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Supaswift Big Bob Series

Supaswift Big Bob Series

653HP, 653KP, 653GP and 653XP
4.2 from 13 reviews

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Makes mowing a breeze!

For larger lawns, the BigBob with the Honda GXV160 engine is superb. Do install 2 sets of blades to make cutting easier and faster (1 pair flat and one pair 'low lift' to assist discharge). No catcher means you just keep going and the clippings mulch into the turf. The trick with utility mowers (side discharge) is to cut the grass a little higher and more often so you are not trying to cut down more than 3-5cm at a time. That way there is no trail of clippings and you get great results. The large ball bearing wheels and light weight deck make mowing a stroll in the park. It even works well on damp grass subject to the above operating style. I can do my 1/2 acre lot plus street front in 40 minutes.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Strong, reliable mower

When looking for a new mower a couple of years ago, specialist shop recommended the SupaSwift Big Bob for my size garden (1/2 acre). The area is also known for a lot of exposed limestone which damages blades. So I bought one with a fairly wide deck (21" cut) and Kohler XT series 7.75 torque motor (173cc). Well, what a fantastic motor. Starts first pull EVERY time. It's powerful to charge through long and wet grass. The only negative issue is that I bought one with a deck too wide; I have some very uneven ground which requires going over the same patch 2 or 3 times in different directions as the wide deck bridges low spots. This was my fault and not a reflection of the mower. In every other respect it really performs as promised. Highly recommend, but make sure you get the right size deck for your patch.

Date PurchasedJan 2016


Picked up BIG BOB with other mowers on EBAY it has a BRIGGS STRATTON MOTOR..I cleaned carby maneto and adjusted changed plug.....took a while but final started let it run for awhile it struggled rattles etc final came good now running nice and smooth ..has 2 flat blades can take 8 blades it has a green base and red brown colured motor...has a sticker saying width 5 on it the rest is missing on front super swift on side plate saying made by Jetfast Industries would anybody know how old this mower is?..chappo

Date PurchasedFeb 2007
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I put 4 flat new blades on it for a big bob mower ,,,it about 21 inch cut going ok...chappo

Big Bob is definetly up to the Big Job!

Purchased the latest Big Bob from Geelong Mowers and am absolutely wrapped in it! I have gotten the Honda powered model, this is the GXV160. It has the black Honda cover not the traditional red one. Machine is great, I put it straight to use all weekend, cutting everything from knee high paddock (did go a bit slower), manicured lawn backyard, and some rough stuff around my trees. The GXV160 is very quiet, and I was blown away by how much mowing I got done for the very small amount of fuel I had to put in it. The front skirt of the mower deck sits higher than the blades and this did catch me of guard a couple of times, but I was quick to adjust my mowing style to suit. I like how when I mow up against my fence line, it gets nice and close the the fence with the cut, and doesn't leave a huge strip like some mowers. Also there is very minimal things hanging of the handles to get caught on things like my previous mower. The quality of the mower absolutely blew me away also. The handles are extremely solid, having reinforcing in them, and the overall mower body is finished to an incredibly high standard.
If you are in the market for a Utility Mower, the Big Bob will surely not disappoint you!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Bloody awesome old mower

I have an old Supaswift lawnmower I picked up on Ebay for $26...not sure how old but pretty old....It goes like a trooper...handle broke about 3 years ago as it had previously been welded back on...Just got it out of the shed put another handle on it, cleaned up the jets and carby and off she goes again....starts first pull...I got on to this site as I was looking for a new push mower...read come of the Supaswift reviews and thought "stuff it" I'll get this old thing out again....not gonna bother with getting another one now...If they still make em as well as they did back then, they are excellent mowers

Money Making Machine

I have used the Big Bob commercially since 2008 and it is easily the best, most versatile lawn mower I have used. It's a basic side discharge unit, so there is no catcher. The frame feels a little flimsy though but this machine makes up for it by powering through tall weeds. I have used more expensive machines, some twice the cost, but they don't match the Big Bob. I use it for slashing tall grass and for regular cuts of rough lawns and it does a very good job of it.

Blades and disc may give problems.

I bought the latest model Superswift Big Bob earlier this year. It came with disc and blades that were "upgraded" from the previous model to a lighter weight system with the bolts securing the blades to the disc protruding downwards where they whizz around at 2000 or more rpm looking for rocks and branches hidden in the grass.

