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Sabco Lightning Mop

Sabco Lightning Mop

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Absolute garbage - Do not purchase

Mop heads are of extremely low quality - on average they last no longer than one month having been used twice in that time before disintegrating before your very eyes. Garbage.

Purchased in March 2019 for $16.00.

Hi Jtc0014 - Sorry to hear about the trouble you have had with your Lightning Sponge Mop - this is certainly not the quality we pride ourselves on and we are addressing this with the sponge supplier. We would love to have the opportunity to either send you a new sponge, or suggest an alternative product that may suit your needs better/ make the cleaning a bit easier for you. If you call us on 1800 066 522 our Customer Service team would be more than happy to help. Thanks - SabcoThanks but no thanks. Let me know when you've changed sponge suppliers. Until then I refuse to clog up landfill with more disposable replacement heads. Sabco must truly have the least functional QA department in the world considering all these complaints have yielded no solution or improvement. Perhaps this is a deliberate business plan.

Your original mop design actually worked!! Why was it changed?

I am absolutely dismayed at the newer designs of your mops. I have used Sabco mops for decades with no problems but the later designs are faulty in that the serrated edges on the inside of the bolt-hole cave in and the nuts go right through causing the sponge to come asunder. Next I purchased a larger 300mm Sabco mop from Bunnings. We couldn't get it out of the packet without causing the nuts to deform. I had one use out of this mop before before the sponge came unglued rendering it useless. Your design of years ago was perfect. Why was it changed?

Purchased in February 2019.

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Hi Schminka - Thanks for the feedback - it is always nice to hear from people who have used Sabco for a long time and I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed with our sponge mops of late. Would you be interested in trialing one of our other style mops? These may suit your needs even better and provide a more satisfactory result. We have a new Slide to Wring Microfibre Mop that offers all the convenience of a Sponge Mop with the superior cleaning performance of microfibre. If you contact us on 1800 066 522 and mention this discussion, we would be happy to send you one with our compliments top try. Thanks - Sabco

How to take a good design and ruin it.

I have used Sabco 4 post mops for years quite happily. But then when I bought the latest one noticed that they had changed the sponge mounting. Instead of the 4 small holes that you fed the threaded posts through and then did up the long tunnel nuts, now they have large diameter holes with "fingers" in them.
This is apparently the dumbed down version that has been foisted on us consumers. It has been expertly designed so that after about 5 uses the tunnel nuts are pulled through the fingers as the sponge dries and contracts. This bends the fingers and like all plastic that is bent, it does not recover.
From then on every time you squeeze the sponge, one or 2 of the tunnel connector pop out leaving half the sponge rung out and the other half dripping wet.
The ultimate product - one that self destructs!
See photos.
Time to buy a competitors product.

Purchased in September 2018 at Woolworths.

Can’t get the dirty sponge off!

Tried so hard to get the dirty sponge off to replace it. Supposedly it’s an easy click to get off and then put a new one on. It is not. Avoid.

Purchased in December 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse.

Sabco mops

All sponges are absolute rubbish they leave water all over floor they are all cheap and nasty and go hard the quality is shocking and i am returning all ours

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Hello Ken - Sorry to hear about your disappointment with the sponges on your Lightning mop. We use 100% European cellulose for these sponges, which is the best quality sponge of this type available. It is normal for the sponge to become hard when it dies, but it will quickly rehydrate once put back in water. I hope this helps. Sabco

Sponges crumble after 2 uses

Used this type of mop for many years and never had trouble with the sponges before. Twelve months age the replacement sponges were unobtainable, now with the new supply I find they crumble after 2 uses. I have a small unit so only a small area to mop. Up till now I have bought the $14 2pack three times but will not be buying them again. I was extremely happy with old type sponges but must look for a different system now.

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Hi Laura - Thanks for the feedback. We only use European produced cellulose in our Lightning mop and take this sort of issue very seriously. Rest assured that our product team is always working with our suppliers to ensure that this is resolved. Thanks - Sabco

It's perfect but the stick is short

The pecfet mop I've ever seen, i suggested long sticks will be great, it will reduce risk of sore backs. Even though I'm not tall girl, it's still short for me.

