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4.7 from 16 reviews

Great Service and a Great Product

We have been happily living in our Precision built home for over 4 years. My memory of the design and build process is positive and that they understood our budget and design expectations. We would always recommend Precision to anyone looking to build a home that needs attention to detail and great design.

After 4 years we did however notice that the underside of part of the sunshade extensions over our 2nd storey windows were drooping. As testament to Precision's desire to be known as quality builders it took one email and in less than 3 days the problem was fixed. I am quite sure that many other builders would have disputed the problem to be their responsibility after 4 years but not Precision.

Customer Service
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Construction End DateAugust 2014

Best decision we made

We made the decision to build with Precision Homes after we went to their display home and met William. My husband and I always thought building with them would be way over our budget but after talking with William we realised we were wrong. William and Simone knew what we wanted and were always so honest and open about the cost of things.

William is so creative and talented at what he does. We are very thankful that we went to Precision as we have an award winning house. Our house won best kitchen in SA in 2017, which is something we are very proud of.

Everyone at Precision are so professional and helpful. Luke, their supervisor went above and beyond. He was always on the ball and sorted out matters as soon as possible. He was always available to talk to and made our building experience a good one. The tradesmen they use are also very professional and work to a very high standard.

Having built before we really noticed the high quality and professionalism of Precision Homes and are very thankful that we chose them to build our beautiful home.

Construction End DateDec 2016

Poor customer service

We started off being blown away with beautiful promises from the very beginning. However, that did not convey in reality. We were constantly being told how BUSY they were and always felt second to their other clients. We were also constantly being told how busy they are with their multimillion dollars projects, making us feel our home is little to nothing. A month and a half post handover with all money paid to Precision, repairs and jobs are constantly being chased by myself and my husband, and no surprise we were responded to how busy they are once again. We have personally gone through a regretful decision to have build with Precision homes. I will continue to give further updates on our pending repairs, not to mention on my experience on how insulted and upset I felt walking to their office a few months ago, pending a big disappointment in our home progress at that time.

Construction End DateJun 2018

Fussy Customer, Extremely satisfied

I'm usually wary of reviews written online, I often wonder if they were written by friends or family. So I am going to contradict myself and write about our experience with Precision Homes.
We did the usual sifting through land developments and because we had a vision and concept in our minds, decided to go with a custom builder. We went to the usual custom home builders and had even signed up with preliminary soil tests with another custom builder whom has some impressive display homes. We even spent some time sitting down and going through our drawings and ideas, but felt that they weren't very engaging with our thoughts, and pressed their ideas on to us. We took a step back from the process as we didn't want to be pressured or rushed, this is when we met with William from Precision homes. I myself am a Tradesman and was really impressed when I came away from the meeting on his knowledge and some ideas that he had for our vision, little things we could do that wouldn't impact on the home but would help reduce costs. After a few concept meetings we signed with Precision homes, we were wary at first as it is a huge decision and years of saving and planning. Throughout the whole process I was really impressed with their attention to detail, and any mistakes that popped up were dealt with without issues. Even a couple of issues that were our fault in regard to a window sizing we requested didn't look quite right so they were changed out without question. I have friends that have built and heard horror stories of changes being charged over the top or not at all, this is not the case with Precision homes. I am extremely proud of what they have delivered for us and we still get people stop and comment on the home, I even took a couple through recently that were walking in the neighborhood. The quality is great and the home still looks amazing 4 years on from construction, and we have had many memorable days in the custom pool they also delivered for us or watching cartoons with the kids in the theatre room.
I really felt that the whole team at Precision - William, Simone,Luke and Judy looked after us and took a genuine interest in our home which shows in what they have delivered. I am an extremely fussy customer and knew what I wanted and they delivered. I'm not telling you to build with Precision Homes, but if you are after a custom built home, I urge you to at least sit down and see what they have to offer and make sure you are comparing apples with apples as a lot of other builders have hidden costs which aren't included and make up you own mind.
Anyway thanks to Precision homes for delivering us a home we are really proud of.