A few days afterwards the bolt hit something, cracked the boss and sheared the disc off the drive shaft. The drive shaft fortunately did not bend. (great engine)

No answers from the dealer or distributor but an online after-market parts supplier responded immediately to my enquiry and the problem was sorted quickly. I fitted the disc and blades that were on the previous model (heavier and with nothing protruding to snag on hidden rocks) for less than a $100.

Weeks later and still no more problems. Great machine – easy start – few stalls in long grass.

The dealer rang me back weeks after I contacted him, to say he had replacement parts – (another set of the original blades). When I tried to explain the problem he laughed and hung up on me in mid sentence. The distributor (Allpower) was pretty relaxed about it as well. They didn't answer my initial online enquiry and politely refused compensation or replacement after I rang and sent photos.

The disc and blade system that came with the Big Bob may be OK on a less powerful machine or where there are no hidden snags – I have used them before on a light duty Rover Mower with a 350 B and S engine.

Also - the blades that came with the mower were a bit short and the ones I fitted are longer and give the full 21" cut – noticeably better.
Easy start - fairly robust - seldom stalls in long grass
The disc and blades are too frail for this machine - you might want to upgrade them if you are mowing long grass.

I was hoping not to add to this review but 2 years later the frame rails have snapped both sides at the bolt-holes securing the rails to the deflector shield nearest the handle. I didn't notice for a while as there is a sort of torsion bar/rod/stay welded to brace against this eventuality - seems that didn't work but it does keep the handle loosely attached to the rest of the mower. So it still goes but the mowing height varies according to how hard you push it. Looks like the occasional weld will keep it together. Spoke to a parts salesman for a mower retailer who stocks these and I got the impression that earlier Big Bobs were more robust. He confirmed that my original blade setup was prone to failure. The Kohler engine doesn't miss a beat - rarely stalls. I service it twice a year and needs little adjustment. Let me know if you know how to get the petrol cap on. The petrol cap is a fast fit. Just a fraction of a turn and it is open or closed So much better than turning the old fashioned ones. It takes a fraction of a second to get it off but it took me 5 minutes each time to locate the right position of the cap on the tank for the first year but now I can do it in less than a minute. I would take away the 3 stars if I was allowed to edit this review. Despite the excellent engine the mower is only really fit for purpose if you are ready to tinker with it and spend money to upgrade it. in my opinion. The older ones sound great.A year later I still havn't mastered the petrol cap. The motor is going fine and the welding is holding up and the upgraded disc and blades work well without another broken boss or disc. Quite happy with it now but will buy a real mower next time. This one was far too much fuss.

Chassis is cheap and nasty

Years ago we had a little bob lawnmower which seemed to go for ever. Years later when we needed to buy a new mower we decided on a big bob, thinking it would be like the little bob we had. We have had it for about 4 years now, but probably after 2 years the frame started to fall to bits. Every time we mow the lawn lately part of the frame snaps. It has been welded everywhere, one welder said it was real cheap steel, which was useless and definitely inferior. Next thing is to see if we can pickup a frame to take the motor. The place where we bought the mower does not deal with them anymore, seems like cutting costs has really ruined what once were good mowers, avoid
The engine
The chassis is made from cheap junk

I wouldn't touch a Super Swift mower ever again! Bought a brand new Super Bob slasher, was trouble from day one had it back under warranty too early. Junk mower plastic body, horrible Briggs engine that gave up the ghost not long out of warranty. The blades used to cut into the plastic deck from brand new !!!! Use caution on Superjunk mowers An update on the Big bob mower, we finally just gave up on it and took it to the tip. Ended up buying some $200 mower from masters, and have had no trouble.


After three years of mowing my acre Big Bob hasn't missed a beat. I just changed the blades today - well overdue - they were each at least 1 cm shorter so i have been making work for myself - only cutting 19 cm.
Big Bob is so easy to start and light on for maintainance.
Little bit fragile on some items. Bent the throttle cable and broke the throttle handle.

Best mower I have ever purchased

I purchased my Big Bob in 1992 from Rex at Wauchope mowers NSW. It is now 20 years young and it is still the best mower I have ever owned. I am up to my second set of wheels, second grass exhaust cover, and numerous blades as it has tamed a few bush blocks and only just had the rope pull thingy replaced. That's it and to be honest it may only have been serviced every second year. Admittedly it is looking tired but so does the owner.
When it does finally die (it or me) I would not even hesitate to purchase the latest model.
Reliable every time and light weight.
Maybe some soft padding on the handles for some comfort.