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Hi Joe - Thanks so much for your comments on our Lightning Mop - so glad to hear that you are enjoying it! Also, thank you for your comments regarding the handle length - we will have our product sourcing team look at this and see if it is something we can address. Have a great day - Sabco

Sponge Replacements Rubbish

After trying to fit the Sabco sponge refills (unsuccessfully) I've decided NEVER to buy anything made by Sabco. So far wasted more than $40. I now find it cheaper to hire a Cleaner.

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Hi Trishg - Sorry to hear about your frustration with the Lightning Mop. We would be happy to send you a pack of refills with our compliments and talk you through the changeover if this helps.... feel free to contact our customer service team on 1300 066 522 and we would be happy to assist. Thanks - Sabco

Can't find replacement sponges

I purchased my Sabco 4 post mop from my local Woolworths and when I went to buy replacement sponges the only ones my local Woolworths stock now are 2 post which don't fit my mop.

My suggestion is whenever you buy a mop that needs replacement sponges from any supplier you also purchase at least 12 months worth of replacement sponges at the same time

Hi John J - Woolworths actually stock the 2 pack of the Lightning Mop Refill (our stock code is SAB32013). This fits the Lightning Mop. Hope this helps next time you are at your local Woolies. Thanks - SabcoThank you for your reply. Unfortunately my local Woolworths only stocks the 2 post refills - product code SAB31010Hi John J - OK - what a shame for you. Big W also stock the SAB32013 - do you have one nearby? Alternatively, your local Bunnings can order for you at the special orders desk... Hope this gives you some more options. Sabco

Don’t waste your money.....extremely poor quality.....you’ll be replacing it within a very short tim

I had trouble with my old Sabco mop with replacement sponges being very poor quality, so thought maybe it’s my mop head, so bought a new one. Twelve months on the holes where the replacement heads screw in are too big so won’t hold a replacement head. They are very poor quality. Don’t waste your money as the product is very poorly made and not made to last even a short amount of time.

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Hi DebbieP - We are sorry to hear about the problems you have had with your Lightning Mop. I understand that you have received an email back via our Customer Service email, but rest assured that we take these complaints very seriously and our product design team, as well as our factory are working on this issue. Many thanks - Sabco

No problems, until

I have had my Sabco Lightning Mop for around 5 years with no problems until recently. Up until now the mop handle and refill sponges have been great. I have been having trouble finding refill sponges, checking out Bunnings, Woolworths, Big W at least once a week. The sponges I had to buy last week we supposedly for either two our four pronged mops. Guess what they don't fit

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Hi Caro - Thanks for contacting us - sorry to hear about your frustrations finding refills for your Lightning mop! The Sabco refills are available at both Woolworths and Big W - so it's very strange that you've had no luck finding them.... It sounds like the one you have purchased "for two or four post mops" is one of our competitors Multi-fit models (Vileda?). If you contact us on ask.sabco@sabco.com.au, we will send you out some refills to help you out on this occasion. Thanks - Sabco

Sabco Lightning Mop.. Poor quality rusty Prouct

Sabco Lightning Mop had a big brand name but has no value for money at all. Do not waste your money.
The design is faulty and your money will be heading to the drain in less than 6 months.
I bought mine in 2017
The long handle is made of poor pained metallic that will be rusted in less than 6 months, it will be broken from its base. You cannot fix it or repair it at all. It is USELESS.
Simply the long handle react with the water very badly and the poor quality metallic handle will be rusty and broken and fall off its hard plastic base. End of the story and your money.
Sabco Lightning Mop has a very Poor Product quality
How Sabco should fix it. Change the metallic handle to a wooden handle and design a longer nick to the base that does not hold the water