Construction End DateOct 2015

Perfection is what they claim to be their standard, exceeding customer’s expectation is what they do

If you plan to build a house, I would not recommend Precision Homes, I would INSIST that you go with them. These are the reasons why:

We shortlisted 3 luxury custom builders and went for their free design session, this is where William and the Precision Homes team set themselves apart from the rest:

William was one of the two builders that were very willing to consider our circumstances and tried his best to get a concept design to us as quickly as possible. This include meeting after hours. With their electronic designing format, Precision Homes had the clear advantage of being able to tweak the designs in real time during our design review. When we saw the first design concept, we connected with it straight away and I loved it. They were also the only builder that managed to tick every box on our brief (one builder was dropped after the first design draft). By the time my wife went into labour, we had already had 2 design sessions and had got 95% of the design decision made!

Once the design was locked in (and we had a few revisions to perfect the design, which, unlike another builder only gave us two free design session before trying to get us to go into pricing), we went to pricing. William had advised us on a rough per square meter rate when he first came to look at the land with us and we had based our design and rough selections on that. When the pricing came, he managed to get the per square meter rate under what he originally quoted! This quote was inclusive of everything. Now this was very impressive as another builder said to us they could meet our budget when we first went to them, but not only did they blow the budget, they said we had to fork out an extra $100K for basic things like air conditioning and flooring, as they were not included in their per square meter rate. So if a builder gives you a per square meter rate, don’t worry about what that includes because they will tell you all the expensive stuff that’s included, but it’s the things that are not included that will sting you!

When it came to price variations, they were very fair and reasonable, which is a huge relief as we have heard horror stories of builders underquoting and then slug you for basic stuff in variations. One great example was the additional pelmet that we wanted to put in, a month before handover. Luke, the site supervisor had verbally quoted us a price that we verbally accepted. When it came to actually building the pelmet, Luke turned around and told us that it would actually be cheaper than quoted because he managed to get a better deal for us. Where or when in the history of any build have you ever hear a builder passing on savings AFTER you have agreed on a price?

The cost savings don’t just stop there; William had helped us save a lot of money through his contacts. Anything that he had advise us to do it ourselves, such as retaining walls, site pegging, he had also helped ensure what to expect in terms of cost and had graciously shared his contacts with us, which had quoted us on price that we could not have gotten ourselves.

Build quality:
They don’t take the word perfection lightly, and it’s not just the design or finishes I’m talking about. Two great examples (out of many) of how great they are:

Example 1: One day we went to check on the progress of the house we noticed that the entire external wall in the laundry had been taken down. So we rang up the site supervisor Luke to find out what happened. To my amazement, he said he had asked them to pull the whole wall down and redo because the laundry door was 10mm too wide and the bulkhead would not line up perfectly. 10mm, that’s 1cm!!! Most builders will just pretend nothing was wrong, or talk their way out of it if you did notice the difference, but for Precision Homes, 1cm is too much of an error for perfection.

Example 2: When the ensuite tiles went up the wall, we were disappointed that the grain of the tile patterns was not in the direction they we expected. At this point we were prepared to just live with the mistake, literally as we did not specify it in the building schedule and had just assumed that they would know what we wanted. To our surprise, Luke turned around and said to us that they will pull the ALL the tiles in the entire ensuite and redo them. This set them back by 2 weeks, and not to mention the cost of redoing the entire ensuite from scratch. To me, this is taking the word perfection to a whole new level!

Even before we engaged in Precision Home’s service, William was willing to come out on site to give us advice on a piece of land that we were putting an offer in. Throughout the entire build, the level of service from William and his team had not dropped. Even during the Christmas break, William was still contactable if need be.
The same high level of service was carried out by his dedicated team, especially the site supervisor Luke, with his years of experience, just makes things happen in the build, even if minor things were missed during the design or specification phase. This just provided us with an added level of confidence that our dream home will be as perfect as we had in our head. They even helped us coordinate our private contractor working on the retaining wall to take the stress out for us.

