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My Son is yet to receive his tax refund of Two Thousand Dollars from 2018 Tax return. This Agency has been closed down for failure to comply with code of professional conduct..


They are thief!!

They lodge my tax without my permission and put it on their own bank account!! And now I’m badly needed my refund because I just gave birth, I asked my personal tax agent to lodge it and I just knew it that quick tax online/online tax return refund my money without my permission!!! And now I kept calling them and emailing no one is answering me! They don’t have conscience!

Common Cents!

I've never fallen for the stale old accountancy line "just leave your return with us.. we'll take our fee and send you what's left.." What a perfect recipe for a scam!? I simply pay their fee after assessment and have the taxman pay me any refund direct.. no drama! People need to start getting worldwise savvy its a potential minefield out there for the unwary.. get smarter guys

Do Not Use QuickTax

I made the mistake of using QuickTax not once but twice and both times it was a FAIL. What they do is withhold your tax return UNTIL you chase it up with them. The first year I assumed that it was to be deposited within the timeframe given...6 months later I thought I’d better check and wow still no return!! The second time was similar, no return deposited so I’m forced to make that phone call to hear nothing but excuses from their second rate customer service team. One time is forgivable but twice? Nope sorry, not good enough. Save the pain and look elsewhere.

Crap and dishonest

I'm still waiting for my return wont be using them anymore wont be recommending any either scammers still no emails nor phone call they don't answer the phone sum numbers don't work i no my return has left ato and in there commonwealth acc dirty dogs

Assisting individuals who have been affected by Quick Tax

We are acting for a number of individuals who have had their tax return held by Quick Tax, if you would like us to assist getting your return back, please email me daniel.mcdonald@mcdonaldbolog.com.au. McDonald Bolog is a Victorian Based Legal Firm.

Daniel McDonald.

Jail Them

Like most of the other stories I have been conned. Supposed to get refund back 27th September 2018. ATO said it was paid into QTR account on 6th September 2018. Lost count on how many times I've rang and emailed without any reply. Like others I have reported them to ACORN, TPB, PERTH POLICE, A CURRENT AFFAIR, CONSUMER PROTECTION WA. I even phoned the COMMONWEALTH BANK as they use a COMM BANK ACC as do I and they were referring it to the legal department. I hope they get the grubs. Like other people have said, report them to as many departments as possible.

gone for good

i did some investigation, one of the owners is dead and the company is dissolving, the remaining owner has moved the money around a lot so unfortuntnately u wont get money back but they wont be doing anymore harm

Never received my refund

Used these scumbags and 8 weeks after lodging still to receive. ATO can’t do anything so I guess I’ll follow up with the police

Im still waiting on my refund

I have not received my tax refund spoke to ato they said they sent the money i checked they had received the money and changed my ato details to thiers. So guys if your like me and sent them your hundred point id we are stuffed because now they have access to every years tax return and ato said we have to report it to tpb.gov.au so someone help and report it.

ACORN has them in there sights

Just got and email today that they need some information. I'm not the only one that has reported them. I guess we will see what happens.

November 13th 2018 Update: The Fraud Squad is now taking over.

Just had and email from ACORN that the fraud squad is now taking over the case....Just have to wait to hear from them now.

Found them

I'm One of their latest victims. This company received $7000 on my behalf from the ATO and obviously knew that you're not gonna pay me as they have done with everyone else. I've done what I can and reporting them to TPB, acorn, and another organisation. I currently live in Sydney and sent one of my friends who Live in Perth to find these guys. After checking three different locations someone said that they had moved across the road without telling anyone and as my friend went into the building to find them he stumbled across some investigators who shut them down and who is currently investigating them. Who knows if I will ever get my $6000 back but one thing I know is this guys must go to jail and everyone involved including all of us as victims must do our best to report them. I Oliver's must do what we can to put whoever is in charge of this operation in jail for this is a criminal act. This organisation have committed crimes on all levels and they must pay. Please everyone file complaints to the police, acorn, TPB, and every other way possible. I cannot stress how much we all need to contribute and put these guys in hand cuffs

Dodgy tax agents

I used onlinetaxreturn.com.au to file my tax return in late August. I'm still waiting for my $4000 return to be paid into my account. Company is connected with quicktax.net.au and nicoh.com.au and possibly others. Anyone else who is dealing with these companies please report to ATO, ACORN and the TPB https://www.tpb.gov.au. Hopefully we can get our refunds back!

Gone into Liquidation

After endless emails and phone calls to this tax company, I found the guy who did my return on FB and he told me that the company had gone into liquidation! I get the impression he knew what was happening whilst working there, but left the company before it closed down. I have not received my tax refund and am doubtful if I ever will. I have no idea how to proceed.

Whats going on.

The past 3 years Ive done my tax with this company and never had a problem, this year I noticed they had changed their phone number and were not taking on new customers. Hmmm . Ok , The service was great as always but Im still waiting on my return after a month this is not what I call quick. Ive tried on several occasions to email with no response and to phone but i get a recorded msg. Like I said Ive not had a problem in previous years but would like my return ASAP. Not sure what to do next if It doent go in my account.


Called many times and messaged with no response it's been over a month very bad service I'd stear anyone away

Fraud (Big Scam)

Quicktax, onlinetax return, Nicoh, LKN, QTR Accountants Pty. Ltd and few others are same company but working under different names. They lodge my tax return and got money from ATO on September 4. They are not giving back my tax return money and nobody is replying emails and phone calls.
This company processed the tax return on customers behalf and refund money went to company account. After that they stopping answering calls and emails and disappear with customers refund money.


My husband lodged his tax return with LKN Accounting last year and with QuickTax this year and he got the money back ok. I lodged mine and I never heard back from them. No answer to my emails. Haven't been able to reach them by phone. Anyone had any luck with anything? I would be more than happy to see how we can proceed as a group, we might have a bit more luck...


Did my tax at the end of August ,haven’t still received my money rang them up about 2 weeks ago and they said that the money will be in on the 27th of September and still no money ,rang them up on Friday the 28th and no answer answering machine kept coming on and no fine call back ,so going for a drive today today and going to see them personally ,and if no one there then I will be going to the police station ,because I have this feeling I lost my money ,so just a warning don’t go with quick tax .
Rang taxation department and my money was released on the 6th September

Bad karma on you scammers

Will report the scammers to today tonight, police and all.
They have taken all of my money when I am in a desperate situation. They have Aussies working for them and answering calls pretending to be legit. How dare you!
What goes around comes around and hope jail time is the end result. To the workers, shame on you!!

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Please add me to the group, these low life thieving maggots robbed me of 9k. How can the ATO let this happen, pathetic. I'm off to see my Dad this week, dying of cancer, Im struggling to pay for flight....believe me QTR scumbags I wont let this go. I will find you. Keep the money , filthy scumbags I hope you die of brain cancer
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Yes I done my in August last year no money still police matter now trying to ring QTR and there not answering either
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We're is my money fraudsters

Quick tax has had my tax return since September $6500.00 Will not give it to me, what can I do ?
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