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Rover Regal

Rover Regal

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  • 3 reviews

Built cheaply


Mower is just over 2 years old and this happened. Just built so cheaply- would not recommend. Frustrating to spend a lot of money and it is not reliable and breaks down so easily.

Purchased in February 2017 for $550.00.

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  • 4 reviews

Always starts - no worries at all


I am a definite mistreater of mowers. I don't like gardening but I live in the suburbs so I have no choice!! This means that there are long period where this mower doesn't get used until my wife makes me (lol). It always starts, usually first time too. Its solid but still easy to move around and has a plastic bumper bar at the front which does a good job of absorbing impacts. I cant really fault this at all. The only improvements I can think of would be to do away with the run saftey bar - it just annoys me and perhaps a better catcher design because i always end up with fine grass blown on me with the present one.

Date PurchasedMar 2017


  • 4 reviews

Great Mower Cuts Nicely


I have had this coming on a year now and get a little kick out of using it every time. It always starts easily and runs very smoothly. Apart from changing the oil I have done no maintenance at all to it. I get a lovey clean cut with this and it feels like it could run all day. The catcher works well and all in all lawn day is easy with this mower.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017


  • 4 reviews

Very Reliable Mower


This always starts no matter what. I am extremely impressed with it. It runs at fixed revs which I don't love but it works OK. I get a good consistent cut from it and it chomps through overly long grass without too many problems too. I occasionally have to manually clear the chute to the catcher but thats it for issues. It is a reliable workhorse and I am pleased with it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017



  • 4 reviews

Good mower - Need One Or Two Improvements


This mower has been a reliable since they day we got it. Starts first time every time and consistently does just what I expect. I am careful to use fuel stabiliser though as petrol sitting in a mower's tank is the biggest cause of problems.
One thing that disappointed me from day one and that was the catcher. I can't believe they use these cheaply constructed versions compared to the solid old Victa style I grew up with.
Its about three years old and I do get a puff of oil smoke when starting if left sitting for a long time but it always starts. It cuts well although I would like to be able to set it one step lower than available.
This is a reliable, well built mower that just needs a few improvements to be excellent

Date PurchasedSep 2015



  • 30 reviews

Robust, but does have some shortfalls


I originally purchased this mower when I had a lawn mowing business and one of my main ones was awaiting parts. Was only ever planned to be a temporary addition and stopgap but this model surprised me. Even though I no longer mow lawns for a living I still own it.

Good: Stupidly simple mechanically, reliable and easily maintained engine. Starts easily and effortlessly. Four blades give a very nice cut. Mulching plug is a nice option. Spares readily available.

Bad: Plastic cowling deteriorates quickly. Annoying safety bar, can't empty catcher while on unless you override the mechanism (I've modified the throttle). Extremely heavy for its size and engine output that makes mowing sloping blocks challenging.

Date PurchasedDec 2015


larryaSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 31 reviews

Rover Mulch & Catch - easy start and lots of power


We are very happy with this pull start mower - lots of power, easy starting and burns very little petrol compared to my old Victa 2 stroke! I like the mulch feature which works well. Still very happy after 2 years of using it, we've had no problems at all.

Early days had for 3 months , so far great mover , no key start but has self propelled feature, happ


Great so far had 3 months purchased new here in Adelaide for $599 no key start just self propelled, great size catcher and happy with warranty offered on mower ..
Happy with cut , mower easy enough to manoeuvre, and of course self propelled makes life mowing easy as ... Would recommend....

Bitterly disappointed.


I purchased this mower to help me continue to mow my own lawns and nature strip in my retirement instead I now have bilateral shoulder pain much worse than my previous "pull start shoulder". I am upset with myself for being so stupid to believe that this mower would be a breeze to use and I could expect to mow my lawns for many years to come. Wrong! I will have to retire and maybe pay someone to use the mower but it surely won't be me.

Have had 3 rovers before, bought key start. mulcher 800.


