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Pine O Cleen Glen 20

Pine O Cleen Glen 20

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Glen 20

I always had Glen 20 on hand in case of sickness in household, had not used it for a few years, but the smell was overwhelming, in nose and throats ugh, won't try it again, something in it has changed dramatically

Purchased in April 2019 at Woolworths.

Glenn 20 smells revolting

Gpenn 20 countru scent It smells revolting..goes into the nose and thrpat. Tastes disgusting and doesn't get rid of bad smells. Only creates one yuck yuck yuck yuck and yuck

Purchased in May 2019.

Never Trust a Glen 20

Glen 20 is a dog of the highest level. Previously I used Glen 20 nearly every day for getting rid of any stench and even as deodorant sometimes (personally i think it works better than real deodorant but that is besides the point). Anyway i was doing gym when the glen 20 on the top of a shelf was knocked off and fell almost a full story onto my knee. The blunt force of the Glen 20 servery cut me. Today I have recovered from the incident however i still bare the scars of the trauma. I have vowed to never use Glen 20 again.

Do not trust glen 20 it will let you down..... it let me down

Purchased in April 1969 at Raw Pleasure for $0.07.

Do you know how dangerous this is?

Glen 20 according to Material Safety Data Sheets is up to 60% Ethanol. MSDS online says Ethanol is dangerous: The following should be worn whenever using ethanol: Respirator, Boots, Long rubber gloves, Industrial aprons, Overalls, Chemical safety goggles, Face shield. But we spray it around the house. It's really dangerous to breathe in Ethanol and Glen 20 is mostly Ethanol. The other major ingredients are at least as dangerous Propane up to 30% and Butane up to10%. There are natural products around that are just as effective and nowhere near as dangerous to our health.

Purchased in January 2019 at Woolworths for $6.80.

Only thing that worked

I am a 42yo that has suffered serverely from bad feet since 16 to the point of smelling them through my shoes and bleeding, my big toe nail died and the pain was extreme. I have spent 1000s on drs, speacialist and different medications all with no result. So l thought ld just try to soak in something, 1st thing l grabbed was pine o clean and no word of a lie, my feet are now perfect. I soaked them in a half/half solution 3 days a week for the 1st week. Honestly l had results the next day, l now give them a wash in it twice a month just to b sure but l honestly dont think l even need to do that. This stuff has changed my everyday life.

Purchased in December 2018.

Health hazard!!

I used to love this product. It kept the house clean with a pleasant smell. Now the formula (or at least one ingredient) has changed and it is causing extreme breathing difficulties. The smell catches in the back of the throat causing coughing and breathlessness. I'm now too frightened to use the product for fear of not being able to breathe. Bring back the original formula, this new one stinks.

Purchased in January 2019.

leaves a foul taste in mouth and pain in the throat.

It used to be my go to spray but something in the formula was changed and I can no longer use it. The taste it leaves in your mouth when walking through where you have sprayed it just so horrible. Why change an iconic product that used to be wonderful ?

Best buy for disinfectant.

Ok. I disinfect I clean I scrub. But it never is truly finished until I glen 20 it. It's like a full stop after a sentence. Its knowing that you have touched all cases and the glen 20 is there to protect you and your family. Totally love it.

Used to be better

This is an alright product that gets rid of germs however, it also has a different smell lately since they changed it to say pine o clean and now says dettol Glen 20 and it now smells similar to cologne or perfume

Only spray to make my house smelling clean.

Have tried many air fresheners and they either smell disgusting or leave everything a bit wet after each spray. Glen 20 has a very pleasant smell that makes the house feel clean and refreshed.


it appears to me a neuro-hazard, respiratory hazard, it makes you feel irritable and it makes you feel dizzy, bitter taste when the cleaners spray the area it in mental health facility I work

This product is glen-tastic!

Great all-round anti viral/bacterial spray, especially on hard surfaces. Things like raw poultry make me cringe even after wiping down the surface with soap and water - with a follow up spray of Glen20 I know the surface is save. Great in the bathroom as a deodorant to mask horrible smells and clean the air. When you use this product the lovely scent tells you it's working.

Dangerous spray nozzle.

New spray nozzle is dangerous. The new spray nozzle squirts a stram of liquid instead of a mist. Floor tiles in wet areas become soaked and very slippery, why do manufacturers have to change things. There was nothing wrong with the old design.

A great product I wouldn't be without

One of the few products I've stayed loyal to since moving out of home several years ago. It does the job and does it well. I use it all around the house and love it. A great range of scents - I like crisp linen and spring flowers. Lasts a while and can usually be found on special at coles or woolies. I've tried other brands (eg Woolworths select) but nothing compares to the quality of this product. A household staple for me.

Animal testing

Glen 20 still test on animals. Bloody discusting... I have loved using glen 20 but after finding out it is still testes on animals I will no longer be using it

Healthy or not?

Just wondering how good it is for out health... I walked into a small room where it had been used 5 min before.. I came out with a nasty taste in my mouth and an amount of numbing at the back of my throat..

Original scent is still the best

This is one of my top 2 air fresheners, but I only ever buy the original scent. It is often on special at Coles and that's when I buy it. I mostly use it in the bathroom and so now that's pretty much what I think of when I smell Glen 20 - maybe I should use it in other areas too.
Fresh smell

Love it!

Absolutely love this product. Use it at work and now use it at home. It definitely does the job!
Neutralises odours especially in the toilet. One time my car got absolutely drenched from rain water, soaked it with glen 20 and the next morning my car seats were as good as new!
Inexpensive, value for money, does the job, neutraliser

Seriously good product! Even kills Tinea, Ringworm, Athlete's foot!

I picked up Tinea (which is also known as Ringworm and Athlete's foot) at either a self-serve shoe shop or at the podiatrist. Glen 20 is great for treating your shoes, shower mats etc., while you're treating your feet with the cream from the chemist. Without Glen 20, it would have been a nightmare! Just spray and leave for a while to kill the fungus. Horrible sounding word I know, but you don't want this going through the whole family.
Reliable, does what it promises, easy to use, pleasant smell, gives you confidence.
Nothing, well maybe increase the scent choices, but really, that's only a first world problem ...

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Why are men always portrayed as the smelly slob, their are plenty of smelly women around thats why they wear so much perfume. I am over seeing men portrayed badly in advertising I am sure you would never run an ad with a smelly woman and a clean man trying to freshen the place up, because that would be sexist wouldnt it and make you misogynists. More and more men are feeling this way we just dont complain as much, I am a man and I do use deodoriser but I cant buy your products while ads like that run. This is meant as constructive critisism

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Is Glen 20 safe to use around cats
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Does glen 20 come in a pump spray? As it's not recommended to take pressure sprays on planes it would be great if a pump spray is available to take on holidays. Regards Frederika
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is Glen 20 safe to use in house with a Cockatiel wandering around
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It’s safe if you want to poison yourself...read the small print on the back of the canNo