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Powerade Isotonic

Powerade Isotonic

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sport drinks or diys ??

few drops on my gray shirt took me half hr to get it off with hand wash,
its nice to have those rainbow colours, but if its that hard to wash away on cloth, then i would worry about what it will do to my body.

It is good

Powerade is really good and tasty, it has a blue color, or green, or yellow, or even orange!!! I love this drink, especially because of the colors.


My son drinks this when he trains, as he trains hard, and water just doesn't seem 'enough'. He finds the different flavours stop him getting bored with the product, and the p[lastic bottle means he can chuck it in his work out bag, not being in a tin means he can drink when he wants and put the cap back on.
tastes good,palstic bottles are a good idea, easily available, and comes in a range of flavours, and also some sugar free ones.
Obviously some artificial colours going on there! Price not to bad, and I think comes in two sizes..


I have recently been exercising a lot and I found I would be drinking a lot of water but still felt faint and weak after exercising a friend recommended the powerade sports drink and I have never looked back they have really helped me in getting re hydrated and feeling less weak and faint after exercising. I would really recommend trying this product if you often feel like I used to when exercising or doing a lot of phyisical activity as it has really helped me a lot.
I like it something for people who like to exercise it really does aid in your re hydration. Good tasting and very reasonably priced, also available in most supermarkets.
Nothing really good product.

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