A reliable & strong SUV

Over 50k done on this SUV and still running strong.
Diesel Fuel economy around 8l/100km mainly city driving.
Has a good acceleration curve, plenty of punch for highway overtaking.
Not one sign of a leak or problem with the car.

Missed out on the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on this years model.
No car lane monitoring in side windows for preimium model.
Paint seems to scratch easily.
Can't set North to top on Map.
Pretty limited audio and map settings for being a premium model.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Everything has been thought of.

I love my new Kia Sportage its been amazing to drive with all the standard tech and safety for a suv under 31K. The car is 3 months old I have done 6500km so far it’s been great I love the big touchscreen, the automatic brake system and the lane keep I do turn the lane keep off around town but on the highway it’s great. Going to be doing a brisbane to Sydney road trip at the end of February this year with myself, wife and son (2.5 years old ) so that will be a good test.

BadgeSi Premium
Date PurchasedNov 2018

Great car, excellent fuel economy, love it.

Thought I'd write a review after 2 years of ownership, as it provides a good overview rather than just after a couple of months. I purchased the Sportage Platinum diesel. It is great, one of the best cars I've owned (I'm 62 and have owned heaps of cars). It is easy to get in and out of, fits my golf clubs easily. Features are endless, love the cooled seats in summer. Haven't used the heated seats as we live in Queensland. I haven't had any issues with it, just a slow leak on a tyre which the auto sensor picked up, took it to dealer as I couldn't clear it and was fixed in 5 minutes. The service dept. try and recommend 6 mths services, but I just ignore that and get it service annually. When I want a bit of grunt off the lights, just put it into Sport mode and very few will beat it. Its economical on fuel (even if diesel is dearer) I get very good economy around town and about 6.5 on the highway. I had 5 adults and a boot load of gear in it yesterday and it gets along really well. I recommended it to 3 others at my golf club and they bought one and none have any regrets.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

An excellent vehicle but maybe with Nexon tyres that are not suitable for wet weather

I purchased the Sportage Premium Si to replace a Mitusbishi Outlander. On my first drive, I decided to buy it. It has low level road noise, good fuel economy and very comfortable seating. The steering is light and positive, with no effort it follows the curves as it is on railway tracks.I have not regretted my decision.
The driver's seat seems to wrap around me, giving good back support.
Plenty of sound proofing, even to the point of rubber seal between the bonnet and the front panel. I do not recall seeing that on a car before.
I have done some day trips, I get out of the car as fresh as when I left.
Initially I was told to set the engine to eco setting, but I switched it to Normal, definitely runs smoother with better gear changing. Fuel economy on a trip is about the 7 l/100k
On the highway with 2 people, heaps of luggage, it sits on 100 kph no effort at all
However there is always a but. Just after I purchased it, I was told about a review by a News Ltd paper casting doubt on the wet weather ability if fitted with Nexon tyres.
I wrote to Nexon about the report and I was assured that the newspaper report was not accurate. I was happy with this until it finally rained in Brisbane. There is a right turn lane which I use regularly and in the dry weather, no problems. However, with only light rainfall, the left hand front front wheels spins when I drive off. No heavy accelerating. So my concern is if the wheel spins from a stop at a set of lights, what will happen at high speed on a highway.
I have been asking around the motor trade about my concerns and it seems car retailers can order vehicles specifying the tyre brand. The general comment is that Nexon equipped vehicles come at a lower buy price because they are of a lower quality.
One comment was to replace the tyres at my cost, 4 months and 7000 klms later after I purchased the Sportage. No a good idea.
The difficulty I face is putting the claims about the Nexon tyres to the test, I cannot test the tyres on the highway in wet weather at 100kph.
So the present situation is that I will be concerned about our safety in wet weather. It will not be helpful if the claim about the Nexon tyres, supported by my experience in wet weather, is true as I slide into a road side ditch.
This is the link to the comment on the Nexon tyres
So in summary, I am really pleased with my Sportage, comfortable, very quite, and good to drive. Could be classified as a poor Man's Rolls Royce. Peace of mind in wet weather would be a bonus.

BadgeSi Premium
Date PurchasedMay 2018

Diesel in this is a winner. Reliable, honest vehicle.

Used for,
Family, Camping, Towing boat and trailer.

Diesel is fairly quiet, very powerful / torque for it's size.
Tows a 1500kg boat with ease.
140,000 kms and runs perfect.
Good on fuel.
Comfortable on longer trips and doesn't hurt my back.
Honest vehicle, doesn't pretend, just does what it needs to well.
Zero DPF Issues. Perhaps it doesn't have one.

