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Ego QV Cream

Ego QV Cream

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Skin Rash

I started using this cream on the Doctor's recommendation. I have sensitive skin, so checked with Chemist, they also recommended it.
So I rubbed it into my elbows, but within a few hours my arms above and below my elbow broke out in a bright red itchy rash. I guess because I washed my hands after use, my hands were OK. Please see if you can sample it, or buy the smallest size to check if it is right for you.

Purchased in February 2019 at Chemist Warehouse Physical Store for $6.50.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation Yes
Skin TypeSensitive Skin

Ego cream not the same as before causing irritation

Had used Ego skin cream for years and then no longer available. Salesperson suggested Ego QV cream...this is NOT the same. My skin became irritated. Very disappointed with the product.

Perfect for normal skin

Compared to other reviewers, I would say I have relatively average skin. I do not suffer from eczema or have allergies which would lead to adverse reactions. I use QV cream as a face moisturizer on a daily basis and I find my skin takes it in well and it is highly moisturizing. I also use it as a hand cream from time to time and it leaves my skin silky smooth. It is a simple moisturizer with minimal scent and a huge tub will last you for a long time. I previously used Cetaphil lotion as my face moisturizer and whilst it was highly absorbent, I found it did not moisturize my skin sufficiently enough in winter. I had patches of dry skin on my face. With QV, I rarely suffer these dry patches.

If you want a simple moisturizer without the bells and whistles, try QV Cream.

Terrible rash

I have used other QV products before and never had a reaction so decided to try the cream for my dry winter legs. I put the cream on my legs after a shower and just before bed by the morning the rash was so severe it was painful to even walk. My ankles were swollen and i had a red lumpy itchy rash from my toes upto my underwear line. I immediately showered and tried to wash off as much as i could and had to have several doses of phenergan during that week to calm and sleep comfortably.

The best

My daughter had horrific eczema/dermatitis since she was 1.5 years old. It was hard keeping it under control but this cream with a prescribed steroid cream cleared all blisters and rashes within 3 days. She baths in the QV bath wash and then has the cream applied afterwards. Amazing!!!!!!!!!

It does moisturise

I bought this tub when I felt my skin was dry and it was recommended to me by a sales rep at Terry White pharmacy. It was good in what it did but I didn't like the after feeling texture especially on my hands. I prefer a cream that absorbs in without a lingering feeling. However in saying this I now have to take daily medication of steroids for the rest of my life and they are making my skin all over my body feel extremely dry. I am finding now that the product is working much better than it did initially and I don't notice that lingering creamy feeling as much. Perhaps my skin is soaking the moisture up real quickly??

Not bad at all

I used to use this qv cream tube and the moisturiser works well as my hands were cracking due to dermatitis and my skin was getting itchy so I went to the doctor and he put me on to the wash and moisturisers but, now i use the pump pack and it's just as good .ego pharmaceuticals well done

Life Changing

About 2 years ago I had really severe eczema on my hands. I have had eczema ever since I was young for long periods of time, so the hope that my cracked and bleeding hands would ever heal in a decent amount of time would be like asking for a miracle. My hands got to the point that I would even have difficulty with the simple task of writing. By using large amounts of this cream with the help of steroids, my hands did clear up. Though I do have to give most of the credit to this hand cream since this is what I was using the most.

Developed a bad reaction to this over a year

I swapped from cetaphil intensive to this as I had developed severe stinging. It seemed that the qv cream was better but again I seem to have a problem after a year. They contain many of the same base ingredients eg glycerine in water which can sting very dry skin - However after being cleared of eczema with a steroid ointment I went back to the cream thinking maybe I would not now react with clear skin. Unfortunately after 1 day applying qv moisturiser. I have gone from white skin to red and hot and it is not fading after some hours. I clearly find this cream irritating. It is frustrating no idea on which ingredient irritates me in these creams- it might even just be glycerin for me..It may work for others, as it seemed to work for me for a while. Good luck!


