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Ego QV Skin Lotion

Ego QV Skin Lotion

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5 stars

I find most lotions drip off me in the summer heat but qv soaks into my skin very well. And I really love that the products are Australian made/ owned.

Purchased in February 2018.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeDry Skin

it was good

it was goods it really helped a lot for me and my skin and I would recommend it to others :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Very good for sensitive skin

Very soothing and light moisturising cream. Any kind of skin rushes it will rapairs completely. I recommend everyone who have sensitive skin or suffering skin problems. I personally use QV every day and my skin feels. Thanks QV for such a good product. I love it

Dry skin break through

I have tried quite a few different moisturisers for dry skin that becomes very itchy in winter and very frustrating when they do not work at all. This really moisturises the skin stops the itchiness and helps with the dryness

The Best, ever.

My Skin specialist said I had to use this lotion, and slaver it all over my body, morning and night. Which I did till the itchy patches calmed down, and now I use it after my shower each day. Even the podiatrist said I had nice feet, & I told her I used QV lotion on my feet as well, and she was impressed.

I would like to get a refund of the product

I bought a 1.25L at chemistry wharehouse spending about $17. The sample I used it before was good but the bulky one is very low quality as it is very thin and watery. There is no function to moisture skin at all. I think it just gets too watery when it applies to the skin. I am very disappointed. It is the worst body lotion that I have ever bought!

The greatest affordable lotion for face and body

I have oily skin and very light acne. I use it for both my body and face. It has a very light texture and absorbs within less than a minute. I think it is best to use, straight after a shower to close your pores. It doesn't sting my skin at all, no fragrance. Its good for my face which is also a little bit sensitive. If you have light sunburn it does help soothe your skin. It doesn't agravate my acne, I think my acne varies from season to season. I have only started using it in the begining of Summer 2016. I feel this is my go to lotion in Summer, since my skin is quite oily. Really this is a good lotion for face and body.

This is perfect! I cannot live without it.

I absoultely love this skin lotion. The only thing that I would say to improve the product is to make it the slightest bit thicker so that you don't have it to apply so much to your skin. The lotin has a great scent and is very mositurising! It is perfect to use in the summer when the cream version really isn't ideal because of the hot weather.

Great on eczema prone skin

My mum bought it for my daughter (8 months) because she has eczema pretty much everywhere and is super itchy. She brought it over with Pinetarsol bath oil to help soothe her skin. I was really skeptical about this product, because everything that I was given to help my daughter's skin were thick or oily. So heavy creams, balms, ointments (I've tried Mustella, Dermeze ointment from the products I can remember)

I love this product because it sinks into the skin quickly, while effectively moisturising. It doesn't leave a greasy residue, I can dress her straight after and not have to wait for the product to dry. It seems to soothe any irritated area, and I've noticed that she's stopped itching 85-90% of the time. Her skin is incredibly smooth for her, she's never had smooth skin unless we are using steroids. So this stuff has really impressed me, and I've only had it for a week.

Only Relief I've Had

This is by far the best relief for myself. Today I scratched so much that my skin weeped and every nerve hurt. The heat has agitated my eczema from my right hand to the left, my neck, chest, feet and now my face.

I scratched to the point of inflammation, I couldn't bear it any longer so I go to see the doc whom prescribes the usual creams.

I walked into the chemist tonight and thanks to the chemist who suffers from the same she suggest QV. I have instant relief I have also just taken some telfast the green one to help minimise the itch and I can't wait to have a good night sleep.
QV skin lotion has kept my skin from drying and itching straight away. I have tried goat milk wash and it just dried my skin out more and it was stinging my weeping skin so that didn't work and a waste of cash, pawpaw was still itching it, barrier cream was no relief and just the same and not to mention many other products. QV seems to work for me and I was at the end of my tether today. Every summer I suffer from ezcema or if I wear fake jewelry or certain perfumes. I am so happy I met someone who suffered from the same condition and was able to give me sound advice. Now I'm off to use my QV gentle wash. Hooraayy!!!

perfect for sensitive skin

I have eczema problem for years, and tried tons of products. QV lotion works best for me. It is not thick as others and the skin absorbs easier.
definitely recommend this product

