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Pikapu All in One

Pikapu All in One

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Regret buying

Initially excited about this product and liked the look of them and quality seemed good initially. Product has been leaking even with very frequent changes, especially around leg region. PUL started to delaminate after approx 6 months even with CCNDU facebook page washing instructions. Nappies have pilled on outside, valcro now not working well and nappies no longer feel soft. Nappies seem to hold some urine with extra inserts added but still don't trust them for more than 2 hours max! Would not repurchase.

Absolute favourite cloth nappy!

My entire cloth nappy stash is made out of Pikapú AIOs (All in Ones) - 42 cloth nappies in the old design & 1 in the new design (stag) making a total of 43 cloth nappies.

I bought these in December 2016 for my son's impending arrival in January 2017 and was immediately blown away & impressed with the high quality & softness of the cloth nappies. I prepped them by soaking overnight in just water followed by a hot wash in my machine to boost absorbancy.

I have been cloth diapering my son full time using these cloth nappies for 5 months now and they are so absorbent! I use Baby Bare bamboo boosters (& Baby Bare night bamboo trifold boosters overnight) underneath the sewn in micro-fleece flap in the pikapú cloth nappies and I have always had a perfect fit with no gaps or leaks, (even with the bulkiness of a night trifold booster!) I know that these nappies will last my son to toilet training and beyond (to be reused by a sibling!)

Amazing quality cloth nappy & I definitely highly recommend these to any parent considering using cloth nappies for their child/ren!

OK nappy, not the best

I was given five of these as a gift when my first bub was born and they nearly turned me off cloth nappies entirely. I have two in nappies now and as my bubs have grown they came into their own; they are much better for an older baby but I still find the pikapus are used as a "last resort" when the pile is getting low.

Good points: Very good poo-holding ability - a few leaks from my heavy-wetters though. The nappy is not as bulky as some other brands and fits easily under most clothes. I like the selection of bold colours (I have navy, red, grey etc) as I am not one for pastels. The nappy dries very quickly. After two years of use with two babies the elastic is still good. The leg gusset is great.

Bad points: Only a medium absorbency, not the worst but my heavy wetters can overcome the nappy in 2-3 hours. The pilling; it started almost straight away and still happens, I have to pull the largest bits off each wash. The fabric also went dull and grey faster than any other nappy. Can be difficult to wash out poo - I use liners but especially with newborn messes it is often caught under the elastic of the leg gusset and I have to stretch the nappy straight and hand-wash to remove after a machine wash. The Velcro perished the fastest of any brand of nappy, even with diligent use of the keepers during washes. This is a personal one, but the fit was not great, they fit only one of my bubs well and tend to leak. The fit might be fine for another baby though, and it has improved as my bubs have grown.

Fastest drying & easiest nappies!

We started with 6 Pikapus as well as three other brands of cloth nappies - the Pikapus are the stand out favourites - so much so that I've slowly been buying more and more to replace the others! They are so easy to use. My boy is a heavy wetter so we use boosters (the Pikapu brand are good but have also used the Baby Beehinds bamboo boosters & some that I don't know the brand of) and there are no pockets to fiddle with, they just slip under the liner. I also made some micro fleece liners to protect the nappies. The double gusset design is great for preventing leaks, although we have had one or two. (However, he also leaks out of every other kind of cloth nappy as well as Huggies, so I figure that's just my boy.)

We do dry pail and because there are no pockets you can just shake the whole thing into the bucket, there's no need to pull damp boosters out of nappies. So easy!

The fabric is super quick drying - they come out of the washing machine barely damp. The colours are so bright and adorable. In summer he would get around in a nappy and singlet, and everyone always asked me where I got the cute little pants. They were shocked when I said it was his nappy!

We found that the one size fits most size was not good when he was a newborn - on the smallest snaps it was just too bulky for him and his little legs were too skinny. Once he was about 2 months old and ~5kg they fitted better and we have loved them ever since.
Easy to use, reliable, quick drying & super soft.
Doesn't fit newborn - not good until 2 months/~5kg for my son

A really great all in one nappy that can compete with a disposable

I have 8 of these nappies in my stash of 21 and honestly wish they were all Pikapu. I have a heavy wetting girl (tummy sleeper) and I have never had a leak in these. We boost for nap times with a Pikapu booster folded over to make it all at the front. They go on like a disposable and dry super quickly. They do tend to pill a little if washed with towels or terry washcloths and other things, but if you just wash with nappies (I use flannelette wipes), they are fine.
Reliable, dries fast, easy to use
Does tend to pill, colours are a bit boring

