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Read the small print

Dont go there they are the most unhelpful people ever. Read the small print dont join. These people are trying to take your money and have the small print in the contract to keep it. Its very hard to cancel your membership they are a rip off.

Value for Money

Cancellation request not actioned

Upon reading these reviews, I am clearly not the only one this has happened to!

I had to stop going to Plus Fitness Evanston due to working interstate and had called to cancel my membership. After MULTIPLE attempts I finally got through. During this call they were friendly & offered free training to prevent me from cancelling my membership. I explained my reason behind cancelling in this call & the employee agreed. I assumed after this phone call my membership had been cancelled.

This cancellation was not actioned.

Back and forth emails to Plus Fitness and they insisted that a Direct Debit Cancellation Form must be completed.
This form is not made available on the website nor did the employee who answered the call explain that this is part of the cancellation procedure.
I work in the mines where a computer with a printer with a scanner to return the form via email is NOT AVAILABLE. I have explained this multiple times but for some reason they just don't get it.

"No lock in contract"

I have had close to $500 debited from my account. This behavior is not acceptable from a reputable business.

Would not recommend to anyone at all.

Value for Money

Great gym

I had my doubts before sign up, but at the end was a good decision. Equipment is good and the best is that you can hit the gym whenever you want.

Value for Money


Guys ,

Be careful.get everything in writing and take a copy otherwise they say something else while signing you up on their tablet and later if there are any dramas they will tell you ,Please see our terms & conditions .very poor CUSTOMER service.

Cancellation request not actioned. Close to $1000 taken out of my account

In September 2017, I have decided to stop going to Plus Fitness Sutherland and have called to cancel my membership. During this call, a range of tactics such as being friendly, offering free training etc was offered to prevent me from cancelling my membership. I have insisted on cancelling my membership in this call. Following which, I assumed my membership has been cancelled and my last visit to the gym was 21 September 2017.

It came to my attention recently (more than a year later) that this cancellation was not actioned.

Upon reaching out to the gym, Plus Fitness Sutherland insisted that a Direct Debit Cancellation Form must be completed.

This form was not made available on the website, nor was a copy of the terms and conditions and cancellation procedure provided to me at time of joining the gym. This form was also not mentioned nor did the representative who answered the call explained that this is part of the cancellation procedure.

I feel I've been deliberately misled and disappointed that Plus Fitness Sutherland did not mentioned this at all when I called to cancel, yet chose to deal with it later by quoting terms and conditions on the website, terms and conditions of direct debit agreement and welcome pack; which I did not receive. Despite the advertised "No lock in contract", a clear cancellation procedure and expected timeline is not made available for members to access easily.

I have stopped attending Plus Fitness Sutherland since requesting the cancellation, however close to $1000 continued to be debited from my account. No one would expect this behaviour from a reputable business.

Plus Fitness Sutherland continues to insist that a cancellation form must be completed. Personally I feel a cancellation form at this point is inconsequential; given the deceptive and misleading conduct of their staff during the phone call in September 2017.

I welcome someone from Plus Fitness Headquarters to rectify this unfortunate situation by returning the money that was taken out of my account.

Value for Money

Absolute thieves...don't sign with this gym.

Management told me my swipe card and membership had expired - still debited money from my account for over 6 months! I emailed and called for months and no-one was interested in helping...finally when I had spoken to about 6 people at head office (they just passed my calls around) they were dismissive, rude and aggressive. Worst experience I've ever had.

Value for Money

Stuck in unwanted contract!

Been a member for over 5 years and haven’t lived near a fitness plus for over 3 years. I left because a family memeber became very I’ll very suddenly. Last thing in my mind was canceling a membership. Living hours away from only location and literally states from my original gym. I’ve paid over $3500 and unable to break the contract unless I go to my original gym and cancel in person. Which in turn will cost me thousands anyways. Surely a fax with the write paper work would be enough but no.
Money hungry inhuman business.
Don’t do it!

Rude Staff

I am a member of this gym for a while and most of the complaints are true.For example,
1) You cannot cancel your membership on phone or email even if you tell them someone overseas died and I had to leave the country.
2) You tell them today that I want to cancel the membership, they will still charge you for the next payment. Even if you paid them the night before you still need to pay the next couple of weeks.
3) Staff has a very bad attitude except for the last lady I met in Wiley Park.
4) I went overseas last year for some emergency and they still kept charging me and even charged me the 15 dollars for rejected payments.
5) Gym is an on-going type of customer service so if you trick people only to sign-up thats a bad business strategy. thanks

Great staff and management...

Most gyms offer the same service but what sets Chatswood Plus Fitness apart is their staff and service , i had my enquiry/problem regarding billing being attended to so effieciently and promptly that i never knew that service like this existed.
! Thank You Chatswood Plus Fitness and also Artarmon Plus Fitness for providing a fabulous outcome to my problem. You guys have been a real pleasure to deal with ....once again thank you very much.

