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Rodial Dragon's Blood

Rodial Dragon's Blood

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JanSydney, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Dragons sculpting serim


I love this product. It's not heavy and it does show an immediate result. My skin was badly dehydrated and within a week I saw it noticeably! Beautiful cream .



  • 8 reviews

Best products I ever used


I have a few products: serum, eye cream and multifunctional day lotion. They all have pleasant texture, fast drying and easy absorb by skin. I also love results: my skin is hydrated and illuminated. Bought from Woolworths. Highly recommended.

Don't buy it!!


I brought this cream from Woolworths and after a week it has given me 3 times more wrinkles around my eyes than what was there.. it is poor quality when applyed and visibly enhances wrinkles when washed off..

Best I've tried.


I have tried it now daily for twelve months. I didn't think it worked really, but I loved it under makeup as a primer. Anyway I never have my photo taken as I don't usually look good but the other day on my birthday some photos were taken and wow, I couldn't believe how good I looked, so it's subtle and you need to use it daily. It is expensive but can usually get it on line and from Priceline when they have it on special, sometimes down to $25.

False advertising


I saw this product and was really excited after seeing it promoted on tv. I went home and tried it immediately, nothing happened after using a whole tub in one go. From my understanding, using dragons blood would give me eternal beauty and allow me to invade the kingdoms of my choosing. However, I'm still a night stocker at spotlight. It's my belief that it does not contain the blood of any real dragons. I have sent the empty jar to the manufacturer explaining my situation, but am yet to receive a reply. Do not buy this product, it's false advertising.



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Watery and useless (eye cream review)


It has been brought to my attention that the product I thought was Rodial was actually a copycat brand called Skin Therapy. The packaging is nearly identical to the Rodial products. Rodial are not sold in Woolies.
I bought the (Skin Therapy) eye cream from Woolies for $30.00.
Apologies for any misleading comments.
However, I still stand by my comments of this product (The Skin Therapy brand). It is really a waste of money! Does nothing for the eye area.



After using this product I was diagnosed with Perioral Dermatitis. Caused a massive rash all over my chin which has been there for three months even with heavy courses of antibiotics.

It's like applying water to your skin


It did not do anything on my skin. It is an overpriced product with a misleading advertising, like all other Rodial products, such as the snake glamoxy serum, which caused me pimples (I am nearly 40, and I didn't have them since teenage years). They just change the names of their products range continuously.

Burns my skin


I used it bought it. Now seems to burning my skin when applied to my face. I'm usually quite good with moisturisers. Won't be using it again. My skin even went real red plus have an interview today with face looking red. Never again will I use it.

Softened my wrinkles.


I beg to differ. I bought dragons blood from coles and applied to my skin just above my breasts. I had developed creases from sleeping on my side. Not only are they less noticable they are alot softer. I have not tried it on my face...yet.

You don't have to get Dragons Blood from T.V go to Priceline..........


Hi for those of you going on about credit card details go into Priceline, where you can buy it for $70 <3 Also nothing and i mean nothing removes wrinkles and plumps your face except plastic surgery,yes i am trying Dragons Blood it only makes your skin smooth ........



Bad advertising


Same issue with free purchase want credit card and as for free delivery why would they want to charge my credit card for $1.00. To see if it is valid so they can deduct 207.00 for something I did not want.

Judy baker

Judy bakerAdelaide

  • 4 reviews

Dragons blood rubbish


To put it simple, dragon blood facial sculpting cream doe's NOT work!! They show before & after pictures to suck you in!! There isn't any cream on the market that will take wrinkles away



Had trouble cancelling it


I tried it I liked it ok but I called them to say I didn't want any more they said ok it was cancelled but they used my card they sent me out another lot I returned it and finally got my money refunded but it was a hassle

Be Wary


My husband bought me the range of Dragons Blood skin care products. The cleanser seems fine, however the eye creams and sculpting gel burns my face as does the plumping night cream. I've given up using it. I contacted the company and they say I must have an allergic reaction to it. I have never had problems with skin creams before and thought I was fairly bullet proof in this regard. The company did offer a full refund but I have to pay the postage to return it. A very disappointing result.

I Love It!!!


I bought this and it is the greatest cream I have EVER used. Most of the time I have a bad reaction to creams around my eyes but not with this. Yes it does cost WAY too much so I have to try to save money to buy it. I think they should lower the price.


BettyMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

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All creams


I have been using all the creams for a long time it is a great moisturiser my skin is really smooth
Age spot cream does not work
The wrinkle cream does not work
The eye cream does not work
I am really disappointed with this product a lot of money and being on a pension money spent on a product that does not work

plumping serum


Very good product. Made a great difference. But.... I then bought the Redial hyaluronic moisturiser and the pump action would not work. Returned it and got a second one. This one doesn't work either. Very frustrating, another trip to Gladstone to take it back.



Terrible and got ripped off as well


I order this cream after watching it on TV shopping Chanel. They offer a free jar if you buy 1 months supply. I said I was happy to try it but when asked if I wanted them to keep sending me automated monthly orders I said No as I would order it myself if I liked the product. I then received a second batch but 3 months supply. When I called to return it they said I couldn't because I needed to cancel my order beforehand. I will never order anything from TV that advertise s free trial. The cream is terrible. Leaves your skin oily and does absolutely nothing. What ever you do, Do Not Order this product. It's a scam



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What a scam!


Saw on studio ten you can try dragon's blood for free!What rubbish! When I called they asked for my credit card number and said they send $207 worth of products with the "free gift" and if you don't send it back in thirty days they charge your credit card! I said I didn't want that just the free jar of moisturiser.They refused and said you only get the free jar when they send the $207 package! This a crock and a wrought and should be stopped.

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Julie A.

Julie A.asked

I am 57 years old a girlfriend recommended drogons blood facial products so i bought them only after 2 uses my face feels extremely dry and its very red and extremely sensitive it feels like i have bad sunburn

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Alexia H.

Alexia H.asked

So I am 12 years old I put this dragon blood fix pumping serum on this morning thinking it was moisturizer.... And now ever since every time I get in the shower my face burns and turns red. Or when I wash my face it burns and turns red. It makes my face feel tight like im sunburnt. It has smoothed my face. But it’s really red and noticeable, when do you think the redness will go away ? Or when the burning will go away ? Or will it ever go away ?

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Dragons blood 30ml lift firm and define does this truly work and do you notice results quickly OR NOT PLEASE?

2 answers

Hi Jodi, at least for me it didn't work at all. I didn't notice anything, in my opinion, it is a waste of money.


Hi Jodi,
Nope. Not a bean. The only real lifting and firming is the expensive type that a cosmetic surgeon can give....sorry.

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