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Redwin Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil Moisturiser

Redwin Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil Moisturiser

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Wonderful product !

I used while having radiation ,after a breast cancer operation ,Absolutely wonderful ——- Not one blister , Have been recommending it to anyone I know who is having treatment.Three years on & I still lather it all over face ,neck & arms !

Purchased at Big W Retail Stores for $4.50.

Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeCombination Skin

Great product!

I have acne and sensitive skin and I have been using proactiv for years but it came to the point where my face felt dry, I purchased Redwin vitamin E with evening primrose oil and my face feels hydrated and I still have not had one pimple!! I'm very happy with this product. I highly recommend it. Great body and face moisturiser and it's not expensive!

Purchased at Woolworths for $4.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeCombination Skin

Cheap, & works well.

I've been buying Redwin Vitamin E cream for a few years now. I was looking around for an effective "cheap" moisturiser to use on my legs after shaving, & also on my hands at nite before bed. This one has been wonderful, & works amazing well. A huge 300g jar, for so little money. I think its just over $4.00, & can be found in Coles & Big W. Not sure if Woolies has it, but they probably do.

Made in OZ, too, & this pleases me a lot, as I like to buy Australian whenever I can. It has a very pleasant scent. Not too overpowering.

The only thing I am not keen on with this product is, just like a lot of other moisturisers & shampoos etc, it contains parabens. These chemicals have been proven to be very bad, & should be avoided as much as possible. Its the reason why I choose not to use this on my face. I use Nivea Soft on my face instead. (see my review).

A few years ago, Jennifer Hawkins was advertising this Redwin Vitamin E cream on tv. One reason why I thought I'd give it a go. If she uses it in real life, then its done wonders for her, so it will do wonders for the rest of us! :)

If you are after a cheap, effective, moisturiser, you can't go wrong with this one. It lasts for ages. The jar is nice & chunky as well, & not easy to knock over in the bathroom.

Purchased in September 2018 at Big W Retail Stores for $4.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin TypeSensitive Skin

I like it BUT...

I purchased this recently and I really like it but I am really disappointed that it is perfumed. If it was fragranced by adding natural oil I wouldn’t mind but it is ‘perfume’ and this puts me off it.
It does make my skin feel smooth though I think I’ll stop using it on my face.
Great price!!!

The best on the market there is s reason why it works

Primrose oil helps the skin i advise if you have skin irritations dont apply it on the face.see a dermatologists the primoise oil absorbs the skin for a reason it helps the small enxyme on skin smooth and helps lift the collagen and vitsmin E helps it is an antioxident that helps protects the skin from damage from day to day toxins,and helps the mousterier on a much deeper level.i use it and it works wonders


After a year of applying Redwin Vitamin E cream on my face it just made my acne scars worst . It stretched the acne scars and deepens the scars even more , maybe its due to all the chemical ingredients in it and too much alcohol and parfum which apparently dries up your sensitive skin especially the face.. So do not apply this cream on your face , it will definitely make your acne scars even worst..


I have been diagnosed with PCOS for sometime. I used to have clear skin. However, with this condition, I had massive acne breakout on my cheeks. I have tried many many many products but nothing like this! My acne reduced and I started getting compliments back of my smooth skin! It's cheap and works wonders!!!

Awesome cream

I have been using this cream with the primrose oil in it. It is the best cream. Leaves skin so lovely and soft. It isn't thick so it absorbs into the skin really good after a shower or bath
Love it

Love this product

Makes my skin feel so soft. makes my face clear and glowing I can not live without it. My teenage daughter loves it to so lucky it's affordable. Thanks for a great product!!!

