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Rexona Women Clinical Protection

Rexona Women Clinical Protection

4.3 from 18 reviews

Great smell and long lasting

Great smell and long lasting. Love love love this product. Its great to use during summer and its never let me down. Keeps me dry all day. Totally works. Love it!!!

Purchased in November 2018 at Coles Supermarkets for $9.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

The best!!

This is by far the best deodorant I've ever used. It lasts all day and it never lets me down. I've used rexona for years but this one is definitely my favourite. I'll never use anything else. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.. amazing stuff

Purchased in October 2018 at Woolworths for $10.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No


was so disappointed as usual with rexona. I mean it smells good but it clogs and as soon as it was swiped in your armpit it it just so dry.

Luuuv it! An essential part of every day for me!

Im in love with this product. Totally works & keeps you dry all day. Would totally reccomend this to everyone! It is a little more pricey but well worth it. Finally a deodorant that keeps us excessive sweaters dry all day.

Can’t live without it

I always had sweaty armpits and bad BO.. until I started using this deodorant. When I put it on after my evening shower, I don’t have any smell/sweat the following day.

Great at first

It was the only deoderant I used for a long time, because it does work to stop the sweating...and I sweat A LOT! It was great with odour control until we moved to QLD. A while after application, I started to smell the odour under my arms. Coming to think about it, when I started to notice my body odour, that should’ve been a sign for me, as it had never happened before. Because of the constant sweat glands blockages from this deoderant, I started getting a severe itchy and painful rash on both armpits. I went to the Dr, who confirmed it was an infection. I shower daily, even scrubbing my armpits thoroughly each time. I have always been extremely hygenic! My Dr asked what deoderant I used and I told her. She told me about the sweat glands blocking, but I didn’t believe it at first because I’d used it for a couple of years or even more. I thought it was something else. Nothing I did seemed to help...until I stopped using the deoderant. I was so upset because I loved this deoderant! It was the ONLY one that helped with my sweating. After my underarms cleared up, I decided to test the deoderant again just to confirm it was the culprit and unfortunately, about an hr after application, there came those dreaded, itchy, aggressive bumps uner my arms again! I tested one last time after my armpits had cleared up and surely, there came that nasty rash. I now can not use this deoderant. It was only great at the start...but trust me, blockages are not fun and you need a special ointment from Doc to get rid of them. I stick to my all natural deoderants now and have been problem free but they unfortunately don’t help with sweating.

Best deodorant I’ve ever used

I’m a naturally sweaty lady, and have had trouble staying dry under my arms since puberty, resulting in smelly clothes and wet patches.
Recently I resorted to applying talcum powder over my spray on antiperspirant which helped a lot, but I still got smelly occasionally.
Then I bought this product. No more wet patches, smelly clothes or need for powder. It is 100% effective! I love it, and will continue to use it

Finally available in Australia

Rexona in the Uk is called "Sure" and they started making a cream deodorant like this decades ago and it was great, then when i moved here to Australia I couldn't get anything like it until last year. It does what it says I find i stay dry and don't sweat and smell and there is no nasty residue on your clothes.
However I do suggest not to apply it too thickly and maybe on less important days just using a spray.
Cream types of deodorants for some people can increase the risk of duct blockages, due to the the high coverage of preventing moisture & sweat. The blockage then becomes infected and can cause a painful axillary abcess. Many patients I have seen with the abcess have been using this type of deodorant. This said it is a safe product and a great one just something to be mindful of and cease using if any soreness / small lump develops
The only real downside to this product is the price rather expensive given it only last 3-4 weeks

Finally a product that does what it says it will

I am very much a creature of habit. I found a deodorant I liked the smell of, was a roll on and I was fairly happy. However with this recent horrendous hot weather, I have noticed increasingly not only the smell of my deodorant but also an underlying odour. As a nurse we are governed by a code of conduct and uniform and personal hygiene must be of the highest quality. I recently saw the ads on TV for Rexona Women Clinical Protection and purchased it from my local supermarket.
Does it work? - hell yes
Am I impressed? Again hell yeah
Am I going to continue to purchase this product? Most definitely
I chose the Shower fresh fragrance and purchased a normal Rexona Shower fresh roll on and I wear this on days where physical activity and heat are not factors. I love both these products. I have been using them now for over 4 weeks and I will never go back to a spray deodorant or different brand again. Well done Rexona for getting it right

Not right for me

This product gave me an itchy rash. There's use by date on the actual container so how old when bought? Oils can go rancid. By who and where dermatological testing done?

It's okay

I sweat a lot and this did not help me at all with sweating. It masks the smell of sweating very well however, since I have been using it I have not smelled bad

Best Anti Sweating Product Ever!

