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Pirelli Cinturato P1

Pirelli Cinturato P1

3.7 from 68 reviews

Poor wear on Australian roads

They were fitted on my wifes 2018new vw passat alltrack wolfsburg we only got 20,000kms before they all wore out on the inside one down to the metal and needed replacing. Soft European tyres don,t last long on Australian roads. I would consider my wife to be a very modest drive so very disappointed in the wear life of these tyres. I own a large transport company and if these were truck tyres I would be broke.

Purchased in April 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Pressure Used38 PSI
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Pirelli are great!

Best tyres i have bought.
They stick to the road in the wet like nothing else I've owned.
Long wearing and quite inexpensive compared to others. Hardly any noise and great fuel economy too.
I use them on my old 98 Mercedes-Benz c200 and if I can still get them when they wear out, they're going to be purchased again.

CarMercedes-Benz w202 c200

Would not recommend!

had this tyre for exactly 12 months and less than 13.000km use and both the rear tyres went bold....
car is only 3 years old (audi Q3 50.000km on clock)
no one could explain why... car is all wheel drive with even distribution. had to pay for 2 new tyres,
Pirelli took tyres away for examination to see if manufacturing fault... still waiting.
will never go pirelli again

CarAudi Q3

Over rated - surprisingly already out-of-round.

I keep a very close eye and am generally very enthusiastic about maintenance and upkeep on both our 2013-era cars. This especially applies to tyres, given it's quite a big investment that need to last for many km's.

Our i30 originally came with its original Hankook Ventus Prime 2 tyres which were almost all worn by the 40k km mark - even at that stage they were still surprisingly very quiet and still gripping very well in the wet, something I was pleasantly surprised given my experience with most close-to-bone tyres generally losing traction very easily when cornering a little too hard in the wet. And these Hankooks had great grip with no squealing during harder dry cornering - a sign of a really really good tyre. Was almost happy to just a repeat new set but ...

... I got blinded by my long term trusted tyre mechanic's recommendation that "oh these Pirelli Cinturatos will give you SO MUCH better feel etc etc" ... as soon as I drove out with them, my first impressions were "meh .." ... very quiet and gripped well (as you would expect for a new tyre), but really not that much more improvement in road feel over the old Hankooks. And then I found out later on, these Pirellis are now made in China - not necessarily a problem of course, but I stopped expecting an ownership experience of an Italian stallion.

Since that day in 2016 these 4 Cinturato P1's have now done 35k km with two rotations and one wheel alignment and still have 3-4mm tread on them - while I was hoping for 50k km+ longevity, that's probably not realistic, so in terms of wear, these tyres are probably par for the course (to be fair).


Earlier this year, at the 30k km mark, I noticed a terrible "whoop-whoop" droan in the car cabin when cruising around 55-60km/h - having experienced this with many tyres in decades past (I'm looking at you especially Bob Jane All-Rounders aka Out-of-Rounders in industry speak), I knew straight away the tyres had gone out-of-round. My service mechanic confirmed it overnight as he completed our log book service yesterday.

Tyres tend to go out of round when tyres don't get rotated enough (but we did rotate ours) and especially if they tend to be on the rear where the car has little load (we always had a full boot and at least one or two kids). Bubble or scalloping on tyres really shouldn't happen on a brand name tyre under normal operating conditions - the previous Hankooks were still quietly round even when at the end of its tread, and so were another set of worn Hankooks (also Ventus Prime 2's) on my other car, which was a single owner car and the light rear end would have exacerbated any potential for the tyre to go out of round. It's a very expensive exercise when this sort of stuff happens because you essentially need to replace at least 2, if not all 4 tyres.

So on balance these tyres have been disappointing. More accurately, I'm disappointed I got blinded by the brand reputation. The good thing to come out of all this was when the Hankooks (same Ventus Prime 2) was due for replacement on my other car, I got a repeat set. And that will also be repeated for this car when we replace these Pirellis ... we just need to live with that whoop whoop droan for a while more! :-(

CarHyundai i30 Tourer CRDi

Not bad tyre

I had a set of these on a car I bought and I found them to be noisy on the road. This was the main issue for me as I hate unnecessary noise!

They were also not very comfortable tyres either.

They had 20,000kms on them and they were at 50pc wear.

I could've lived with them abit longer but one tyre had a bubble on the side wall. So they had to all go anyways, being on a Subaru.

Like most people, I did find that they were good in the wet though I didn't push it. Just driving normally as if the road was dry performed the same with handling and grip.

I found out that they are pretty cheap tyres. 235/40R18 was about $160 mark. Original owner purchased at Jax Tyres.

