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Remington i-LIGHT PRO+ Face & Body IPL IPL6500AU

Remington i-LIGHT PRO+ Face & Body IPL IPL6500AU

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Used once on legs & results already!

I was about to invest $500+ to get my legs lasered at a laser clinic, however I decided to do some research and invest in my own home system. I bought this one while it was on sale... and it’s the best investment! I did one treatment on my legs at Level 3 (mid strength, I was nervous about pain) and 2-3 weeks later I can already see that there’s about 50% less hair! It’s patchy because I missed some spots, but it’s made it evident that the areas treated haven’t grown back yet. I have tanned skin with dark hair. Can’t wait to try it at a higher strength and see how the results are after a couple months. Would recommend!

Love this product

I wish i brought this product sooner!! I have dark hair and for myself i could notice less hair after the first session. I was using every two weeks and all hair was gone after the 3 session, pain level was minimal the better the shave prior to use the less little zaps you will get. After stopping it took months for hair to regrow which is finer than original, some still haven't returned. Now i only need to use occasionally now.

Turned hair white! Bigger problems now

Well I'm so disappointed in this product. I purchased from myer, it came with a 90 day money back guarantee but also says results take longer.. it's been 8 months now and because of the requirement to shave before using I'm not dealing with so much more hair. Not only do I now have more thick corse hair most of it has gone white (and still corse) I used this product on the highest setting and followed instructions. Very disappointing

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Hi Bella, Thank you for taking the time to write a review, your feedback is very important to us. We are sorry your experience was a disappointing one. If you would like to call our toll free number 1800623118 one of our Consumer Service Representatives would like to discuss this further with you. We look forward to hearing from you. Regards Consumer Services Team.

Great customer service

I bought this from Harvey Norman Preston, great price and excellent service. I have used it twice on chin hair and the results are fantastic.The hair has completely gone. I am now using it on upper lip and under arms. It's very easy to use and you do get used to the little zap. I really like this product as it's used at home and much cheaper than going to a salon.I am also going to start on my legs. Will post my results after a month. I really recommend this product. The globe in this unit never needs replacing. The older model IPL globes only lasted about 2 years and needed to be replaced. So well worth the money. The model I bought does both face and body.

Useless even after 6 months

Very, very disappointed as I have used this product weekly for over 6 months now and can see no difference in hair growth. I recently went on holidays and resorted to using an epilator as I was not prepared to be seen with the growth on my legs left after using this product. From my point of view a complete waste of money.

Hi Katielou, thank you for your comments, all feedback is welcome. Please call us on 1800-623-118 to speak to one of our consultants will be able to assist you. Regards, Remington Consumer Services.Well I phoned Remington as suggested above and that was a complete waste of time. The lady said to try and use the product once every 2 weeks instead of weekly to get a result!! This is despite the instruction booklet stating "continuous WEEKLY use will give good results within 6-12 weeks (darker skin tones may take longer)". I do not have dark skin and have had no difference in growth in 6 months. Really poor customer service. Will not be purchasing Remington products after this experience

Great solution to hair removal

Since using this product I have noticed a huge reduction in hair regrowth with only 5 uses. I look forward to seeing the outcomes from further treatments. It’s an easy to use machine with each treatment taking about an hour to complete, which I find preferable to making appointments for sessions. Usually just watch TV while I complete the treatment. Would highly recommend this product to anyone whose has the recommended hair colour and skin tone

Great Product!

This product is great, achieving the same results as clinics. It is simple and easy to use in the comfort of your own home.
As it is compact in size it is easy to handle and store.
I highly recommend it.

Laser burns!!!

I have had laser hair removal plenty of times in a clinic, so I thought it would be a good idea to invest in a portable machine to use myself. I had it set to the lowest setting and have woken up with burns on me, I'm extremely upset and disappointed as I am now worried I will have permanent scars as a result.

If you are thinking about buying this product, I would recommend spending the extra money and having it done by a professional. I don't believe this is safe.

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Dear Lauren, Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry that you have had this experience with your IPL product. Please be assured this is certainly not normal and we would not want this to happen to anyone. If you could please call us on toll free number 1800 623 118 we would like to discuss this matter further with you. regards Consumer Service Team

Thrilled by results

Very easy to use and amazed by the results after 1-2 applications. I have dark hair and can verify that regrowth is stopped almost all over after the first few sessions. No more waxing!

Love it!

Absolutely amazing product!
Works exactly like the real deal. I Bought it from the shaver shop for only $289.
It will definitely save me money in the long run. The product it self isn’t too big either so it doesn’t take up much storage space. I definitely recommend it to any one who is tired of waiting for their laser clinic to have a 30% off sale :-)


I treated my bikini line and underarms 8 weeks ago following the instructions, with a couple of cheat treatments in between, and have had an excellent result. Almost zero hair regrowth. Treatment is basically painfree just a tiny zap sensation then no after effect at all. I have medium skin colour and dark hair.
Wish I had this machine 20 yrs ago as I would have save thousands on waxing, shaving etc. With 3 women in the house this is an extremely affordable treatment.

I love it

Just used for 1st time today. Have had laser before from proffessionals. This is fool proof. Easy to use you see it killing the hair immediately. I used on 5 and done everything legs to brazillian to face and underams. Less painful then waxing

Not a long term solution

Very effective but results only lasted around 8 weeks despite following instructions religiously. Not worth the high cost in my opinion. Ready to use, reasonable quality, extremely high cost, not super impressed.

