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Toyota Corolla
Latest review: I bought this car looking for something smaller than my mitsubishi lancer. Bought it @ 16,000 kms for what was a good deal. I thought it would be on par in size in the back seat area with the Hyundai

Mazda 3
Latest review: I use my car at least every second day, either to do Local shopping, Visiting friends,Travelling to holiday destinations, and for Transport to the local railway station if I want to go into the city.

Suzuki Swift
Latest review: I mainly use my car to drive to the bus stop for work, the train for university and to drive to the gym or friends houses. I use my car every single day and Ive never had any issues with it. I love

Hyundai i30
Latest review: no major issues, daily transport, cheap services haven't had to replace brakes yet. it has 180000kms on the clock. Fuel economy is 7.3l per 100kms. 5 speed is under geared a 6th gear would be great

Mazda 6
Latest review: Bought secondhand 2 years ago with 80k on clock and a full service history. Country car, used for daily commuting. No unsealed roads. Now done 110k and every service has needed non service

Mitsubishi Lancer
Latest review: When I on the ac it start to vibrate like usual.when I put on gears d it's like mill please help me to fixed it and running condition is like little hard than other cars it's like little vibration

Honda Civic
Latest review: Civic is good on petrol consumption but that's about it. Not enough cup holders or practical things for a family car. My fuel tank starting leaking a lot of petrol & had it towed & Honda are claiming

Hyundai Accent
Latest review: My 2018 Hyundai Accent is very heavy to drive up hills if the air-con is working. I am unsure about taking it for a drive up a mountain in summer. I have asked for info from the service centre but

Mazda 2
Latest review: This Mazda 2 was bought by us from Private Fleet Chatswood in September 2015. It has been a wonderful car and I'm always scooting here and there in it every week! A lot of people have asked about

Toyota Yaris
Latest review: I bought this 2010 Yaris second hand with 6000 kms on the clock as my first car. In 5 years we clocked up 70,000 kms of mostly inner city driving (less than 20 mins each way at about 50kms) and this

Ford Mondeo
Latest review: Bought the Titanium MY 18.75 model last week and what a fantastic decision it was. This car is so nice to drive, smooth, quiet and powerful. What this car does not include should be on the list.

Honda Jazz
Latest review: We bought the 2018 Jazz for my wife and stuck with a Honda after many years of happy driving with our Honda Civic. However, the Jazz is just not value for money. In particular the air-conditioner is

Kia Cerato
Latest review: Having a problem with the radio just drops in and out for no reason car can be stationery. I have taken back to Kia who advised that the digital radio is not as good as analog. Not happy with answer

Toyota Prius
Latest review: We bought one of these second-hand, but in good condition. We also have a 2004 model (still going) so I guess I know enough to compare. The pros - Slightly more economical than the older model;

Mitsubishi Mirage
Latest review: My first car was a Mitsubishi Mirage 2003 model second hand that I learnt to drive in I’ve only had my licence for about 6 yrs and I am also a bit older and had no idea how to drive! Never had one p

Kia Rio
Latest review: I bought this to save some money on petrol... think it was about 17k we had it almost 4 years and it was always serviced on time alway cleaned and polished... it was kept absolutely mint....

Volkswagen Golf
Latest review: We just use the car for a regular commuting to work and home. 8 years only 60K km. But the gearbox has been mulfunctioned for a few times. Recently got a very serious

BMW 1 Series
Latest review: Excellent car. Very reliable and economical, It has plenty of torque and smooth ride for long trips. Rear leg room is a bit tight. My car has been driven over 180K and I had to clean the intake

Holden Astra
Latest review: Hi, I just bought an old car and just recently it has some problems: * Emission and TCS light always on * Whenever speed back to 0 (red light, traffic), pressing gas takes long time to increase

Ford Fiesta
Latest review: This car has spent so much time at ford almost everything has been replaced. Ford have been really good with replacing parts under warranty. I will never buy another ford after this. It has had all

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