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Pledge Grab-It Electrostatic Dusting Cloths

Pledge Grab-It Electrostatic Dusting Cloths

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I love Pledge Dry Grab - It electrostatic Dusting clothes for the floor. where do I buy them

Where to purchase Pledge- grab Electrostatic dry Dusting Clothes for floors.

I found Pledge Electronic Grab it dusters fantastic and have been using them for years and now I cannot find them.
I visit Coles in Elsternwick and Brighton Coles in Victoria, Bunnings in Mentone Victoria and Woolworths St Kilda and Moorabin and stores around these arias, please let me know where to purchase them. H.

The 'wand'/handle breaks too easily

While they work great removing dust the handle breaks near where the folding mechanism is. We had two and they BOTH broke in the same place within a day of each other while folding them to put away.
They may be fairly inexpensive but who wants to have to buy the whole thing regularly - why do they sell refills if the handles break so easily?
The company making them needs to either strengthen the handle and/or make the folding mechanism less stiff,

These are terrible

These things are terrible. They use to be great but now they are oily and leave a residue on everything and your hands. I think I will go back to a damp cloth

I can't live without this product.

I have been using these cloths for many years and there is no substitute, could not find them at Woolworths last week now suffering separation anxiety!

Pledge Grabit disposable antistatic dusting cloths

This is the only product to use for electronic equipment the dust does not jump everywhere so job gets done easily. not cheap but worth the cost. I had a problem finding this product ,was on the bottom shelf and at the back
the rep should speak to the manager
easy to use
haven't found any yet

True to its Word

I always thought that a lot of these cleaning wipes were a complete rip-off, when a damp cloth would do the same job. Boy - was I wrong.
I thought I would give the Pledge Grab it wipes a go to keep the dust/lint down in my bedroom and lounge room. One wipe was fine to wipe down all of the furniture in the bedroom without just pushing it around from one spot to the next, as well as the lounge room. The citrus scent is also a nice touch. It made the job faster, and is hands down better than a damp cloth and surface spray. The wipes also hold any dust/dirt that they pick up - I used them just the other day to clean my pedestal fan blades and cage - very versatile.
One packet of 20 wipes last quite a while - I grab mine from Coles
Works great, versatile, nice scent, easy and quick to use.

I love this fantastic product

I have used it since it came on the market. And cannot live without it. Pledge makes cleaning fun and easy, mess free. When I use the cloths along with the Pledge X-tender/sweeper for cobwebs I run it along the walls behind cupboards, tight spots. I use both sides of the cloth. So versatile to use catching all the dirt and dust. It makes me so happy when my home shines and I know the dirt is now in the bin. I have told all my friends about it. Even my girls love using it and also rave about it.
Cloths cling to dust. great for busy working people who don't want to take ages fussing about cleaning. Versatile easy to store fits my buget
Not easy to find. I was feeling sad because I could not find grab it cloths and thought "another fantastic product taken off the market". But now I know it is readily available in coles. Hooray!!!!

Best thing since sliced bread!!

I don't know if I can write fifty words.

This product is absolutely brilliant for a quick dust especially for timber surfaces which need oiling occasionally. It leaves a lovely dust-free sheen and gives the impression that it has been freshly oiled. Excellent for other surfaces as well. However I live on the Central Coast and I am finding difficulty in obtaining them.

Questions & Answers

Where can I buy the sweeper used for the pledge grab it clothes
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Great product but our holder is old and we need a new one so who sells it?
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I don't think that you can buy a holder without the dusting cloths. I have seen these in Coles and I'm sure Woolworths probably have them too.

I've used this product but can't find it now where can I get it in Geelong Victoria 3215?
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Hi Patricia, I usually purchase my wipes from either Coles or Woolworths - if you have those stores close by ask at customer service if they stock them.I shop at Safeway and enquired at the service desk the wipes were not on the product list. but haven't tried Coles yet ThanksI buy my wipes from Coles and have never seen the handles sold by themselves. In any case is the packet containing a handle and wipe any more expensive that the purchasing replacement wipes?

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