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Pirelli Dragon Sport

Pirelli Dragon Sport

4.5 from 26 reviews

Good tire as expect from the brand, similar performance can be had cheaper

Good all round tyre, dry and wet performance good, wear rate isn't to bad done 20,000km and still have maybe half tread left, using them on a NON lsd commodore and it holds grip in most conditions well unless your putting some power down. Slightly better than NS-20 Nangkang i had before and prob last's longer to but alot more expensive to.

Car1995 VS V6 Commodore

Happy with these tyres

I brought a Mazda 6 and it needed new tyres straight away. I did some research and come across the Pirelli dragons which I asked about at Bob Jane, I was originally looking Goodyear. I have had them on the car now for 2 years, and in that time have done approximately between 15-20k kms. I realise this is not much but the terrain has varied from tarmac to gravel roads and bush tracks (family property that was left untouched for some time). There is still a significant amount of tread and traction has been great. I will look at getting this tyres again when it is time to replace. I do recommend these tyres.

CarMazda 6

Great all rounder

Got them brand new from Tempe Tyres (they usually have the best prices and good service too). I have 215/45/R17 on my '07 Subaru Liberty. They are very good and grippy tyres. Took them and drove during a blizzard in Snowy Mountains. Got sufficient wet grip during rain. Road noise is also very minimal

CarSubaru Liberty 2007

Awesome spec tyre!

Recently picked up 4 of these for a Toyota Aurion, amazing performances all round, the car is now driving very tightly. Even in the wet, the performance has improved drastically, really able to drive with confidence!

This slightly firmer tyre really balances out with the Aurion's bouncy suspension, giving you a much more neutral driving experience.

Definitely worth the money!

CarToyota Aurion 2009

Very reliable tire overall

I have had these tires on my 2007 Subaru Liberty which I don’t drive too softly & they have been quite good overall with grip & cornering. Also really quite good in the wet which is what I really wanted from the tire so overall its 2 thumbs up from me. :)

Car2007 Subaru Liberty Tuned by STi

Very good tyres

Bought 4 X 225/45R17 91W Pirelli Dragon Sport for my Volkswagen Golf MK7 from Motor Sport Wheels and Tyres in Dandenong. My first impressions are very good, this tyres are nice and very well balanced. Quiet on road with excellent braking on wet and dry surfaces. This is not very expensive tyres but I will be recommended for everyone.

Car2013 Volkswagen Golf MK7 103TSI Highline

So much better than the Bridgestones

Great grip, low noise, good wearing, low cost.
Much better than the much more expensive Bridgestone Potenzas - the noise went to the back of the car when I replaced the front 2! Couldn't believe the difference!
After another 12 months I'm buying a 2nd pair to replace the rears so I'll now have 4 Pirellis. :-)

Car2010 VW Golf GTI

Awesome and relatively cheap.

Really good tyres. Road noise is low and they perform great in the wet. They will stop on a dime and don't slide around in the wet.

The Pirelli Dragon Sports wear really well. I haven't noticed any unusual wearing in certain spots either.

I have bought another 4 for my other car. Would recommend.

CarToyota Corolla


Purchased for my mazda 3 mps, very durable, comfort and long lasting tyres.

Very efficient and worth the money at the given price point compared to other tyres.

If you want a tyre that will outlast others in the same price range, definitely go for this tyre as it is built to last.

CarMazda 3 MPS

Great for driving long distances

I typically drive highways back and forth on the motorway and on country roads and the tyres are doing very well. They grip quite well on wet roads. I got these tyres for a decent price and they're good for an all-rounder style driving. They don't slip and they don't screech when I go around corners or roundabouts. I've bought poor quality tyres for the same price which have slipped in roundabouts so never again.

Car2016 Golf GTI


Just put a set of Pirelli Dragon Sports on my Toyota 86, and what a difference. As everyone know the stock tyres are crap. The Pirelli's have far better grip in dry & wet conditions. I also think the ride is a bit softer. Maybe not quite as quiet but hard to tell. Not sure how long they will last only time will tell. Oh BTW paid $125 ea fitted 215/17 45.

CarToyota 86

Great tyre

Ive now put these on 2 cars...VERY impressed at how smooth and quiet they are. Grip wet and dry is also very good. My new favourite tyre. I put these on my 2016 Subaru WRX as the Dunlop Maxx were so noisey, Instant improvement. They are quite well priced as well.

