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Qantas American Express Ultimate

Qantas American Express Ultimate

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Still allows merchant to charge to card after card cancellation

My partner and I both had AMEX card for about 2 years. They were great initially, but it was getting way too expensive and not competitive enough when compared to some of the other rewards card out there, we decided to cancel.

Guess what? They will continue to allow anyone to charge to the card if you had recurring payment schedule setup.

In the past 12 months, every now and then AMEX will deduct money from our bank account for those payments. AMEX will NOT do anything, they push all the responsibility to you. We did our best to go through all our accounts, but they have been a couple charges here and there.

What's the point of cancelling the card if they will continue allow merchants to charge us?

I guess, AMEX will be the financial nightmare that continue to haunt us.

Card is fine but

I have had this card for about 18 months having changed from NAB. Its expensive but if you can use the Qantas discount it pays for its self. My gripe is with replacement cards. The card is falling to pieces and whilst the replacement is free it comes with a new number. Can you imagine how inconvenient this is when it comes to direct debits etc. Every single one has to be updated. This is dinosaur technology. Oh and like so many websites no way to send a complaint or comment. Had the same issue with Wespac last week" we can't accept a complaint because you don't have a customer number" No wonder we needed a royal commission. Can I also suggest that you don't use live chat functions as Amex is very slow

Bad customer experience

I receive a call to verify my detail for applying an Amex card.

However there is no way for me to make sure the caller is impersonating Amex.
If someone saw that I have applied for an AMEX card, he would call me to ask for all sorts of details (name, address, birthday details)

Also, the person was so in-genuine when asked me if there is anything he can do.
He hung-up on me when I tried to provide a feedback

Let's hope I do not have to deal with Amex call center.

changed my opinion of AMEX

I have been using the card now for 4 months....and it has delivered all that was promised and was easy to set up..DUMPED Westpac due to absolutely crap service and I am earning more qantas points ( you can select a Virgin equivalent ) for the same spend...and $450 fee you get back on flights.....so really I had a wrong perception of AMEX.

Card closed but AMEX still allowing Netflix subscription to accumulate

Got this card for the points and the $450 travel voucher. Used that fine no probs.
Closed the AMEX in Feb over the phone 1300 736 659 Customer Relations Hotline.
Requested a statement with a zero balance.
March statement arrived showing $9.99 to Netflix.
Queried it and they said they would wipe it.
April statement showing $9.99 to Netflix. My bad for not updating my payment details at Netflix. Actioned this straight away once I realised my error.
Called AMEX to complain. Got a lecture from the Customer Agent - which is always well received.
Why does AMEX allow the charges from other merchants to be processed on a closed account?
In the old days, the merchant would withdraw/cancel/suspend the service if your payment details were not current.
The contract is between me and AMEX to pay the account when due. The second contract is between me and Netflix to provide valid payment details. If I am in breach of my contract with Netflix, it is Netflix who should take remedial action with me; not take it upon themselves to continue to offer me the service with invalid payment details.
Argued with the AMEX Customer Agent who said I had an option to lodge an investigation which would take 6-8 weeks for an outcome. We are talking $9.99 here people!! I know it's not a lot, but can imagine how many peeps let it slide?
I agreed to the investigation option. She popped me on hold for a short while and then came back and told me, that the charge had been waived and there was nothing further outstanding on the account. Just like that :)
I asked for a Closed Account Statement showing a zero balance. She said it would be emailed to me. Waiting waiting...........
So the moral of the story - cease your direct debits (me) and stop debiting closed accounts (Netflix) or facilitating this action. (AMEX)

A step up from a usual credit card

I have had this card for a couple of years now and I find it to be pretty good value.

The card has a pretty good points earning rate at 1.5 QFF points per $1 spent (excluding Government spending). Also, the travel credit is a welcome addition as I can spend $450 a year towards Qantas flights.

