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Philips PerfectCare Performer GC8712

Philips PerfectCare Performer GC8712

MPN: GC8712
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Fantastic on any fabric I have ironed. The steam is perfect. I use it as a garment steamer as well. Works like a charm. This is my third in about 12 yrs. First one was Phillips. Wow best iron station ever! Until I bumped it and it hit the floor and broke. Tried to get it fixed for about 2 months but no one repairs irons. Bought a Tefal on special. It leaked everywhere. Took it back got it replaced. Second Tefal leaked everywhere. Looked up reviews and everyone said theirs leaked. Got money back and went back to Phillips. Best thing I ever did. Perfection from day one. Only thing I can say is I wish this new one was like that last two because not only did you have an amazing amount of steam, but also they got nice and hot. denim and cotton need that. This one not as hot. But I still love it. It still is a wonderful iron. I will never buy any other brand.

Purchased in May 2018 for $399.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Product is used: Weekly
Clothing Material Cotton, Denim and Synthetics

Love it,

This is a easy, non fussey steam station, ironing is so much quicker, I do lots of sewing, and have found it to be great on all fabrics, heats up quickly, prejudices lots of steam. If you havent had a steam station before and are still using an average iron, make your life easier. I love it

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Hi Cathy. Wonderful to hear our steam generator has successfully made your life easier. If there's one thing we aim for, that would be it, so it is much appreciated you took the time to share your feedback here with us. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team.

Good steam iron

this is exactly what it says it is going to do and that is being a steam iron I can't really fault it it is just a steam iron if you want a cheap iron this is the way to go,Fantastic iron, makes the job so much easier and quicker. Does a much better job than regular irons. Recommended!

Date PurchasedSep 2017
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Hello Christy, Thank you for your positive feedback about the PerfectCare iron. We are glad to know that you are able to use it so easily! Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team


I purchased this iron in January. This is my third Philips steam generator iron and I have had a good 5 years out of each of the other two. So naturally I though I would trust Philips again with ironing for a family of 7. However with 4 males who wear cotton shirts and chino pants this iron doesn't get hot enough for getting a good result. I also do a bit of craft and sewing and I find iron does not get hot enough for fusing iron-on products to fabrics. Wishing I could go back to manual temperature adjustment but they do not seem to be available on many steam generator irons now. Also after 20 minutes or so of ironing i have drops of water on the floor under ironing board, not under the iron unit itself but under the ironing part of the board. I won't be too sad to part with this one.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Thanks a lot for taking the time to share your experience with us, Sarash. We're sorry to hear that this PerfectCare Performer hasn't been giving you the results you were used from your previous models, and we'd be more than happy to see if there's anything we can do to help you improve your experience. Therefore, we kindly recommend you to reach out to our costumer service. You're able to reach us at 1300 363 391, but it's also possible to send us a message on Facebook or Twitter (@PhilipsCare). We hope we can be of help. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

It’s good, but its not great.

Usually when I review something, I either love it or hate it. This is one of those rare moments I’m kind of ‘ehhhh’. After reading so many conflicting and mixed reviews I promised myself that after I’d tried it I would add my opinion and hopefully help with someone’s decision.

This iron is a good iron. It’s just not much better than the average iron you’ve had all your life. It may generate a little more steam but in comparison to every other steam station, its near the bottom of the list.

Addressing the delayed release of steam after calling for it with the trigger, this iron will not use continuous steam like some (better) other steam stations. Instead you will pull it forward via pump by holding down a trigger. It’s really not a good design because the iron is almost useless without the steam. I recall watching philips own video saying to ‘hold down for steam on the way up, then release the trigger using iron ‘heat’ (ha) only on the way back down’. I can personally guarantee you’ll still have creases in even a light cotton. They won’t be huge but they’re there.

