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Russell Hobbs RHMO200

Russell Hobbs RHMO200

4.1 from 25 reviews

First Russell Hobbs let down

I am a big fan of the Russell Hobbs products, I really like the designs and ease of use etc... I have owned this microwave for around a year now and first time ever, Russell has let me down. The bottom part of the microwave has rusted out. Not sure why as its kept clean and wiped after each use, I'm thinking maybe just a fault as Russell Hobbs products are normally of high standard and good quality. I have been very loyal to Russell for many years but unfortunately.... I am currently looking around for a different brand. Again I say, it may be just a one off, but I'm a tad wary of getting another Russell Hobbs microwave.

Purchased in April 2018 for $199.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Great Microwave

This microwave looks good, is easy to use and is easy to clean. It was quick to unpack and set up and has many programs to choose from to get the perfect cooking experience.

Purchased in January 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Really good value could be better though

It doesn't work as good as a normal microwave on the normal setting but the convection works great and the grill is a great feature, I can cock a meat pie and it'll come out crispy as it does in the oven but so much quicker. I would definitely buy it again if I had the choice

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Good microwave, long service life

We got this over four years back and apart from the numbers getting scritched up on the pad, it is still going strong. It gets used every single day, usually multiple times and it's been faultless. It works and it works well. I would buy the exact same one again without a worry although I might try to cover that pad because it aged quicker than the rest of the unit. Overall, very good!

Date PurchasedJun 2014

can't live without it

it is such an amazing microwave very handy we use it everyday. the programmes included are very easy and efficient. I use it to cook meals and steam vegetables and roast potatoes. the defrost program is amazing specially for bread it is like just been out of the bakery oven.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Been very reliable - cooks well

I have had a very good run from this reliable microwave. It's one of those (rarer these days) appliances that 'just works' and I never have to give it any thought. I can't remember its power rating but it cooks very quickly and has EXCELLENT defrosting technique where it is on a few seconds, then waits, on a few seconds then waits which does a really good job without cooking the food at the same time. Reliable machine - always dies its job without fuss

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Has worked very well the past years and a bit

We use this microwave every day and have come to rely on it. I wasn't sure when we first got it as I associate Russell Hobbs more with kettles and toasters but it has proven itself to work well and never gives any worries. I just use the cook or defrost based on weight as this seems the most accurate. My only complaint is that the numbers has scratched off on the keypad - no biggie but a lttle annoying but it doesn't affect anything else.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Amazing quality i love this microwave

This is my second microwave after my panasonic microwave that failed after a year and i loveeee this microwave. Love the defrost function. And it has lasted more than few years i think approx 3 years now still going strong!!! Value for quality. Very powerful as well, can warm up food quick.

Date PurchasedNov 2014

Enjoying cooking variety of meals from cakes to defrosting

Very happy easy to use. Cooks variety of meals from heating up drinks to cooking up snacks and Browning up meals/ lightly toasting. I've cooked cakes. Hubby loves my scones n hotdogs especially done in convention oven setting. Would highly reckon to family and friends. Reasonably priced. We got it on special.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Really Good Performer

We got this mostly based on price and it has surprised me just what a good machine it is. It gets used everyday in one way or another and always does the job well. Defrosting, cooking, and its starring role - heating up my cold coffee. From time to time I give it a spray and wipe and it looks as good as new.
As I write this I am trying to think of a con to go with the pros but I actually can't! It's just a really good quiet achiever in the kitchen that always works.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

value for money

this is a great microwave. i got it when my daughter was born and its still gng strong yrs later.

not a problem at all, it doesnt sweat, cooks evwnly and absoluty love the defrost button because they dont accidently cook my raw foods.
also thw popcorn feature means my daugher can press the button herself.

love love love

Date PurchasedApr 2014

Hard to complain too much for the price!

After our old microwave gave up the ghost, managed to get one of these for $169 from Target - bargain basement for the convection oven features. To be honest, the "grill" type feature is next to useless, but the convection settings work well for things like chips, frozen over foods and really basic baking. The pre-heating is fairly slow, but cooking is in line with oven times once there. Microwave works as you'd expect. Makes a few shuddering noises now and again, but by and large, I have no complaints. I wouldn't expect this to be a 10-year appliance purchase, however.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

It’s great for the price

It’s good I like it works well and priced well, I use microwaves on a daily basis for all sorts of things and this really makes my life so much easier would definitely recommend this to my friends and family members. Thanks for the awesome microwave. It’s great :) 10 out of 10