Rear switch to turn on / off boot light would be nice.
Reverse camera at night could be better.

I'm fussy and frankly can't think of a con.

This car has been ultra reliable and taken some bumps along the way.
This can't be said for many newer vehicles.
Keep in mind this is a diesel version.

Date PurchasedJul 2012

kia sli my19 fwd ... very happy

After driving a well known japanese brand for many years i had a close look at kia and was very impressed. I purchase an my19 sportage and im very happy with. Great car with plenty of luxury and safely features normally found only on European cars. Car looks good, drives great loaded with solid features. Kia saleguy was very good as well. Really happy with the whole experience and can recommend.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Great car

I use the car for general commuting to and from work and also for longer family trips on the weekend. It fits the 2 car seats and an adult across the back seat and plenty of room for luggage and a pram in the back.
I have had it almost 1 year without a problem!
A fantastic car and would highly recommend.

BadgeSi Premium
Date PurchasedOct 2017


I loved my Sportage originally. Then a very loud sound started coming from the exhaust. Several mechanics have told me it’s safe but my car sounds like a loud Datsun! I’ve also had trouble with the brakes, the shift lock getting stuck, and now I’m pretty sure the CV joint is making a noise. Also the electrics are funny, the doors lock and unlock repeatedly sometimes

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Best car Love it

Use every day about 250 km a week, never had a problem since purchase, fuel consumption good between 8.5 liters per 100 km. The quietest car I have driven for a long time, lot of standard features. Like automatic brake function and forward collision warning, very comfortable and plenty room for back passenger

Badge2018 QL Si AO Edition
Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Well designed and excellent value

This car presents as a premium quality vehicle and well above average for its price. Cabin comfort is very good and instrumentation is more than adequate. With rear view camera housed in the mirror and knobs on the radio (not press control) and comfortable seating with good upholstery - it has the attention to detail that you expect to find on a better than average car. The All Wheel Drive (AWD) feature provides excellent road holding. The driver's highway view is excellent due to the vehicle's higher positioning than i.e 'closer to the road' smaller family cars. As an SUV its overall presence on the road is excellent (not easily 'bullied' out of the way by large trucks or impatient road hogs).

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Great Car with amazing features

Great car, feels like a spaceship with lane keep (steers itself to stay in lane) and adaptive cruise control (auto breaks and automatically takes off again).

It's brand new and been waiting for the latest MY19 to have these new features, well worth the wait.

The GT version has everything so no need to option anything, the option lists on others is mind blowing but this has everything no need to option up at all. Australian tuned suspension apparently done in SYD, feels great on the road.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Most Reliable Car i've ever had

Could not fault this car, 2007 model, 11 years old and hasn't skipped a beat. Looked at other cars like rav4's tucsons and cx7. Drove this, yes the power isn't mind blowing but it's got a great interior faux leather and cloth stands up great to everyday wear an tear. Rear seats fold down flat (like actually flat, can chuck a mattress in and its still level.

No oil leaks, have done a major service and new tyres no issues at all to note, have taken it 4wding in 2wd and it's really capable. Strongly recommend for a safe reliable first car

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Excellent All-rounder

Wow. Have Kia come a long way in the last few years. Have only owned this vehicle for a couple of months but am very impressed. The level of equipment, particularly safety equipment for the second most basic model is amazing. Build quality is very good and Kia offer a 7 year warranty. Have previously not been a fan of SUV's but this one is great to drive. Power and fuel economy are about what you would expect without being outstanding. Plenty of room for passengers and luggage. Very impressed with this car so far.

BadgeSi Premium
Date PurchasedJun 2018

Fantastic motoring

Purchased this for my wife it is Sportage top of the range Platinum 2013 model Diesel. Has great responsive engine, smooth shifting auto, push button keyless start and keyless entry, auto wipers, auto headlights, heated seats, Satnav, phone connectivity, AWD, leather, Cruise, panoramic sun roofs. etc Good Highway fuel economy (approx 7l - 100klm). It is and feels a very well built car. it has some road noise but not too obtrusive, comfortable seats. This car had 161000ks on the clock and we have just done 3000ks it has no rattles or squeaks and drives like new. The only regret is the satnav I’m not sure if there are still updates available.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Sat Nav updates

Whilst the car itself is good, the Sat Nav is almost useless. I was promised annual free updates when I purchased (July 2016). At the time the map was out of date - asked for an update at 1 year service and told non available. Just taken for 2 year service and was advised I could have an update for $280, with no guarantee of any future updates.
Service say that sales should not have promised this and they get lost of complaints - and the internet is full of issues like this.
I have 3 systems on my phone - they all get free updates every few months so not sure why Kia are so bad - the large screen is nicer and easier to use than my phone but the maps - especially in a rapidly developing area - are almost useless
Sales have agreed to do ONE free update so marginally better than I originally said - but still not very good

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Kia Sportage GT Line 2018

I absolutely love my new Kia. It drives so smooth & has many safety features like parking assist. There is always room for improvement no matter how good you are at reverse parallel parking. I also enjoy the auto hold brake so you can take your foot off the brake at stop lights. So much room in the front & back. Just love love love it.

