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Renault Scénic

Renault Scénic

J64 (2001-2004) and J84 (2005-2009)
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Great car for comfort, economy and safety

This is the most congenial car I have owned. Despite its compact size it provides comfortable safe accommodation for up to five adults and their belongings. It handles highway driving very well, the powerful engine dealing effortlessly with steep hills. It is also economical with fuel, comparing well with other small SUVs. In the city it is easy to park and manoeuvre.

Date PurchasedNov 2008

perfect reliable and safety

I have this car with a great confidence of safety, and the best performance during driving.
it not too difficult to maintain by yourself. it is reliable as a family car.
plenty of room, a great great great design.
i had it one in Europe, now i have it again in Australia.
love this car very much.

Date PurchasedNov 2003

Silly things.

We bought our 2005 Renault Scenic Expression new - the car generally runs well and is good to drive but it wasn't 5 months old when the electric window assembly, driver side [censored word removed] itself - Renault supplied another under warranty. Though this was just the start, every window assembly in the car has now failed to the point where I have completely removed the two rear window assemblies and blocked the windows in the up position permanently. This, all over a 2 dollar plastic part which cannot be replaced, a new assembly costs $1000.00 Seriously poor stuff for a major manufacturer. Yes?
2nd. The motor's electric system can be faulty one day and good the next and no one can find the fault.
3rd. The engine is always difficult to start first time in the mornings after that it runs well through the day and no one can say why.
My Brother bought a 2003 Renault RX 4 - it's bad too - had two gear boxes $5000.
Would I ever buy or recommend a Renault again. No ! Not ever.
In fact does anyone make a car to last nowadays?
What ever happened to quality?
European cars? No way!
Good vision.
Lots - bad window mechanisms, Bad Electronics. overpriced services and overpriced parts.



This car has a great design and excellent safety features. It is comfortable to drive long distances. What lets it down badly is overall build quality and poor dealer support. We had one major mechanical problem under warranty which took almost three months to resolve through dealer incompetence and slow parts sourcing. Renault Australia were no help at all. We owned it for four years, drove it for less than 50k kilometres, had it serviced by the dealer and struggled to sell it for 50% of the purchase price even though it was presented in excellent condition.
Clever design. Comfortable seats. Lots of configurations for seats/passengers/loads. Good handling. Great driver visibility.
Very poor materials: seat stitching came undone, plastic bits broke off easily, stereo system died, time taken to procure parts when needed. Water pooled in the car after heavy rain. Little torque from a 2 litre engine. Preference for higher octane fuel.


This is the 2nd Scenic we have. The first one was the RX4. Same engine and that is the only think I would change in this car....also buy the manual as the automatic is simply not good
Internal layout, internal space, storage space, driving position
Engine needs more power, Renault depreciation they keep discounting new vehicle prices which make the first owner to suffer, some quality issue with electric windows.


A great car to drive around town or on the highway, can drive it all day without becoming cramped or tired. Good fuel economy. Excellent sound proofing.
Driving position, ergonomic layout of controls, high seating position, lots of storage places such as drawers under front seats and compartments in floor, optional extras on other makes are standard equipment on the Scenic


We purchased a manual Latitude in late 2006 at what seemed to be a real bargain price. We had driven a diesel Phase I in France and enjoyed the performance, ride and handling. The new one is more refined and has an impressive array of technical driving aids (electronic handbrake, auto wipers, auto lights, glass roof, split tailgate, etc).
Great packaging, smooth and comfortable.
It needs a more tractable engine - a diesel would suit the car perfectly.



I have owned this car for 4 years now, it has traveled just over 60'000km and so far the only problem was to replace a dead alternator. Renault fixed this under the term of the extended warranty at no cost to me; the only complain was that the part had to come from Europe which took 6 weeks.
The car was bought to replace a wrecked Ford Telstar involved in an horrific accident (head on) that is why the very high safety rating the car received in Europe was a deciding factor.
I would recommend this car to anyone with children for the fantastic safety and the very good rear seats.
The boot offers plenty of storage and with the option of folding and/or completely remove the rear seats it has a massive storage capacity.
Safety, comfort, reliability. Internal space.
Economy could be better


I bought the car because I rented one in france, it was the best car for the trip.
First it's cheaper as a second hand than most cars, this car was well build, with the family in mind. You can take one, two or all the back seats off and you have more space than the average wagon, and who need a wagon all the time? sometimes you buy something and it just doesn't fit in the boot 'cause of the few missing inches, well not a problem, just move the back sit foreword and it fits!
It is small enough for every day use and big enough for the long trip. I will buy it again.
Love that car, versatile, family friendly
check if the automatic gear box have been updated before buying second hand

Questions & Answers

I have a 2007 Scenic 11 Lattitude with twin glass roofs - can these roofs be opened? The clutch sometimes does not return to the normal position (it stays close to the floor) making gear selection impossible. Is this a common problem - what is the cure? My car is a 2007 Scenic 11 petrol manual that has done 150,000kms - Tony email: ahw24643@gmail.com
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Hi, I am no mechanic but it seams the clutch needs attention by a professional. Luckily it's just a manual so it's not going to cost you an arm and a leg. If you need parts go second hand. As for the twin sunroof yes they do open, If you have the nob next to the light on the roof. It was an optional pack so you might been stuck with a fix roof. Good point if they are fix, no leaks when it rains or noises when you drive at speed. Good luck, I love the car but too many issues after 10 years or when you are close to 180000km.I have looked around on French website and it appears that it's a frequent problem on this model in France, low tech solution is to bring the pedal up by hand and to spray some W40 inside the mechanism but not too much. The main problem is the connector that mal fonction, if it's just that you are in for around $500, if it comes from a leaky clutch then it is far worse, they will need to drop the engine and change the entire clutch, they quote around 1600€ so my guess would be around $3500. I had an automatic and the quote I had for my issue was $5000.

I am looking to buy a used car and searching reviews on the 2002 Renault for a reliable, cost efficient family car. Can anyone give me some feedback on this car...? Comments will be greatly appreciated. Cheers all :-)
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Hi, sorry for the late reply, but the message went to my spam box. I have to be honest, I love the car but stay away from the auto gearbox, you will end up with a lot of expenses on it. I had my scenic for 6 years, always serviced at renault dealer, it is an expensive expense but except for the gear box I never had a problem with the car. It is the most versatile car you will find on the market. It is fuel efficient avg was 8l/100k on long drive and around 10.5lt/100k in the city. It uses Premium petrol but i use to put E10 in it so it was cheaper than premium and as efficient. You can move the back seats, take them off, fold them as you need. You will love the versatility, confort of driving and the fact that you can park in almost any spot. My advise would be to buy a manual gearbox in the dynamic range (middle range of the car) I would advise you not to spend more than $6000 on the car from a dealer and $5500 from a private seller.Remember that Renault /Peugeot/citrons are all part of the French collective PSA France so they share some common parts and systems which comes in handy if you fix your own and go to a breakers when your stuck for parts, if you buy French you tube is your best friend for the help you will need and eBay for your parts. If you rely on the dealers you will need deep pockets, overall they are loaded with tech cubby holes and equipment, you will need the hand book to know how it all works they are not like normal cars they do have secrets. Keep it in good shape and it will last. I'm in the UK and drive a Renault modus it turned out to be a great little car!

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