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Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara is the worst product I've ever used

It is thick and gluey with threads hanging off the applicator top and bottom. Every time i use it I have to wipe all the loose threads off the applicator so as not to get them stuck on my lashes or worse still, in my eye. Not sure what is happening with Revlon Mascaras but they never used to be like this. I will never but another one of their brand.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Revlon Mascara - Green Lid (Waterproof)

Don't waste your money...
The blue lid that isn't waterproof stays on better then the waterproof green lid, go figure????

Green lid mascara smudges to the top and bottom of your eyes only a couple hours into your day & if your like me and clean around your eyes with a cotton tip after, forget about it = panda eyes smudges EVERYWHERE.

Threw it out & went back to my old cheaper Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Worst mascara hands down ever

I m 55 years old so I know my mascaras, this has done nothing but sting my eyes! I have given it a month and blamed everything else I use from the cream I put on my face to the soap I use but I am convinced it is the mascara and I would like to know what terrible chemicals are used in this mascara for it to be such an irritant. I have never had so much trouble and am wearing another brand as I write this and not one ounce of trouble. I will gladly never buy revlon brand again. When I was a teen this brand was the cheapest and all of a sudden after years of spending huge money on advertising using celebrities they are some how a better brand, I think not. What utter rubbish and I thought so even as a teen. Try being more ethical about what things you use in your makeup Revlon because it’s a disgrace. What cheap and nasty makeup it really is with a huge markup to pay for advertising is what I think of your products. I use so many brands trust me and yours is the only one that causes issues so bravo, well done for being another unethical company who put profits before people.

Very happy

I have been using Revlon for many years after using Max Factor for many years. I only swapped as a friend started working for them and so I wanted to support him. I buy it from places like Big W, Priceline, Chemist Warehouse when they have 25-50% off.
I’ve always been happy with the range even though I just stick to the same products.
I think it is a good brand so much so that I have used it for about 20 years. I have not had any problems with the product.

Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lip Colour

My holy grail of lipsticks! If applied properly (on clean, exfoliated lips - no lip balm underneath or makeup remover residue; wait for lipstick to dry at least 5 mins before touching lips, eating, kissing, etc.; do not layer) this lasts forever. I barely need to check it because it lasts all day throughout my meals. I hardly even take it with me when I go out, there is no need.
Must be removed with makeup remover or baby oil.
I do wish they had more colours available, and some more trendy matte options without the dated slightly glittery finish, but on most shades it's pretty subtle. If you're travelling overseas check the local chemist as they may have additional colours not available in Australia.
You shouldn't need to reapply, but in the unlikely event you do, I recommend removing the first layer completely (keep a makeup wipe in your bag) first. Otherwise it goes a bit weird and peel-y, and can get on your teeth.
I almost never use the included gloss and my lips still never get dry with this. After it's had plenty of time to dry, you can apply any lip balm over top if you're not a fan of the thick gloss it comes with.
Endless Spice is my favourite shade, I must have repurchased 10+ times now :)

Can't live without their lip products!

Love the revlon kisses - only $5, like a lip balm/ gloss with nice pigmentation and amazing smell. Available in different pink shades.
Lipsticks and lip liners are amazing - so creamy, easy to apply, and extremely comfortable to wear. Doesn't get dry at all and almost acts as a balm, despite being so pigmented

don’t waste your money.

I spent $45 NZD on this and I have to say I regret every cent of it. Decided to try it out tonight for going out to dinner. As soon as I applied it my skin began to sting. I’ve spilled RoundUp solution on myself and this managed to feel far worse than that. No matter how much blending or how many coats I applied, it still ended up looking smudged or streaky whenever I tried to blend it. I looked terrible, my face hurt like all Hell and my night was ruined before it had even started.


I purchased the entire range of this new product by Revlon hoping for the usual reliable Revlon product. What a waste of money. It not only makes absolutely no difference but the makeup is horrible to put on and actually accentuates your wrinkles. Wont ever buy again.

Does not deliver

Revlon Youth FX is a new product claiming to erase wrinkles immediately you put it on. This product does not work , so do not waste your money buying it! I assumed as it was made by what I thought was a reputable cosmetic brand that it would have at least some semblance of truth in the claims made on the container and packaging, Totally not so, it makes not one bit of difference! Fortunately I purchased at a '50% off sale' , so did not lose as much as I could have.

Eyebrow "tatoo" a total waste of money!

I was excited to discover this product because my eyebrows are greying. I applied the gel to my clean, dry eyebrows. The instructions called for a minimum drying time of 20 minutes - I allowed 30 minutes. The initial result was good, but when I washed my face the next morning all the colour was gone. A very disappointing result and, as far as I'm concerned, a complete waste of money.

Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect 005 Natural Beige not the same colour anymore

I've been using Revlon Photoready Natural Beige 005 for YEARS. But the new 'airbrush effect' 005 Natural Beige came out and it's not the same colour as previous. I hate the colour of Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush Effect - 005 Natural Beige - it's way too dark and yellowy. Why, why, why, why, why did you change the colour???? And if you DO want to change the colour give it a new name at least. So completely gutted as I've used Revlon every single day for years. Not any more. Seriously - don't mess with your colours! In fact, keep the foundation as it was!

For the price point, this foundation is decent.

The coverage is medium, and it can sometimes be a little patchy, but builds up well. As someone with oily skin, this lasts about 3 hours before going a little shiny if not set with powder, but will stay on for another five hours at least.

