Best Irons & Steam Generators

Whether you’re looking for an iron to lighten the load of household chores or need a more heavy-duty steam iron for professional use, choosing the right device for you will make getting the job done a whole lot easier. Not to be confused with garment or clothes steamers, irons these days come with a whole range of features that can make them a worthwhile investment. Continue Reading...

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Braun Texstyle 7 Series

Braun Texstyle 7 Series

 · includes 7 listings
3.9 from 154 reviews

The top-rated irons in Braun’s Texstyle 7 Series have a wide range of features which make ironing quick, simple and safe.

Price (RRP) $99.00 to $139.00

Steady steam production
Ergonomic design
Tackles a range of materials
Leaks sometimes
Not as durable as other similar models
  • Build Quality
    3.8 (30)
  • Value for Money
    3.7 (31)
  • Ease of Use
    4.2 (30)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
    4.1 (30)
  • Safety
    4.0 (31)
  • Colour / FinishBlue, Grey/mallow and Purple
  • Cord Length2.5 m
  • Power2,400 W
2nd Best Iron / Steam Generator
Laurastar Lift

Laurastar Lift

 · includes 2 listings
4.3 from 46 reviews

Take the boredom out of ironing with the Laurastar Lift, a steam station that irons, steams and purifies your garments. Designed for those who want professional results in the comfort of their homes.

Price (RRP) $999.00

Professional results with minimal effort
Works well on all fabrics
Makes ironing enjoyable
Steam button sometimes difficult to push
Premium price tag
  • Build Quality
    4.6 (25)
  • Value for Money
    4.0 (26)
  • Ease of Use
    4.5 (28)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
    4.3 (23)
  • Safety
    4.6 (24)
  • Colour / FinishRed and White
  • Cord Length2.3 m
  • Power2,200 W
3rd Best Iron / Steam Generator
Laurastar Lift Xtra Range
  • Award Winner 2022

Laurastar Lift Xtra Range

 · includes 2 listings
4.8 from 23 reviews

The $1, 299 Laurastar Lift Xtra Range offers a 3-in-1 steam generator that irons, steams and purifies. It can smooth out even delicate or tricky fabrics, and also cleans as it goes.

Price (RRP) $1,299.00

Smooth, crease-free clothes
Effective on wide range of fabrics
Easy to use
  • Build Quality
    4.8 (19)
  • Value for Money
    4.5 (19)
  • Ease of Use
    4.7 (19)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
    4.7 (19)
  • Safety
    4.5 (19)
  • Colour / FinishRed and Titan
  • Cord Length2.3 m
  • Power2,200 W
Tefal TurboPro FV5648
4.1 from 41 reviews

Boasting innovative technology allowing for an easy glide and an anti-scale system which makes maintaining your iron a lot simpler, the Tefal TurboPro FV5648 has everything you want in an iron.

Philips Azur Steam

Philips Azur Steam

 · includes 11 listings
3.3 from 100 reviews

Latest review: Iron well maintained by household and superficially immaculate after a few months use, until a flash while in use, and now totally inoperable. Fuse intact, but completely dead. Poorest life duration

Price (RRP) $99.95

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Laurastar SMART U
5.0 from 14 reviews

Latest review: I just upgraded to the new smart model after 18 years of trouble fee ironing! It is amazing just how far this model has come and the ease at which it is to use now. So handy being able to remove the

Price (RRP) $3,499.00

Philips Azur Elite GC5031/20
3.6 from 42 reviews

Latest review: My iron is now 1.5 years old and I use this iron several times a week. It works well and I love that there is no setting knob to accidentally spin around when in use. I also had the flashing blue

Philips PerfectCare Expert Plus GC8962/30
  • Award Winner 2021
4.3 from 20 reviews

There’s no need to fiddle around with different settings when you use the Philips PerfectCare Expert Plus GC8962/30 - the steam generating iron knows exactly how to handle all the fabrics you want pressed.

Price (RRP) $499.00

Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus

Philips PerfectCare Elite Plus

 · includes 2 listings
4.0 from 25 reviews

Latest review: Really disappointed in the 7000 model, which was an upgrade on the Philips steam iron I had for the last 5 years. The main issue is I just did the very first decalcification and the plug will

Price (RRP) $486.00 to $599.00

Price $699 Bing Lee

Tefal Ultraglide FV4042
3.7 from 27 reviews

Latest review: I purchased this iron a year ago for my partner and used it for the first time today and was very impressed. The unit is lightweight and presses the clothes really well without the need to use the

ALDI Steam Irons

ALDI Steam Irons

 · includes 9 listings
3.6 from 28 reviews

Latest review: I’ve had this for couple of years but hardly used (less than 10 times). Noticed there is no steam. Opened it up and I can see the water pump not working. Replacing the part will cost close to $100. N

Price (RRP) $19.99 to $129.00

Russell Hobbs Steamglide RHC909

Latest review: When I do the ironing I iron for a couple of hours. That is where this iron fails dismally. The longer I iron the more it spits out dirty water from the steam holes, the steam will stop working and