Value for Money

Dodgy Fitness with undisclosed hidden rates!

Went to Wiley park plus fitness to sign up and I was willing to pay upfront for 3 months subscription.

But then, I was informed that it will cost me 18% extra by their working staff and they will not freeze my membership if I happen to take break because it is harder for them to just hold your membership when you pay upfront. They only insisted me to go for direct debit option to get those benefit of holding membership in the event of taking break.

Anyone who sign up for Plus Fitness, please be aware of this terms as they don't disclose it on their website.

You have to give them 2 weeks notice to freeze temporary membership and still get charged for 3 weeks after you give them written notice.

Wish there was Minus -5 stars, they totally deserve it for their dodgy practice even in 2019.

Value for Money

Poor service

I requested to talk with manager many times. One of the guy refused me to talk. Talking with both just made me annoying.

Allround A+

Have tried a couple of other major gyms and also local community gym, and this is by far the best for my needs for a few reasons: friendly staff - with support available for people new to gyms and fitness, flexible hours, all-access membership, no fuss attendance - in and out with security pass, there's adequate cooling with fans, and the equipment range and quality is very good. Being able to go to the gym when it's best for me, avoiding long queues for entry, and also escaping peak hours, is what I like most about Plus. The 24-hours all-locations access also means I have no excuse not to exercise for time or other reasons, so it's also good for motivation.

Local Plus Fitness is great

My local Plus Fitness is really great. Everybody is nice and I find it just perfect for my needs. Equipment is pretty good

sick as only for bulking not you time wasters

mate this gym is a class brilliant I would 100% recommend if ur in bulking season if u come And waste the equipment or staff get out now before there is trouble plus fitness u have done a well organized company I luv u


Not happy with the service given by the administration staff. Calls were not returned even if the message was left. Terrible experience. Will not recommend anyone in the future.

Its the people who make the difference S- Subiaco

Not the best or the worst space/equipment but my experience its about the staff. Like anything, the bits you learn, what motivates you etc is what makes it a real benefit over and above the cost. I know its nationwide, its just my experience here - 3 years in now.

I get racial comment from store manager at Hurstville store

I am a Chinese background woman who usually able to tolerant some racial jokes ( in a friendly way). however, I think he has made into this unprofessional non-ethical "jokes" that he found funny with.
For example, “ calling people Dum-dum “ ; makes up a fake name (Jingjing) to go to Chinese restaurants or Nepalese restaurant to make fun of the owner ; "Lebanese people never learn new things, so I just tell them what to do” ;
“ Chinese people are so good, because they barely using any equipment, just on treadmill and always pay on time “ . “ Chinese people don’t understand black humour because they know know how to interact with people “ “ It’s okay, it’s beyond your understanding". “ Chinese people are the most racist kind because they don’t even know the capital city of xx. This means they don’t even care“. There are lots of sensitive words such as“ third world country “ involved in the conversation.

I really try to just focus on my training session, but this really makes feel uncomfortable. I do understand that I may be sometimes not fully understand his terminology which he feels annoyed to correct my position. I mean I only trained with him over a week and still in the progress of getting used to the position, he very annoyingly said “ you should know this in high school “ ; “ this weights can be lifted by Chinese primary student “ - which he made me to do a 38kg of clean pull. My weight is 53kg and a beginner.

I mean after I left, I was sitting in the car for a long time. I pay for the training, but this makes me feel embarrassed and so uncomfortable. I spoke with my friends ( multi cultured) about this. They encouraged me to raise this up. I am about to leave negative feedback on google review - which you can see some negative comments about his racial issue. So I texted him for cancellation.

Dont sign anything

These guys are terrible... came in for the free first week but then they said well you are better off signing up. They say no lock in contracts but you cant cancel over the phone. Even after my credit card changed they tried to keep billing me and sent it to a debt collector. The gym is also pretty bad. no steppers, limited weights

Zero stars for Plus Fitness Carlingford

Staff are rude and overbearing- you will be monitored like a prison inmate and confronted by their bulked up, aggressive staff if you so much as forget to wipe down a piece of equipment. One male staff member is a real control freak and stalked me around the gym.

Promise the world and deliver nothing

Both gyms near me were totally uninspiring. The staff spent more time on their phones than anything else. There was never anyone around to check technique or safety (unless you paid extra, of course)
Got promised a call from a PT - nothing happened. Got promised another - still nothing happened. Full of machinery with no -one to instruct you how to use it unless you happened to visit in staffed hours. Funnily enough, that's the same as the hours I worked, so invariably, there was never anyone there when I was there.
Couldn't wait to cancel my membership and so glad it did. Now at Jetts.

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