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Great coverage at half the price

Great coverage foundation, not oily and long lasting with a good colour range. I’d prefer it better to the more expensive brands at half the price

lipstick farce

don't waste your money on Rimmel Stay Satin lip colour .. comes off as soon as you eat ... does not stay on at all..

Best day to night mascara I have come across

I have been using the Rimmel glam eyes day 2 night mascara for some time and have found this is the best mascara I have come across for the price. It has two sections that the brush passes through, one for day time and the other for a night time look. I use the night time look all the time as it extends my lash length and really thickens them up. I often get asked if I am wearing false lashes which I take as a compliment. It's non clumpy and is a good product. It's my go to mascara and I have no desire to change it.

Wrapping very cheap & sticky on mascara/eye brow pencil

Removing the wrapper is very difficult & items are left sticly & tacky looking with black sticky marks from tape. Touching the items with hands feels horrible. Not impressed at all.

Products dried upon purchase

Bought 3 mascaras, from different supermarkets, at different times. All 3 have been all but dried out. Customer service aren't interested without a receipt which I explained was a part of a big shop and they don't often give receipts anymore, so no refund for me or my trouble. Waste of near $50. Save yourself the trouble. Have learned my lesson on Rimmel products.

Orange foundation - who the hell wears this?

It doesnt look particularly orange in the bottle, and I chose the true ivory, but it's more orange than a mandarin. Utterly useless, I will throw it in the bin now.

Rimmel Lipsticks just don't work.

Purchased my new supply of lipsticks in Rimmel brand for the first time recently.
Will not stay on lips, cannot have a drink ,eat or kiss without it smudging and disappearing.
Will be going back to my previous brands like Revlon and Loreal Paris are much better quality and value for money.

Good products but no seals

Love rimmel products but have just bought 4 more online only to find that they are all unsealed. This is really unnerving as now I don't know if they have been tested by someone else or tampered with. Wont buy again.

More Colours please!

Wish there were more colour options for the Super Gel. There aren't many colours that work with my skin tone which is annoying.

Shocking Super Gel nail polish

I bought Sper Gel nail polish, colour Perfect Risy plus the Super Gel top coat. The nail polish goes on leaving streaks. The next coat leaves more steaks in the under coat even after a long period between applications. Wait a few hours and apply the top coat and one is able to wipe all coats with a tissue. Everything is dissolved. The brush in th top coat separates and sticks in all directions. Nasty product. A wast of money. I will not be buying their nail products again.

Great products for cheap price

I have always leaned towards exapensive brands but since someone suggested a rimmel foundation to me I have not gone back. The BB cream is light but gives you a better coverage then others I have used before. I find their products tend to stay on longer and eyeliner was just as good as a $55 one I had purchased.

You get what you pay for :/

Gel eyeliner is horrible to apply- using a brush, it becomes very thick and clumpy just from taking a tiny amount out of the pot. Removing it is also a nightmare- it smudges everywhere.

Brow this way- styling gel with argan oil has a slightly watery consistency- and ends up clumping hairs together, it’s such a mess to use.

Super curler 24 mascara applies clumpy, smells really strongly of chemicals and becomes smudgey after just a few hours. It is also impossible to remove from the skin once it’s smudged.


having tried the Rimmel gel nail polish in red and being happy with it, I decided to buy another colour, big mistake, Bare Hug, the name of the colour is just awful, will not apply smoothly, has fibres / hair like threads coming off the brush, the polish itself is very thick and may be the reason why it cannot be applied smoothly. To top it off, a call to the company has been ignored! Good company to avoid!

best drugstore brand

i have a few makeup products of this brand. I love that most of the entire range serves my makeup needs well without hurting my pocket

Not gonna buy this product again

I bought mascara and eye definer coz it says on the package waterproof and smudge free.
Its not true!
The only thing I can say is never buy this or reccomend this product to anyone.

Provocalips 16hr kiss proof lipstick

I absolutely love Rimmel's products and have never had a problem with anything I buy from them...except this one product that I have listed above. It is meant to be a 2 step process, having a liquid lipstick on one end and a clear lipgloss on the other. I was absolutely horrified by the outcome with this product. Its impossible to wear this lipstick alone without the lipgloss because the formula is so tacky it feels like I have applied glue to my lips. The gloss was disgusting, it was clumpy and had a nauseating perfumed smell to it. The clear gloss started to go dirty because of the lipstick remaining on the wand. I was however impressed with the lasting power for this lipstick, however if kept on for after 6 hours it starts to crack/peel and the color starts fading. It's very tough to remove off the lips at the end of the day which results in me having to remove with a chapstick. I think that this product would have been better IF the lipstick formula was less sticky and the lipgloss being less clumpy and perfumey. Will not be repurchasing this product however I am happy with the other Rimmel products that I have purchased...


I purchased a Rimmel lipstick- 500 revolution red.It was covered with a huge price sticker and when I peeled it off it is covered in a sticky mess.The smell of the lipstick is awful and it is sticky and drying at the same time.Do not buy!

I am so impressed omg

Hey so I bought this waterproof mascara and it is bloody awesome. I have been crying for 4 hours straight and rubbed my eyes and it is still so intact and none of it has run or came off. Thanks for having a legit waterproof mascara.

Not great lipsticks.

I bought the Rimmel lipstick from the kate moss line and I was not satisfied. It has a very strong artifical smell, it doesn't smell fruity or flavored in any way, it just smells like that chemical lipstick smell and it is so strong. When I put it on thats all i could focus on. The other problem I have with them is that I don't think the color is true to swatch. I bought one that, on my hand, looked like a medium brownish/pink. When I put it on to wear it was a greyish brown and very unflattering. I will be returning this product to the store.

Matte powder makes skin oily!

Bought Rimmel stay matte pressed powder because my Covergirl one ran out and is unavailable in the UK. Seemed okay at first but after 3 weeks of use I've noticed my face feels unusually oily (it's usually normal-to-dry!) and sticky a couple of hours after applying, so i need to reapply a few times a day which I think is just creating a vicious cycle! Not sure if maybe it is actually sucking up too much moisture from the skin & prompting it to over-produce oil? Apparently a mineral-based powder but my skin which is usually very clear feels like it's on the verge of breakouts after using this powder. I don't recommend it.

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