Braun TexStyle 5 Steam Iron

Braun TexStyle 5 Steam Iron

 · includes 4 listings
4.4 from 11 reviews

Latest review: Bought this Braun iron after my great Aldi iron died and must say I have been very happy with it. It has never leaked which is something I will not tolerate in an iron. Has a very effective cleaning

Price (RRP) $99.00 to $119.00

Philips PowerLife Steam

Philips PowerLife Steam

 · includes 7 listings
3.1 from 33 reviews

Latest review: I was told that this product had a sensor to adapt to different fabrics. Sadly, in spite of pressing slowly over the material, the creases do not come out in many fabrics, especially poly cotton. I

Price (RRP) $79.95 to $100.00

Price $84.95 Bing Lee

Russell Hobbs Steamglide Ultra 20551AU

Latest review: Loved this iron while it worked only had it 5 years doesn’t get used a lot mostly work uniforms, my last one I had for over 20 years, I chose this one as Russell Hobbs was meant to be a great a

Price (RRP) $49.00

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Philips PerfectCare Elite Silence GC9642

Latest review: I bought this iron because it was recommended by a friend who knew many others who were happy with it and had been using it for about a year. Very happy with it until it started playing up under two

Price (RRP) $549.00

Laurastar Go
4.3 from 9 reviews

Latest review: I truely love my laurastar baby she had to go get repaired and was back home to us in week the service was excellent the ladies that I spoke to were very lovely and caring kept me updated on

Price (RRP) $1,799.00

Sunbeam Pro Steam

Sunbeam Pro Steam

 · includes 10 listings
2.3 from 75 reviews

Latest review: Steam doesn’t come out when you want it Inlet hole soooo small Non slip plate feels like it’s going to rip a hole in the clothes Short power cord Can’t pick it up without changing the temp dial

Price (RRP) $39.95 to $119.00

Price from $40 Billy Guyatts

Laurastar SMART I
5.0 from 6 reviews

Latest review: Very satisfied with all aspects of this ironing system . We do a lot of linen and personal ironing, this system does well with all fabrics. The finish on fabric is so much better than the older

Price (RRP) $2,999.00

Sunbeam Verve Platinum

Sunbeam Verve Platinum

 · includes 10 listings
2.1 from 118 reviews

Latest review: Always used Sunbeam but this is the worst ever. On highest cotton setting, have to use spray to try and iron creases out. Spray/steam button very hard to push. Very

Price (RRP) $54.00 to $139.00

Price from $51 Billy Guyatts

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Types of irons

Woman ironing linen

A dry iron works by using a heated soleplate to smooth out garments. The soleplates are flat and smooth, and the iron does not have a water tank. As they don’t use steam, there’s no risk of them leaking or spraying water onto your clothes.

A steam iron uses steam rather than a heated soleplate to smooth out garments. The steam is emitted through holes in the soleplate, which relaxes the fabric of your clothes and enables you to easily iron out any kinks. Steam irons have a water tank, and are generally better for getting rid of stubborn wrinkles. Nowadays most of them will also let you disable the steam function and let you use them as a dry iron.

How to choose: steam irons vs. steam generator iron vs. garment steamer

Steam iron


Cost-effective - they're cheaper than steam generating irons and most garment steamers.
More portable than steam generating irons.
No risk of leaking.


With a water tank attached to the iron, you’ll need to refill your water more frequently than a steam generating iron or a clothes steamer.

Steam generator iron


Good for larger laundry loads and pressing bigger items like sheets.
Higher pressurised steam means you can iron both sides of your garment simultaneously.
A detachable water tank means a lighter iron and less time spent refilling water.


Pricey - expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars for a cheaper model.

Garment steamer


Can steam garments as they hang.
Easy to store as you don’t need an ironing board.


Can take longer to remove wrinkles as no pressure is applied to garments.

What is the difference between a steam iron and a steam generator iron?

A steam iron has a built-in water tank while a steam generator iron has a detachable water tank. This means a steam generator iron has a higher water tank capacity and steam output, making it best to power through bigger laundry loads or larger items like sheets.

Because a steam generating iron has higher pressurised steam, it irons both sides of your garment simultaneously, saving you time and effort. As the steam is in a separate generator, the iron itself is also more lightweight and easier to handle than regular steam irons.

What is the difference between a steam generator iron and a garment steamer?

Irons and garment steamers do the same job, but while irons and steam generator irons require you to apply pressure to your garments, a handheld clothes steamer emits a jet of steam and just needs to be held close to your hanging clothing or linen.