I will never go back to sprays or roll ons every again. I swear & guarantee this product will work. Summer or winter I constantly feel sweating under my arms, although It there's no odour, I used to get self conscious at work as I always made sure I wore dark colour tops as not to see my sweat patches. My sister gave me the Rexona Clinical and said use this. I was hesitant at first as nothing else worked so why should this be any better. But then OMG! I was in shock, amazed, not only did I not sweat AT ALL! Even during the hottest & humid days of summer, But it also minimised my underarm hair. This is truly an amazing product. I always make sure I grab it when it's on special so I never run out as it's a little pricey $10 but worth every single cent honestly. If you have my problem you really must, must try, you will not regret it and like me I guarentee you will never use anything else. Best anti sweat product EVER.

Great deodorant

This is a wonderful product that really works and the fragrances are all quite pleasant. The only problems are it's expensive and with the cream dispenser clogging and pushing product down the sides of the tube I chew through these like there's no tomorrow.

Why have all the fragrances changed?

I love impulse but am now down to only 1 fragrance which I can still buy. Merely musk is the only original left.I can't buy Inspiration and now Incense has disappeared from the store shelves. How very sad!

Better than Driclor (if you're sensitive)

I wrote a review on Driclor about a year ago and have since switched to Rexona Clinical Protection. I'll tell you why!

I have suffered with excess sweating (even under normal circumstances, ie. sitting on a chair watching TV) for as long as I can remember, I hated wearing T-shirts because the sweat was too obvious, and then came the stench!! It is very embarassing to be at work in an office environment with Air-Con and still sweat as if I am running a marathon... If you think that was bad enough, I would also emit this horrible smell too like I hadn't showered in weeks.

After using Driclor for a couple of months the irritation built up and my armpits became covered in wounds from scratching at them in the middle of the night. I have quite sensitive skin mind you.
I didn't think Rexona would work as it seemed a lot more "airy-fairy" of a product. But after too much irritation I said why not! And I went and bought Rexona Clinical Protection Ultra Dry (the blue one).

Much to my surprise, it worked! I could not believe it!!!!!!!! I was dry under my armpits WITHOUT PAIN for the first time in months, and along with dryness was only the pleasant scent of what I can describe is like a talcum powder scent.

I would advise not using as much as they recommend as it works the same with just a little smear. As long as your armpit is covered, it does not need to be drowned.

Some days when I am highly emotionally stressed, I'll find myself sweating, however, no odour, just a small amount of sweat.

You can buy this Rexona product at most major grocery stores and chemists. Retails between $10-15 depending where it's on special.
No itching or irritation. Fresh smell. Affordable
Runs out too quickly. Sometimes evades my emotions.

First one that actually works!

I have always sweated heaps and this can be very unpleasant for both myself and others. This actually stops the sweating unless I'm doing vigerous exercise. Great for night sweaters and even in the day. Can get unscented versions. It is expensive but more than worth it though it runs out quickly.
prevents night sweating, effective
expensive, runs out quickly

Only use at night & use other antiperspirant during the day

If you follow the instructions & only use Rexona Clinical Protection at night (on dry armpits!) but continue to use other antiperspirant after your shower each morning you will notice a huge difference. For starters - I don't wake up stinking of sweat under my arms & can get through the day without having that stinging, itchy, sweaty smell at the end of the day. Mix up the brands for day & night use & it will help a lot. PJ's smell great & don't need to be changed every single night now - so much better. Also - a big tip from me - WAX your underarms, don't shave. Makes a big difference to volume of sweat & odour. It doesn't hurt!
IT WORKS (it's for night use only) use normal deodorant after daily shower also.
Expensive, quick to use up.

It works for me

I have been using this product for about 4 days now as my previous deodorant was next to useless. The instructions tell you to use it at night & that it lasts throughout the day even after a shower. Sounds laughable but it's true. After my morning shower I still use my "useless" deodorant (waste not want not) but I believe it's the rexona doing the job. TMI but not once in the last 4 days have I smelt any odour.
It works for me
Nothing that I know of but I am a little concerned about chemicals. It's aluminium doing the work here & although there is no clear evidence of adverse effects you still have to wonder. Expensive!

Questions & Answers

Hi, I love Rexona clinical protection deodorant, but why is it so dear. First time I brought it was $7 now it’s $10... but yes I will kept using it... thanks
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How strong is the perfume in this deodorant, chemical perfumes irate my sinuous in the 48 hour men's (black)
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Personally i think its great, not too strong that it overpowers your perfume or bodyspray. And strong enough that you smell fresh all day.

Hi there, as this product is a solid/cream, does it leave any product build-up in the underarm? The only time I've used a cream deodorant, it left a curdled white mess under my arms that ended up on my clothes, and was embarrassingly visible. Thank you for your advice!
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Hi Jen, unlike some sprays no it does not leave any residue or white marks. With this product I am in control of how much I use. One click is sometimes enough when the weather it's not very hot. Yes it's a thick paste like product and just as you use a roll on deodorant to apply underarms you use this the same way to make sure it's applied evenly, absorbed and smoothed into underarms. Worth a try as I suppose everyone is different in their approach and love of products. What might work for one does not necessarily work for another. As for me I truly love it :)