Look old quickly

I have a wide range of MCNs in terms of brand and style. While Pikapu nappies are easy to use, and we're an early favorite of my husbands, they have started to look old and worn much earlier than my other brands. This is partially due to the Velcro tabs, which come off the laundry tabs in the wash sticking to the nappy material and causing pulling, but it also seems that the micro fleece is of an inferior quality - it looks thin and worn after 6 months of use in a large rotation. These are unlikely to be used for a second bub - I just can't see them lasting that long. They are also less absorbent than nappies with bamboo in their boosters.
Easy to use, quick to dry
Look old and worn quickly, laundry tabs don't hold velcro in the wash, not very absorbent

One of the best nappies in my stash!

Pikapu are a great sized nappy and are fantastic for use at night (with their boosters). They are generously sized (so they fit most toddlers) and dry super fast so they are great for cooler climates where drying can be an issue. The velcro closes are also super easy for dads.
Fast drying, super absorbent and great size.

Pikapu Newborn Nappies - Love Them!

I have been using 4 brands of newborn cloth nappies through a nappy library and I found the pikapu newborns better than any of the others. The Pikapu AIO and the Pikapu cover with inserts never leaked, were really easy to put on (no fiddling with stuffing pockets or buttoning attachments), wash really easily and dry so much more quickly than any other brand I tried. My baby is now big enough to fit the larger size Pikapu on the smallest setting so we will be using these for all our cloth nappies now!
Easy to put on, great fit, incredibly quick drying

Easy and convenient

I bought these during a sale and have found them to fit well on my baby when she was as young as 4 weeks old (she was and is on the 50th centile for height and weight). So far so good in terms of ease of use minimal leaking. My husband can put them on easily without having to think about boosters or stuffing etc and they dry fairly quickly after washing because of the way the booster is sewn in. I tend to use these when going out and about (I put 2 or three in a wet/dry bag). Major con is the position of the laundry tabs - they sometimes get poop on them and they're hard to easily access during nappy changes.
easy to use, fast drying all in one. great for going out (trips to town etc) as can just put dirty nappy in wet bag and no assembly/disassmbling required.
laundry tab positions

Easiest to use cloth nappies in my stash!

As a new Mum and new to the modern cloth nappies, I decided to try out a bunch of different types, styles and brands so that I would know which ones I liked the most and worked best and stock up on those ones. I currently have in my stash: Bonnibuns, GroVia, Baby BeeHinds, Sweet Pea and Real Nappies and the 4 Pikapu nappies I have are the first ones I go to! Although they are kinda bulky on baby, they aren't any bulkier than a lot of the other kinds I have. The fact that they are AIO is very convenient as I am not trying to track down an insert or booster through the wash. They always come out of the wash clean (some of the other ones need the sun to bleach the stains out). And even though these are the only AIO's I own at the moment, they are always the first ones dry on my washing line!

I am really happy with these and I will definitely be adding Pikapus to my growing stash when the time comes to add more!

PS. I bought mine direct online from Pikapu and they have great customer service and often have great deals too. I think mine were buy 3 get 1 free or something like that.
Easy to care for and always come out of wash clean, quick-drying, convenient AIO design.
Can be a little bulky on small baby

Just ok

I only use this nappy when all the others are in the wash. Bought a trial pack and after a few washes the nappy looks a bit tattered and is pilling in parts. Even when you put the velcro tags on the safe area they come off in the wash and attach to other nappies.

Not the most absorbent nappy unless adding lots of boosters. The double leak seals help.

A very bulky nappy not suitable for newborns at all. Still very bulky on a 5 month old.

Dries very quickly.
Looked nice when it was new
Leaks, not a good fit, bulky, lost that new feel after just a few washes

Great nappy

The first thing I noticed about my first little pikapü cloth nappy was the softness.

Compared to the disposable nappies my little one has been wearing it felt like heaven.

I was so excited to give the nappy a go but had to wash it first. We have been having pretty cold and cloudy weather lately so I was a bit concerned about how quickly it would dry especially as the pikapü is an all in one nappy.

I pulled my load of laundry out of the machine and the pikapü was the dryest thing in there. It was almost dry already! A few hours on the line and it was done and ready to wear. I can't tell if there was a look of relief or joy on Lucy's face when that nappy went on but she had the longest sweetest nap while wearing it. Actually as it was going I was so excited (My mum and sister were there too and we were all excited) that I think the excitement transferred to Lucy and she did a little happy wee.

