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Pirelli Cinturato P7

Pirelli Cinturato P7

4.5 from 38 reviews

I bought four of these

I bought four of these and have found them to have low road noise . They are also good grip on dry road. I have had a chance to test them in the wet yet

Purchased in January 2019 for $620.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 9,000 km
Car ModelToyota LandCruiser 70 VDJ GXL
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Quietness my priority

I went from 16 in with Pirelli P1s to 18 in with P7s (07 Honda Accord Euro). Didn't think any tyre could be as quiet as the P1s but the P7s are. I really don't think there's much/any difference in performance (dry, wet, braking, cornering) in the top brands; they are all too long in the business to be anything but good. So for me the issue is noise ('road' or 'cabin' noise). I'll willingly sacrifice a few 1000 km (if necessary) for a quiet ride. The P7s look and feel good and sound ... well, they don't (almost don't) sound (though I recognise that tyre noise is relative and subjective - not definitive - and varies with road surfaces). I love 'em for my idea of quietness - as well as everything else.

Purchased in February 2019 at JAX Tyres.

Value for Money
Noise Level

Fantastic tire - would get again

Done approx 23,000 kms on the Pirelli P7 Cinturato. They are quiet, but have good overall performance. They seem to be quite durable and long wearing, and even after this many kms, seem to be in good shape. In terms different makes and models I've had in the past, I have been most happiest with these.

CarAlfa Guilietta 2015

Terrible noise from the Run Flat

Purchased a BMW X3 xDrive 2.0d in 2017 and it came with 4 sets of Pirelli Cinturato P7 Run Flat tyres - 245/50/18. Travelled 23,000 kms and tyres started to have the humming noise when travelling around 30km/h and 70 km/h. Sent the car to Brisbane BMW, they confirmed the noise was from the tyres and they will not replace them as they have passed half of their tread life. Emailed Pirelli head office in Sydney, the technical manager suggested inflating the tyre 6 - 8 PSI more than the recommended tyre pressure but the noise persisted. I requested to have them replace but Pirelli said they cannot do anything. If you have too much cash to burn or don't mind the tyre noise, go and purchase the Pirelli Cinturato P7 Run Flat! This is my first time using Pirelli tyres and I have previously used Bridgestone, Michelin, Dunlop, Cooper tyres etc, never have any issue with any other brand other than Pirelli.

Car2017 BMW X3 2.0d

Excellent tyre

Excellent touring tyre, car tends to roll more after the accelerator is taken off. Full economy is the same as my previous Pirelli P Zero's The Cinturato P7's tend to be more durable and longer wearing. Handling is excellent and wet weather performance is also great. I got wider tyres this time as my car has a lot of torque and was breaking traction a lot.

CarBMW 1 series 123d

Run Flat.. it works

In overall, this tyre is really good. Wet and dry conditions, tyre response really well. Always feel comfortable and sure about the grip. Breaking, cornering response is perfect. Didn't have any issues for over 5 years of using these tyres.

Run-Flat Feature
I had run-flat tyres on my car from the day 1. Since I had no issues, when I was replacing the tyres, thought of change it to normal ones. But again because my car doesn't have a spare tyre, I went with run-flat again. My decision was worth. Just two months later I had a puncture on the rear tyre. Car dashboard shows the tyre pressure was lower. But I was able to drive another 65km without any issues. Then for me to change the tyre I have to drive another 10km and I was able to complete that too (But that part I have driven much slower as tyre pressure was too low. But still good enough to drive).
This may not be useful for the vehicles with spare tyre. But for the vehicle doesn't have a spare tyre, This is really worth.

CarBMW 125 E88

What a joke!

Recently bought a new car 7 months ago. A small puncture could be repaired effortless. Then I had the rotten luck of driving near a construction site and sizeable piece of glass got wedged in one tyre. Whilst drive flats imply you can drive for 80 kms, I had no confidence undoing so. Finally got it towed on a Saturday only to be able to pick it up on a Tuesday afternoon with a completely new tyre for $500. I hardly think drive flats are worth this. Not happy, not impressed with the next car will not buy drive flats.

Car2017 Mercedes Benz

Beautiful to drive on

Very comfy tyres to drive on, it almost feels like you’re driving on clouds. If you’re looking for a reliable tyre in the wet and dry, and something you can really enjoy, then this is your tyre. The only downfall is that I wished they lasted a little longer, but let’s be honest, that’s probably just my driving.

Car2010 Holden Cruze

Surprisingly great tyres

I had these tyres on my car since brand new (235/40R19). To be honest, I was annoyed my car didn't come with Pirelli P Zero or other "High Performance" tyres, considering my car has relatively powerful engine.
To my surprise, these tyres are really great. Very solid grip in dry and wet, not noisy at all and very comfortable on the road.
I have 18000 KM on them so far, and they still have plenty of tread. I believe they will go beyond 40 or 50K KM.
I maintain my tyres properly (check pressure, rotate, etc).
I would refit these tyres again on my car

CarSkoda Superb 206

Fantastic! Great quality and look hectic!

Good handling, no road noise. Affordable and well suited for my M B Sedan. Worth the small additional expense for peace of mind and safety. Got Kmart to price match with tyres online with a free rotation every 6 months. You can also get these in run flat if your car's wheels are suitable.