Revlon ColorStay Lip Liner - Blush/Rose fard - Happy with this purchase

I have been using this Lip Liner for a while now and I am happy with this purchase.
The colour 'Blush/Rose Fard' is very similar to my natural lip colour; I use this pencil to define my lip line and to colour my lips before applying lipstick.
I noticed that since I have started using this lip liner, my lipsticks last longer and they don't smudge outside my lips.
It works particularly well with red lipsticks, so I would definitely recommend this product to other people.
This lip liner costs around 20$, which is not cheap, but it lasts for a while. It also has a sharpener at the other end of the lip liner pen.


I can't believe that Revlon can treat their loyal customers with such contempt. I had been using the Photoready Foundation for years, then out of the blue, they decided to change, reinvent, this product. How wrong this company was in doing so.
The colour range is labelled the same, but let me tell you the product inside is nothing like it's description. Cool Beige has become dark orange! Unwittingly I bought this new product range as it was labelled in my favourite, used for years, colour, Cool Beige.

I phoned Revlon and was told to take back the foundation to the place of purchase, along with the receipt, to obtain a refund. This is not acceptable.

They are selling us a product which no longer fits its description. Cool Beige is NOT Cool Beige. They sell us a new formula, under the old colour range, without warning. Then they expect us, at our great inconvenience to return this non-usable item to the place of purchase!

If it aint broke - why fix it Revlon? You need to show your loyal customers some respect, and give us back the tremendous product you once had.

You have now lost my custom

Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Overtime Lipstick - Shade 350

Just some feedback from a less than impressed customer. I bought one of your colorstay 16-hour overtime lipsticks in shade 350 which is gorgeous so you can imagine my extreme disappointment when I see this on my coffee cup! Can you please explain. If this is meant to last 16 hours why is it that I can see this after applying less than an hour before. I am very familiar with how these lipsticks work and have been using them for many years so I am really unhappy with the fact that this has happened.

Fast forward a couple of hours and Revlon contact me with the following:

Hi Kezz, we are sad to see this has happened. As much as we would love to help you out with this, unfortunately we cannot issue refunds or replacements over our social media channels. Our Customer Services team are the right contact point for this, and they will be more than happy to help you. Please do let us know how you go & if there's anything else we can provide assistance with. Thanks again, the REVLON Australia & New Zealand team.

May I point out that a NO POINT did I ask for anything, I was only offering feedback.

Let me tell you as a long standing customer since the 70's of Revlon this leaves a very poor taste in my mouth. With other big brands out there begging me to jump ship and go to them you are making my choice easier with poor and shabby customer service like this. I honestly feel like a criminal and have been made to feel as such.

I am a woman in my 50's who is more than capable of making smart choices and on choosing your products as I have always done, I never imagined that I would be made to feel this way.

Very unhappy and upset with this treatment

Hate the new color 005 of Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect

I have used this product for a few years and have always used the same color (Natural Beige) and now it is so dark I can't wear it. It is not complimentary. It's dark and yellowy. If it isn't changed back I am changing product.

Ultra volume mascara..

Clumpy to apply, flakes within a couple of hours and irritates my eyes. The brush is too sjort and straight which males applying not as easy as other mascaras. Would not recommend!!!

revlon photoready airbrush effects makeup

I am so so disappointed with the apparently new and improved Revlon photoready makeup. It's called AIRBRUSH EFFECTS. I opened up new bottle, thinking it was the same as the original make-up that I usually buy and it was awful. It's not like the original product that was silky smooth on the face, easily applied and looked fantastic. This new AIRBRUSH EFFECTS foundation make-up certainly does not go on the skin silky smoothly anymore. I also note that the colour (005 Natural Beige) that I've always used in the past is not the same with the newer product. When applied, the colour is more a jaundice/yellowy colour and feels gluggy and heavy, does not go on silky smooth. This is definitely not an improvement! When I made enquiries at a few stores that sell Revlon products, they advised me that the original product is discontinued. What happened Revlon? Good news! I made further enquiries online and found a distributor that still stocks and sells the onriginal make-up that I love, so I purchased a couple of bottles online? I paid a bit more for shipping because it's all the way from the USA but well worth it in my opinion. Shame I can't buy it here in Australia anymore!

Photo ready foundation

I have always been a fan of Revlon Photo ready foundation. Yesterday I opened my new bottle and couldn't believe it. It was "airbrush effect" Photo ready, difficult to apply because of its dryness and difficult to blend. My makeup looked heavy and dark. The old Photo ready was always silky smooth and blended beautifully. No more airbrush for me. I will have to change brands.

Revlon colorburst matte balm

I've had this balm for a while now as I don't usually wear makeup so it hardly gets used. I have 225 which is a beautiful red mauve colour. It smells minty and fresh which is quite nice. However, it dries out my lips even if I apply lip balm first, although this may be caused by using a setting powder. It also doesn't last very long but it is good quality and accentuates your look.

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I am in regional Australia and I think that I am still buying the old Revlon Photoready foundation. Would this be correct?
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The product I reviewed is called Revlon Youth Fix, it is a fill and blur primer for face and neck. It did not deliver what it promised to do. My advice is not to waste your money on a name brand, choose a reasonably priced product and have low expectations. Good luck from Costly mistake

What chemical do they use in?
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