owning a car like this. If you want a boring, reliable car you would buy a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla. I have since upgraded to an Audi, and although it’s a very lovely car in it’s own right, it is very austere and characterless compared to the Citroen. However at 150,000 km and 8 years it was beginning to cost me more than the car was worth to keep it so it had to go.

Would I buy another Citroen? Only if it were brand new and I got a very good deal. Even then I probably wouldn't because the resale is terrible.
Beautiful styling, fantastic fuel economy, quite versatile
Electrical problems, ergonomics, and servicing costs, must be serviced at dealership


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Questions & Answers

Hi, I have a C4 Exclusive from 2011. I would like to disassemble the original rear mirror in order to attach a camera mirror. I need to disassemble the plastic cover that is near the front windshield. I went to the local Citroen garage, but they didn't know how to do it. These are two plastic covers that needs to be separated. How is it best to be done without making any damage?
No answers

Would you buy this car secondhand 156000 ks partial service history?
No answers

I have a 2008 C4. I got a problem with the gearbox, it got stuck in 3rd speed and the service lamp gives a signal. Any solution( recommendation) please?
1 answer
Get it to a descent French car mechanic.


Citroën C4 Cactus (2015-2019)Citroën C4 Picasso (2015-2019)Citroën C4 Aircross (2012-2018)Citroën C4 Mk.1 (2005-2011)Citroën C4 Mk.2 (2011-2018)
Starting Price $28,490$40,990$33,990$27,990$33,990
TransmissionAutomatic and ManualAutomaticContinuously Variable (CVT)Automatic and ManualAutomatic and Manual
Drive TypeFront Wheel Drive (FWD)Front Wheel Drive (FWD)Four Wheel Drive (4WD) and Front Wheel Drive (FWD)Front Wheel Drive (FWD)Front Wheel Drive (FWD)
Fuel TypePetrolDiesel and PetrolPetrolDiesel and PetrolDiesel and Petrol
Wheels17" Alloy17" Alloy18" Alloy16" Alloy17" Alloy
Fuel Consumption4.7 L/100km5.6 L/100km8.1 L/100km4.2 L/100km5.1 L/100km
Fuel Tank Capacity 50 L57 L60 L60 L60 L
Engine3 Cylinder 1.2L4 Cylinder 1.6L4 Cylinder 2.0L4 Cylinder 1.6L3 Cylinder 1.2L
Max Power81kW @ 5500rpm121kW @ 6000rpm110kW @ 6000rpm82kW @ 3600rpm96kW @ 5500rpm
Max Torque205Nm @ 1500rpm240Nm @ 1400rpm197Nm @ 4200rpm270Nm @ 2000rpm230Nm @ 1750rpm
Country of ManufactureSpainFranceFranceFranceFrance
Safety Features
  • ABS (Antilock Braking System)
  • Active Cruise Control
  • ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
  • Reversing Camera
  • Seat Belt Reminders
  • Traction Control
  • Tyre Pressure Monitor
  • ABS (Antilock Braking System)
  • Active Cruise Control
  • Active Head Restraints
  • ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
  • Seat Belt Reminders
  • Traction Control
Extra Features
  • Automatic Headlights
  • Automatic Start/Stop Engine
  • Automatic Wipers
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Immobilizer
  • Keyless Entry
  • Power Steering
  • USB Port
  • Automatic Start/Stop Engine
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Immobilizer
  • Keyless Entry
  • Power Steering
  • Telescoping Steering Wheel
  • USB Port
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)
Release dateJan 2015Jan 2015Jan 2012Jan 2005Jan 2011
Discontinuation dateDec 2018Dec 2011Dec 2018

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