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Braun Texstyle 7 Series

Latest review: At last an iron that really does get hot enough to iron pure linen and pure cotton. Since purchasing this iron my steam generator iron has been left untouched and all my ironing has been done with

Kmart Steam Iron KB-908E4

Latest review: Cheap n long lasting iron. Does it work effectively as other expensive irons. I always go for kmart product because of it affordable and quality product. Rather than going for

Tefal TurboPro FV5648

Latest review: The ease of use of this iron was a leading factor in purchasing this product. Fill it up with water and let iron glide away on any fabric and material without the worry of burn

Tefal TurboPro FV5605

Latest review: Picked up at a good guys sale - the previous ALDI iron had been dropped and was leaking as well as some superficial damage - hence looking for a replacement. First impressions - solid without being

Philips EasySpeed Steam

Latest review: Works perfectly. I mostly iron cotton, sometimes lighter fabrics. It slides over any fabric with ease and isn't heavy on the wrist. The iron is easy to use, heats up rapidly. It uses quite a lot of

Philips Azur Steam

Latest review: Recently purchased this iron from the Good Guys. The iron works great. For work I wear polyester shirts (awful fabric) and they are not the easiest to iron and I have found the temperature control

Laurastar S4

Latest review: Our last Laurastar lasted 13 years, we were going to get it serviced - but told it needed a big repair($650 approx) from the technician at Laurastar. Decided to trade it in and get the latest one -

Laurastar Lift

Latest review: I did everything according to the instruction and after 2 min of using the steam, the equipment reports low water level, despite the water tank is 9/10 full. The product did look beautiful, but

Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus

Latest review: This product is amazing and has reduced the amount of time spent ironing considerably. The intelligence of this iron is its most redeeming feature, the auto steam function cuts off when your iron is

Tefal Smart Protect FV4970

Latest review: I can't believe that this Iron does actually set itself to the right temperature. No sticking , irons crinkles out easily.Not too heavy. It does every thing it is said to do.Would reccomend it to

Tefal Aquaspeed Power Zone FV5355Z0

Latest review: This product work very well , the iron Tefal heats up very quickly, this product is very gentle with my clothes , particularly with my delicates clothes . I'm really satisfied with its steaming

Tefal Free Move Cordless

Latest review: I bought the iron, thinking it was a great idea, at Peters of Kensington. No staff were around to discuss the features of the iron. At home, I discovered there was little material to explain the

Philips Azur Elite GC5031/20

Latest review: Turns on and off blue light blinks Slowly turn back on.andblinks fast when Reset.also leaks.it has been an excellent Iron any idea.also goes off when standing still for 5mins a u ideas

Kmart Steam Iron

Latest review: This is the second iron I have bought in twenty years. It is a little heavy compared to my 1990s iron but the benefits outway any negatives. The water tank holds a lot of water and I can iron 4

Laurastar Pulse

Latest review: Although I'm happy with it's ironing performance my machine had to have a boiler & iron base replacement within the first year (covered by warranty) but its has started to have the same issue again,

Tefal Ultraglide FV4042

Latest review: This b l o o d y iron. I payed top price for this iron. All it’s done is spit crap out of the iron face and stain/damage favourite clothes since the day I bought it. I’m so fed up with it. Des

Laurastar Magic S6a

Latest review: Fantastic Ironing System No regrets buying this albeit an expensive appliance. My ironing time cut to half the time and ironed garments looked professionally done. Cannot be happier. Would recommend

Russell Hobbs Steamglide RHC909

Latest review: This iron works as expected. We have had it for several months now and have found it to heat well, slide smoothly, and just generally do a good job of ironing our business shirts etc a few times a

Stirling (Aldi) LCD Steam Iron

Latest review: Not hot enough, the on/off steam lever is in the way, I kept accidentally turning it off. It is not easy to hold it as the steam button is in the way. Cumbersome. The cord is short. Somehow feels

Home & Co (Kmart) 2400W Iron

Latest review: Most annoying iron I ever purchased, high pitched noise emitted very soon into use indicates self clean time. I have cleaned it three times in a row a still getting deafening high pitch sound. Im

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