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Ryobi RCD1802 18v One+

Ryobi RCD1802 18v One+

3.5 from 56 reviews

Great reliable staple o the toolbox

Purchased Father's Day 2016 as part of a bundle, hasn't missed a beat since and is used almost daily. Also has created a monster as I have since purchased 10 x other Ryobi 1+ tools.

Purchased in September 2015 at Bunnings Warehouse for $199.00.

Whole Chuck 'sleeve' broken after very light use

I purchased this drill in Feb15 and over the last month or so i noticed the whole chuck plastic 'sleeve' has come out of the unit. Ryobi technical support said the whole chuck or gearbox could be gone(cracked). Yes out of old 2year warranty however the currently available 6yr warranty would have covered it. Ryobi direct no help and no service centres in ACT. Why in the last 6mths offer 6yr warranty instead of 2?? Quality control.

Sorry can't recommend, try another brand.

(Also made a similar review directly to the Ryobi website a few days ago giving a similar review.... Hasnt been published!!? Guess only 4 & 5 Star reviews get published. )

Purchased in February 2015 at Bunnings Warehouse for $235.00.

Extremely useful

Have had this particular drill kit for a while and has been extremely useful, I purchased in mid 2017, and has been used for general around the house stuff to letting to kids use it for projects. Has a great range of torque settings allowing straight drilling to gentle screwing. This particular model came with the 5 and 1.5 amp hour batteries, which seem to hold charges extremely well between uses, which can be up to a month or 2, charge time is also good. Would definitely buy another Ryobi again, and it is great being able to use the batteries for other one+ skins ( I intend to start adding to the collection)

Date PurchasedJul 2017


Brought a 36cm cordless mower, so happy with it. I wish I could show the grass I use it on. I've found the battery performs better wit cooler outside temperatures. Leaves a good finish. Very good engineering, you got the profile of the cutting blade just right. Only tip make sure switch is durable, & use batteries high in amp hrs, thank you.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Great value and good quality

I bought a small pistol drill and it is a little beauty i also bought a small angle grinder and it is a little beauty as well the woranty is great and the quality of them is superb they have come a long way from what they use to be and they are so cheap

Date PurchasedAug 2018
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240 volt it was

Battery & charger failed

Very disappointed with the battery that wouldn’t charge, then had a faulty charger. It was like pulling teeth to try and get them swapped over in store, very poor experience. Will now go buy a Bosch drill as they have a 6 yr warranty and my old corded stuff has always been reliable.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Corruption by Stealth

I Purchased a Drill Today. It just took my wife 15 Minutes to successfully register on their site, for extended warranty. They have hundreds of Products but do you think they will gather all drills together and do you think they will have them up the top? No way. They just want to chase the Customer away from their effort. They have a Spin Doctor, who lays in Bed every NIght, working out how he can terrorize Customers, so they will go away. Crap

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Let down by the chuck

I have had this for about 12 months. The batteries are fine and operation is OK but the unit is let down by the keyless chuck slipping, especially on smaller bits. What is worse, this then cuts a groove near the base of the bit leaving a projecting "dag" of metal. This means that the bit won't go back in the drill index without filing it off the dag. I rang Ryobi regarding this and the "service" person couldn't understand and confused this with the torque setting and told me it was meant to slip ! I bought my son the Makita equivalent which is a much better unit. Makita also has a keyless chuck but when you look closely it a much better gripping system. I am afraid that Ryobi might have been a good product years ago but quality is nowhere near as good now.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Home Handyman

bought this just over a year ago. Drill doesn't drill more than one hole without battery going flat. I thought Ryobi would be great for handyman I was wrong.Tried discharging and recharging batteries.I was going to buy corded, now wish that I did. I will definitely avoid battery powered tools in the future

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Good drill.

I’ve been using this drill pretty steadily for over a month and I can’t fault it.

Used it mostly for driving screws and it had no issues driving into really thick and dense wood.