Steam generator iron
Steam generator iron

Garment steamer
Garment steamer

Understanding soleplates

The soleplate is the metal plate at the bottom of your iron that comes into contact with your clothes when you press them. Clothes irons are usually differentiated by the material of their soleplate. The three most common are:

  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel soleplates are known for their durability and for being easy to clean and maintain. They’re also great at distributing heat evenly.
  • Ceramic: A ceramic soleplate heats up quickly and distributes heat evenly. They are thought to reduce static and are considered the best material for preventing clothes from sticking to irons at higher temperatures.
  • Non-stick coated: These soleplates can be coated with one of a number of materials, such as aluminium, titanium and Teflon. They’re generally easier to clean than other materials and are often more lightweight, however they’re not scratch resistant and may start to drag rather than glide over your clothes if the iron plate becomes damaged.

You should also consider the shape of a soleplate and whether it’s fit for your purposes. A precision tip will help you smooth out collars, cuffs, and the spaces around buttons. More steam holes on your soleplate also make for better steam distribution.

What should I look for when buying an iron?

Special features

  • Variable steam control gives you the ability to control the amount of steam your pressing iron produces. This is a useful function if you’re ironing a variety of different fabrics - you may want to increase the steam output for linen and other fabrics that can withstand more heat, and turn it down for silk and other delicate fabrics. The higher the steam output, the better your iron should be at getting rid of creases in your clothes. High output is considered over 50g per minute for a steam iron, and 120-160 grams a minute for a steam generator.
  • A vertical steam function allows you to iron things as they’re hanging - you can think of this feature as a makeshift garment steamer. It’s handy for when you don’t have an ironing board or for when you’re tackling items that are less practical to put on a board, such as curtains and upholstery.
  • A steam-burst or steam-shot function will deliver an extra, concentrated steam burst at the push of a button to help you get rid of persistent wrinkles.
  • A water spray feature mists heavy wrinkles, dampening and softening the fabric so that it’s easier for you to iron. It’s particularly useful for ironing delicates which can’t be steam ironed.
  • An anti-drip function cuts off the water supply to your iron when its temperature is high enough to create steam. This prevents water dripping from the soleplate and staining your clothes. A drip-stop also stops water leaks when your iron is stored in your cupboard.

Ease of use

How easy your iron is to use will ultimately depend on what you’re using it for. While serial ironers may prefer larger soleplates and a higher water tank capacity, this isn’t the case for everyone. Some people prefer travel-friendly irons that easily fit in their suitcase or smaller soleplates which allow them to easily press crafting projects and more detailed sewing.

Water tank capacity

A larger water tank on an iron means less time spent refilling it, and also enables more even steam flow. The water tank capacity of conventional irons can range from 230mL to 400mL, while water tanks on steam generators can hold up to 2.5L of water. Of course, if you’re only using your iron for domestic duties, then a smaller tank may be just right for you. A transparent water tank can also make it easy for you to see the water level without opening the valve, so you can know at a glance when it’s time for a refill.

Weight of iron

Heavier irons may have better pressing capabilities, but they can tire your arms out quickly if you’ve got a large laundry pile. It may be easier to glide over your clothes with a lighter iron, however you may need to go over wrinkles repeatedly to get your garments looking crisp.

Cord length

The length of your cord will also affect how easy your iron is to use, as the longer the cord the easier it is to move around the ironing board. A higher wattage also means your iron will heat up faster, but for home, around 2000W will do.

Cleaning and maintenance

An anti-scale function is a common feature that saves you a lot of hassle in the long run. Over time, calcium in your iron’s water tank will turn to a white, chalky substance called limescale. This buildup can restrict water flow and impair the heating element and mechanical efficiency of your appliances, which could make your energy bill skyrocket. An iron without an anti-scale feature may be cheaper, but you’ll likely need to purchase additional cleaning products to descale your iron.

It may also be a good idea to look out for irons which have special features that make storing it that little bit easier. A ‘heel’ on the bottom of your iron for you to wrap the cord around and a clasp to secure it are common features that saves you having to detangle every time you need to do some ironing.


Looking out for certain features when shopping around, as well as practising safe ironing, can help mitigate the safety risks your iron poses.

An auto shut-off feature turns off the iron’s power if it is motionless - either upright or face down - for a certain period of time (usually around a few minutes). This helps you save on your power bill, and also gives you some peace of mind if you think you may have left your iron on before leaving the house.

On a practical level and a safety level, it’s a good idea to consider whether you prefer a corded or cordless iron. Cords on irons can be dangerous if you have children around who may grab or pull on them, and they can also be a tripping hazard.

Having a power-on light which tells you that the iron is on and hot is also a minor feature that could save you from burns.


A conventional iron can cost anywhere from $7.50 to around $200, while a steam generating iron usually goes for anywhere between $159 to $850.

Steam generating irons that come as part of an ironing system (which usually includes an iron, a detachable water tank and an ironing board made for your particular iron) will set you back $1000 to $3500. These steam iron stations - which iron, steam and purify clothes - are a one-stop shop for all your ironing needs.

Wrapping up

Deal-breakers for some people may be selling points for others, which means there’s no perfect iron for everyone. Asking yourself exactly what you’ll be using your iron for is a great starting point, and a sure way for you to snag yourself an iron that suits you.