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Ryobi ONE+ 18V 3.5L Sprayer Console

Ryobi ONE+ 18V 3.5L Sprayer Console

3.6 from 11 reviews

Great gear even the bigger brands can fail

I have purchased 24 tools in total and have 3 chargers one being a 12v car charger and I have 10 batteries.
In the 5 years of use I have only replaced one grinder that had done more work than it should have, I very rarely use 240v tools now with exception to welders and drop saws for obvious reasons.
The batteries and chargers have never let me down and I never run them till they are dead in my opinion it only puts stress on them.
If asked would I buy ryobi again 100% yes.

Date PurchasedMar 2013

Battery fitting faulty

I liked the idea of this sprayer as we have the ryobi batteries. However I agree with others, the pressure seems to go with use and it leaks. Also we found the battery so hard to get off to recharge we returned it to Bunnings. The staff there agreed it was too stiff and the manufacturing is faulty. I would like to get something similar as I hate the manual pump sprayers.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

This was my most disapointing Ryobi purchase.

This sprayer is a shocker, I own the whole range of Ryobi one plus garden tools I got them for my wife an avid gardener and several petrol ones for me as well they are all great When you start spraying the liquid stream travels out about 3-4 metres for only a couple of seconds then the pressure drops and the stream dribbles out the nozzle for 1/2-1 metre and remains so, if you keep turning the switch on and off you can get up an average flow, but that's not how a sprayer is supposed to work. When Ryobi realize they have a design flaw in the totally inadequate pump on this tool and replace it with one that works properly I will buy the next generation model.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018


I have purchased that product from Bunnings unfortunately , after one use plastic cup (covering container for liquid) brake down. Have got replacement ,new unit ,but it stops spraying after a while. Never even dropped it or etc..I think I was unlucky .They haven't got any more in the stock ,so I have got manual one and is working fine for more than 6 months.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Could be better

Well done Ryobi for making this innovative product, however it does have flaws and could be improved greatly by some minor changes. The measuring cup is brittle and seems to crack easily. I have been careful with mine but it just seemed to crack and shatter last time I used it. I didn't mistreat it at all and have only used it about 6 times. Secondly, some of the connections leak as identified by others. This could be improved by changing the fittings to brass with o rings to stop leaks. Finally, the pressure it delivers is just barely ok - a bit more pressure would make the job much easier.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Simple to use, good battery life

I purchased this so my wife doesnt have to battle with pump pack sprayers. So far this unit has been a pleasure to use and we are more inclined now to do the required spraying. We only use the small battery which easily meets our needs for 20-30 minutes of spraying.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Ryobi wastes product

I have used my Ryobi sprayer twice. The sprayer sprays ok, I use it for pest control fall and spring, spraying my home. Both times I have used the product the hose comes unfastened leaking puddles at and on my feet. I have more pest control chemical on me than on my house exterior. I like the automatic spray over pumping a spray unit but I hate having the hose loosen and leak, and it leaks a lot no matter how fast you are at turning the sprayer off and tightening the hose, and it happens on both ends of the hose.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Sprays great and battery lasts !!!

After buying a cheaper garden sprayer I bit the bullet and purchased the Ryobi. I am very happy with this sprayer. The sprayer sprayed up to our eaves on our one story house(spraying green mold). The next day I sprayed with weed killer in front and back of our house all on one charge. I have a sizable yard so I was very impressed with the battery and how long it lasted. The battery takes one hour to charge !! I would highly recommend this sprayer.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

New one seems better.

I'm on number 3 as the first 2 gave up the ghost and got returned, ultimately wouldn't pressurise, I'm relatively certain it was an issue with the seal on the fill cap which doubles as a measuring cup. Tried my new one today and there are some subtle differences I think, definitely has better pressure than the first two. Warning to those considering leaving your chemical in it, that's contrary to the instructions that say it must be cleaned out and flushed with water every time. Hopefully this new one lasts longer than the others.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Weed free garden forever!

Totally agree with previous reviewer. My spray sits in my backyard charged and filled - ready for action. Once a week, I just squeeze the trigger to shoot the little buggers (weeds, of course). A single charge (4.0Ah battery) lasts forever and the long wand allows for targeted kill. You will never go back to spray bottles or pressure sprayer. Enjoy your new garden!

Constant pressure gets the job done faster

After getting on the Ryobi ONE+ bandwagon (it's like heroin) I thought I'd buy the Weed Sprayer Console for $89 from Bunnings as I already had some batteries to go with it. This is really simple to use as the motor detaches from the reservoir so it can easily be filled with water, and the reservoir cover is a measuring cup so getting your ratios of poison is a no brainer.

Once the sprayer is switched on there's a little bit of compressor noise the whole time but the pressure is maintained so the spray is constant from the first time you hit the trigger until the last drop. I personally would like to see a similar device with a larger reservoir, but if 3.5L or less is all you need then your jobs should be finished faster than any hand pumped sprayer as there's no need to stop.

Overall this is a product which functions as you would hope it would and it comes with a two-year warranty, which gives peace of mind. Highly recommended for those who are considering it.

Questions & Answers

This my third ryobisprayer Turn the pump on and nothing comes out. Have cleaned all parts It does leak chemical all over me. Even though everything is tightened. Duty of care ryobi. Round up all over a person is not good.
2 answers
I had two of them, both had a problem with the battery system. After the second one I came to the conclusion that I didn't want to use the product any more as it was faulty. I just use a hand sprayer now.Hi Jak take it back and get your money back , these sprayers are the worst product Ryobi has put out there on the market and it's a world wide problem, I use Sylvan sprayers. I like Ryobi tools on the whole my wife and I have all the gardening ones in the 18volt and I have several in the petrol variety same as electric but petrol has way more power and is much quicker. Cheers John

I am really disappointed with the performance of my Ryobi spray ... it sprays for a little while then dribbles Any idea please? Have heaps of other Ryobi stuff and faultless
2 answers
I found the same thing too. When it worked it goes well. But when the battery fitting got hard to use I returned it for another one that had the same issue. A shame as the idea is good.Hi Mike Like you I have heaps of their products they all perform well. I wrote a review on this product it's the worst tool Ryobi have marketed look it up. I took mine back and purchased a Sylvan brand electric sprayer it's the best I own.

My sprayer is only a few months old and won't turn on. Is there somewhere to get it repaired?
1 answer
Hi Nancy, take it back to Bunnings and get a replacement or if you read my review on these sprayers buy another brand as I found this model was a shocker it didn't perform well.

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