Used it a bit for drilling into both metal and wood and it handled both with ease.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Can't fault it

I bought this drill/driver in May 2015 and it has done a huge amount of work since and never missed a beat. The 4 AH battery lasts and lasts so I use this one most of the time. When it is exhausted I swap to the 1.5AH and that has enough power to last well after the 4AH one has had time to recharge. The led light is great for seeing what you are doing in dark corners. It replaced a Ryobi drill driver I bought in 2010 as the NiCad batteries were worn out. The good thing is though that the batteries of this drill fit my old one so I kept the old one. The bright green colour makes it easy to find as well & the soft canvas style case is much better that the old style hard cases.

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Big failure

Bought a drill pack with 2 batteries I think I only used it about 3 times and it didn't do any hard work,went to use it one weekend and it didn't work, found the receipt had about 2weeks warranty left took it back they checked it at the counter and it worked but they did give me a new one ,very sorry I bought this brand

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Brilliant and expensive but worth the price

Easy to use. Just a little expensive but worth a extra cost for quality. Had my first drill stolen but love it so much got a new one off of eBay. Battery and charger are compatible with other 18volt ryobi products in the Ryobi ONE 18v line and my pleased that can just buy the other items skim such as angle grinder etc and use the drill battery. Saves on cost for future.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Faulty charger

Our one was purchased on the 27/12/2014, my husband used it very rarely. Last week he tried to charged the battery, but charger failed to charge. Took it to greenacre bunnings they said warranty expired 2 1/2 months ago - therefore we had to buy a new charger for $70. After few discussions with the store manager he charged $20 for the new charger. Very disappointed but had no choice.

Date PurchasedDec 2014

This thing is a workhorse - never had any problems.

I don't know why the negative comments. This cordless drill is a workhorse. I have 2 battery packs so I can use one whilst recharging the other. Plenty of torque, great ergonomic design, excellent value for money. I have plastered a few rooms, stirred paint, used it to build a large carport and as support to build a large brick garage. Never given me any problems. Just keeps on working reliably. Chuck is no problem either. Would I buy another one if this one finally chucked it in? No hesitation.

Date PurchasedAug 2015


To the people that have had poor customer service with Ryobi, Why use them ??? Go back to the purchase outlet (Bunnings) and make them do it after all thats the law in Australia. the seller Must sort out a warranty claim in the warranty (expected time by yourself is debatable) period. most sellers try to push you to the manufacturers when you don't need too. If you stand your ground and have all your documents they will look after you, they have to!!!!

Date PurchasedDec 2017

A Great drill

I have 2 of these drills one for home and one for the caravan to help drill tent peg hole when the ground is hard. The battery always as charge when I need it. The drill trigger is easy to control power of this drill and the light works well in dark areas

Date PurchasedMay 2014

Best cordless drill I've ever had!

I couldn't believe how powerful this drill was when I first got it and how long the battery stays charged. I've used it hard for 2 years now and it seems indestructible. Love the smaller battery back up as well.
Also bought, the leaf blower and lantern which is brilliant for camping. Well done Ryobi, great tools well priced.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Get a grip!

Like most keyless chucks
When gripping around the chuck it has not much grip to hold the drill bit tightly
My idear is to Make the chuck in a slight hex shape in stead of round
Where it will still slip around the hand but give you that extra grip to tighten the bit.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

The Chuck is a DUD

The Chuck is a dud. Drill does all I ask but the chuck loosens allowing bits and drivers to fall out and disappear. Will not grasp some smaller drills. Just love One+ system and Have accumulated many tools including an excellent radio, torch and drill driver. The hand held vacuum is useless.

Date PurchasedJan 2015

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Questions & Answers

Where is hammer action?
1 answer
This drill does not have a hammer function. It is a drill/driver only.

Mine has been a great drill... I love it. But - last week, I found I couldn't engage the slower speed. The slide switch only moves from the #2 position to half way between #1 and #2. Power is only there for the #2 position. Any ideas? Rod
1 answer
It sounds like something inside is mechanically jamming. I think you will have to disassemble it and find out why. Chances are something has dislodged or has broken that selects the gear ratio. Good luck.

I opened the case to clean out plaster dust and lumps that were blocking the vents. The gearcase came apart unexpectedly and the gears came out! I beleive I have reassembled it correctly but the case wont click closed again. It is only a couple of mm off closing. What can I do? Can you please help? My wife and I both love this drill. That's why I was cleaning it!
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