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Roger Armstrong Timmy Tortoise

Roger Armstrong Timmy Tortoise

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Timmy Tortoise TERIFFIC

We love Timmy, both our Grandchildren love to sit on him both in his seat function and in his potty function. It is wonderful to find a product still actually manufactured in Australia, and so well designed. We are now looking for another one.


The turtle is a bit hard to use and bub tends to sit on it backwards, which means that splash is not contained. However bub loves using this. Was used as a toy to begin with, but now carried for use. Legs and head do get in the way a bit.
Cheap, bright, more fun than a regular plain potty
Feet and head in the way. Easy to sit on backwards


i can't say i really used this product much at all because bubs just thought it was another toy! right now we put it to much more use at a step in our ensuite bathroom.
portability, and the 2 in 1 feature.
messy to clean


The tortose design makes it difficult to use. My toddler has difficulty navigating the feet and head when trying to get on. It doesn't provide much of support at the back. It might be beeter for older toddlers who have better motor planning and squatting skills. It doesn't look comfortable at all.
cheap and light, easy to store
uncomfortable, no back support, not easy for toddlers to get off and on.


A great, cheap product that does the job. A great novelty design to entice kids to use the potty. This smart design features a cover to use as a stepping stool for when kids get older and start using a real toilet or for brushing teeth etc.
Simple, effective design. Cheap and 2-in-1!
Plastic offers no padding for little bums. As with all similar potties, it can be a bit messy to clean.

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