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RAA Home and Contents

RAA Home and Contents

2.5 from 33 reviews

Excellent, quick service.

I had a broken ipad pro 10.5 that I made a claim for on our accidental damage. RAA were fast and efficient. I was more than pleased with their service. They did ask for proof of the ipad specs which was no problem.
A few years back my husband had a car accident and our car was written off. Again RAA provided fast and efficient service.
I am happy with RAA and based on our experience with them would recommend them to others.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Coverage TypeHome & Contents
Property TypeHouse
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 weeks
Claim ApprovedYes
Claim DateMay 2019

Lost Keys

I recently lost a set of keys, including a car key with all the bells and whistles. They fell out of my bag while I was walking the dog. Reported to RAA and was asked if they had a name and address on them, when I replied No was told they would not be covered. Why would you have these details on a set of house and car keys? So someone could enter your house and rob it and drive away in your car? I asked if I was wearing a necklace or earrings and one of these items fell off would they be covered as no-one has name/address on these and told they would. I have the accidental cover for items used outside the home and thought I would be covered. I have done the right thing by submitting a police report and even making notices about the loss with my phone number included. I have handed these out, asked walkers in my area and even letter boxed with no success. No luck. I am now getting quotes from other insurers as I won't be renewing my policy which is due in a few days.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Bron, sorry to hear that you've been unhappy with our claims process recently, and thank you for providing your feedback. I can organise for this to be investigated for you, if you are able to please provide your member or policy number to online@raa.com.au Kind regards, Laura

Never could believe me

I had an incident with someone's car and I was discussing the matter with raa staff over the phone and whatever I said, she said I am wrong and asked me evidence and whatever the other party reported, she accepted. I felt that I am negotiating with other party's LAWYER, not raa customer service. I have two cars insured with raa and wanted to insure my home with them,as well, but got the lesson to find a better insurance company. Raa is an excellent insurance company as long as you keep, calmly, paying them. When it comes to costumer service? fever and pain!

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi Rozz, thank you for sharing your feedback and we're sorry to hear that you've been unhappy with our customer service recently. We'd like to look into this for you to ensure we can improve our service for members. Are you able to please send your claim number and any more details through to online@raa.com.au so we can do this? Kind regards, LauraHi Laura , thanks for replying. Here I put my policy number. Also, I have seen the photos of car that RRA has sent me, and that is not the car that I touched it. That's a different car in a different location and time. Regards Reza Policy number: MP00362465 Ref number: MC0279589Hi Rozz, thanks for sending this information through. I've passed this onto our team to investigate for you and asked them to give you a call to discuss. Kind regards, Laura

Dodgy, dishonest, unethical liars

Appalling unethical behaviour, took months to deal with a valid claim, then tried to refuse it on incorrect information, failed to disclose hidden policies, tried to change a policy retrospectively to avoid paying a claim, very stressful experience. Very unprofessional, incompetent company. Don't deal with them, they will do anything to avoid paying a claim!

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi there, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. We're sorry to hear you've been unhappy with our claims service recently and would like to investigate this for you. Are you able to please send your policy/claim number and a little more information through to online@raa.com.au so we can do this? Kind regards, LauraHi Laura it's already been investigated and the claim has been paid, as it should have in the first place!!! It took months to get sorted out during which time we were promised phone recordings which weren't sent, when I followed them up I was told the policy on sending them had been changed (that day!). The recordings proved what we had been saying was correct, that's why they weren't sent!! Incorrect information was relied upon as an excuse not to pay the claim and we had to go to extraordinary effort to provide evidence proving a simple claim was correct. Dodgy contractors were used by the RAA who did very poor repairs which had to be redone. The whole situation was ridiculous and very, very unprofessional. We have cancelled our policy. I have posted this review to warn other people about dealing with the RAA. I hate to think what would have happened if our house had burnt down! It was very stressful and unnecessary.Thank you for sharing this information, we can understand this would have been frustrating. If you'd ever like to provide your claim number at so that we can look into the specifics, we can use this to improve our processes. Kind regards, Laura


iPhone X was lost on a trip and dealing with Optus insurance resulted in 3 hours of being on the phone waiting and being told different information by different people. RAA sorted by claim in 10 minutes on the phone and approved in less than 24 hours. Thank you RAA.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Adam, thanks for writing us a review and so glad to hear you've been so happy with our insurance! Cheers, Laura