Hi Tayne, Thank you for your feedback. We would like to discuss your comments with you as we feel we may be able to assist you further. Please advise our Consumer Service Representative you have been asked to call in. We look forward to hearing from you. Regards Consumer Service TeamCustomer service said my only option was to return the item which is not really what I would like to do as the machine is very effective short term. They also said that hair growth depends on the users hormones, hair type and skin tone and that maintenance sessions could be needed as often as every fortnight. I feel this product is falsely marketed as a 12 month solution when in reality it is often not. My opinion remains entirely the same as above with no satisfactory resolution reached.Hi Tayne, We are sorry to hear our product has not reached your expectations. As discussed via our telephone conversation it is important to continue with the full treatment regime and top up treatments to ensure that every active hair is treated. You do have your 90 money back guarantee available. Regards Consumer Service Team

A great easy to use unit with results

Have used the unit quite a few times now, I started seeing results after the second go. Having had laser treatment before professionally, I noticed the same effects ie. small black root hair being grown out & then falling out leaving the area smooth & hair free. It does take some time due to the size of the head but I just park myself on the couch, put on some Netflix & laser away. An affordable & practical unit for me.

Had it over a year and it hasn't done a thing

Have used it from following instructions and it hasn't done a thing after one year. A waste of money. Very disappointed after what I paid for it. Thought it would be so better than paying someone to do it.

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Hi Janice, Thank you for your comments. Your feedback is very important to us. If you would like to call on our free call number 1800 623 118 to tell us more about your experience would be greatly appreciated. kind regards Consumer Service Team

Works temporarily only

I am a man and I use the device on my chest and belly only. I bought this early May 2017 (using my Etihad miles and on their online store) and used it weekly ever since. In July I had to go on a business trip for 4 weeks so I could not use the machine for 4 weeks. At the first two weeks I was excited that I only had some hair growth on my chest but after that all my chest and belly hair came back! Now that I am back to Sydney I use the machine weekly again but I still have a fluff of hair which is not going anywhere!

Also again this might be different for women but for me 3 out of 5 is the max power I can use. It is OK on the chest area but it is bloody painful on the lower belly area even when I shave there properly before using the device.

Dear Mike, Thank you for you comments regarding your IPL6500. If you could call us on our free call number 1800 623 118 we would like to discuss the operation of the machine with you and have a list of questions to ask as we feel you may not be using it correctly. Regards Consumer Service TeamThanks for the response but this machine is not a space craft. It is a simple machine with a simple use. I have followed all the instructions in the user manual exactly and precisely. Seriously how on earth could I not use this device correctly? It's the simplest machine on the planet!

Easy to use and the results I wanted

After just two uses of the laser on my armpits I started to see results. Small bald patches started to appear and after my third time I had barely any growth. Now I just do a touch up every couple of months. It is less painful than waxing and much less mess.
It's so easy to use in the comfort of home and so much cheaper than going to a clinic.

Works well ..had long term results

Very easy to use...wish had larger head but obviously it's domestic use not like in the beauty parlors. But have used it consistently and now hardly need to do anything...if wish this had been invented when I was a teenager!

Highly recommended but keep a few things in mind

I highly recommend this product.

Expensive outlay for someone on a budget, but very affordable when compared to salon IPL prices or a lifetime of shaving, waxing etc. I got this with a $100 cashback offer through Harvey Norman, so it ended up being just under $400.

Takes a while to work through the different parts of the body because of the small window for body use. It's not the smallest or largest window on the market. IPL has to be repeated several times to get all the hair in the right growth phases, even at a salon. Bear this in mind because it can be frustrating. Also, because the whole area is shaved before using IPL, it's hard to see exactly where I've just used it compared to shaving or waxing, so I will need to keep doing touch ups. I still have a way to go until I am at the point of just doing touch ups though!

On the highest setting in sensitive areas, it smarts! Otherwise, it doesn't feel like much. It's not unbearable, but I am considering buying numbing cream because having to deal with hair removal at all is pain enough!

It works for me. As hair grows back in different areas, I can see where I've missed sections. I'm wondering if it may have lost its effectiveness because there are some stubborn hairs that keep returning to places I think I've covered completely, but it's still possible that I just missed them or they weren't quite in the right growth cycle. Will update on this in a few months (if I remember!).

My only real gripe is the size of the window for body use (lost a star for that).

Knowing what I know, I would definitely purchase this again but I would also buy some numbing cream for the sensitive areas at the same time!

waste of money doesnt work

I bought mine in December was very expensive at the time have used it correctly and endlessly I have fair skin dark hair, I have used on different parts legs underarms, bikini line doesn't work I still have the same amount , don't waste your money

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Thank you for you comments regarding your IPL machine. If you would like to call our toll free number 1800 623 118 one of our Consumer Service Representative would like to discuss this with you further. We look forward to hearing from you. Regards Consumer Services Team

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is this suitable for fine blonde facial hair?
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Have not used my ipl 6500 in a long while. Plugged in and all it does is beep. Appreciate any assistance. Thank you [email address removed]
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Hi I’ve only just recently bought this and started using it and after a few flashes it starts beeping and every 1st and last light starts flashing and I can’t use it I have to turn it off, why is this happening?
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Hi Renee, We are sorry to hear your are having these issues. If you can call our free call number 1800 623 118 we have a few questions we would like to ask you. Remington Support TeamHei! I have exactly the same issue. I used it once...now it was supposed to be the second time...but it keeps stopping. What shall I do?


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