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Robert Walters

Robert Walters

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Pathetic Company

Maia is the laziest and most despicable person I have ever encountered. She gets paid to cut corners, be lazy, rude and inconsiderate to those applying for jobs. She won't respond to correspondence because it means she actually has to use her peanut sized brain and not a generic response.

Hope you get fired.

Horrible agency

Poor standard of recruitment and poor standard of communication - "copy and paste" at it's worst. I will now always gloss over any jobs they post - I wonder if the jobs are even real or merely fishing for CV's to "up the recruiter profile"! Never again, much prefer applying directly to companies for this reason.

Disgusting service

Really disappointed in their service. I was contacted by their consultant for a interview and when I followed up with calls and emails, the consultant could not even be bothered to reply back to say that I was not going to progress. As it turns the job went to another recruitment agency - so what does that tell you.


Robotics in their attitude and totally unprofessional in their communication. My recommendation is that professional HR with communication training is required for this organization

Very disappointing agency

Was so disappointed with this unprofessional outfit. Expected much better from them. They do not care about you. Communication and attitude is appalling.

Lovely Recruiter

I interviewed for one role in Melbourne and had Georgia Atherton as my recruiter. The first interview was relaxed and informative. She gave me tips on what she thought of my CV, dress and what the employer was looking for.

Once i secured an interview, Georgia called me for a practice interview, checking my answers and providing me feedback on what information to expand on. I must say, thanks to the practice interview, I flew through the actual interview with ease - and these guys grilled me hard!

I had received another offer for a great role i couldn't pass up, so had to cancel my final interview with the company.

Im not sure about the rest of the company, but if you are using Robert Walters and get Georgia, you will be well looked after. She is a wonderfully friendly person who genuinely wants to give you the best chance of success.

Robert Walters is very lucky.

Unprofessional and pathetic outfit.

I had the displeasure to work for this outfit a while back, prior to being placed on the assigment, the higher level/senior recruiter/grunt (you know who you are) that is based in Parramatta was sweet talking the role to me so I can help them make money off my back (as all recruiters do), fast forward to the moment the employer calls them and tells them to terminate me... I endured a tirade the likes you would expect from a 'sweat shop operation'! As ALL recruiters do, they always side with the highest bidder, except most agencies do it graciously and respectfully, unlike this Mob. I have already spread the word to others as to avoid this outfit like the plague.

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