I have tried most famous creams for dry skin, but it,s near 6 years that I use only Qv (face hand hand cream), I think its the best solution for dry skins and even I use it for my dry hair!! It is the only emoliant product I buy and I am so satistify with that. Many thanks for your excellent product.

Works for my 6 months old boy

For those of you who use this for their baby, can I suggest using the QV Baby cream instead? It's because babies skin are sensitive and you're using something which is normally used on adults and hence is stronger on the babies skin. I haven't used QV cream on my baby but instead have used QV baby cream and his eczema has really cleared up and his skin is smooth again. So before giving up on QV range, try QV baby on your baby. Also even if your babies skin clears up, ensure you still moisturise. Just like our skin dries up and we need to moisturise everyday, babies need this too.

Good luck to all the parents out there.

After 2 years of struggling with eczema, this helped the most!!

Started this a week ago. My skin was so dry and inflamed, but after continual use (moisturized about 3x a day) actually soothed it down heaps and reduced the appearance of redness. Friends have noticed a difference. really recommend it.

Thank God I Have Found A Cure

Omgoodness if I could post a photo of before and after of my baby girl, I would! I tried everything for her eczema that you could name for all moisturizers from olive oil to coconut and almond oil cause midwives said natural oils for newborns are the best, WRONG!!!! QV Baby is the best cream moisturizer EVERRR!! it sure is heaven sent!! Thank you so much I pray that they are blessed cause we sure are!!


My daughter (11) has extremely sensitive skin. She has been using QV deodorant with no problems. She had very dry skin on her legs from summer swimming so we bought the QV cream to try. Bad mistake. Almost immediately she broke out in a bright red itchy rash. It took a long cool shower plus lashings of Bio Oil and antihistamine for it to settle.

Severe rash after using

I used this cream on my arms after a bath, and woke up the next morning with a severe rash that took my a week to recover from. I thought that perhaps it was as a result of something else, so I then ensured I applied it under normal conditions again (normal diet, no other applications to skin) and the exact same thing happened...took me another week to recover and now just staying clear of this cream.
I have now moved to using the "Intensive" cream...so far so good.

Take care when using it around the eye area

My wife used Ego QV on the skin around her eyes and both eyes became swollen and enflamed for a number of days. She had to seek medical help to reduce the swelling. Care should be taken with this product.

Terrible rash from QV cream

My Mum used this and her arms have blistered and she is on strong antihistamines to try and stop the itching. She's never had a reaction to skin products before and used QV to aid her dry skin. Avoid this product which contains parabens and petroleum based products. How it is recommended for sensitive skin is beyond me.

Not good !!

I have a severe case of psoriasis on my foot and was told to use this cream to help with the dryness of my skin. Used it twice and the next day my foot was a whole lot worse and I was in a lot more pain than usual. I had a really bad reaction to the QV cream. If you are going to use it for the first time, I would suggest that you try it on a small area to see if there is a reaction. Mine is now in the bin .... I am now using bio oil with fantastic results.

Really bad for baby skin

My son (4 mths old) had a mild-moderate eczema and this product was recommended to treat his skin condition. After applying it once, he got a really bad reaction, made his skin look terrible, worst than his eczema, I had to use some prescribed meds to reverse the damage done, which I was trying to avoid. After talking to family and friends, this product has caused bad reaction to other babies too.

If you are a parent concerned about eczema, DON'T USE THESE PRODUCTS!!! Look for alternatives.

ok, but needs monitoring

Tried the qv cream,result is satisfying. But due to ingredient having paraben, not sure if safe to use long.
Hi mye, the paediatric recommend cetaphil skin restoring body wash for eczema, probably you can try

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Actually I want to know that if I put qv cream on baby face for dry skin then did they get hair on baby full of face and baby look ugly I just want to confirm because I am using but I am worry for that
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I suggest you try somewhere else on the body, small bit, to see if allergic to it before you apply to a face.

Looking for a free sample do you have some i can try? thank you
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Does ego q.v. have vitamin e ?
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QV Cream
Skin TypeDry
ApplicationBody and Hands
Release dateDec 2007

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