It's now an obsolete model. I would not buy again anyway.

CarSubaru Liberty GT Wagon

Alright price but wears out so fast

Had all four tyres changed about 2 years ago and went to the mechanic last week and was told that one of them needs changing already. I don't even do 10000km a year. My old Yokohama ones are much better.

They say its good for wet conditions but I can't really tell that much of a difference.

CarToyota Corolla

Pirelli p1

Excellent tyres especially in the wet
Excellent traction and cheap to buy compared to other brands put them on wides Mazda 3 sp23 love them also put on my vt commodore nice tyre highly recommend these tyres 5 star rating anyone wishing to buy Pirelli tyres they have excellent grip I put them on my vt and now the rear ended dosent slide out

CarVt commodore v6 Ecotec

Great tyres

Purchased a set of p1’s for my Mazda 6 and am very happy. The tyres are quiet and provide great grip and stability in all conditions. They do have large water grooves giving me great confidence in wet conditions. They also look pretty sharp if that’s important to you. Worth the money for sure in my opinion.

CarMazda 6

Good Chinese made Pirelli Cinturato P1 tyre

Pirelli Cinturato P1 tyre is no longer made in Italy instead it has been made in China for a while. This tyre maintains its premium quality. It is not only turning and burning well but also good breaking in both dry- and wet-weather. I'm very happy with its excellent grip, and longevity.

CarMitsubishi Magana 1997

Hugs the road even when down to last tread

I live in a rural area that is very hilly with lots of tight winding roads with sharp corners. The roads are often not good with lots of potholes, uneven surfaces, 5% of travel is on rough gravel/dirt roads. High rainfall area means lots of slippery roads as well. Being able to have confidence in driving in these conditions is important and the ability to take sharp corners in wet weather and quick evasive action for pot holes is critical to safety. The Cinturato P1's have been the best tyres I've ever had. From the first day they were on and I tried them out going up and over a steep windy mountain road with hairpins. I couldn't believe how much I could push the vehicle and have that type of control. I don't normally push the vehicle and drive safely and defensively. Even when the tread was down to barely legal limit - those tyres just continued to hug the road. I didn't want to change them. Only down side was that I got 45000km's from them - is that too bad? I'm not sure considering all the rough roads and constant cornering. I always felt very safe and secure driving and without pushing it could maintain a good speed for entire trips and never felt any doubts about the handling. Unfortunately I changed the tyres just before Christmas and all the reviews I read and the feedback from countless tyre shops I was convince to go over to the Michelin MX2 as I was told that they were the same quality and handling as the Pirelli P's but had a much longer tread life. I regretted it the same day when I took the car over that same steep windy mountain road and could feel it did not hug the road anywhere near like the Pirelli's did (even when the Pirelli's were down to last tread). I've had them a month now and miss the Pirelli every time I drive now. I'm not saying they are bad tyres but if you do a lot of driving in tight windy roads i would defn go the Pirelli's. My trips take longer now as I don't feel as confidant on the Michellins as I did on the Pirelli's. There is a big difference. If I could have I would have taken the Michellins back and got Pirelli's put on (there was a 30 day refund policy - but I missed the ability to do that becuase of where I live and being busy....my fault).. And while the Michellins may last longer (to be yet determined) I would rather the better safety all the time than less safety but saving money not having to buy new tyres sooner.

CarSubaru Forester 2007

Great grip for a great price

The tyres are very durable lasting for many years. They have great grip in both dry and wet weather. Very happy with them and would recommend. The price is cheap however you get a good quality product. Have been using these tyres for many years and cannot complain or fault them. Do yourself a favour and get a pair, or two.

CarMercedes Benz

Really good quality soft tyre: quiet, good grip, and good fuel economy

Have had these P1 tyres for around a year now on my lancer after buying them from my local tire dealer when they were on special. Previous to these tyres I had some cheap nankangs, ..and prior to that were the OEM Yokohama's.
I have to say that these tyres are really good and very quiet on the road... comparing to the nankangs (and even the Yokohama's).
The grip on the road is very good in both dry and wet weather, and when going around bends at fast speeds.
I believe I have done around 20000 kms and the tires have lost around 1/3 of grip. As these are more of a softer tyre (which helps in keeping road noise low), higher rate of wear is to be expected than a harder tyre.

Overall I would buy these tyres again (or the Pirelli P0) as out of the 3 brands of tyres I have had used, I definitely have been most impressed by these.
I must also stress don't go cheap (like I did on the nankangs) on the tyres, and make sure to get a good reviewed and good branded tyre. The nankangs were bad fuel Economy, loud, and had horrible grip in wet weather. Remember that the tyre rubber is all that keeps you and your family safe when driving high speeds!!

