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Toyota Corolla

Latest review: After replacing my VW Polo and getting into this car how happy am I , have done about 76000 kms and has not lei me down , travel to Brisbane every day from the Gold Coast,car is serviced by Toyota

Mazda 3

Latest review: Had my 2014 SP25 about 7 months, 17k km, has been flawless. Coming from Fords, and Holdens, I'll never go back. Previous car was an XR6T, so was expecting it to be a slug, but for a little 2.5 litre,

Suzuki Swift

Latest review: I mainly use my car to drive to the bus stop for work, the train for university and to drive to the gym or friends houses. I use my car every single day and Ive never had any issues with it. I love

Hyundai i30

Latest review: Amazing car! Feels so sporty and zippy to get where you need to go! I drive my car everyday, whether it be to and from work or just a casual weekend drive and it never misses a beat! Only down fall

Mitsubishi Lancer

Latest review: I have the manual version of the lancer SX MY11. This car has been very promising. It is durable and has yet to cause any problems. The interior is a little outdated, but I swapped the headunit for a

Honda Civic

Latest review: The Honda Civic 2018 is very comfortable, cosy, nicely designed and very fuel efficient. The car is a bit over priced, however, it has many features even in the base

Hyundai Accent

Latest review: Bought new for my daily 80 km commute to work & back in peak hour traffic. Generally it does everything quite well but has a number of annoying quirks which include: 1. The throttle is extremely

Mazda 2

Latest review: This Mazda 2 was bought by us from Private Fleet Chatswood in September 2015. It has been a wonderful car and I'm always scooting here and there in it every week! A lot of people have asked about

Toyota Yaris

Latest review: good sporty ride single wiper cleans screen better than the normal 2 wiper combo has good power range well matched 4 speed auto good finish all over 3 year service special with Toyota makes it one

Ford Mondeo

Latest review: I purchased this car in February 2018. It had 22,000KM on it, and was 14 months old. When I purchased it everything was tight, no noises, no squeals, no complaints! Fast forward 14 months and it's

Kia Cerato

Latest review: +Interior +Features +PRICE 31, 990 IS AMAZING +VERY FUN +Quality +Safety +Extremely spacious considering physical exterior size. +EVERYTHING BUT -Noise is fake and could still be a bit louder -Not

Honda Jazz

Latest review: If you live in an area where there is moderate to heavy rainfall do not buy a Honda Jazz/ Fit! On three occasions this hunk of junk has filled with water in all four interior foot wells. Three times

Toyota Prius

Latest review: Since the 1950th Citroen DS, there was not much of a serious design change in personal vehicles until the Toyota Prius was designed with some updates and successfully sold worldwide. After my beloved

Mitsubishi Mirage

Latest review: I bought this car in 2014, never had a single problem, in 3 years ran like a bullet, cheap to run, very easy to drive. Buy it your will never

Kia Rio

Latest review: I bought this to save some money on petrol... think it was about 17k we had it almost 4 years and it was always serviced on time alway cleaned and polished... it was kept absolutely mint....

Volkswagen Golf

Latest review: Loved all the tech and style of my new Highline TSi 7.5, but geez the 1.4 motor is sooo slowww off the mark to the point I nearly had head ons while turning against traffic. When I would put my foot

BMW 1 Series

Latest review: Have had the 140i for coming up on 2 years, on buying this i wanted a old school rear wheel drive with good power. It hasn't disappointed. Im fussy with my cars and will pick the hell out of a car. I

Holden Astra

Latest review: The Astra RSV is comfy, stylish and has great features. The Adaptive Cruise Control has failed numerous times and the Bendigo dealership was unable to detect the problem. The features are lacking

Ford Fiesta

Latest review: Purchased this in Feb. Already been 2years. Using this car on daily basis for work,visiting family,buying groceries etc. Fuel efficient.good average. Servicing this car when required or advised. Good

Audi A3

Latest review: I use my car daily to get to and from work and then on our interstate holidays. It’s always serviced when due and I only use premium petrol in it. This car is like flying on clouds!!!! It’s the best c

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