What I like about this card is that offers are occasionally made available where you spend at X participating retailer and you will get a credit. Quite often, I've found retailers on this list that I was going to spend at anyway. Within a given membership year, this has always covered the cost of the membership fee.

I also find the staff pretty good to deal with as well.

Terrible Customer Service

If you have a question or need something done be prepared to have to sit on the phone for hours, get passed around to different people (all of which none can give you an answer), tell you they will call back and they don't so you will have to call them back over weeks just trying to get an answer. Some of the worst customer service I have experienced.

Rudest Most Arrogant Staff You Will Come Across

Virtually impossible to claim the flight, typical bait and switch tactics where they tell you there are no complimentary flights available for any dates you have selected but you can purchase a more expensive flight (what a privilege). If you take issue with this or find it deceptive and misleading conduct and ask to speak to somebody about it, then be prepared to be transferred several times to different reps who will treat you with varying levels of contempt before lecturing you on what an ungrateful customer you are and hanging up on you. What a fantastic card to have in the wallet.

Best card with no annual fees and earn Qantas points

I am using this card for 4 years for everyday shopping to online purchases like Paypal, no issues at all, very good customer services, promptly replied, and the best earn 1 point for every dollar spent.


AMEX would have to be the WORST credit card out of the lot. I couldn't give no stars which is what they are worth rating. They have no sense of customer service, they are arrogant, rude, unhelpful. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone not even my arch enemy. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! STICK WITH AUSTRALIAN BRANDS LIKE BANKWEST, WESTPAC, NAB ETC.


Do NOT get an American Express card. I cancelled mine in March and I keep getting recurring charges on it. Every time I ring up and ask how its possible to continue to have recurring charges put on the card, the person on the end of the phone tells me they will suspend it. No matter how sweet the deal don't fall for it. You can't cancel it, they are scammers.

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They just keep telling me they will suspend the card, but they don't and its 3 months now.

Best no annual fee card ever...

Got this card for a long time
if you dont wanna pay any fee for a credit card but still need some reward this is the best.
earn Qantas points by every dollar spend, and up to 10,000 pts for first time use (at least 7500 pts you can earn, another 2500 need to buy Qantas tickets)
Good customer service, clear online service and bank statement.
highly recommended if you want a annual fee free card.
No fee, reward is ok, bonus pts, good service
reward less than the one with fee, if you spend more than 20k per year, apply a better one

Fantastic service, fantastic card!

I have had this card for many years, boy do I love the service, they have been fantastic. Flights booked with no problem (though limited in destination). On many occasion they have done their best to keep me as a customer, and really make an impression when I have discussed my concerns. They have certainly gone beyond the other shabby credit cards out there and treat you like a person not a dumb customer and waived fees when changes to the card has occurred.
Excellent service and forgiving in situations, will try to keep your business.
Limited destinations on flights

Can't live without it!

Excellent card. Qantas points earn rate is exceptional. The customer service is second to none with Amex and the redeeming of flights is easy too. There is a high annual fee, but this is not too bad if you have a high point earning and you redeem flights on a regular basis.
Qantas earn rate
Annual fee


I got a reduced annual fee to $250 and a reduced APR (interest rate) as I am a long standing AMEX customer (12 years) which makes this card a bargain. I can even pay my rent on the card! I earn a stack of points on it (about 100,000 per year) which helps me get free flights with Qantas. I was also offered a free companion Gold charge card (worth $130pa) as well. Easy limit increase (just ask) and great local service makes this a great product. Easy to book the free flight through Amex - went to Brisbane last weekend - no worries. Travel insurance is very attractive but doesnt include domestic car rental cover. ANZ Gold visa does
Points Earning (1.5 - 2.5 per dollar), Free domestic flight, Free travel insurance, Great Service, Automatic transfer to Qantas, Easy to use AMEX website
Not much, Some merchants dont accept is - I go elsewhere (Merhants beware - I will walk out if I cant use my card)