Very good product

I bought the container from towradgi gold cross chemist as it was great value and found it to be just as good as the qv cream plus I liked the pump pack it's great / I would totally recommend the qv moisturiser container pump pack to anyone

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I bought a few different qv creams and found most of them which say manufactured by ego pharmaceuticals to be satisfactory and we'll to my liking

Works a treat

Finally! With reasonably dry and easily irritated skin I just love this lotion. It soothes, it's not greasy and just seems to be the right balance for me. Currently pregnant, I use it twice daily and also on my face. My skin hasn't been this nice in years. Thank you! Bubba will be getting the qv experience too.

Love it!

Love the fact it's unscented, non greasy, absorbs really easily, and makes my skin feel great. I have normal (but sensitive) skin and am breakout prone on some areas, particularly in summer, so for me the lotion is perfect. For those who have complained about it being too watery or not moisturising enough - use the cream, that's what it's for!!

Use this stuff every night before bed

I bought a large pump bottle of this stuff to use before bed - I'm trying to fade stretch marks. I like that the pump bottle lotion is thinner compared to the QV in the pot which is what my mum uses on her face. It isn't oily or heavy so I don't feel all clammy like I do when using conventional moisturisers like cheap Sorbolene.

I like that it has no fragrance, everything these days seems to be scented and I get a bit overwhelmed by it.

Was going to test out a different cream last time I ran out of QV but it ended up being the most cost effective so I didn't.
Not oily or sticky, thin enough for the body

Not as good as it used to be....

My family used QV for past 5 years now, and it was the best lotion and washer that we ever used, However since last year the lotion is getting thinner and very watery. I hope the company can review the quality of the product, otherwise your customers starting to shift to other products.

quality of the product is getting worse


This is the best lotion I have came across. We had used Johnson&Johnson for our baby(2 yrs) and it caused rashes. The chemist then recommended QV and its was fantastic, all the rashes disappeared in a weeks time. Definitely recommend this product Bought it from the Chemist Warehouse in Adelaide.
Smooth, No Harmful Ingrediants

Great for newborn

My newborn was overdue and had really dry, cracked and bleeding skin. I tried oils and baby lotions but it was very slow in improving. The chemist recommended Qv lotion and the results were almost instant and within a week her skin is baby soft and beautiful! And it was cheaper than all those fancy creams.
Fixed dry skin, inexpensive, safe for everyone

A better choice for sensitive skin

I have a extremely dry and itchy skin. And have tried so many lotion to fix it but mostly they just dried my skin more terrible. But not with QV skin lotion. It is very moisturizing and doesn't leave any greasy feeling.after applying it. It is really do the job.
Easy to apply, absorb as soon as you apply to your skin.
Little bit runny as a lotion.

Not for me!

Have used QV wash for years and really like it. Really didn't like the lotion, it was really thin and watery. My skin didnt feel smooth and soft at all. Definitely not for me

thin watery, didnt feel nice at all

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Questions & Answers

Can I use QV lotion on my face?
No answers

allergic reaction.. has anyone had any allergic reaction to this product or is it just myself? only used this once for my dry skin but instantly broke out in a bad/ red, itchy rash that's been irritant since last night (8th may 2017), and its gotten to the point where some of the rash has begun to bruise up/ tender-purple bruise colour... my boyfriend has also been affected by this product and has too gotten a rash from this... is there any % of perfume in the sensitive skin cream by any chance??
3 answers
I don't think that there is any perfume in the cream. You must just have really sensitive skin.It might not suit your skin type. I've been using it for over 12 years on my arms and legs as I have dry skin which I'd say is sensitive..I swear by it and sorry it doesn't work for you.I got a bad rash from Q.V. skin lotion too! Red and raised and VERY itchy. I got it all over my arms, chest and face. Took me a while to realise it was the lotion as it is made for sensitive skin so I thought it surely could not be what was causing the rash! I tested it out a few times over about half a year so I am 100% certain it was the lotion that caused it.

does qv cream contain steroid?
1 answer
No, QV Cream is completely steroid free.


QV Skin Lotion
Skin TypeDry
Release dateDec 2007

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