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2.1 from 50 reviews

Great product to use in multiple countries

Used the new version powered by knowroaming and was great for my trip to Malaysia and Europe. Worked well in every country. When i needed plenty of data the bundle packages were good value.

Constant Problems

This is the second time we have used this product on overseas travels. The first time there were many problems - the worst being it just didn't work sometimes even though we had credit. This time if someone sent us a text it would arrive time and time again in duplicate up to 9 times - all day and night long, so we had to turn the phone off at night. Not good as my father is not well and we became uncontactable. So just now they have a 'new provider' and we got cut off for our last 4 days away and had no phone despite being in credit and their promises it would still work. NEVER AGAIN!!

Was good but let down this year

I used roaming sim last year and it worked fine and I did have questions for support at that time. I found them knowledgeable and helpful. This year I feel I spent money for no return. I tried to forward my phone to the roaming sim number. It would dial locally then international and then fail. Roaming sim gave me a second number and it also failed to perform. I do not plan to use roaming sim again. Support tried to help but in the end they could not and issues had to be passed up the line...still with no solution.


I had trouble when testing this sim before leaving Australia, but the contact people were good and got it sorted out. Yes, it's a bit confusing at first when you ring a number and wait for the call back. You quickly get used to it though. Was invaluable (and cheap) when I had to ring my bank in Australia twice from far flung regions in Bali, and also used to make local calls in Lombok and Bali. Happy with it!

I don't think even one star is applicable to this product! Avoid!!! Don't waste your money!

Totally useless customer service...credit is gobbled up after a year from purchase despite the original terms and conditions stating that one only had to use the sim once within that period to keep the account current...a total rip off....unreliable service,especially crossing from one country to another...service another time was unavailable for 48 hours in France....total waste of time,energy and money.Don't use this product!

Works, but too many limitations

The Roamingsim SIM card "worked", however it does not function like a normal telephone service because it is a VOIP system. Firstly, when you make a call, you dial the number, the call hangs up, then the service calls you back, you answer the incoming call, and the service makes the outgoing call. I found this cumbersome, but okay if you are making occasional calls.
There is no voicemail.
There is no MMS capability.
Because it is a VOIP service, the SMS (text) service does not work with banks, Microsoft, and many two-step verification services that require you to enter a "normal" mobile number to send an SMS with a verification code. When you enter your overseas telephone number (which is from the UK +44, even though you bought it in Australia), the websites will reject the number saying they cannot send to a VOIP number. This is a severe restriction and caused me problems several times as two-step authentication is now commonplace.
These details are not disclosed on the website.
I have found that calls will often drop out, and the network will drop out, even though I am in the middle of a city in an open area. To rectify the network connection, as searching did not work, I would have to switch off the phone, reboot, and search for network coverage again.
There is no 4G capability (as mentioned on their website), but this was not a big problem for us as we found wifi in most places.
When you arrive at another country, the automatic selection of the operator service did not work for me. I had to test 5 operators that were available and eventually one worked. It can take a minute or two for the operator service to connect to the phone.

The good points: simple calls do work and are relatively cheap, basic SMSs to another phone do work, the internet service does work and is relatively cheap, the ability to use the same number in numerous countries is great for keeping in contact with people back home, the ability to top up online is great, you can send SMSs from the website, you can obtain a local VOIP number in whatever country you like for $8 per month that people can call you on for the cost of a local call, tethering worked fine from my phone to tablets and laptops.

The restrictive points: no voicemail, not a proper SMS service, no MMS service.

Because of these restrictive points, I would try to find an alternative SIM card that was more "normal" and not VOIP. The workaround might be to use Roamingsim for typical use, but keep your usual "normal" SIM card that has been setup for overseas use, in case it is needed for doing two-step verification.

UPDATE 6/9/2016: The RoamingSIM card is okay whilst in European countries, but now that we are in the USA, the data rates are very high at 45c / MB and eats through your credit quickly. My two phones using Roaming SIM cards have had issues with receiving the same message i.e. receiving the same message over 40 times each day which is really annoying. Technical support is via email, with several days delay, and not responsive after 6 emails, 2 weeks trying to resolve their technical problem. There was also an outage in their network for a day when we could not make calls, which was listed on their web site. We have had several times (more than 5) when we were not able to send or receive texts. Sometimes texts would arrive a day later. After all these issues we needed to get a functioning mobile phone service.