Car2016 WRX & 2015 Volvo Polestar S60

satisfied with my purchase

I have changed all 4 tires with this and its about 500 KM now and I am happy.
I felt instant soft ride and less noise as soon as i started driving, but maybe my previous tires were so bad (not sure).
I purchased at bob jane and advised to fill with nitrogen. I originally wanted Bridges RE003 but it was expensive at the time and Pirelli had more competitive offer.

I just have a feeling that it might wear quick specially at side.

overal happy

CarVW CC 2011

Great tyre at a reasonable price

Perfect tyre for all weather having previously used falken tyres in the past was quite surprised by the level of performance and less road noise than most performance tyres out there. Durability seems to be quite descent overall a great all rounder if your looking for a decent tyre at a reasonable price.

CarSkyline GTR

Excellent tyres good quality and price

I have had the Dragon Sport tyres fitted to my vehicle and have covered 6,000 klms since they are quiet handle the roads well and provide excellent grip in the wet they were considerably less in price than the equivalent Michelin's and offer the same safety factors have also fitted Pirelli's to my second vehicle

CarThey are fitted to a Volvo s60 T5

Excellent Tyres, Low noise, good cornering and steering feel.

Have done 1000km thus far, no visible wear. Improved turn in and grip and cornering on Lexus is250. Much quieter compared to stock Turanzas T001 on car. Lighter and agile steering turn in. Much improved over old set of tyres. Also a fair bit quieter and more comfortable. Front 225/45 R17, Rear 245/45 R17 Staggered setup. On special as well $100 off from Pirelli for set of 4

Car2012 Lexus IS250

Great tyres

These tyres rate equivalent to my previous favorite tyres the Pirelli P7000. For the price, these tyres deliver nice ride comfort, not too noisy and grip is quite good. Personally I would spend a little more and get some Michelin pilot sport 3. But these are a close second given the price.

Car2005 Subaru Liberty Wagon (215/45 R17)

Average at best

The traction is not very deep, there is a lot of gap between the treat patterns like an $80 tyre and they give off a fair bit of road noise. They feel like they're wearing out very fast, and my car is not lowered or has any kind of negative camber. As I said these have the look, feel and sound of $80 tyres, not worth $170ea. I bought 2 of these, and I regret it.

Car2003 VY SS

Best tyre I've ever used. Period!

Currently a 2004 XR8 Ute. I travel 1200+ km per week at 75% country/highway 25% city & have been doing so for 23 years. My driving style varies from moderate to spirited & have tried many, many different tyres over the years. These Pirelli Dragon Sports (245/40/18) are the best by a long way. Quiet, comfortable ride yet grip extremely well front & rear, in wet or dry conditions even when pushed very hard (ie having fun). At $209 per corner they perform far better than others I've tried at 3x the price. So far I've put over 33000 kms on them & they are roughly half worn, have worn very evenly, yet still feel pretty close to new. I would highly recommend these tyres to anybody, particularly with full sized, rear drive cars. I absolutely love 'em.

Car2004 Ford XR8 Ute

really good grip but loses tracktion quickly

i have only had these tyres for about 2-3 months and had a service in between then and they said i might need to look at new tyres soon as the traction is getting low. the are nice tyres though and i did notice a difference in the car ride. it was more smooth and hugged the road better.

CarKia cerato Koup si 2012

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I've got a commodore SS with 20" mags, 275/30R20 on rear, and 245/35R20 on front with Bridgestone Portenza's 050A's but due to stock and price am looking at Pirelli Dragon Sport's or Hankook K117s (although these have long lead time also)...can anyone offer some advice on choice here? I typically drive around town, occasional highway, and occasionally give it a bit of a punch but generally drive fairly calm. Got 42,000 out of the Portenza's...many thanks
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Purchased pirelli 215/50R17, set of 4 for my Subaru liberty. 18 months and 44k of travel (mostly highway) and rear set worn on inner edge and need replacing. Have been following the Bob Jane long life tyre plan (rotations etc). Not happy given original set of Bridgestone gave me 7 years and 100k. Any similar experiences. Cheers Rod
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I've only done around 20,000kms at the moment. So far so good, haven't used Bridgestones before but was pretty satisfied with Yokohama C drive 2s which I did 50,000kms on!

Has anyone had these on long enough to gauge wear? I wanted p7 but they no longer make my size.
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Only had them in a couple of months sorryIve had mine for about 6 months and they are going well.

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