On my daughters plaid school dress I will let it go, it’s good enough. On my husbands white or light business shirts, it’s not acceptable. Before I had this iron I was using a Philips iron but I cannot recall the specific model as it was lost somehow between moving houses. It was a regular iron and it did a mediocre job which I considered perfectly normal, I always assumed that ironing was an awful chore and spending 20 mins on one shirt was typical. Until I happened to pop over to a friends house while she was in the middle of ironing using the highest model of this iron. (I dont recall the exact name, it was black and gold and retails for $700 or something insane!) so impressed was I with her ability to glide through her hubs shirts in 1-2 minutes that I spent the next two weeks of my life reviewing irons in hopes I could find something similar which was a bit more affordable!

I realised this was about as close as I was going to get with the amount of money I was willing to spend. And I suppose the old saying is true. You get what you pay for, although in this case I do feel you could get something as good for a bit less than this model retails for. I got 50% off on sale so I feel better about it, but I’m still lusting over my friends iron jealously.

Now I will spend perhaps 10 minutes at the most on my husbands shirts so I have cut my ironing time in half, sometimes its even better than that so it’s not all bad news. Perhaps my friend just has amazing ironing skills? Yes. That must be it!

Date PurchasedJul 2018
Hi there, Lisa. Thank you for providing us with your well written thoughts on one of our steam generators. We really appreciate you took the time to not just only review the iron, but to elaborate on your findings as well. We definitely aim to make ironing less of a 'chore', and so we regret hearing that this iron didn't make that happen for you. It is however good to hear that it cut your ironing time in half. Seeing that you have watched one of our videos we trust you did your research and are using the iron correctly. If you would still be interested to talk through some tips that might improve the results with this particular iron, please know that we're here to help and would love to hear from you. You can find us on both Facebook and Twitter (@PhilipsCare), but of course, you're more than welcome to give us a ring as well: 1300 363 391 (AU) or 0800 658 224 (NZ).I have actually come to enjoy the iron more than my original review might imply. I spent a good 20 minutes looking for a way to edit it but after being unable to find any way I figured I just add it here. It might be that it takes a while to adapt to a new type of iron but even 2 months after purchase I still enjoy ironing which is something i never thought I’d ever say.We're really happy to hear that, Lisa. Thanks for letting us know about this. If you have any questions, then please let us know. :) kind regards, The Philips Australia Team.


This was a god sent. My husband would always burn sensitive garments, I would have clothes with burn marks and wholes. Perfect care is easy to use I can and so safe. Turns off after 8 mins if u forget things like me. Only thing that is annoying is it takes a few mins to get ready to use. But that's easily over looked because of all the other features.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Works like a charm

Having used the no-steam iron in the past, Philips Perfect Care steam iron is amazing. It has an automatic sensor that enables you to lay the iron flat on the board (as opposed to keeping it upright)

The quality of the unit is very good and well made. Haven't had a issue in the past 24 months of the usage

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

What a waste of money!

I’m so disappointed with this steam iron. I have just purchased it, and gotten home to try it out and compare it to my old iron - also a Phillips, but the old one cost only $40. Well, the much more expensive new steam iron doesn’t do any better than the old one. Not only that, like the other reviewers on here I find the delay between pushing the steam button and the release of steam to be dangerous - I nearly burnt myself!!! I wish I had read these reviews before purchasing it, because they are 100% correct!

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Very disappointed - and potentially hazardous

Like the other person who has reviewed this product I also purchased this model after having owned the GC8635 steam generator.
I bought this for use at my holiday home expecting that it would perform in the same excellent manner that the GC8635 I still have performs.
Unfortunately this model appears noisier and, as reported by the other reviewer, there is a significant delay between pressing the steam button and steam being emitted. Again as the other reviewer has noted, this makes ironing difficult as there is a disconnect between when you press the button to steam a particular section of clothing and when the steam actually arrives. The effect is that you will have moved the iron to another section of the item before the steam arrives.
So rather than making ironing easier and fast it actually slows the whole process down because one is not sure what the iron is doing.
More significantly perhaps is that the emission of steam continues for a second or two after the button is released.
This, to my mind, is hazardous as there is the potential to burn oneself with the steam if after releasing the button one lifts the iron off the clothes to return it to is rest.
Given that the previous model (GC8635) worked so well I cannot understand why Philips would produce such a poorly functioning device - especially as it cost more!
I can only suggest that purchasers avoid this model and check reviews on the other Philips models to make sure these characteristics aren't also present on the other current models. It would be a very backward step for Philips if they were all similar to the GC8712.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
Hello NSM54, thanks for writing a review about our GC8712. It's certainly regrettable to hear that you feel there's some room for improvement. And to hear that you don't feel completely safe using the iron is something we do take very seriously, as safety is our number one priority when designing our products. We'll be sending you a private message with a couple of questions so one of our colleagues can reach out to you directly about your experience. Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamI have received a message asking for my personal details. Whilst I am happy to provide these I would rather provide them to a specific identifiable individual - not to some anonymous “Philips Australia Team” member. If a named individual sends me a message I will certainly provide you with my details and specific details of my purchase. Nigel M.Hi Nigel, Thanks for getting back to us about this. We do appreciate your views regarding this. However on Product Review we respond as a team. If you'd like to talk to someone directly we would recommend getting in touch with us through 1300 363 391 or through http://philips.com/support/. We hope for your understanding. Please know that we're still more than willing to help. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

