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Remifemin Menopause Symptom Relief

Remifemin Menopause Symptom Relief

4.2 from 83 reviews

Took 3 weeks to kick in, BUT WOW!!!

Like my title says, it took a while to work, but once it did, WOW!! - I've gone from 12-20 severe hot flushes a day to maybe 1 or 2 barely noticeable ones!!
I'm 52, and about a month ago, the hot flushes arrived...with gusto.
I was getting them every hour or so, 24 hrs a day. Thankfully, I hadn't began to experience much depression or change in mood yet, apart from the dreaded realisation that this debilitating spontaneous combustion could now be part of my daily life for several years! I was dreading going to bed, even though I was completely exhausted,...and specifically dreading winter, knowing how much I feel the cold, how would I cope with being hot then cold then hot then cold all the time?
Anyway, once Remifemin began to work, I can honestly say my life was restored to normal.
Stick with it if you don't get great results straight away, I know some people do, BUT, my doctor assures me that most herbal based remedies for any issue take up to 5 weeks to properly work, as they work by changing the way your body reacts to an issue, rather than addressing the actual Issue.
I would even forgo my beloved coffee if I had to choose between the 2!! ( thankfully, I haven't had to do that yet!)

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $23.00.

Value for Money
Side Effects None
Symptom ReliefSignificant Improvement
Which symptoms did this product provide relief from? Anxiety, Hot Flushes and Sleep Disturbance
Effective Within A month

What a relief..

Going through menopause without taking HRT was my own choice, I suffered with very bad insomnia, only getting about 2 to 3 hours sleep, with hot flashes constantly throughout the day and night was debilitating, I was irritable, moody and felt as if I was going insane, I'm a runner and run 5kms every day and this was not helping me sleep, I tried other products and nothing worked at all, I decided to give Remifemin a go and see if they helped, I started taking 2 in the morning and 1 at night, have been taking them now for almost 3 weeks, I have noticed that my sleep pattern has improved greatly, I'm now sleeping about 6 hours every night and my hot flashes have decreased by half, I'm delighted, what a game changer, I feel much happier in myself and have so much more energy, wish I had found these earlier.

I feel human again

I started taking Remifemin two weeks ago after having my ovaries hypofunction after a hysterectomy. The night sweats, sleeplessness, anxiety and tears made me feel like life had instantly become a nightmare. Within three days of taking it I noticed no night sweats and the anxiety wasnt as intense.
By the beginning of week two I was sleeping 6 hours, a major plus on the two hours I was having prior. I also noticed emotionally I felt better than I have in months. So happy my GP recommended this product to me

Really worth a try

I actually felt instant relief from hot flushes. I take remifemin plus one in the morning and one at nighttime. During the day they were very effective, but I found that night just not enough relief, though still better than not taking. But for me getting through a day at work without horrible hot flushes was great. Definitely worth trying this product.

Best product ever

This stuff is awesome. I was waking in the middle of the night with hot flushes and my sleep was broken. After taking this product for a week I haven't had ANY more hot flushes at all. My sleep still isnt the greatest but not waking to a hot flush is so good. I will continue to take this product while it continues to work.

Worth a go!

I am just now 50, and having gone through Menopause with HRT for the last 5 years, believed I was finished. Then about 6-months after finishing the HRT, it all came back. The constant tears, sleepless nights with night sweats, multiple hot flushes throughout the day. I have just started a new job and was terrified I would lose it due to the emotions. Tried Remifemin, 1 tablet, twice daily. Been on it only a week and already the symptoms are starting to ease, the most noticeable is sleeping all night and no more tears. Hoping it will last so I do not have to go back on HRT. Fingers crossed!!!

Changed my life (and others around me) !

I am currently in the early stages of early menopause suffering night sweats, grumpiness and generally feeling like crap.
Read up on Remifemin and after taking it for 2 weeks I started to feel better. Night sweats has ceased and my general outlook felt much sunnier.
I have been taking Remifemin for about 3 months and I feel fabulous :)
It worked a treat for me. Highly recommended !

