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Renault Captur J87 (2015-Present)

Renault Captur J87 (2015-Present)

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Perfect combination of small but roomy.

I recently bought a Demo Renault Captur Dynamique 2016. It is a Chic looking SUV that you can't miss in the car park, with a black roof and buttery cream body. The black leather seats are so comfortable and while I am short I still appreciate the extra length of the seat under the legs. The heated seat is brilliant for a bad back. Visibility is good with no blind spots. The media screen seems a little low, as I do feel like I am looking down at the GPS Navigation. Reversing camera is appreciated as are the auto wipers and headlights. The cruise control is extremely easy to use. The boot doesn't look roomy, but there is a secret compartment underneath, and the rear seats are easy for a small female to collapse down and return.

It has taken me a couple of weeks to get used to the quirks of the take off. There is a slight hesitation, due to the dual clutch auto gear box, which you need to be aware of. Once the car is up and going the acceleration on the highway is great. I have the 1.2 Lt turbo and it is very responsive. Compared to my other SUV the ride is very quiet and smooth on the highway, but it is noticeably bumpy over speed bumps.

As yet I am not sure how reliable the Renault will be, the only thing to go wrong was the heat seat button jammed. The fuel consumption is excellent. I love the car, it is not the usual looking SUV, yes it has some quirky features to get used to, but I am happy with my purchase.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Update model (MY 2018) fantastic

The Update model (MY2018) has everything you could need on a car. It's fully optioned. It drives well, ahndles well, and is comfortable. Note that the automatic transmission isnt a normal one. It is actually a DSG gearbox, or a manual gearbox that the computer shifts gears. The dual clutch menas that it drives just a manual, giving it great fuel economy. On a hill you will roll back, but there is hill start assist. My wife finds this a bit annoying but I have no issues. Overall its amazing that you can get a car with so many features for the price. A classy car.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Pricey for what it is

We had our renault for under two months before all the troubles started. Although we managed to get them repaired with renault it was such a hassle getting them done. We wouldn't recommend buying from Barry Bourke Renault as the service was terrible in the end when it came to requesting repairs.

The Bluetooth connectivity is the worst on the market, even the salesman admitted that and you'd think in this ay and age they'd fix that before selling the vehicle.

If we could we probably would have gone with a different car if we knew all the problems we were going to have.
Other than that its a nice car to look at and the seat warmers are nice in winter

Transmissiondual clutch
Date PurchasedMar 2016

Love the driving experience !!

We have had our Renault Captur for 3 months and find it so easy to drive. Its fully loaded with all the features of the top end car.The seats are also very comfortable. It has a decent size boot space and we have shipped so much furniture folding the rear seats. I can say we got almost all our boxes ticked with this car.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Renault Captur 2017

We have had our Renault Captur for 3 months and find it so easy to drive. It is an excellent vehicle for empty nesters like us or a young person too. It is very smooth and quiet to drive and we have to be careful not to speed.
The seats are also very comfortable. Only negative is the lack of storage space and only 1 full size drink holder in the front.

Date PurchasedMay 2017


Easy to use interfaces Sat Nav, radio etc Simplicity, nice to drive , getting 6.8l per 100kms, handles fine, the inclusions were good, expression model.
Bluetooth works fine with my iPhone, I noticed reviews to the contrary,
Renault has got it right even with the shape!(Mazda designer)
I would recommend as a small car to anyone, only negative is not e10 compatible


It grows on you and you will never loose it in a car park full of white hatch backs

Well the answer for those who have been waiting from my last product review (Renault Megane CDi 2013) is….sort of.

I am the proud owner of a 2015 Renault Captur, top of the range and yes its better than the Megane. Read Jeremy Clarkson’s review about the Captur and just knew that if he was so ambivalent about it, it must be really worth a look. That’s on the basis that any man who loses his job and millions of pounds over the provision of a cold supper rather than a steak dinner must have seriously floored judgement.

I was right about Mr Clarkson.

Why did I buy it, cheap easy Renault finance, good looks, frugal, roomy for a little one, comes in a range of 1950’s color combinations, washable seat covers, lots of speck that seems to work easily. Fixed priced servicing.

Better than the Megane by far. Still five-year warranty but so far unlike the Megane I have not had to continually rely upon warrant fights with Renault Australia and dealership running wing man for same, to keep it road worthy. According to Mr Google search engine the only fault they all seem to have, and mine does as well, is the jumping noisy windscreen wipers when wet each and every time they move. I shall see how the much lauded 5-year warranty goes with this one on its first service. Will let you know!

I see other reviewers have rated it 5 stars. Well it’s not (the best car on the road) but it is rather good.