So disappointed

I foolishly purchased this model to replace a brilliant earlier model (Perfectcare Aqua 8635/02). The very expensive Aqua broke after four years which wasn't a good life span for such an expensive iron but, still, I wanted another Philips steam iron because while the Aqua worked it was brilliant. I researched the models carefully and decided on the Performer as the specs indicated more steam and pressure than the Aqua.
Bitterly disappointed as the steam isn't as powerful as the old model Aqua and the steam surge is delayed after pressing the steam button which isn't functional when ironing.
I'm now stuck with a ridiculously expensive rubbish iron. Very disappointed. After being such a Philips fan I will now avoid this brand in future.
Hope no one else gets caught spending so much money to be so disappointed.

Date PurchasedSep 2017
Hi Lyn, Thank you for your review and thank you for choosing Philips twice! We’re happy to hear that you loved using the Philips PerfectCare Aqua. And we regret hearing that you are disappointed with your new Philips PerfectCare Performer. We would love to see if there is something that we can do for you to let you enjoy your new product to the fullest. Please call our Australian call center 1300 363 391 to discuss this matter. Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamI have...three times.

Questions & Answers

Should this iron leak water on the floor as I’m on my second iron now and both are doing the same leaving a puddle of water on the floor?
3 answers
Hi, Donna. Thanks for reaching out to us with your question here. Is the water leaking out of the soleplate? If that is the case, there may be a simple solution to the problem, namely descaling. If that doesn't solve the issue, please reach out to us on one of our social media channels (Facebook and/or Twitter @PhilipsCare). There, we're available 24/7 and happy to help! Alternatively, you could reach out to us by phone (AU 1300 363 391, NZ 0800 658 224). Kind regards, The Philips Australia TeamIt’s brand new it’s the first time I used this iron and I took my first iron back after three months with the same problem. I think is coming out the lead and also it’s wet underneath the unit. I think for a $225 iron you shouldn’t have this problem? Thanks Donna McGowanHi Donna, thank you for your reply. We would like to look into this for you. Could you therefore reach out to our team on social media or by phone? This will allow us to have a closer look at your appliance so that the origin of the issue can be discovered. Many thanks in advance. We hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, The Philips Australia Team

Hi there, I have just today purchased the Phillip's Steam Iron and while I am very happy with the results and the easy use of the iron I am just concerned as to whether it is normal for the iron to make like a pumping noise when I press the steam button as the steam irons I have had in the past were quiet. I just wanted to make sure that this is normal as I would hate for it to be a fault and stop working in the near future. Thankyou. Regards Renae
1 answer
Hi there, Renae! Congrats with the steam generator iron, we're glad you like it! Don't worry about the pumping sound. When water is being pumped, your Philips steam generator might be noisy. This is perfectly normal and to be expected with steam irons and steam generator irons that use a pump to generate more steam. You can reduce the noise by placing a cloth (or similar soft material) under the base. Wishing you all the best with your GC8712, Renae! Kind regards, The Philips Australia team


Philips PerfectCare Performer GC8712
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Price (RRP) $399.95
Water Tank Capacity1800ml

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