A very badly balanced mower, too much weight on rear wheels so if you mow up very slight incline you bust your back pushing. Also no adjustment on push handle key start switch is crap as they are so flimsy (cheap). Purchased mower from Days mowers NOWRA, they said they needed 3 days to fix under warranty, to drop off and pick up required 120 km return trip bought new switch fitted in 5 mins that lasted 3 weeks. No more rovers for me!

absolute rubbish really not happy.


i picked up my brand new rover regal keystart self propelled mower today, bought it home and yes it wont propel. now I am stuck with it and you have to pump the air into it just to start the mower. at 750 dollars is just not worth the money, starting to wish I bought the dearer Honda. Oh and rover why don't you advertise it was made in china.

From New


The key start has never operated from new. Each time I have tried to use it the fuse blows. The mower is 12 months old and I would replace tomorrow if I could afford to in addition it has a hose connector fitted which allows a hose to be used to wash the underside after use. However you cannot fit a standard hose connector to it as it is too close to the fuel tank. The drive cable has now broken at the control end where it has worn through so back to the agents for repair. My advice, get a different brand.

Started good, but after 7 months it wont start.


Felt like a quality lawnmower when I bought it. Now after about 7 months it wont start. Still trying to figure out what is wrong with it. If it was just a little problem that is easy to fix like a spark plug I would recommend it . But I think I am going to have to take the whole thing apart.


jjacerForest Lake

  • 22 reviews

Best mower ever.

The Radar King

The Radar KingParis, France

  • 5 reviews

Rover Regal - Catch-N-Mulch, throttle controlled - unlike most versions



  • 2 reviews

Rover 800 self propelled key start


Bought this mower recently after my last excellent experience with a Rover Mower which I did have for 15 years
Only cut the grass twice but very happy with it


KevinBella Vista NSW 2153

Bitterly Disappointed


Bought key start as I can't start conventional type. After less than 6 months key start won't start. Dealer reports long delay in sourcing parts. Had I known this I would have bought another brand. Can't use it as is- useless! I would be happy to return it with refund.
Cuts well when it goes
Won't start

Avoid at all costs - Don't buy new or second hand.




The best mower I've ever had. Cuts evenly & cleanly. Economical. Not too heavy.
Worth the little extra I paid for it.
I've had this mower for 4 years & it has never let me down.Used on big lawn weekly. Easy to start & still on original battery. $ stroke so no mixing.



  • 11 reviews



This was the best $400 that I could have invested. It has done 3 acreage blocks, it has done 1 acre blocks and now it currently does 1/2 acre blocks. It has seen the bottom of dams, been into the thickest of grasses when I didnt have a ride on, it has done me proud.
It has never missed a beat. I have replaced the blades three times in 14 years but and repaired the handlebars twice due to wear and tear. It just does not want to die. Its great. I would not be without my rover....
Built to outlast all others. The first thing to go on my 14 yr old mower was the handles. It still goes first time....
Nothing. It is heavy if you have to lift it over steps to get to the grass.

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Questions & Answers

Gayle A.

Gayle A.asked

My key start mower wont start. I took it into the repair shop to get it fixed a week ago. Its sunday now and the damn thing wont start. Any ideas as to what i can do?

No answers

Raju Y

Raju Yasked

Hi I need this model of puller . The puller thread is broken. What is the coast?

No answers

Rachael M

Rachael Masked

My mother has an Regal Self Propelled Mulch-N-Catch Key Start lawn mower but the problem we have been having is the battery only stays charged for at least two maybe three times when starting it by the key...I can't seem to find any where online about how long the battery should stay charged for??? .. Considering it takes at least 15 hours to recharge it to only get a couple of key starts from it ... PLEASE HELP its doing my full frontal in :/

1 answer

What you describe is exactly what happens when a battery is near the end of it's life or goes prematurely bad. If it's under warranty, best to take it to a Rover dealer.

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