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Roger Armstrong Primo 4 in 1 PM2398

Roger Armstrong Primo 4 in 1 PM2398

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Don't bother

Ah where to begin? as a step it's unstable, I emailed them about this thinking perhaps mine was somehow faulty and got a reply that this is how it's ment to be, so no good for encouraging independent hand washing etc. Also as a step stool the seat has to be inside the step so that pretty much defetes the purpose of it I would have thought. The seat on the toilet seat part has a seam inside the rim, one number 2 accident and I've realised it's almost impossible to clean properly. Gross. A waste of money. Use another brand.
The seat fits our toilet.
Unstable, impractical, hard to effectively clean seat therefore unhygienic...

Does not fit most toilets. Unstable step stool.

I purchased this item thinking it would serve both as a potty and a toilet seat. The potty is OK...though not great as the seat does move around a bit and when bumped can easily come apart from the base. The little shield on the front for boys is not much of a shield either. The seat is so small that it does not fit any toilet in my house, nor in friends houses. As a step stool it's pretty hopeless, as with even the slightest kick from clumsy little feet cause the lid to fall off, making it a dangerous tripping hazard. Absolutely do not recommend. And it's quite expensive! Not a 4 in 1 product AT ALL!
Removable bowl for easy cleaning
Lots of things...unsteady step stool. Unstable toilet seat. Wobbly potty. Hardly a 4 in 1 like the name suggests.

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