HI Saffy - Thanks for taking the time to comment. The handle on our Lightning Sponge Mop is made of quality powder coated steel, which (provided it is not left contently soaking in a bucket of water) is well fit for purpose. We have strict specifications on the grade of steel that is used and have not received any complaints from our customers of this handle rusting and breaking. Once again, thank you for taking the time to comment - we value input from our customers. SabcoHi Unfortunately the Sabco Lightning Mop gets rusty and has no value after 6 months with virtually less than a weekly/fortnight usage. Sabco may need to add in the restricted usage how many minutes we should use the unit with the water and if we permitted to use any cleaning agent. The unit main purpose is to use in in the water and suppose to be for Long job not for a few seconds and then we keep it in the main room for a view. I'm happy if Sabco refund me the full costsHi Saffy - As mentioned, we have not received complaints of this nature with the Lightning Mop before. Are you able to send pictures of your mop to us at asksabco@sabco.com.au and reference this ProductReview.com.au conversation? We would like to understand what has happened to your mop and work out how to make this right for you. Many thanks - Sabco

It's a very expensive con don't ever buy it. A mop from $2 shop at a fraction of price lasts longer

I bought 2 packets of twin refills. Didn't use it for a while then decided to put new sponge on it disintegrated straight away, thought may be its one off used the second sponge in the packet it disintegrated even faster. Didn't even get one wash out of them. I would like to get the refund for this crap you are selling, it's a day light robbery.
I paid a fortune for the mop itself now I am stuck with it without sponges. Shame!!!

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Hello Nas - We are sorry to hear about your disappointment with the Lightning mop refills and have passed this information onto our quality team who are discussing this with our factories. If you send your details to customerservice@sabco.com.au we would be like to send you two replacement twin pack refills to allow you to use your mop. Thank you - Sabco


Why does your packaging say "Press to remove" knob, when it ought to read (as I eventually discovered) "Unscrew the 4 knobs to remove"? Now to see if it performs as badly as several reviewers have said. Hopefully not!

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Hi Fred - Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will note this and update packaging for future runs. Thanks - Sabco

Sabco used to be SA Brush Coy, but with those letters I could now make up a more appropriate name

First off why isn't a rating of ZERO offered?
It was badged as a Lightning Extra Wide, so a pretty compelling offer which it didn't come up to because I couldn't even remove the wrapping.
Purchased at Bunnings - great store and they accepted me returning it. Had the same issue with removing the plastic retaining nuts so that the plastic cover could be removed. Turned them so hard, they deformed, but still did not budge.
At this point I logged in and found the other comments, so stopped there.
Returned to Bunnings for a swap with an Oates brand which we had used tirelessly, but after some years, it gave up. Sturdy and we could still even source the replacement brushes.
I should have known something was up as they also offered packs of replacement brushes which had more in them than Oates and were close to the price of the actual squeeze mop itself.

dont buy it

I agree with all the comments, sponges last two weeks at most - leaves bits of sponge all over the floors, probably the worst mop I have purchased, expensive to buy will be ditching it!

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Hi Jewel - Sorry to hear you are unhappy with your Sabco Lightning Mop. Sabco Lightning Mop Refill is made from highest quality 100% cellulose, which is the premium material for sponge mops as it picks up more dirt & water, leaves fewer streaks. But it seems that unfortunately you picked up an old stock. Sponge mop refills are moist when packaged at the factory, but can dry out if the stock is old or has a rip in the packaging. Unfortunately, once this happens, the sponge will disintegrate. If you would like to discuss your concerns about your Sabco Mop, please email customerservice@sabco.com.au and we will be in touch. Thanks - Sabco


Sponges break up really quickly. Plastic edges scrape the floor. I like the replaceable strip at the front. I've had Sabco mops before and they have been fine, but this one is awful.

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Hi Robert, Sorry to hear you are unhappy with your Sabco Lightning Mop. Sabco Lightning Mop Refill is made from highest quality 100% cellulose, which is the premium material for sponge mops as it picks up more dirt & water, leaves fewer streaks. But it seems that unfortunately you picked up an old stock. Sponge mop refills are moist when packaged at the factory, but can dry out if the stock is old or has a rip in the packaging. Unfortunately, once this happens, the sponge will disintegrate. If you would like to discuss your concerns about your Sabco Mop, please email promotions@sabco.com.au and we will be in touch. Clean Regards, Sabco Facebook.com/Sabco.Australia

Absolute rubbish.