UPDATE November, 2018:
I have now been taking Remifemin for approximately 9 months and I feel GREAT ! I did stop taking it for a week about 2 months ago and I just starting feeling awful. Stressed, short tempered, on edge all the time and also the dreaded night sweats had returned. I went straight back on the tablets and after a couple of weeks I generally felt better about myself and started sleeping more soundly (without sweating during the night).

For me, Remifemin is an affordable, drama free way of controlling the side effects of my Menopause adventure !

Worked for my symptoms

I was waking up every night due to hot flushes because of menopause, so I bought some Remifemin.
I’m happy to say that after only a short time, my hot flushes stopped. This product works for me.

Back to normal!

I am 49 and have suffered 12 months of debilitating dizziness and balance issues. I had not had a day off work in five years prior, and I was very active and fit. The dizziness was constant and debilitating, I had to take 3 months off work and gym, feeling too ill and fatigued. I saw my GP multiple times, a vestibular physio and a top migraine neurologist, I tied a few migraine meds and vestibular exercises, which only resulted in feeling worse. I felt hopeless and emotional and began to think I’d never shake the dizziness and fatigue. I’d always been such a high energy girl. Finally after 11 months I decided to try Remifemin after going some reading and having a colleague recommend it. I started with one tablet twice a day but increased to two tablets twice a day and after 4 weeks I just can believe how much better I’m feeling. The dizziness has lifted and my energy levels are returning. I’m getting my mojo back and feeling amazing. Fingers crossed this continues. I’ve expedited no side effects Amazing! I’m so grateful

Remifemin made me smile again....

I WAS suffering terrible hot flushes several times a day. The only way i could cool off was to lay on the tiles..just like the dogs do when they are hot. A friend recommended remifemin so l decided to give it a try....Best thing ever. The tablets took about 3 weeks to work but yeeha...no more hot flushes! I definately recommend it!

I'm back to my old self again

I've been taking remifemin now for over 4 years now and I will never stop taking them. I was recommended to try remifemin by my chemist after my doctor said that I was starting pre-menopause and I was getting hot sweats etc. I wasn't sure it would work at all but to my surprise it did and pretty much in the first week. I take 2 tablets in the morning and 2 in the evening and since then haven't had anymore menopause symptoms at all. I highly recommend this product.

Worked for me in the first week!

The first week I started taking Remifemin I feel it has definately worked. I’m sleeping better, no night sweats, no irratibilty and in general feel a lot calmer with less anxiety!

Remifemin Plus works just give it time

I was skepital at first because nothing was happening but it said it could take 2-4 months to work, so I persisted. Sure enough after 2 months there was a decrease in my symptoms, at least 50% for my hot flushes and night sweats, now 3 months on and they're pretty much all gone, so happy.

Saved my life

I just want to say that after months of continuous sweating & headaches and all other symptoms, but the sweating profusely was horrendous, it got to the stage I didn't want to go out anywhere. I went to my doctor who run blood tests for any thyroid problems, which all came back fine. He then asked me a few questions & suggested HR therapy, which I didn't want to take.
He then suggested something natural and mentioned Remifemin.
So I was desperate. I went and purchased them from chemistwarehouse 100 tablets for $22.50 I am almost speechless because of the almost instant relief I have experienced. They litrilary have saved my life. I would recommend anyone suffering from similar problems to try them. No more sweating profusely when out, it's all stopped.
I'm 52 & have been suffering for some time but it got unbearable.
I'm so glad I found this product. It's truly amazing & better still all natural.
Thank you Remifemin!

December 15th 2017 Update: Unbelievable results

I've now been taking this for over 2 months & I am astounded by the results. I was in a constant sweat it was horrendous, mood swings, but mist deblitating was the constant sweats. I almost got to the stage where I didn't want to go anywhere, but since taking Remifemin Menopause Symptom Relief, all the sweats have gone to my total amazement. My doctor suggested HRT I said that I didn't really want to go on to that, do he then suggested something natural. I went straight to chemistwarehouse and bought some. I wish I'd mentioned that I was having these symptoms earlier.
Highly recommend that you try this, I noticed a difference within a few days, that's how bad it was.

2nd time lucky? No way.