Nonsense company

Claim their road side premium membership covers majority of services, but when I had a flat TYRE and no spare, they claiming the towing included in my membership doesn’t count as it isn’t a mechanical issue and needed to pay an additional $100. Called again the next day for them to change the TYRE but refused as it wasn’t on the rim. Nonsense company, waste of $200 membership. Will not be joining again.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Lens, I'm so sorry to hear you have had issues with your roadside assistance. If you would like me to look in to this for you with our management team, I can do. If you can email the details and your membership number to info@raa.com.au attention Gemma, I can get started for you. Kind regards, Gemma

WARNING - Do not use RAA!

* Do not go anywhere near this organisation. They are liars, cheats and thieves, providing all promises but fabricating evidence when a claim is presented. My simple claim was around $1000 and has been drawn out for over three months before being finally disallowed. The net result, now cancelling three car policies, two house policies and two roadside covers as I do not want anything to do with these crooks. No doubt they are very proud of themselves!

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi there, thank you for writing a review for us and I'm sorry to hear you feel this way about your claim. We hate to think you are feeling this way and we can send through this information to our internal management team. Are you able to send your information to info@raa.com.au attention to Gemma and I will ensure we look in to this for you. Kind regards, Gemma

Claiming damaged phone has been a hassle

Policy was easy to set up through the local RAA service. And I love dealing with them. But as soon as you have to do any claims, you need to phone, are on hold for quite a long time and I haven't had a good experience. I've now been two weeks + without a phone. I have done everything I need to in a timely manner (posted the phone etc) but my claim has been accidentally cancelled once, customer service representatives have given me the wrong information on two occasions. When you are on hold, they ask whether you'd rather email and give those details. So of course that seems like the logical thing to do except they take weeks to respond to your enquiry. I like supporting them because they are SA based but this has been a bit tricky to organise. I'm about to call them AGAIN to see when my new phone will be here. Don't have high hopes!!! I'm just glad it's something minor like a phone and not a flooded kitchen or something!

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Rachel, sorry to hear you have had this experience. I will pass on the feedback to our relevant claims team about the customer service issues you had. Thanks again for sending in the feedback, it all helps us to improve our service. Kind regards, Gemma

Poor Service

Claimed my IPHONE on accidental damage as that's why I have it.
Got a letter from Apple, stating it needed to be replaced.
Now they are telling me that i have to take it into the store to be sent to the head office before they will replace it.
I have a letter why else do I need to wait.

Took it into a branch now and told would be sent off straight away, Called again, haven't received it yet.
In the mean time I have to wait without a phone, for them to receive it.
GRRR Thinking of cancelling my policy.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Tiff, sorry to hear you have had issues with our customer service for claims. I will send this feedback on to our team to review. Thanks again for taking the time to write in. Kind regards, Gemma


Customer support is very poor for existing customers. I rang with a simple question about to seek for information about my increased premium and the 'customer support person' over the phone was really rude and raised his voice at me. Customer support service treat customers with contempt.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Kesha, thank you for taking the time to review our insurance. I will ensure this feedback is passed on to our team to help review our customer service for claims. Kind regards, Gemma

RAA Home and Contents Insurance Claim - Prompt excellent Service by local SA Service Team

This week I needed to make a claim for food spoilage after major flooding and storms caused significant power failures across the state. My claim was actioned promptly by the caring and dedicated team at RAA Insurance. My claim was completed in less than 2 days. Now that is service. Well done RAA Insurance.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi PC55, thank you for this feedback, it is great to hear. I will ensure it is passed on to our team. Kind regards, Gemma

pinery fire

they just ignore you when you make a claim to do with an exsiting issue if they do not want to deal with it. no phone call and nothing in writing. they are so rude and treat their customers with comtempt.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi there, I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience with our services. I will ensure your feedback is sent on to our team to help review our service levels. Kind regards, Gemma

It's refreshing to speak with local customer service

I've been with RAA for several years and they have always been a pleasure to deal with. Friendly customer service, prompt attendance and peace of mind. What more can you ask for?