After handover, the service continued, Steve, kept up with everything that needs follow up. 5 weeks after handover, Luke even helped us inspect our driveway construction, which was done privately. When there was issue, he rang up the private contractor to help sort out the problem on our behalf! That’s after-sales service you will not find anywhere else in the world!

Sky and family, Stonyfell

Construction End DateApr 2018

It doesn't get better than this

If you are looking for a builder who actually cares; you just found them. Our home was designed and built by the team at Precision Homes incorporating our own ideas - William and Adam improvised and made insightful suggestions to create exactly what we wanted. Luke did a fantastic job pulling everything together and chasing up all those little things that make such a difference. He was approachable, always easy to reach and made a huge effort to keep everything on track. You want someone who will look at things and say "if this was my house…." I think that's what makes this company special. The suggestions along the way and the trust with which everything was achieved was exceptional. The few minor issues that came up after handover were fixed proactively and without hesitation (thanks Steve). I cannot compliment them highly enough…. And arguably the thing that stands out the most? Everything was completed three months ahead of schedule. How often do you hear that!!? Thanks everyone, we'd do it all over again with you. Alison & Rod - first time builders (Netherby)

Construction End DateOct 2016

We now have our dream home - Precision Homes made it happen!

We received the keys to our new Precision Home in November 2016. Here are my thoughts on this – it’s a not short, but hopefully helpful. However, if you are just looking for quick answer as to whether you should build with Precision Homes, the answer is an absolute YES! We are extremely happy with the end result and our choice in builder and I’m sure you will be too.

Having built on two previous occasions (and swearing I’d never do it again after both!) I’m familiar with the basic process and many of its challenges. My previous builds were simpler and with “project builders” but council restrictions meant our two storey house would need to be a little non-standard and require a custom builder this time around.

After much research we narrowed it down to three companies, then after meeting with the Medallion architects (who made us feel like they were interviewing us to see if we were good enough for them) we dropped that to two.

We were very impressed with how much Precision were willing to do without having any sort of initial commitment from us. They listened, managed to avoid raising eyebrows at our long and changing “laundry-list”, were both professional and down-to-earth at the same time and came back with some very cleverly designed plans (that have turned out to work very well in real life). Given the high level specification on the home, we felt the quote was also quite reasonable and that combination made our decision of builder much easier and we signed up.

People will tell you that building a home is a sizeable investment in both time and money. The money part is easy to understand (despite always being more that you think), but the time part is also very significant and should not be underestimated. You will spend literally hours and hours (and hours!) thinking, meeting, talking, choosing, re-thinking and going slowly insane with it all. Spending all your precious time with a difficult builder who makes it harder than it should be is a horrible waste.

Precision have a really good team of people who I always felt genuinely wanted to make our home the best it could be. The owners have an excited, passionate demeanour and I think it trickles down to their employees. The architect worked very hard to meet our requirements and seemed to genuinely enjoy the process. The administration team took the time to know a bit about me and I was always greeted warmly (almost like an old friend) and were always helpful. Our site supervisor is a very talented guy who never appeared to be flustered by anything. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble, even when we made some not-so-small changes during the build process. He made some great suggestions for improvement and I always felt he was on “our team”.

We were guided through the daunting selections process by a very talented interior designer from Broadfeather Design who quickly got to know our style and had a wonderful eye for bringing it all together for us. It was a friendly, collaborative process despite the enormous number of decisions we had to make!

Precision must have worked very hard to find contractors that match their high-level expectations as the fit and finish on the house is second to none. I’m a pretty particular/fussy kind of person and after six months living in the house I still scan around the various rooms and quietly admire the quality of the place. A bit sad I know!

We’ve had so many positive comments from our friends and family – we are so proud of our new home.

If you are considering building a home in Adelaide I would whole-heartedly recommend getting in touch with Precision Homes and letting them be your partner in this process. You won’t regret it.

Construction End DateNov 2016

Perfection really is their standard!