When in the USA, there are very good prepaid deals around such as UltraMobile for $US29 per month that have unlimited calling and texting in the USA, unlimited data (note that first 1GB at 4G LTE speeds but need a phone that is compatible with the LTE bands in the USA, which we don't have), unlimited calls to Australian landlines, unlimited international text messaging to over a hundred countries including Australia, does have voicemail, does support MMS, is a proper telephone service using the T-Mobile network (so my Australian phone works on their network whereas it won't work on USA networks as the frequencies are different), has international direct dial (not the call back service of RoamingSIM), online technical support chat was instant and fixed my issue, email technical support got back to me within 1 day.

Don't get this SIM

I was offered this SIM through a travel agent, I ordered it for my Samsung S6, received it and tried it before embarking overseas, it would not work. I spent hours on the phone with the support worker after confirming all was well with my provider to use this SIM overseas. I was told that even though the SIM does not work now, all will be good when I leave the country. Strange, considering it says to test before going. It never worked at all and when I got back to Australia, I emailed support and the reply was "Well it is a fault with the Samsung S6 apparently and you have to put it into another phone first, put in the code and then put it back blah blah blah" No good telling me this when I got back and why was I never instructed about this I asked? The reply was "not our problem". I have a special needs child and needed to have contact back home with my family. It caused more stress to an already stressful supposed holiday. DO NOT USE THIS SIM, the support are not educated to actually help you. They happily took my $50 credit payment and will not reimburse it...

No Service

Avoid - can only send text via iMessage and from and to iPhone 5 and iPhone 6
Charged for texts not delivered and no credit given
Can only reply to texts via Roaming SIM portal and no guarantee text will be received


Ok, for a mobile phone sim that is ok for a mobile sim that is ok for a mobile sim

Sim didn't work properly and no fix

I had issues from day one and after a bunch of calls to their technical people my credit funds were not activating phone. No refund albeit requested. Apparently I should write a letter to them although I am on their system as a customer they couldn't fix the problem. Really hopeless and avoid! Expecting refund. Nope!

Works well! Visited Hong Kong, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, France and the UK

We purchased 2 sims (iPhones 4 and 6); used local NSW numbers; worked first time in testing before we went and in each country. No problems at all.

Roaming sim

Just received my roaming sim. Tried to make a call in Australia before heading overseas soon. Information received with sim said to dial 061etc. Did not work. Rang customer support. They said to enter 0061etc. Phone works fine now, thanks to customer support, who solved the problem and even stayed on the phone to make sure it worked. Thank you to customer support.beware check your phone works before heading overseas, as advised by roaming sim.

Works as advertised

Can't understand the very negative reviews here. I have bought several of these for myself and family/friends, and we have had no trouble getting them to work as advertised. The cost of usage in Europe and UK is far, far cheaper than international roaming, and cheaper and more convenient than buying a SIM in each country, possibly having to buy a new one for a repeat trip a year later. Friends and I travelling in different European countries have been able to use it without failure to contact each other. Yes, the cost of receiving a call made to a local number by someone here in Australia is steep - about the same as that of any telco's international roaming; but surely the local number facility is there for urgent or emergency calls only. You'd be mad to give out the local number to all and sundry. Travelling in UK and Europe I found this card worked exactly as advertised on the website.
Works well, vastly cheaper than international roaming with any Australian carrier, local number makes it easy for urgent calls eg. by old relatives.
Purchasing a new local number after one month is a bit expensive at $8 or thereabouts. No other cons.

what a terrible product!

this is a terrible product. the call quality is poor and the technical support is non-existent. i called for help and had to leave a number because no operators were available. no-one has called back after a week.

also their advertising regarding calls to overseas mobiles for the cost a local call is misleading. yes, you can set up an australian number that is charged as a local call to the person in Australia. However, what they don't say on their website is that the the overseas mobile is charged at about $2/minute to receive the call.
Auto top up has a monthly limit to stop run away charges.
poor call quality, no support, expensive, misleading advertising about charges

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the devil is always in the detail and i should have read the entire website rather than relying on the cute cartoons to understand how RoamingSim works. maybe an asterisk next to the word FREE may have helped to draw my attention to the charges. however, the high charges were only one issue and they may have been ignored had the quality and reliability of the service been better.

This is terrible. Defintally can live without it, never again!