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Carlo, thank you for this great feedback. It's lovely to hear that we could help you. I will ensure this is sent on to our team. Kind regards, Gemma

Major fire still not finalised. Dealing with incompetent thieves helping themselves to family belong

No way will I ever do business with RAA again. It will be too easy to stage a burglary now that some things have been replaced with new and they have details of my claim and valuations. Delays, false payout figures, dodgy scams, theft on a big scale. What customer support do they make, I never found any but having to deal with incompetent thieves on my own, RAA would not take police action. FOS working to rectify masses of problems, then on to Police fraud squad, and court action for compensation on the near horizon. If you let them know your security details, watch out. Their ethos is theft from top to bottom.

August 28th 2017 Update: RAA have not honoured the terms of their policy because they are incompetent.

Keep a detailed account as every situation arises, it can then be taken to court as proof of mismanagement. Take photographs of damage to build and contents and compare them with pre-fire damage.
RAA prefers total destruction, making payout easier for them rather than having to restore and replace.
Ombudsman fought to get my claim finally settled after two years of struggle. Compensation withheld due to loss of medical certificate.
Customer Support from RAA is zero. When faced with theft by their employees they are aggressive, they do not have police checks on their staff.
Workmanship is shoddy, fifth rate.
Builder could not build a replacement carport.
Delays with repair work, fraud, incompetent assessors in collusion.
Scams for claims for non-existant work.
Under quoting for reimbursement of repair work

Insurance claim madeYes

Excellent service and recommended

Recently switched to RAA after 20 years with other insurers. Unfortunately, my laptop (which is essential for my work) was stolen last weekend. I felt terrible about claiming so soon after taking out the policy, but RAA were absolutely superb and the ladies who assisted me were first-class. Speedy, zero hassle and friendly. I would thoroughly recommend them.

Insurance claim madeYes

Not the RAA we used to know

RAA home and contents insurance are a joke. Good policy but their underwriter IAG are all idiots. After a recent breakin followed by damage from a burst water plumbing they sent an assessor who was thorough and quoted correctly for damages he can see and expect. This was followed by another assessor which estimated a much lower figure to fit their own estimate. This led to lots of discrepancy as all the contractors later found more damage as expected by first assessor. Been 8 months now and when we complained we ended up being watched and interviewed by their private eye investigator which is a total idiot. Essentially, if you live in a not preferred street and you are Asian , might as well don't bother insuring with RAA. They treat honest people like criminals. Will be cancelling all of our policies with RAA and no more of their BS.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Been almost 2 years now, still not settled. They have done hasty cut and paste plumbing repairs leading to mould growth inside the walls. They kept blaming us for ongoing damage yet wouldn't let us get our own contractor in to at least get the house to liveable conditions. I have noted RAA car insurance and home insurance are selling their false promises on TV. Stop trusting in the RAA name. Go with Allianz or something else.

Poorest customer service ever!

I submitted a simple claim over 6 weeks ago and it has still not been resolved. Their customer service is awful. I have spent literally hours on the phone trying to initially make and then follow up my claim. They do not call back when they say they will. How are you supposed to finalise a claim when you can't get any response from the company?

Insurance claim madeYes

Amazing Product From An Amazing Company

Recently purchased a property and had RAA upgrade the current alarm system. We now have it monitored by cellular and doesn’t need a home phone line. This also gives us an "App" to turn the system on and off as well as check the logs of when the system was armed and disarmed.