Date PurchasedApr 2017

This model is OK, not the best

This was given to us as a wedding gift and has served a few years of use. Unfortunately, we have never been 100% satisfied with this product as the inside of the microwave is always dripping wet after a few minutes of use, the front screen constantly fogs up, and the buttons are not overly intuitive. We will be looking to replace unfortunately.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Don't know what I would do without my RHMO200

Use this convection microwave a fair bit to keep things warm or cook sides with, while I am cooking on the stove or the wall oven is taken up. Easy to use and heats to 150 degrees in 4:30 minutes, but can obviously go much higher. The Microwave on its own is very powerful, with plenty of room being 32 L. I did find the combination modes sometimes didn't always give the best results. Seems like the more you combination oven, grill and microwave, the less it microwaves and you can't select the heat like with the Oven mode alone. Have to say that at $159 from target it was an absolutely steal. Only down side is you can't get them anymore and now my Mum wants one... Russell Hobbs was onto a good thing. Fingers crossed they bring something back like this.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Good value, still working after 18months

Effective cheap convection/grill M/wave over. Easy to use most of the time.
Interiors are Cheap! Impossible to keep near new looking. Rusty Stains appear after a month or two Permanently- interiors sacrificed for cost.
External control panel buttons bubble up within 4 maonth for the same reasons. Ie wear and tear is also accelerated.
All start in a minor way so that vast majority would feel unreasonable asking for a repair or refund (as not "significant" for approx 6-9 months)
No second hand value, student flat grade gear.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Great Deal And Works Just Fine.

I bought this from Target on special for $159 - Bargain - Had it for 6 month and it is still working just fine. Seems to be well made and the instruction book covers everything well, I'm impressed, we'll see how it goes I suppose, so far so very good.

Date PurchasedAug 2017


my first one made this awful clack clack noise on convection operation, returned it and exchanged it for another and that has made the most horrendous noise using convection, that is going back tomorrow for refund and never touching this brand again in microwaves. Thought once unlucky but twice is ridiculous.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Bigger than my last

Looked for a mocrowave that was bigger than my last one and this one I got did the Job. The controls however are more complicated than they need to be. I dont think I use most of the features of it but still good to have just in case you want to get creative. Hopefully it wont rust to soon like on of my familys SMEG microwaves that is to be honest just goes to show the supposedly big brands aint always good.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great for the Price

Easy to use. Has 30 second button to auto start easily. Great for defrosting frozen meats or reheating meals. Has Convection oven feature, making it easy to heat pies or pastries without them going soggy. The stainless steel exterior looks nice and fits in well with our kitchen. Happy with the functions and ease of use.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

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Questions & Answers

My Russell Hobbs convection microwave oven has stopped heating food. The door is properly closed and light goes off, but no heating. Any ideas?
No answers

Where can I get a user manual from? The store we bought it from has managed to lose the original. Thank You. David King.
1 answer
https://au.russellhobbs.com/user-manuals Try this link to search for the manual and I will try to find mine.

can this be installed in a wall unit above a wall oven? Patricia.
3 answers
No mounting Brackets facility provided and prob a bad idea b/c Needs free space to release moisture. Steams up more than most others, esp if not enough clearance / ventilation flow - lots of water/dew appears inside and this Will soon ruin cheap internal ?'stainless?' surfaces quickly! Bargain 'Convectn Oven tho! Shiny new Inside Stains and Marks v easily! within a month or two use, very hard to keep looking nice & new esp if convection used a-lot. Needs lots of Elbow grease.No mounting Brackets facility provided and prob a bad idea b/c Needs free space to Vent moisture. Steams up more than most others, esp if not enough clearance / ventilation flow - lots of water/dew appears inside and this Will fast tarnish shiny cheap internal ?'stainless?' surfaces quickly! Bargain 'Convectn Oven tho! Shiny new Inside Stains and Marks v easily! within a month or two use, very hard to keep looking nice & new esp if convection used a-lot. Needs lots of Elbow grease.If you mean to put the oven in a cabinet above a wall oven, it's probably OK. The cabinet would need to be 55cm deep, have a power point and be ventilated at the top or side for heat dispensation. I'm not sure about the moisture I've never noticed much with mine. If you cover your food when you microwave the cleaning is minimal and the convection element doesn't get splattered. The convection oven is good for small thing and grilling - toasties, small pizza, cakes, puddings and the likes, but for the big things likes roasts and other large dishes the big oven is better. This oven is very handy in a busy kitchen especially if your big oven is an oven/grill combo. I wouldn't mount it higher than about shoulder height for safety reasons and ease of use. Mine is about 6 months old now and still works fine and looks like new, inside and out. If it gets a bit splattered I usually give it a quick wipe as soon as I'm finished though. Hope this helps.


Price (RRP)199