I agree completely with the reviews on here about the mop refill. I have used sabco mops for over 30 yrs and I used to get a year or more out of the sponge. But now it looks like these sponges have become disposable after 1 or 2 weeks . They should have a use by date on them of 2 weeks after first using them. They are expensive to be buying them every 2 weeks or so. My sponge on the mop will disentegrate after 2 or 3 uses leaving yellow bits of sponge all over the floor. Its disgusting. Back in the day if you bought a faulty product complained to the manufacturer they would send you out a new one plus extras. It looks like sabco owes a lot of people new and better replacements if this was still the case. Making things cheaper and nastier sabco ,will end up with you loosing sales bigtime in this case.

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Hi there, Thank you for this feedback. This is definitely not the experience we would like our customers to have and I have passed this on to our team. To address some of your concerns, this product comes with one year replacement warranty and you are entitled to replace the faulty products at the place of purchase. However, If you would like to be contacted about this issue please email promotions@sabco.com.au with your name and contact number and our team will arrange a call back for you. Warm Regards, Sabco Facebook.com/Sabco. Australia

Used to have a really good model (SAB31019), but this one is junk.

Used to have a Lightning Quick Dry (SAB31019) but for some crazy reason they stopped making the refills for them. My friend has just used the last refill she had and still thinks it's the best mop ever.(31019). Sorry but the 30022 is hopeless (junk). The sponge just falls apart and then falls off. Why make something good and then discontinue it? Looks like it's back to Oates or Vileda.

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Hi Mark, Thank you for your feedback and we apologise for the experience. Generally, Sabco Lightning Mop Refill is made from highest quality 100% cellulose, which is the premium material for sponge mops as it picks up more dirt & water, leaves fewer streaks. But when cellulose dries out it contracts. If dried out too quickly (e.g. by leaving the mop outside exposed to wind, sunlight etc.) it may contract too quickly and cause damage to the cellulose.Unfortunately, once this happens, the sponge will disintegrate. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the concerns you have raised about your Lightening Mop. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact me at promotions@sabco.com.au Thank you Sabco Facebook.com/Sabco.Australia

Sponge is rubbish

I have used a Sabco mop for years but will no longer be doing so. The sponges now available literally disintegrate after a few uses. They dry out and go hard when not in use and do not wring out completely leaving a wet floor. Pick up your act Sabco!

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Hi Helen, We are sorry to hear about the issues you are having. This is definitely not the experience we would like our customers to have and I have passed this on to our product development team. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the concerns you have raised about your Lightening Mop. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact me at promotions@sabco.com.au Best Wishes, Sabco Facebook.com/Sabco. Australia

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Questions & Answers

Why are the mop heads so much more expensive in New Zealand than Australia? In Bunnings in both countries Australia for a 2 pack is $9.90A and NZ is $10 each for 1. Even accounting for the exchange rate that is a big difference, and because of that I will not be buying replacement sponges and changing sponge brands!!
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Hi spandex - Thanks for reaching out with your concern, hopefully we can clarify this for you. The Sabco Lightning Xtra Wide is ranged in Bunnings NZ. This is the same mop ranged in Bunnings AU and is wider than our regular Lightning Mop, which is ranged at other AU retailers. The refill for the larger Bunnings mop is only available in a single pack and retails for $12.99 in Australia and $11.98 in NZ. The Twin pack refill only fits the smaller Lightning mop. This sells in various AU retailers. It retails for $13.50 in both Woolworths and Big W. Perhaps you have spotted this on promotion, but I can assure you it is not the regular price. Hopefully this helps. Thanks - SabcoThank you.

I have just bought a Sabco Lightning mop, and used it for the first time. It left huge water marks over the floor. I’ve had to go over it again spraying plain water and using a micro fibre cloth. Believe me it’s no small task as I have a lot of tiled area. What do you suggest?
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Its a horrible product does not suck up water, its a cheap nasty chinese sponge

So Sabco official. 100% cellulose eh ??? Well you are sticking by your argument. Whats your next marketing genius ? Perforated condoms ?
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Yes. 100% . The unit get rusty and broken . The chemical from the rust leaves a very nasty mark on the path room. The Unit supposed to be designed to used with water plus add any cleaner. It does not as the handle is metallic and react with the water and rusted and got broken from the base. You end up with useless unit. I do not not use any add-on cleaner/chemical, Just water. We are not suppose to buy a new one every 6 month.


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