When we decided to build a house, we did a lot of research, starting with your average mass-builder to the high-end boutique builders. We narrowed it down to a selection and approached them with our project specifications. When we got the quotes back, it was evident that once they ticked the items we wanted off the list, there was little price variation between the boutique builders and the mass-builders. Although the price difference wasn’t significant it was obvious that the quality would suffer if we went with a mass-builder. We also found that the high-end builders were trying to tell us what we want, rather than actually listening. They were obviously trying to make the project easier for themselves by steering away from custom building, and back to familiar designs.

What set Precision apart, was that they were all about us from the start. Put simply, they listened, and they delivered.

We were very particular about the quality of the structure and finishes of the house. They accommodated all of our requests, some of which were not the standard off-the-shelf products. There was no hesitation. Every little idea that was on the specification list was not only materialised but also improved. The design team, Adam and Geoff did a wonderful job at bringing our dream project to life.

William, the owner of Precision, is very passionate about what he does and has a great depth of knowledge and expertise. He definitely has a talent for building beautiful, functional homes. He can visualize the project from the beginning and really brings your ideas to life. His passion shows. William takes the Precision motto very seriously, ‘perfection is our standard’, and you might just find him wandering around your slab early on a Saturday morning making sure everything is just right!

The quality of the work was outstanding. They do not take shortcuts. The building inspector was very impressed, he had not seen such quality for years. He said that Precision were going above the requirements and that we were getting very good value for our money. The house was built on time and without budget blowouts. We’ve been living in the house for eight months now and it is truly a customized, tailored house for our family that is as functional as it is beautiful. We wouldn’t change a thing.

As with every build, you expect a few dramas on the way. But what’s important is how your builder deals with them and how much effort you have to put in to resolve them. As always, when it came to any issues, Precision listened and they delivered. If we ever had a qualm, Precision was always just a text away.

That brings us to communication. We had regular meetings on site (often out-of-hours) and all our questions were answered. It was easy to get in touch with our builder through phone, email, and texts. We didn’t have to chase them. Simone and Judy in the head office were always most helpful. We felt that our project was as important for Precision, as it was important for us.

Success of any project depends on its project manager and their knowledge, experience and ability to lead. Our site supervisor, Luke, ticked all the boxes. No problem was too big, no detail too small, no challenge too great. He had fantastic communication skills and was always happy, calm and in control. We will miss his ‘everything-will-be-alright’ attitude.

Before we embarked on this journey, we heard horror stories about how stressful building a house can be. On the contrary, we had such a positive experience with Precision, we would do it again in a heartbeat. We would highly recommend building with them.

If you want a high-quality house tailored to your needs and a positive building experience, chose Precision Homes.

Great Build Experience, Excellent Build Quality

I will strongly recommend and have recommended Precision Homes to those looking to build. From the initial meeting when we were looking for a builder, it has been a great experience and William was straight forward to work with. The quality of the quotation was the best that we have seen amongst five different building companies that we were in discussions with. It was pretty evident from the details of the quote that the there was a lot of effort put into the design and quotation stage prior to contract, and we can enter into the contract with a really high degree of confidence of pricing, variations arising from selections aside. As it turned out the final pricing, less variations due to our changes in selections, were pretty much spot on to the original quote.

Our project involved more than just the house and also the perimeter concreting and the fences, pretty much a home ready for moving in except the landscaping and soft furnishing. The house was designed to take advantage of the orientation of the plot, with natural cooling where possible and this really became apparent after we moved in when Adelaide had three separate heatwaves. The little touches and nuances of the design showed up after moving in, such as the near total isolation of noise between both upper and ground floor.

All the tradesmen were first class. The tilers and the electrician were especially fastidious, with quality work throughout and really pleasant to work with. We ended up with a beautiful home that is well designed and constructed, and with minimal maintenance issues such as minor cracks even as the house settled in and experienced heat waves in the first 3 months.

Throughout the build process we were treated well by everyone at Precision, from William through to the supervisor Luke, admin manager Simone and Judy, accommodating all our changes without fuss, and very often with suggestions on what we can do to save some money and yet achieve the desired effects. Given the amount of work related travel that we have, some communications difficulties are expected but it was all handled well through phone calls and emails.