I give these tyres 4 out of 5. I took a star off just because I think tyre wear might be a bit higher then the other tyres I have owned in the past.

CarMitsubishi Lancer

good grip, cheap price

tyres last for a very long time, a few years before they started to make noise when braking, great grip in the wet, well priced, pirelli make plenty of tyre varieties to suit your budget. Car bushes had to be replaced sooner than the tyres themselves! will buy again !


Very happy

Used all rounders - terrible, Goodyears, nothing special. Got Pirelli Cinturato P1, they are very good.
Ford falcon wagon now handles better than ever, handles like a sedan and not a wagon.
Great traction, corners very well, tyres give great feedback from road. Traction in wet is as good as I ever experienced.
Ride fells comfortable and not noisey either. They cost more but in this case happily you get what you pay for, they are worth the extra money.
Price wise, if you shop around often you will find these tyres at a better price. Will certainly get these tyres in future again. Pirelli state the tyres are not rubber but some other material, be it made from whatever, I am very happy with these tyres.

CarFord falcon wagon

This is a good tyre for Toyota corolla

Recently changed tyres on my Toyota Corolla 2004.. I bought it from Tempe tyres after getting quotes from so many dealers, their price was the lowest...tyres seems perfectly fine in my car, less noisy and good in wet conditions.. which I expect from brand like pirelli...I would highly recommend this tyre for everyday driving..., please buyers do research and ask for the quote from different dealers before buying, I found there’s a huge difference in price...cheers

CarToyota Corolla 2004

Pirelli tyres A1

I purchase a set of Pirelli P1 tyres for my 2006 ford focus hatch and as soon as they were fitted I noticed the ride was much more comfortable and cornering was nice, I had to wait to see how they handled in the wet and a month later down came the rain, and to my surprise the tyres were just as good in the wet and sitting on 100ks freeway driving was faultless no shaking and very quite for freeway driving, so I will be buying Pirelli tyres from now on.


Excellent tyre with great grip and km

I had these 195x65x15 on my toyota corolla. Travelled just over 70,000km when replaced.
Tyres had Excellent grip on wet and dry road. Gives a very comfortable ride. Noise level only started to notice after about 60,000km on the courser tar surfaces. Will purchase the tyres again. Felt very safe driving with these tyres.

Car2013 toyota corolla ascent sedan

Good value for money

Got these from Kmart tyre and auto using their price match guarantee.
I immediately noticed the improved grip. I guess that's always the case with new tyres though. Now driven ~10,00km on them and they have shown minimal signs of wear. I mainly drive on freeways, although do also drive in the inner city and on country dirt roads. The ride is comfortable and the noise level isn't too bad. I haven't had any noticeable performance issues in wet, dry or on dirt roads.
I'd happily recommend these to my friends and family and if they are still around when I replace my tyres I would use them again.

Car2013 Toyota Camry Altise

Sooooo Noisy!

We recently brought a VW Golf with these tyre fitted. They are really nice and smooth on motorway quality tarmac but as soon as you hit the coarse chip... you need ear plugs, I really cant get over how noisy they are. I understand that these are an entry level quality Pirelli tyre, but c'mon Pirelli, have some pride in your brand name, the road noise from these tyres is atrocious.

Car2008 VW Golf

Comfort ride, good grip, not very very quiet

First thing I noticed after changing tyres to this Pirelli, is that ride is very comfortable.
Looks like soft sidewall is helping the comfort.
The grip is very good on dry and wet.
Only small negative thing is noise from tyres.
I noticed tyres are a bit noisy when I drive 80kmh or faster. But it's not really anything to be picked.

Car2011Volkswagen Golf

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Is it an asymetrical pattern?
1 answer

How do P1's compare to P7's?
1 answer
I don't know. I haven't had the P7's.

Hi is the tyre make any noise on freeway?
2 answers
I didn't notice any extra noise from these tyres when compared to others on my 2013 Toyota Corolla 4 door sedan, but then again I always drive with my windows closed and the AC on. These tyres give a very comfortable ride and grip the road well in wet and dry conditions as well as lots of KM and I will buy these tyres again.Hello Swaran, no the Pirelli tyre is surprisingly quite on the freeway when I purchased mine I thought they would be quite driving around my local area but after having the tyres on for 4 or 5 days I drove on the freeway for about 1 hour 30 mins and i was totally surprised with the lack of noise and the handling of my car with the new Pirelli tyres. I Hope this helps you Swaran.


Cinturato P1
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