Just what's needed for the job, but chassie not robust enough

Honda motor one of the best smooth and quite, but chassie is not robust enough, lower handles crack and brake at first rear mount point on chassie, weak wheel axles bend easy poor quailty wheels, we run 4 mowers and all are the same disappointed for the money, need to improve.
GYC and Allpower have been very helpful and has repaired under warranty

Part of the family.! Still with us well after 30 years of loyal service.

My ol'man bought our Big Bob around 1980. Originally marketed under the Vulcan label in Australia. Green body, black handles with a white 4 horse powerhead. She's had a new pull starter, fuel tank, cylinder head, cutter disk and the odd wheel replaced over the years. Pushed that ol'girl up and down Dads bush block from the age of 12. She was given to me upon leavin home. Can't bring myself to toss the ol'girl and it is my intention to restore her to her former glory. Hope i can find the parts i need! Irreplacable is how i'd describe her. Cant buy that kinda quality these days...
Tough and dependable with a gauranteed smooth cut everytime, wet or dry, grass or scrub.
Sticky throttle cable. Sticky height adjustment. (age related)


I bought my Big Bob in 1995 and used it commercially ever since. I couldn't estimate how many thousands of hours it has done, with a lot of it being hard work and big areas. In 2003 I had to put a new motor on it and bought a $300 cheap Briggs & Stratton unit. It refuses to die. The third set of wheels is worn out, the cable broke & it sits on full revs. I turn it off by pulling the spark plug lead off. It was a bit wobbly but still cut neatly. I looked at it the other day and thought I need a newie and then it fell off the truck (3rd time maybe)and bent a wheel axle. Trying to bend it back snapped it. So I will probably not bother to weld it up. The cheque book is coming out and I'll buy my second one in 16 years.
Metal frame, wide cut, light weight and simple to use, no self propelled so less to wear out, very durable
The original motor only went for 8 years of extreme work, a bit pricey for such a simple setup

Questions & Answers

Where can I get a Superswift, secondhand: a good one?
2 answers
I wrote a review. Mine was bought brand new. Can't help with 2nd hand apart from suggesting gumtreeThere seems to be quite a few floating around on Ebay and gumtree, ive bought 3 in the last few years and just restored one for my own use. i am in victoria though.

I'm retiring an exhausted Victa Utility 2 stroke. It's light and highly maneuverable round our sloping block with lots of funny little corners. Did my dough on a Honda Heritage. It's heavy and hopeless getting into tight awkward spots. I'll cut my losses and sell it. The SuperSwift Big Bob with the Honda GXV may be a better option. But it's 100% impossible to get information about it on the www. Like weight. How many kgs? Physical dimensions other than just the cutting width. Unobtainable. Basic info I would have thought.
2 answers
I love my BigBob but it's not the best mower for slopes/tight spots. You could stay with 2-strokes and get a Victa MSP462. Or get the Little Bob. Or a Masport 460. 18 inch utility mowers are so much fun to use I collect them.Thanks for the reply Curbow79, you're a utility mower aficionado! Wouldn't go near a now Chinese made Victa. SuperSwift BigBob sounds great but Little Bob may be best for my slopes and tight spots. Total area is not huge, less than 20 minutes with an 18 inch mower. Too bad Little Bob comes with the Honda GCV160 vs the Honda GXV160 engine fitted to the Big Bob. Is Big Bob worth getting if only for the better Honda GXV160 engine? Did some searches (too late) on the Honda HRU196 Heritage. It's a thumping 44kg! The wheels literally leave trenches if I have a wet lawn. A guy at AllPower told me Big Bob is 33kg so presumably Little Bob will come in a few kg's lighter.


Supaswift Big Bob 653KPSupaswift Big Bob 653HPSupaswift Big Bob 653GPSupaswift Big Bob 653XP
CategoryPetrol Lawn MowersPetrol Lawn MowersPetrol Lawn MowersPetrol Lawn Mowers
Price (RRP) $599$799
Power SourcePetrolPetrolPetrolPetrol
FeaturesSide Discharge
Catcher Type NoneNone
Cutting Deck MaterialSteel
Cutting Width533 mm533 mm
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)
Engine / Motor
Name4.2hp Kohler XT-7Honda

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