Got a roaming sim for my trip in UK for a week and then Europe for 3.5 weeks. Sim didn't work properly in most countries. I could only call for 25 seconds and then it would cut out even when I had all bars of reception. Contacted tech support but just went around in circles there. It was a joke. Also found STA travel (who sold it to me) a joke as well.

Didn't send texts, calls were less than 30 seconds with full bars of reception.

another unhappy customer

Although I'd read unflattering reviews on RoamingSIM I thought it would be worth a try. What a mistake! It was a waste of time. It offers a UK number so I thought I'd at least be easily contactable by my UK friends but even this feature didn't work reliably. There seemed to be no pattern, eg whether sending text msgs would be ok, or receiving texts or calls ... I tried using another phone but it seemed nothing work reliably which made the whole thing point less.
nothing. Customer service made some attempt to help but their advice was along the lines of turn off your phone and then turn it on again.
unreliable and hence pretty useless

Don't waste your money

Absolutely useless. The sim card never worked. I could not get any support over the phone; it was not even answered. I left a call back message that was never answered. I could not make or recieve calls or texts. If I thought they would respond I would send it back. Do not waste your money!

Could not make or receive calls

Useless sim card

The sim card looks great at the web site but in reality it does not work at all. I could not make any calls even in Australia. I spent 4 days calling service center (in Dublin) and sent more than 20 emails to technical support. They are polite but absolutely useless. They suggested procedures described at their web site over and over again but the problem was not fixed. I discarded the card as it was good for nothing.
If you already ordered it send it back and request refund ASAP.
I would give it minus 5 stars but I am only allowed to give a minimum of 1 star.

Did not work at all

Roaming SIM a Total Rip Off

If you want to spend a lot of time during your holiday emailing back and forth to try to get the simcard to work and then spend time when you are home trying to obtain a refund on their overcharging, go for it. I would not recommend this product to anyone. The simcard worked in Europe last year but has proved to be totally useless in several Asian countries this year. I was charged nearly $5 per minute for a 6 minute call from Bali to Australia. The helpdesk takes forever to respond to queries. I will take the advice of other users and purchase a local simcard when next I am overseas. The concept of a global roaming simcard is a good one. Unfortunately, with this company, in practical application the simcard just does not work.
I liked the promise of economical phone calls from overseas back to Australia.
1. Slow response from Roaming Sim help. 2. Overcharging (not worth using the simcard as the price is the same as Telstr would charge).

Beware the Roaming SIM rip-off

My wife and I both purchased Roaming SIM cards for our unlocked iPhones to take on our 6 week holiday to the UK followed by a cruise from Istanbul to Athens.
This was the worst decision we could have made. Luckily we purchased them a couple of weeks in advance because that's how long it took to get them activated - no thanks to the totally useless support from Roaming SIM.
Once we finally got to the UK I also added a UK data pack to one of our phones.
We very quickly realised what a mistake we had made when we were trying to call their support number only to be put on indefinite hold -at our expense.

Things didn't get any better when we started to make actual calls and we discovered we were being billed for air-time equating to at least 4 times the actual time recorded on our phones. We were even being billed for calls that didn't even answer. I registered a complaint on line (because they don't answer their phones) including snaphots of our iPhone call logs for them to compare against our billing records. After a couple of weeks they finally responded to say that they had no explanation except that there was a problem they were looking into with their supplier. They refunded the couple of examples I had sent them and then closed the "ticket". The next day the same over billing continued for the duration of our trip and when I again complained they said that the issue had been closed and couldn't be reopened. What a total rip-off.

In regards to the Data bundle, it only worked in the largest of cities, and even then, you couldn't even open a google map it was so slow.
In the end we purchased a local "3" data sim and put in one of our iPads which worked a treat and only cost £10 for 1 gig for 30 days.
I would strongly advise against going anywhere near the Roaming SIM product unless you want to spend half of your holiday either, trying to get it to work, or arguing about the overcharging. Next time we wil be just buying local SIMs wherever we go and having our Australian SIMs with us for any emergencies.

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How can I get a refund?
2 answers
I had no success with either a credit or a refund when I approached the company about the SIM charging at extortionate rates and leaving me with a few cents in balance after one phone call for five minutes from Bali to Perth. The product is dreadful and the company is bad news.I was able to send them screen shots of the call details from my iPhone which clearly contradicted their itemised account. The problem is that the rubbish system they have to lodge complaints takes days to get any resolution and, by the time you keep going back and forth you miss half of your holiday. I just gave up in the end and stopped using the product except in an emergency. Good luck.

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