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Braun Texstyle 7 Series
Latest review: As the company sent out a Factory Second instead of what they advertised as Clearance Stock (new and unopened with very minor box damage) I can't say much as to it's performance. But what I can say

Kmart Steam Iron KB-908E4
Latest review: This Iron does great job in very bargain price. The best part is its steam function which gives cloth very matt finish. I love this Iron & use on my party shirts & pants. Its very light weight, easy

Tefal TurboPro FV5648
Latest review: I love this iron. As far as fast heating up it is the best! Weight, handling, ease of use, nice glide. One problem I don't care for is the SMALL water compartment. I am right next to the sink and can

Philips EasySpeed Steam
Latest review: It works really well with different types of fabric, such as woollen, silk and cotton Yes, it's very smooth and easy to use I usually use that function to keep my clothes wet when I am flattening

Philips Azur Steam
Latest review: I bought this iron on the recommendation of a friend. I have not been disappointed. It does everything I need it to do and I have not scorched anything with this iron. The different settings are true

Laurastar S4
Latest review: Had one for 14 years. The darned thing would not die and I so yearned for the latest model. The new one has been a pleasure and the latest innovations have meant delicates and hard to iron items are

Tefal Smart Protect FV4970
Latest review: Iron takes a while to heat up and tends to spit water over the clothes in the process. Iron cord is far too short, which makes ironing awkward at times. Disappointed. Not as good as my last Tefal

Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus
Latest review: A fantastic lightweight iron with smart functions. However we have a big problem with water dripping through our ironing board. After ironing 5+ shirts the ground is soaked. Called Philips help

Tefal Aquaspeed Power Zone FV5355Z0
Latest review: This product work very well , the iron Tefal heats up very quickly, this product is very gentle with my clothes , particularly with my delicates clothes . I'm really satisfied with its steaming

Laurastar Lift
Latest review: I bought the Lift. The iron drips water so my clothes end up with streaks of water. I am not from Australia. Just sharing my experience. Having read numerous reviews, this water drip is not an

Tefal Free Move Cordless
Latest review: This is a good item as it does deliver on what it promises. I however dont like where the spout for the water is situated. It seems its in the way. All up though it cut through my ironing in

Philips Azur Elite GC5031/20
Latest review: This iron does a good job but I am disturbed by he fact that mine noticeably vibrates with a sort of ticking noise when I iron. Does this happen to other users? Should I take it back to the

Laurastar Pulse
Latest review: Although I'm happy with it's ironing performance my machine had to have a boiler & iron base replacement within the first year (covered by warranty) but its has started to have the same issue again,

Kmart Steam Iron
Latest review: Good product and enough for what I need and for my daily routine. I would recommend as it's a good value for money and it's easy to be found at K-Mart

Tefal Ultraglide FV4042
Latest review: I love this iron. It's easy to use, does a great job, heats up quickly and produces a good amount of steam once you move up from the cool iron setting. On the high steam setting (cotton) it does go

Laurastar Magic S6a
Latest review: I bought this iron system after my 21 year old sunbeam iron finally called it a day. This iron produces a good amount of steam which cuts ironing time in half. There’s definitely no going over s

Stirling (Aldi) LCD Steam Iron
Latest review: Extra long cord, iron is smooth with very quick warm up. Great price and seems to work fine. LCD display is not necessary but a good touch. Used it for last 5 months without a problem. The colour is

Russell Hobbs Steamglide Ultra 20551AU
Latest review: Happy with this iron - got it on sale for a good price and it does exactly what I expect it to. I try to avoid ironing as much as possible but this is easy to use and gets the job done. Plenty of

Home & Co (Kmart) 2400W Iron
Latest review: We Bought it a few months ago...gets heaed way too much and ironing plate is of cheap quality ..it has spoiled so much of our clotheWouldnt recommend it to

Russell Hobbs Steamglide RHC909
Latest review: When I switched the iron on, I noticed that the green light, which is meant to indicate that the iron is up to the right temperature, came on almost straight away, which immediately indicated to me

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