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Prime SK-D200 Kangaroo and Potato

Prime SK-D200 Kangaroo and Potato

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Prime100 changed distribution company

I've have posted a previous comment re Prime100 Kangaroo and Sweet potato. Had my 12 yr old Jackie on it for 7yrs, has colitis and skin issues,now has heart murmer. Has lost some condition but still wildly in love with Prime, links the bowl for hours! My biggest bugbear is company changed hands and ordering is hit and miss. Local regional IGA has constantly being mucked around with stock and delivery. Also last 5 batches have been super, with bits and pieces I have to pick out. Rang the company only to be told " thats how it is!!". Would appreciate better help with customer service from Prime. My girl seems constantly hungry, not sure if it's because of change of recipe. I'll persevere, as she hasn't had dreadful painful stomach aches, saving vet dollars. Anyone else had problems with dry product??

Purchased in August 2019 at IGA for $12.99.

Value for Money
Pet's Life StageSenior
Side Effects No

kangaroo and sweet potato

You are able to buy the prime kangaroo and sweet potato from City farmers in Bunbury so I would think you could get it from any city farmers store. I am triballing my dog with this as he suffers from allergies. my other dog has just been diagnosed with chronic renal failure and I had been looking for a better quality dog food, he loved this

Purchased in February 2019 at City Farmers for $14.00.

Pet's Life StageAdult
Side Effects No


My dogs seem to love it but ive been finding really hard white bits that are sharp and unbreakable almost like hard bone or plastic this makes me worried i have tiny dogs this mite damage there intestinal tract having sharp bits of bone go down not very happy about it

Hypoallergenic dog, this is his only option

My dog is allergic to all proteins so after a few near death experiences (inflamed organs) our vet worked with us on finding the best single protein diet for him to survive on. This was the answer.

We go through a roll and a bit a day (he is a giant breed) and up until recently we've had no problems with it, in fact it's been an amazing product. The past six months however we have been noticing that more and more bone and fat clumps are showing up in our rolls and it might not be a problem so much with smaller dogs but with our dog the bone shards keep embedding themselves deep into his gums costing us too much money to always go to the vets to have the shards removed. So now I pick the bones out, time consuming but there is no other option.

I really wish they would return to whatever method/recipe they were using last year because the rolls smelled better, they looked healthier (better pink colour), there was no sinew nor fat deposits and more importantly there was way less bone shards.

Just bought it today

I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. They're very fussy. I was starting to feel bad about giving them supermarket rubbish. Went to City Farmers and spoke with a very helpful staff member - she recommended this due to the grain free, lack of fillers and the leaner meat.

I gave it to them tonight. They were LITERALLY licking the bowl for hours afterwards. They LOVED it!

Vet recommended

Hi my dog has been suffering with skin allergies for the last 3 years. .if i knew earlier about this product i would have used it earlier. My dog has been on prime beef kangaroo and potato for 3 days now and her skin colour has already gone back to normal color. .a lesson learned for my experience is better to spend more money and feed your pet well than spend alot of money on vets and tablets that in the end do more harm than good for your pet..I wish my vet recommended this product earlier. .

Highly recommend!

I had my dog on a dry food from Black Hawk. He ended up with itchy skin, itchy ears and face. My Vet told me to put him on this diet and it cleared up the issues within 4 days!

OMG at last help for me and my dog

My GSD was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease . We have had over I year of food trials and $$$$$$ in vet fees and Hills gastrointestinal health i/d z/d and Royal Canin.. all no good for him. I now have my boy on SK-D200 and he is doing great , no more loose or cow pat stools and he did not have to be on cortisone either . His stools are normal he is healthy even his coat is better. Thank you Prime this food has been a blessing.

May 2nd 2018 Update: almost three years since last review

My IBD GSD is still on SKD200 he had gained weight and was doing fine , but now for some reason he has started to lose weight He has been through all tests for cancer etc so its not that . He is having more food but no weight gain ?

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My last review was Jan 2015 its now Aug 2015 and my GSD With IBD is doing great on Prime SK-D200 he has come back from 35 kilos to 38 kilos could not be happier . I also give him a treat with their crocodile & tapioca , again thank you Prime


My female boxer has skin allergies and after countless $$$$$$ spent at vets , medications, shampoos and lotions we have found sk-d200 :) after just 2 weeks she hasn't itched once and she looks great . At the young age of 8 she has so much new energy. Best of all she really loves the taste .
As she is a fussy eater I was worries she may not like it ... i was wrong!


My 3 shepherds love it! I recommend this product. The dogs look great and they don't itch anymore! Our Vet told me about this product as 2 out of my 3 dogs had really bad skin issues. After about 7 days, I could see a big change! I love you Prime :) I highly recommend!
Fresh, preservative free, coat looks fantastic!! Vet speaks highly of the product.

Prime Kangaroo & Potato SK-D200

My dog suffers from dermatitis and has done so for around 5 years. We have been feeding a kangaroo and Potato based diet (making it myself). My Vet recommended this roll and I bought from Petstock South Melbourne. It is great and my dogs coat feels great and they love it! I highly recommend this food and has been a huge help as I no longer have to make my own.
Ease of just putting it in the bowl and serving. Has multiple "fixes"for dogs like pancreatitis etc. Gluten free
I wish it came in 1kg rolls :/ Not just in 2kg (I sent an email to make a smaller size)

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Nearest stockist
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Hi. My ten year old Manchester Terrier is being fed the kangaroo and pumpkin roll which he loves. He weighs 12kg. His ideal weight is 13kg. In the first week he lost 1kg , down to 11kg. I've increased his quantity to 550gm per day spread over two meals. This is double the recommended quantity and it's still a struggle to keep weight on. Any feed back welcomed
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How much is it?
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Hi it depends where you buy it from..pet shops sell it . I buy from wholesaler in Fairfield. .its over 12 dollars in the shops. ..prime meat Arthur st fairfield vic...

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