We are glad to build with Precision and are happy with the final product. It was a punt as we did not know anyone who had built with them other than a work colleague who had yet to start the building process, but we went with our instincts and our experience engaging William throughout the initial quoting process and the end results speaks for itself!
Frank and transparent dealings, excellent build quality priced very fairly

Would definitely build with Precision Homes again

I would (and have done on several occasions), recommend Precision Homes to any one looking to build.
I have worked for three major Building companies in Adelaide and I guess that qualifies meto be able to make a reasonably accurate assessment of Precision.

The stories of nightmare experiences abound; but we have only good things to say about our relationship with Precision Homes.

Our project was by no means straightforward, involving a footing system that deviated from the norm, due to specified levels particular to 2nd Creek flood zones. The tradesmen were all first class and we have ended up with a beautiful home.

However the most significant thing as far as I am concerned is the gracious way we were treated (not withstanding the many changes we made) at all times. Once the house was completed the 'little' things that needed to be rectified were all addressed with expediency.
Reliable, friendly, capable builders

Precision Home - second review following contact from Precision

Ok, so following my first review, which I cannot edit as it is "7 days old" event though it is only 6 days (must be a system thing?) I am pleased to say we have had an urgent response to our Maintenance list and they have committed to sending 4 different Contractors enmass on the 2nd September, lets hope everything goes well
When Precision contacted me on the 30th August they were very upset and we debated, some things we agreed, others we did not, on positive elements of the build process that I had not commented on in the first post
I do stand by everything in my first post of which I do have my due diligence in place should my claims be disputed, but in the interest of fairness I will add the positive elements

The owners, [name removed] are geuine, hard working innovative people who's intentions are to supply a superior service, absolutely no disputing this. To have [name removed] so upset was not my intention from my first post
[name removed] is an innovative and industrious business person with a flair for finding ways around design challenges. This flair and the flexibility of Precision may not be something that is easily achieved by bigger builders, in fact we went to Precision following a recommendation from a friend who worked for a big builder and this followed extreme poor treatment from Homestead Homes who when we pushed them to move forward on the contract so we could secure the then first home owners grant of $21k followed up a week later with an increase in price of $21k should we still wish to progress with them - I still have the documents to prove this and would not even award one star to Homestead

During all our interactions with [name removed] during design and contract negotiations we received what felt like a priority attention, at times meetings after 7pm at night from a person who was a father to two with another on the way
We did have issues and delays during the build and some disagreements, however our house did get built
Once the primary communication point moved away from [name removed] the service we received deteriated. Of course [name removed] is the owner, works extreme long hours to ensure everything is right and it may be expected that the service level would fall. If there is a learning point from this, it is that right from the start the communication is key and that Precision need to know and recognise that communication failure can lead to a feeling of disrespect, no matter the problem, appropriate levels of dialogue is needed and written committment to rectify the items on the Building Inspection report

I would suggest that in reflection, we should have had a commuincation agreement in place, that as long as both parties followed, would have negated all the commuincations issues where the emails, phone calls and text messages would have been returned and hopefully this would have meant the maintenance would not still be outstanding after 6 months on the 1st Sept.

I maintain we communicated all issues as they presented, we paid each installment before the due date which is only right and would follow this up with phone calls and emails to ensure Precision knew the cash was being transferred. Our expectations were that each of our emails or phone calls would be returned, thay were not and this was the crux of the problem

Build - good
Communication - below expectations
Design/Flexibility - excellent
Price - Fair


