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Rockstar Energy

Rockstar Energy

4.0 from 2 reviews


this drink is great if you want a boost of energy because its low priced and it tastes great, i like it better than other energy drinks
it comes in a bigger can than other energy drinks, it comes in different flavors and its great if you need a boost of energy
it's not always available at supermarkets or gas stations


This is a good energy drink for people that lead a hectic on the go life style or for someone who is feeling drained and is need of a little boost to get them through the day. It does as it says on the can it gives you that boost. It’s well priced as it is one of the newer brands on the market. My only problem with the drink is the taste it’s not at all for me. But what’s the saying one man’s trash is another’s treasure.
Reasonably priced, avalible everywhere and often have good promotions on.
The taste doesnt really appeal to me.

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