CarMercedes Benz C Class sedan

Great tyres

These are excellent tyres, very good value for money! I purchased these tyres to replace some cheap tyres and I can really feel the difference. They are excellent italian tyres, they stick to the road. After several months of use with the right care they have worm very little. I can feel my car gripping the road, especially in the wet. I expect to get many more years of use out of these tyres and would highly recommend to everyone. I drive in all conditions, city/country and these are suitable to most lifestyles

Carmitsubishi lancer

good daily tire

great tire for the daily commute factoring in good compromise between sportiness, handling and safety. Tire is reasonably quiet and has good grip in the dry but begins to struggle in the wet. Braking distances are good and cornering is strong. Tread wear is so far so good with over 10000kms on them.

Car2010 Volkswagen Golf Gti

Good tyres affordable price

Durable tyres which I have been using for years for my BMW 520D. It is quite affordable at $146.36 for each tyre. I would also recommend you order these tyres through tyroola as they have quite competitive prices. They are durable and are great in wet weather, and are reliable.

CarBMW 520D

Good tyre, but will cost you a fortune

Good tyres, very smooth drive after we changed our tyres. But it costs a fortune. Run flat feature allows you to drive even if you have a puncture which saves the hassle of having to change your tyre there and then. Does help to shop around though as price of these tyres ranges from one store to another.


Big improvement

Upgraded my 15inch rims to 16inch an put these tyres on them. from the moment I started driving down the road and turned a corner I felt an immediate inprovement in responsiveness, smoothness, handling and also little to no road noise.. Tyre performance at high speeds are fantastic and perform well.. Haven't tried wet weather yet as I juat had these installed earlier today.. But having used these tyres in the past in a different vehicle, they were amazing tyres.. Personally they are the best bang for buck..
You won't regret purchasing these tyres.

Car2002 Nissan pulsar n16 hatchback

I can live without them

Firstly, I bought these Pirelli tyres based on the reviews, but my car still does not steer straight without the wanders. I am at a loss because the car was given a wheel alignment and a wheel balance. Secondly, they are only marginally better in the dry than the Kumho tyres that these replaced. I don't want people to think I am a tyre kicker, but thanks to the drought I haven't had the opportunity to drive in the wet. That will come later when the drought breaks. Also, I think my car allows road noise to come into the cabin so the noise is only marginally better. One plus with these tyres is they are tough as I have been to the tip at least 3 times without tyre punctures.

Carthe car that these tyres are fitted to is a 2011 Holden Cruse

Good quiet wet wheather tyres

Much better tyres then my Nankangs. Quiet and good in the wet compared to anything I have used in the past on my Mazda. I recommend these to anyone that wants good quality tyres, bit of an overkill on a passenger car but well worth it. Cheap Chinese imports are manufactured with a high chance of receiving a tyre that is not perfectly round, which causes vibration and premature wear on your suspension. You get what you pay for.

Car2011 Mazda

Standout wet weather performance

Overkill on a 2002 Mitsubishi Magna wagon and dry weather tyre performance on a family car is much of a muchness at speeds plod and passengers can bear but the P7s were massively better in the wet than original spec RE92s and the Michelins before these. Highly recommended if you want to spend the money. Of course, for this car it probably makes more sense to get a perfectly reasonable $100 tyre and slow down a bit when it's wet

CarMitsubishi Magna

Best Tyres I've owned!

I was out to find a particularly quiet tyre after enduring several years of extremely noisy Bridgestones on my Tiguan (2010-2014). In the 3rd year I put Pirelli tyres on (I don't remember which type) and I can't begin to tell you the difference they made. I wasn't going to endure the same problem with my 2014 Golf and was recommended the Pirelli Cinturato P7. Not only the noise has considerably reduced, but the road handling is awesome and they have hardly worn in 36,000k of driving. They are well worth the money. I'm so confident in these that my daughter is picking up a new Golf in a few days and it's booked the same day to swap the supplied tyres to the Pirelli Cinturato P7. The dealer has his opinion of course but like they say....When you're on a good thing, stick to it!

CarVW Golf

Quality Tyres

I purchased 5 Pirelli Cinturato P7 tyres for my 2011 VW Passat about 7 months ago to replace the original Continentals.

So far they have performed extremely well under all conditions and the handling is just as good as the previous OEM tyres. The Conties were good but the wear was more rapid than I expected. I think I managed about 31K kms before I had to swap the most worn tyres. The rears lasted a little longer and if one drove more smoothly around corners, the wear was less.

The Pirellis don't show any abnormal wear so far and I'm pushing them quite hard. The ride is very confortable and they are quiet. Rolling resistance is minimal and fuel economy remains great. Of course having the tyres inflated to the correct pressures helps here.

Happy to recommend these tyres for my type of vehicle.

Car2011 VW Passat 125TDI Sedan

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Questions & Answers

What tire pressure for 235x45x18 p7 please?
2 answers
The pressure is specific to a vehicle. So if you look on the driver door (where the door shuts) there should be a chart that tells you what pressure on which tyreNot what im hearing from 3 diff tire companies but thanks any way from 36 to38

How much for 2 tyres size 245/30/19 2 tyres size 275/30/19?
2 answers
Go to www.tyresales.com.au where I purchased my tires and run those numbers, you will get a price for each.the best price may not be the answer as the tyre may have sat in a warehouse for a while. it is best to go to a tyre dealer that has a high volume in the pirelli tyres. I purchased mine from tyrepower , they can advise the price over the phone for you and check on availability for you at the same time. hoping this helps.

May i know what is the treadwear number for this Pirelli Cinturato P7 ?
1 answer
260. If you are looking for long wearing tyre, consider the Turanza E300. It has similar qualities. I have it on the front of a rear wheel drive car and it has done 70k+ and it's probably has another 30% left.


Cinturato P7
Release dateDec 2012
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