At the start of 2008 we bought 353 square metres of land (9.5m frontage) on which to build our first home. We designed our own floor plan on paper and used Google Sketchup for 3D modelling. We then approached many of the big SA builders such as Hickinbotham, Longridge, Format, Fairmont, and Rossdale to name a few, and researched many more.
The problem we found with all these builders is that, despite their claims, they weren’t very ‘flexible’. We found that they won’t allow you to use your own design, rather they want you to pick a floor plan from their own collection, and then charge exorbitant fees to alter the design. We also found some restricted the front elevation of your home to only resemble the builders ‘image’, e.g. a front elevation that people can look at and know straight away is a ‘Longridge’ home.
This didn’t fit with our wishes, so we kept searching and started looking at smaller builders. We picked two candidates from the yellow pages and after checking their websites we approached them for quotes. One of these was Precision Homes.
Precision Homes was excellent to deal with. We made an appointment, and immediately met with the managing director of the company, William, who comes from a building background and takes great pride in the homes he builds. We went through our design with him in detail, and discussed what we wanted in a home. William put together a quote, and at his suggestion, at our next meeting we brought in our best quote from other builders. Together we went through Precision’s quote and compared it to the other company’s. This was great because we were sure we were comparing apples with apples, and William was able to explain to us some things we didn’t understand. In the end, Precision was significantly cheaper than all other quotes we had got for the design we wanted, and with the great service we were happy to sign up with Precision.
What we found great about Precision is that they aren’t a massive company with many steps of communication before getting results. We would meet or speak to William or Wayne (Building Site Manager) whenever we needed to and the communication was excellent. All the staff were brilliant including Simone (co-owner) and the administration team.
We loved the fact that we could take our own plan in and not be charged extra for having our own plan. We also could add or remove items from the typical contract without issue or undue penalty. We were thrilled that finally we met a builder that was passionate about energy efficient homes as well. We included a lot of basic, passive design ideas in our home that were cost effective for first home buyers like us. Such as eaves venting, a light coloured Colorbond roof, whirly birds on the roof, highlight windows (half size as normal) on the western wall which are shaded by the eaves. And we actually had eaves! We found many big builders would eliminate this basic concept all together. We also had these great energy saver down lights put in the kitchen. They are not halogen lights which are inefficient and expensive but actually normal sized energy efficient lights that are recessed in a unit within the ceiling. So the exact same look that is cheaper and better for the environment. We chose not to use halogen down lights anywhere in the house because of their inefficiency. We also put ceiling fans in all the bedrooms.
When one of us had to work interstate for 9 months, Precision accommodated this and we were able to do our selections earlier than scheduled. Selections was a very easy process and all the suppliers that Precision Homes uses are excellent. Their standard selections are above the normal grade for a lot of companies and so for many of the selections we were happy to go with the standard.
We were very vigilant in checking the building process and whenever we had a query we could speak to someone direct and have anything addressed in no time. No messing around with leaving messages or having to contact consultants and then progress through a line of people before getting a response like with some big builders.
From the day the slab was laid, the house was finished and the keys handed over in 6 months (add about 6 months for planning and development approvals). Also, any issue that was found after moving in was addressed immediately and professionally. Not that there were many at all.
We can definitely recommend Precision Homes for anyone wanting to build a home. The service provided and time taken exceeded our expectations. We had heard of all sorts of negative stories from friends who had built, and from reviews on this website, regarding experiences with big builders. However, we are one of those home owners that, without a doubt, can honestly recommend to at least meet with Precision Homes and compare whatever quote you already have and see the difference.
Mike and Cara – built in 2008/09
Great service, easy communication, very flexible, excellent build quality, competitive price.
None at all.

Honest and Exceptional Quality

Myself and my partner had architectural plans designed and were looking for a builder who was experienced and flexible enough to build to these plans. We were delighted with the level of service and communication, especially from our site supervisor [name removed] who we had contact with on a fortnightly basis.
The team at Precision are very friendly and luckily you don't get lost in "big Company Syndrome" where it never gets followed up...
Another thing I really liked about Precision was that we had direct contact with the Supervisor, so we were able to call or text him if we had any concerns or needed clarification on anything.
We had a few 'selection' changes along the way that [name removed] was happy to allow us to do, which was great as once the bench tops went in we realised our splashback selection was not going to be the best choice. [name removed] and Precision were nice enough to allow us to reselect, this did extend the build time a little but it was worth the extension as we feel it made the overall product alot better.
I am glad that we ended up finding Precision and we are greatful for the finished product.
we have had a few minor maintenance issues that have needed attention and [name removed] has been very responsive in this respect. I have heard horror stories about maintenance being left for months on end but luckily we did not have this issue.
I would recommend that you contact Precision and make a time to meet with either [name removed] the Manager or [name removed] the sales consultant. Especially if you have your own plans or plans designed by Architect as they are very willing and flexible with this.
honest, approachable, high quality finishes and very reasonably priced
we had theft from our building site which delayed the project

Achieving my Design, Budget,Expectations.