BadgeGT Line
Date PurchasedMay 2018

A world class SUV

First South Korean vehicle I have purchased and so happy I did. Was looking for a wagon or SUV of that size for mainly metro but some rural travel.
I had read a lot about what Peter Schreyer had done with Kia and it is all true. The car has a lot of "German" feel in design, NVH and dynamics at a value the Germans couldn't or won't match.
The vehicle packs a lot of primary and secondary safety; has a good Satnav and a full-size spare wheel. The head and leg room for a tall person is excellent without encroaching on back seat room.
Bassd on early days experience with previous new car purchases, I have to say this one is a cut above.
I went for the petrol as it has more than enough power and I believe we will follow Europe's lead and ban diesels before long making them a socially unpopular choice to own.

Definitely worth serious consideration given all the above plus a good running cost and warranty equation.

BadgeSi Premium
Date PurchasedMay 2018

Great car

I have the current model(2017)sportage GT Line and am really happy with it I love the ventilated seats,wife loves the heated seats.great sat nav friends have said its better than the one in their merc only downsides I can think of is the cruise control isn't adaptive, and while it has multi-point seat adjustment it doesn't have memory so if more than 1 person drives the car the ability to adjust it in so many ways is a bit pointless unless you want to go to the trouble of adjusting it every time someone else drives it and adjusts it then the other person(wife) has to adjust it again when they want to drive it,not a big problem just annoying and probably a cheap fix for Kia. so far 9 months in I can say I would recommend 1 and will definitely look at Kia when it comes time to update again

BadgeGT Line
Date PurchasedAug 2017

Simply Brilliant

Have only just purchased this car but just love it. Has so many safety and standard features. Beautiful to drive and very economical. Being older and with back and health problems it is very easy to get into and out of. Driving position is excellent and seats are very comfortable. Good headroom and reasonable legroom front and back. Plenty of luggage space.

BadgeSi Premium
Date PurchasedJun 2018

Wasnt the car I originally wanted but cant see myself without it

I have a kia sportage 2009, it is a manual and I really enjoy the expeience of driving it. I had necer driven a manual before but learning in this car was great as the gears are very forgiving if you accidently do the wrong thing. At the moment petrol is pretty expensive but i can get a full tank of 95 for just under 80 dollars. I drive my son and I places probably every second day and that usually lasts me 2 weeks sometimes more.
I love the extra clips at the back for the carseat for my son and the usb port at the front of the car.
There is not much I dont like about this car but every car could use a little more space, we are about to do a big drive interstate and it could be a little tight with a carseat, pram and cot all in the car. Overall fantastic value for money!!

Date PurchasedMay 2017

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Questions & Answers

My 2016 Kia Sportage has stopped producing sound when I use my indicators, and also sound has stopped when I open my door? No welcome sound. Anyone had this problem? I have checked the manual and Googled it with no results
No answers

Have KIA Australia solved the mapping problem with the 2ltr diesel which they knowingly sold me with this problem
2 answers
Not sure what mapping issue you are referring too, can u advise.from cold start between 70&80 kph a series of jerks and vehicle labouring in gear coming up to say a roundabout once vehicle reaches operating temp problem gone apart from a frightening couple of thuds at a 110kph on one trip

having owned the current model sportage 2ltr diesel and having it relaced with a new vehicle because of a mapping problem with the fuel/gearbox the new vehicle suffered the same problem. My question is have KIA rectified this problem because I was refunded my purchase price on the 2nd new vehicle, KIA knowingly sold this vehicle with the problem
2 answers
no fix available as yet, our MY19 sportage diesel 8 speed auto is constantly shutting down for a sec or so at any speed. Also idles very rougly - lots of surging and hunting.Thank you for your response I thought I was the only KIA customer who had experienced this problem, I,M NOT GOING MAD after all. It is all very annoying when the so called motoring experts test these vehicles they do not elaborate on these problems, how much are they paid to keep quite to let the sales roll on, makes you wonder.

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