I tried it at the beginning of menopause which was not helping. I switched to hrt for 2 years reducing dosage to about a quarter with great relief. My partner was really worried I'd get cerncer so I went "cold turkey" for 2 months Sleep deprived and desperate I thought I'd try again. One month later I don't feel any difference, still sleepless and fatigued.

I was skeptical but desperate for help.

Im 47 and due to a hysterectomy a few years back, I have gone into full blown Menopause including weight gain, hot flashing and horrible anxiety which is completely out of character for me. The nights were the worst and at best I was surviving on about 4 hours sleep due to constant night flashes. This then affected my moods and I felt like a zombie.
Someone at work suggested evening primrose oil so I headed to the chemist to buy some. Thankfully the Naturopath on staff talked me into (and she really had to!) trying Remifemin and combining it with Evening Primrose and St Johns Wort . It took 2 full weeks to work but I have to say, I am down to one flash a night and I'm sleeping really well. I feel so much better and have also now included Magnesium and Thyroid assist (Iodine & Selenium) and I'm starting to lose the weight around my middle already after only 1 week of use.
I can't believe that taking these natural supplements have helped me so much and I just know that the Remifemin is the main contributor to this.
The doctor was going to prescribe me Livial and now I feel like I can avoid HRT altogether. Please give them a go as you may just be as surprised as I have been.

Unfotunately not for me!

I started using Remifemin after it was recommended to me by a friend. I believe it relieved me from the hot flushes however I also develop a very dry and bloody nose, which is something I never suffered from before. I therefore stopped using Remifemin and after about a month, which was the time it took for my nose to heal, things are finally back to normal. This is not a symptom I have read about anywhere but thought it may be worth mentioning.

Worked for a while...

Product was great! My reason was night sweats with no diagnosis except early menopause (I was 36). My husband saw a packet at the pharmacy & asked me to try them. I initially started taking 4 tablets daily - 2 morning/night and they kicked in around 2wks later. I lowered my dosage to 2 daily over 8 months with great results of dry nights. Then they come back, not with a vengeance, just back. My Dr recommended Harmony Menopause which also works, I’ve had dry nights for 2yrs.
I’m researching again as the Harmony Tablets have stopped working. I picked up Remifemin Plus w St John wart and hope like hell they will give some relief while I go through the motions with my Dr again.

Life saver

This product saved my life...from waking up every night Numerous times to hot flushes and night sweats plus the occasional day flushes headaches and mood swings I am back to my normal self. This did take the three weeks to work as was directed but its effects have been life changing for me. I highly recommend all menopausal women to give it a try. I'm so very glad I did.


Unfortunately it was short lived.
After 5 months I got a cycle and since then the hot flushes and night sweats have returned. Not as bad in frequency (about 3 a night) but the severity is 10 times worse. I am persevering with the tablets for another month which will be 2 months since my cycle and if symptoms don’t improve looks like it’s the HRT for me.

Relief from Memopause

Oh my goodness. This was a godsend to me. The hots sweats all but stopped and sleep came back Gave me life back and didn't have to go on the dreaded HRT.

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Questions & Answers

I have been taking two tablets in the morning and then two at night advised by pharmacist. I have notice systems of hot flushes coming back , should i keep taking them or try something else. thank you. Karen
No answers

I need to stop taking remifemin for 1 week prior to surgery. Should I slowly decrease remifemin or just stop taking remifemin for that week ? TIA
No answers

The regular Remifmin says to take 2 a day and the night time says taking one per night. So do I take one of each each day?
2 answers
Lyn, I have only used remifemin plus, the recommended dosage specifies one tablet twice a day but if necessary take two tablets twice a day. So two to four tablets seems to be ok, but you should ask the pharmacist or GP if you have doubts.Hi Lyn,, I'm using remifemin plus, the dosage says 2 tabs per day 1 in the morning and 1 at night. I actually take 2 in the morning and 1 at night, I have found this to be working well for me, my doctor said this dosage is safe and I am feeling the benefits of this in only 3 weeks,,I'm sleeping better and my hot flashes have certainly decreased as well as my agitation. Menopausal life is more manageable these days, don't feel like I'm going insane anymore,,lol. I have tryed other products on the market without any success so I'm definitely sticking with remifemin plus.

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