The best service of all my credit cards

I changed to Amex from diners club when Diners decided to mess me around with points. I earn over 100,000 frequent flyer points per year on my cards - so it is very valuable to me to make sure I get the best deal. I also pay all of my cards off at the end of the month and don't pay interest, so I can't review the card from that aspect. I have had no problems booking the free flights - obviously they are limited for holiday periods or if you need to fly in a hurry, but by booking well in advance I have been able to get flights at Xmas and Easter over the years. The phone staff are always excellent and I have always had my queries answered by someone with a genuine Australian or NZ accent (I think their call centre might actually be in New Zealand) who shows a genuine empathy for my situation - not something that you can write about for most financial products these days. The best feature of this card is that if there are any "suspect" transactions, they immediately try to call you and if they can't get you they will leave a message as well as email and text you at the same time - so if there was anything strange going on - you would know about it immediately without having to wait for the bill to come in. Their website is also very good and easy to use.
They call you immediately if there is any suspect transactions
high annual cost (but still cheaper than paying for the airfare)


If you have a FF account, and don't want to pay fees and charges but earn a whole lot of points to your FF account, then this is a great card. I moved to Amex Qantas card in May this year, and it is wonderful. The Amex Customer Service is second-to-none, and the way in which the points are automatically transferred to Qantas each month is brilliant. The customer does not have to do anything (except provide the FF number to Amex on application of course), and just start getting more points!

In all, a great membership program with an excellent structure and awards system. Slowly, Amex are starting to be accepted in more places which means this card is a great one to have with you, especially if you're saving for free/upgraded flights.

In all, 4/5. The only reason why it's not a 5 is the quality of the airline.
- Ever dollar spent = 1 point to the FF program
- Excellent rewards, especially when using on Qantas services
- 55 Days interest fee as well
- Amex deposit the points into Qantas FF account every month, without failure. Completely seamless account updating.
- I have noticed Amex is being accepted in more & more places as well.
- Pity about the airline.


When my mastercard capped the amount of points you can redeem in a year, we applied for our AMEX Ultimate. As big points users I shopped around - this card was the best deal I could find. The annual free flight is really good as we live in Perth so get the most benefit. With 1.5 points per dollar spend, and 2.5 points when paying for Qantas flights this is the best deal around. The only complaint is that they don't remind you about the free flight so you have to keep it in mind or lose it.
High reward points


Yep - great for earning points and get annual fee back by living in Perth and flying to see family over east.
I signed up for this card when my ANZ Qantas Visa capped its points. Earn points much faster and use the free flight for Perth - Melbourne each year so get value out of it. Haven't had any trouble getting flights so far they get 10-15 seats each flight but book early...
Their website isn't transactional so you can't set up forward BPayments etc. Amex isn't accepted at a lot of small shops or for many household bills like rates etc so don't cancel your other cards! Have to remember that you need to purchase Qantas product each year to get your free flight. Free flights are for set routes not for anywhere so check that program suits.


I use the card wherever I can and pay it all off each month - now by direct debit. It is a great way to get Qantas frequent flyer points. More and more vendors are charging for using it now which is a bit of a pain - but I still get to use it a lot.
Points accrue at 1.5 per dollar spent and the travel insurance is a big saver.
The first year of having this card I did not use the free domestic flight which makes the $395 fees quite expensive.

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Questions & Answers

I have a velocity Platinum amex card. Does this make me ineligible for the bonus points promised with the Qantas amex ultimate card?
No answers

What exactly can you use your Ultimate Credit card for except for flights?
1 answer
Refer to the Qantas website then FF program, listed are partner companies such as Woolworths, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Myer. DJ's etc for store gift cards. We are just in the process of changing our Amex card from Qantas to Virgin loyalty program. Better value and easier to redeem for flights.

I have been searching the Amex web sites for over an hour, and can't find any mention anywhere of how to book the free flight. Can someone hlp me please?
1 answer
On the back of your card there is a 1800 number, you need to call it during business hours and they will book it for you


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