I approached Precision Homes through their website about 18mths ago after reading the Reviews on here regarding a Quotation for a Home that I had designed to fit our block and emailed the plans to them.

Within a few weeks I was contacted by The Sales Consultant [name removed] and a meeting was arranged to discuss our needs in regards to finishes and to discuss the plans.

About four weeks later they had a Quotation ready for me to look at and a 3 dimensional model of my design on the computer to allow us to walk through the home and see what it would look like and we went on a tour of a home that was nearing completion to get a feel for the Quality they strive for.

We happily signed a contract that was based on their silver & gold selections which was well below all estimates I had received from a few volume builders for my custom design.

We then visited a lot of other builders show homes and borrowed an idea from one to incorporate a dressing area between the walk through robe and the bedroom and they happily added this to the design and submitted to council for Approval.

We then did our selections with [name removed] from "The Dream Room", she was extremely helpful at co-ordinating the colour schemes and advised us of some ways we could save some money e.g. reducing the counter top widths from 750mm to 710mm saved us around 1k.

We were able to choose exactly what we wanted and the Variations were
prepared which brought the price up to what we had in mind from the beginning but still below the volume builders.

From the beginning of the earthworks for the foundation I have had regular contact from the Supervisor [name removed] and we have a great relationship working towards achieving our dream home.

I should point out now that I am a Toolmaker by trade and have a very accurate eye for straightness and squareness which attracted me to a Company that dares to name themselves Precision Homes. Given that the average tolerance in the building trade is +/- 15mm I was hoping that the builder could slash that down to +/- 4mm and Precision have achieved this in regard to the floors that will be tiled having all full tiles and no silly thin cuts or tapering away from walls as we saw in some show homes.

Our Dream Home is currently approaching Lockup Stage and we are very happy with it at this point and we have seen for ourselves how well they will finish the home off with the experienced trades people they have at their disposal.

We did experience some delays along the way with Council Approval Process and with a lot of wet weather in the initial stages and given how busy builders have been the past few years we believe that anything worth having is worth waiting for and eagerly await handover in around 2 months, just in time for my 50th Birthday Party.

Precision Homes were prepared to work with me and allowed me to undertake the Electrical wiring using my brother (a Licensed & Insured A Class Electrician) which has allowed me to keep an eye on the quality and meet most of the Trades that have had input to this stage and I must say I am Impressed with the contractors they have and when you get down to it the Quality of your home is only as good as the passion & commitment of the builder and the trades.

I can see how some previous reviewers have had a bad experience but in reality they have only frustrations regarding how long it took to hear from the builder in the beginning which was at the peak of the busy period for all builders when other smaller builders I approached said they might be able to look at it in about 12 months.

If you’re wondering if you should trust Precisions to Deliver a Quality home I can say that you can and they will.

As they have not currently got a Show Home I will be offering for them to take clients through our home now and when completed as we found this most helpful in deciding that they had the same vision that we had.
Flexable, Passionate, Experienced.


They were able to build a home perfectly suited to my block, I used one of their own project plans and had them customise it to my exact specifications. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to build a new home in Adelaide.
Their custom design service was brilliant

Great Build with Genuine Service

I have just moved into my house built by Precision Homes and i can't fault it.
It is rare to find a builder so committed to ensuring everything is followed up and completed. Our maintenance list was small but this builder ensured it was completed in a reasonable time and that we were happy with the results.
Our house design is unique and we initially contacted a few builders to help us but they were not willing to "think outside the square" and change their floor plans to suit us (without a massive fee!!) with Precision it was a blank canvas and we worked our plan from there.
I have recommended Precision to my friends and hope they find the experience as enjoyable as we did.
Flexible builder that delivered the end result we wanted

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