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Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness

3.4 from 10 reviews

Disgraceful Business

As other people have stated the business is a money grab scam. Don't believe the other 5 star reports as they are most likely staff. Sleazy guys and dirty smelly equipment. On several occasions drug dealings were observed. Go somewhere else with a more professional and upfront service. They're cheap for a reason.


Do not trust this gym with your bank details, they're just going to try to milk it as much as they could as long as your still a member and they're going to make it as inconvenient as possible for you to end your membership. It is an elaborate scam, don't be fooled by the low fees and "No lock-in" contract crap.

Worst service

They make it hard to end your contract and add fees even if your actively trying to sort out the problem then they force you to pay those additional fees after your membership is canceled PLUS your fortnightly cancelled membership fees until those fees are paid. The gym is old and smells.

Great gym , always feel motivated

Great gym has all the equipment needed to get fit. I do classes almost everyday I love the variety and the instructors. The value is great I can do classes everyday under my membership, they even have a childminding crèche which the kids absolutely love.

Friendliest staff, best club by far

From the moment you walk in you a greeted with enthusiastic and happy staff, you always get a hello and always get a bye when leaving.

All staff are friendly and up for a chat and a laugh and they are all willing to help and make you feel at ease.

I used to look at people and think how could you enjoy going to work out, well at Planet Fitness it's easy.

My home club is Charlestown but also have used the lambton club and the atmosphere is the same.

What ever their doing, their doing it right.
Friendly, great value for money, motivating and very helpful
The only negatives would be the same at all clubs in peak time it gets quite crowded but don't think I have had to wait too long for equipment, if at all.

Great club , Great Price

I went to Planet Fitness at Lambton in Newcastle, wow the atmosphere was great, easy parking and very friendly. I actually called in to Planet Fitness Gosford and found same results, very satisfied customer. I would recomend these clubs to anyone, even if you never been to a health club before.
Planet Fitness Lambton and Gosford were clean, very friendly and professional, plus the equipment was excellent, great group fitness classes,, and plenty parking, plus so cheap membership prices..

Forget about classes

I signed up because it was close to home and at a reasonable price, however it wasn't told to me till after sign up that you had to call in at 9:00am sharp or you could do a class. If you call at 8:55am you will be told to call back and if you call at 9:05am you will be told that the class is full. There are so many gyms in the area, don't bother with this one.

Planet Fitness has given me my life back

The variety of classes that they offer keep the sessions exciting, and the exceptional trainers,keep me constantly motivated. They have helped me stay motivated and focused. They have educated me on how to set goals and targets, lose weight & keep it off and feel better about myself.
The Compassion & personal focus staff have on clients
No Complaints


No barbells? Trying to keep bodybuilders away? Are you kidding? They have barbells in the free weights area and a whole room dedicated to powerlifting/bodybuilding/olympic style lifting and I saw no less than 4 olympic barbells and a whole range of olympic bumper plates inside.
Lots of space, good range of equipment.
Very hot inside. Cooling system doesn't seem to work effectively.


For the price I cannot complain, particulary when it is basically a new gym. Everything is nice and clean and they ask that you replace the weight plates when finished which is handy. No weights lying around on the floor. The only concern is that the dumbell weight range which will eventually see me having to move onto another gym someday.
The price, $20 per month unlimited use probably makes it one of the, if not the, cheapest gym membership in Australia. I attend a new gym that they opened in West Gosford in May 2008. They have tonnes of treadmills, step and bike machines and the gym is very spacious, with well laid out equipment. If you go on a Saturday afternoon you pretty much have the plaxce to yourself.
This gym is aimed at perhaps people who prefer an aerobic style of exercise. There are plenty of weight machines but they have no barbells and their dumbells max out at 32.5kg. It is probably an attempt to keep the big body builders away which it does obviously and the gym is more peaceful as a result. There are no fans, only ducted air conditioning which is inadequate for a gym.

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