All the stuff that did not work in the Megane works a treat here. Sat Nav – all present and correct, Console logically set out and workable, Service interval not set by the dealer to go off 5000K’s early, lots of nooks and crannies for boxes of Cherry Ripes and reams of parking fines, plus cup holders big enough for cups, nice firm high seating, light as a feather to drive and precise handling for a little truck. Set temp required and the car does the rest. Reverse camera and beeping thingo to stop you backing into stuff in the car park.

Same auto 6 speed very smooth gear box with excellently matched ratios for the tiny wee 1.2lt motor. Turbo whips the donkette along to achieve basically the same outputs as the Diesel Megane of 1.5lt, with nearly the same K per Lt efficiency. Says it wants 98 fuel (expensive) on the fuel lid but I have put it on a diet of 94 Ethanol (the cheapest stuff I can buy) and no effect. If it does really require/desire 98 fuel than it can go and get a job at Mc Donald’s and buy its own.

Really small fuel tank which surprisingly is a good thing. Gets 750 k’s to the tank and each time it gets around empty and the day comes I can buy fuel for $1.08 a lt. It costs me $36.00 to fill. Really nice surprise at the pump. Only trick is to get the two things to coincide.

I like it and as yet (six months old and less than 15,000k on the clock) I can’t really fault the Renault Captur.

Still 5 Stars, I just can’t bring myself to do it, because I just know (from Mr Google research) that when I come to ask for the annoying wiper blades to be replaced I will have a fight on my hands. Past experience with Renault and the noisy, really noisy wiper blades means it’s a 4 score from me,

Should you buy one? Worth a look and test drive, quirky but it just might grow on you and it has on me.

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Update from Seamus in Wollongong. Recent change to dealer ownership in my local area has made all the difference. After a little discussion the defective jumping wiper blades were replaced under warranty. The dealer even washed and cleaned the inside of the car something the same location under old ownership never did when I had my Capture of Megane (previous 3 years) serviced. Congratulations Gateway Wollongong. Add half a star to my rating. Progress report, just completed my 20,000ks service. Still no faults with the vehicle operation. However a composer friend gave me a CD of his new works, eager to listen to what he has been up to on the way home from a music festival been performed and guess what, no CD player. Really. I had not noticed it up to now as all my music is looked after by Mr Apple and his magic telephonic devise. WOW. Not a biggie just shove the CD into my computer and let Blue Tooth do the rest. but don't buy a Captur and think on a long trip you will be able to re-listen to Jethro Tull remastered that your picked up in the opp shop, because you will be in for the Sounds of Silence instead. The Captur has grown on me and is perfectly suited to my needs being short urban traffic work rides and regular 3-6 hour country driving.

I am so glad I changed my brand at the last minute and bought this car

The performance from this turbo charged 900cc 3 cylinder engine is nothing short of amazing. Once you are up and running you would think you were driving a car with a bigger engine. The extra height gives me a safer visibility and the the car is delightfully maneuverable round town. The large screen sat nav and reversing camera, combined with folding mirrors, automatic windscreen wipers and automatic lights make driving a pleasure.
For it's price range I find it very comfortable the display information is clear and supportive - like the gear change prompt which helps with achieving amazing fuel consumption especially in ECO mode. The interior is very functional especially the boot with its three shelving options and a reversible base to protect the carpet when at the beach. The rear seats slide forward as well if you need extra carrying capacity in the boot
Service once a year! Magic!
Finally as part of the new European Eco2 system the whole vehicle is 85% recyclable and 95% recoverable


I just upgraded and I smile every time I get to drive it!

I upgraded a month ago to a Captur and it is truly a pleasure. The overall design and style of the car is amazing and I am quite surprised at the off the mark power for a 1.2L vehicle. I find that I am looking excuses to drive because I enjoy driving it so much:

- The external and internal design is fantastic to look at. If you are looking for a great looking vehicle don't go past this.
- The integrated media and sat nav is fantastic, there is very little loading and waiting time on the sat nav and integration with your phone is so easy
- The car drives perfectly for city driving. Has great power down in the low gears for a 1.2L engine and this is supported by the turbo
- Space, space, space, I have just moved and I have been able to load this up with flatpack furniture, large items and the Captur allows the space to open right up in the back

- Small cup tray in the centre. Could do with more but nothing major for me
- Moves easy at high speed but passing taking planning as a lot of the punch is in the lower gears.

Overall I am completely happy with both the look and the feel of the Captur. I am a believer of anything that has great form and function and the Captur ticks off all things in both categories for me.

Note: The difference between the Expression and the Dynamique are few. The Dynamique has different rims and larger tyres. The Dynamique also has removable car seat interior and a few other small bit and bobs like two tone paint. All of the cool options like integrated media and sat nav, reverse cameras are standard on both.


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