This product is the best thing on the market

My goodness what a excellent product recently had a hip opp,staples red raw dry itchy we saw the product in woolies,I dab it on at first then went really soft ,my scare is wonderful now also I went to the excema I got on arms legs ,fantastic I've told lots of people about this wonderful product excellent reviews from them ,and the price is wonderful well done

works soooo good!

my dermatologist recommended me to use this product for my skin allergy, it was like I was having psoriasis. during the first 3 days of my my allergy I used cetaphil moisturizer hoping it can heal the inflammation and dryness(thus itching a lot) but unfortunately it was not.thumbs up to this product, it was not irritating at all. mild enough for any skin type.. however, I would recommend to ask your dermatologist first before using any product esp when your skin is super sensitive like mine.


Started using this product a few weeks ago and find it excellent. Its a simple, cheap moisturiser but so effective on dry skin. Better than alot of the more expensive brands

Smells great and is thick but does not feel heavy

My legs get very dry and I've found that this product keeps them well moisturised. I also tried using it on my face as I've read that Vitamin E fades away scars and dark spots left by acne by promoting tissue repair. I've been using it for about a week but haven't noticed any difference, though it hasn't clogged my pores or made my skin worse. It smells great and if you're just looking for a moisturiser to prevent dryness, I would recommend it.

Getting better

Can have a better smell for example a lavender or rose scent. I believe this would make a better product. Other than that it is quite a good useful product

Awesome cream .. Best moisturising cream ever found

I was searching for the moisturising cream which is cheap but effective and non greasy . Then I found very good reviews of this product in product review .com and I tried this product and I am completely satisfied with it . It's price is reasonable and it works equivalent to the expensive cream found in the market . Highly recommend this product .
Thank you product review

Really, really great

Cannot but agree with other reviewers. This stuff is very good and very affordable. It is light, penetrating and non greasy. If you set out to design a quality product you could use this as a template.

I can recommend this product for all to use and it's a reasonable price .

I have tried many products for my skin as its sensitive and they always caused a reaction to my skin .
Since finding redwin vitamin e and primrose oil I use it on my face , hands and arms as my skin is very dry .
I recommend this product to use its really fabulous .
Shirley .

Great for overdue babies!

I use this on my eczema but I used this on my first born who was 4 days over and now my 2nd who was 10days over. It cleared up the dryness and bleeding cracks. It made their skin so soft and smell so good. People always ask me what I used on them. Very happy to recommend. Wish the hospitals stocked it! The tub is thick, non greasy and keeps skin beautiful for hours. Great while pregnant for itchy skin as well.

I haven't looked for another moisturizer ever since

This is hands down the best moisturizer I have come across. I use it all over my body including my face. It absorbs so well, and cleared up any sensitive patches I have on my face due to pollution exposure etc. it doesn't irritate at all and also cleared up my whiteheads, this product is a miracle and best part is, it's hella affordable..I hope Redwin never discontinues this product co it's basically the only one that works best for me and if been through so so many products in the past..

Hair & New skin growing on my forearms after years of itching!!!!

I started using Redwin Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil mosturiser as a last resort for severe scaring over twenty + years of hay fever rash. Scaring was dark and no hair would grow on my arms and they were always itchy and the only way I could sooth it was to hold it under hot running water, Until I found This amazing product. After nearly a year of use and supplying quite large amounts of cream in the evening I can now see new skin coming through the dark scaring that looks like burn scars. An last night I actually found new hair growing on my arms you know something is working when the result brings you tears of joy. Thank you Redwin keep up the great work.

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Questions & Answers

Redwin vitamin cream can use in hot season?
2 answers
Redwin Vitamin E cream can be used all year round. Its very good. And cheap. Only about $4. I buy mine from Woolies or Big W.This cream is absolutely the best . I used it while having radiation,after having surgery for breast cancer, and didn’t have any blisters,to the amazement of my oncologist! This all took place during the summer months & I continue to still use it every day Not sticky at all! I recommend it to other people all the time.

What chemical ingredient is the actual vitamin E!
No answers

Is the product ie vitamin e cream, halal? Your other products have the halal logo on the containers hence I am confident using them.
No answers


Redwin Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil Moisturiser
Price (RRP) $5.99
Skin TypeDry
Day/Night UsageNight
Release dateFeb 2012

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