As we have pet's it was critical that we minimise false alarms using Pet Immune detectors, so far I am over the moon! Not a singe false alarm.

The system was installed with care and any extra holes left from the old panel were patched up by the tech. He also had his own vacuum and cleaned up any mess that was caused by the work performed.

We had one minor system tweak we wanted done after installation (the zones bypassed when we are home/sleep) and this was organised with a minimum of fuss. While it wasn't resolved at the first appointment, they organised another person to come and make the change. Both of these appointments were organised at no cost to us.

We are now very happy, save 30% on our contents insurance and feel even more secure in our home.

RAA are not an insurance company, they are IMA aka insurance Australia Group Ltd (IAG)

You will never deal with an actual RAA employee. They will all be IAG once a claim has been made.
These guys are crooks. 26 months post fire and still nowhere near settled. They started with one page repair scope of works, then 1.2 pages. Sat on that for four months. Got one of their experts in who did a fair job, and created detailed 16 page Sow......then they ignored it. Watered it down to fit their preconceived figure.
We have detailed info showing that they created the payout figure prior too any costings. Also companies that have never seen their apparent "quotation" that the insurer provides. Super dodgy. We are at the financial ombudsman service, and will be going to Victoria Police fraud department immediately after.

You have been warned.....go to Suncorp, Allianz or AAMI

Insurance claim madeYes

complete nightmare!!

I cannot imagine a worse experience. My house was broken into more than three months ago. The front screen door and wooden doors were smashed. I had no less than six people come to my home for various quotes and inspections. My door was barricaded with ply wood for safety - meaning I couldn't use the door - not to mention fire safety issues. 7 weeks and many complaints later - a temporary door was installed. It is now 14 weeks since the break in and no repairs have been done AT ALL.

I asked to be paid out so I could do the repairs myself - the value of the pay out fell by more than a third immediately. It took more than eight weeks for any agreement on key electrical items to be replaced and I need for work!! Every small bit of progress takes a multitude of emails and phone calls. I am very distressed and stressed.

Do not go there

Insurance claim madeYes

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Questions & Answers

Is my lost/stolen mobile phone covered by contents insurance?
3 answers
Hi Natalie I can’t answer that question, you will have to ask them depending on your policy. If they say no, don’t take their word for it, read your policy and double check. We found them appalling to deal with. They went to extraordinary lengths to not pay a small, valid claim. They eventually paid it as it was very clearly covered under our policy and we started action with the Insurance Ombudsman but the whole experience was very unpleasant. We were lied to, they withheld evidence when we asked for phone recordings which proved what we had told them, they even retrospectively changed a policy! We cancelled our policy with them and are now insured with a much more reputable business. I strongly suggest you find another insurer. Imagine what would happen if you had a big claim!!!If there is nothing on the phone to identify you, they will probably reject your claim. Try to claim it and if rejected complain to the Ombudsman. I have found them helpful. I am still waiting on a resolution re my lost keys. Have sent them quotes but have no reply yet.Hi Natalie, depending on your policy and options you've chosen your mobile phone could be covered. The best option would be to give us a call on 8202 4567 so we can check your policy for you and provide advice on how to make sure you're covered for the things you need, like a mobile phone or laptop etc. Kind regards, Laura

My son dropped his mobile phone from his shirt pocket whilst on the roof of our house it has smashed beyond repair the phone is on an optus plan with a $500 cost for replacement is this covered under our home and contents insurance accidental damage?
1 answer
Hi John, so sorry to hear your son's phone is broken! We can certainly check whether this would be covered under your insurance policy for you, are you able to please provide your full name and policy number, as well as your DOB and address (for privacy) to online@raa.com.au? Cheers, Laura

Does RAA have a branch and staff who live and work in SA.? Just comparing with SGIC who's staff work interstate
1 answer
Hi they sure do many branches in SA

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