It seems to be a great nappy. Comfy and soft and good at soaking up the good stuff. It was easy to clean again and came out super clean in the wash. Again it was very quick to dry and hangs nice and easy on the line. It does have velcro which you would think would ruin in the was but inside the nappy are some velcro savers you put the scratchy end of the velcro on so they last longer.
Pros - cute and cuddly, quick drying, great colours.
Cons - a little difficult to figure out how it goes on. Its OSFA so the newborn setting takes a little folding and moulding. Not impossible though.

Sooooo easy to use!

I'm new to MCN and these are fool proof! Love them! They look so cute and come in great colours! They dry so fast!
They dry so fast!
No cons! ... well... it'd be great if they washed themselves!


I have since changed washing detergent and stopped using all nappy rash cream (even though Pikapu website says it is ok to use with liners) and have found the nappies are very absorbent again and I don't need to use the boosters. No more leakage! I have also started to stick the velcro tab to the front velcro strip on the nappy and even though it is a bit awkward, it means that the velcro doesn't come loose with washing and stops it from damaging anything. So now I will have to say that the nappies are very functional and as long as my little boy doesn't grow out of them too quickly, they have served their purpose well and I will hopefully be able to use them again for any future children. I think I would now revise my previous opinion and say that I would probably purchase Pikapu nappies again.
Much more economical than using disposables nappies. One size fits all means you only have to buy one set of the nappies.
(please see previous post)

Made resusables easy for me

I did a lot of research on reusable nappies for our first child and decided to risk it with a stash of the Pikapus (they were new and had no reviews then). It's now almost 18 months later, my son is still using them, and other than a slight fray on the labelling tabs, they're in great condition!

We've used them consistently since birth. Admittedly my little 3 kg baby looked like an eggplant in them but they got the job done! And now at 11.5 kg he looks so much cuter waddling around in the bright colours.

We rarely have problems with leaks, no more so than Huggies disposables, although we don't use them overnight so I can't comment on that.

Easy to wash (until bub was close to 1-year old I just threw even heavily soiled ones straight in the wash without rinsing), very quick to dry and quite easy to put on.
Easy to clean, durable, few leaks
Can't think of anything!

Love it

Pikapu AIO ( All in one) OSFA ( one size fits all) nappy is for newborn to toddler 3kg-18kg. It is Australian designed modern looking nappy and they come in a range of colours, I received a red one which made me super happy as it is my favourite colour.

My first impression was it had a soft microfleece lining, modern and was well made. My favourite feature of this nappy was the twin leg gussets to prevent side leakage, it worked really well. My four month old daughter is a heavy wetter and the nappy was extremely absorbant. I have been using cloth nappies for over 14 years and have a few different brands and Pikapu competed wonderfully with my favourite brands.

When I washed it it was still very soft and it dried very fast.

I would highly recommend these nappies and I wished I had found them before I just bought my new stash, I will definitly be buying from them in the future.
Absorbant, reliable well made


Easy drying but do seem to cut into the babies thighs and cause red marks. We have had leakage problems from the seams and the velcro tabs are not as good as press studs.
Quick drying
Don't seem like they'll last.

Fantastic Nappy!

I love this nappy, the style is outstanding and I love how soft the inside is even after several washes, It doesn't leak and looks fantastic. I is a large nappy but that is good because it means it will fit my bubba for longer. Thankyou for the nappy I love it :)
Softness, Shape, Wee retain-ability and the colour
nothing at all

Great Nappy!

Used on my 2.8 year old son.

Overall: Very good nappy. Would I buy more and recommend them to others? YES!
Very simple to use, good fit, look good, nice large gussets, very soft/feels nice, quick drying.
My son is a heavy wetter, so I needed to add more inserts and change more often. The Velcro is very easy for toddlers to undo.

amazing!!! a great all round nappy

what an amazing nappy!! i own and use 2 original pikapu, so when the new V2 came out i had to try it. firstly, i use mine on a toddler (2.5y/o) so can't say what they're like for a younger baby, but we love ours. it fits my daughter like a glove, and has plenty of room to spare (my original pikapu's also fit my 4.5 y/o, who no longer needs nappies, and by the look of the V2 it would fit him too). our first try of the V2 lasted for 6 hours without a leak or a change, and after only one wash. as per other pikapu products the nappy dries extremely quickly, with the V2 drying overnight on the ironing board (with the gas heating on within the house, a blessing in canberra). we've also tested out the V2 with our set of pikapu night boosters, again no leaks, a lovely dry toddler in the morning.

definately a nappy i would recommend to anyone. if i was building a new stash now they would be the bulk of what i buy.
easy dry, great fit, easy to use

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Pikapu All in One
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