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Sabco Spray Mop

Sabco Spray Mop

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worst mop I’ve laid my hands on

Absolute piece of crap. Have to push down on the bottle with my hand otherwise it stops spraying after a couple of pumps. About to fold the poxy thing around my knee and belt it up the street

Purchased in July 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $40.00.

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Good morning Grant, we're really sorry to hear this is happening and it's certainly unusual. If you contact our customer service team on 1800 066 522 they will be more than happy to orgaise a replacement for you.

Both the mops squeal when they release the water

When releasing the handle to spray water the device squeals (like a pig) from the nozzle outlet, we have 2 for our yoga studio and they both do it. We use h2o and a little tea tree oil. We have had them for about 4 months.

Purchased in February 2019 at Big W Retail Stores for $40.00.

Hi Travis, thank you for the review. This is unusual. How loud is the "squeal"? Does it happen when it's just spraying water without the tea tree oil? Thank you for all of your help.Yes it does squeal. It is like it can't get through the nozzle even the depressing of the handle seems firmer as though something is blocking it, but it is not. The oil is high quality and we use literally a few drops way less than detergents and what not the device is designed to handle, especially since it is so viscous anyway.Hey Travis, this is odd. If you give us a call on 1800 066 522 our customer service team will be happy to help. Thanks

Great for its price

The mop is really easy to use. The spray function is useful and concenient. The micro fibre head picks up a lot of dirt. Handle is comfortable and the mop head is super easy to maneuver.

Purchased in May 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $40.00.

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Hi ReviewGuru - Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback - we always love to hear from happy Sabco customers! Happy mopping!

A must have mop

I bought this mop to replace an existing one which had a bucket.
I love the ease of its use, how you can fill up the tank and its always instantly ready for use. I don't need a bucket anymore. The fibre fabric is very good quality, cleans surface well and doesn't leave much moisture. Floor dries out very quickly however for the tough stains i have to rub it multiple times.

I would suggest to buy a spare cleaning pad.

Purchased in March 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $40.00.

Fantastic Spray Mop

I bought this mop to replace a steam mop which had just broken. I could not justify spending the $$$ on another steam mop. I wasn't expecting too much from a spray mop but this product has more than exceeded my expectations. You can fill the spray bottle with hot water so you don't need to use harsh detergents. The mop cleans my tile floors just as well as my previous steam mop, for a fraction of the price. Fantastic spray mop - highly recommend.

Purchased in April 2019 for $39.90.

spray mop

my wife bought a spray mop for our new house
it was the best until about 10 months
better still is the customer service department which I contacted
Raquel was most helpfull
I sent her a photo of the problem and Raquel immediately said she would replace it
wow that is customer service
received the new mop today
my wife and I are so happy
will always recommend Sabco products
all products does not matter who makes them fail what counts is the way that manufacturer deals with the problem
Sabco 10 out 10
Raquel also 10 out of 10

Purchased in May 2018 for $45.00.


I’m from the UK, visiting my adult kids in OZ, (they’re all dual nationals). My son’s spray mop (not Sabco) gave up the ghost (after some years). I bought him a Sabco Super Swish spray mop as a replacement. I was very impressed by the way the head rotates and easily gets into corners. Using long strokes with the head at its widest, a twist of the handle through 90 degrees lets it get into the edges (e.g. of kitchen unit bottoms) lengthways. Angling the handle upwards gives a concentrated spray (for congealed deposits) or downwards for a wide spray pattern; using the trigger at the top. The generous fabric mop head is very absorbent and firmly gripped by the “Velcro”. It’s very easy to use. I’m most impressed and concur with the positive reviews although the need for an adjustable handle is an issue for the designers.


Have used this mop around my house weekly for 6 weeks. I have sealed jarrah floors and tiles, really very disappointed. Each time I have cleaned with either warm water or disinfectant etc. I have found that all it does is spread the dirt around. When washing the microfibre sponge by hand I noticed very little dirty water..because it was all on my floor still

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Hi Danuta - Sorry to hear that you are disappointed with your Spray Mop. We sell so many of these and have almost no complaints at all. The microfibre pad is designed to trap the dirt in it's fibres to remove it from the floor and this is certainly the feedback that we get from most customers. We hope that you have more success with your new mop! Sabco

Not great, not reliable, sprayer doesn't work

I had hopes that this would be a good mop, but it has been useless, due to the tank leaking water where you have just mopped & the sprayer not working reliably, you either get no water or if just dribbled out the front. Very disappointing.

Rang up support on 1800 066 52 & found them very helpful, definitely worth calling them.

Purchased in December 2018.

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Hi Dave M - Sorry to hear that you have been having trouble with your Spray Mop. We very rarely receive any complaints about this mop, but on occasion the nozzle can get blocked. Priming the sprayer can help fix this - we have a short video on how to do this on our website: http://sabco.com.au/mops/microfibre-flat-mops/superswish-spray-mop.html I hope this helps! Sabco

Great Mop

Found this mop very good. Manovers well into corners. Only problem 'Needs Ajustable Handle' not long enough. Filler tank is easy. Microfibre cloth on head good. Hope to see it modified with adjustable handle.

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Hi Suzy Q - Thanks for sharing - great to hear that you are enjoying it! Happy customers make our day! Sabco

Great Product but doesn't last

I always try and buy Sabco as a quality product. Have been using this product every day for over a year. Only lasts 6 months before it plays up and needs to be returned. We have had 2 now and the last one has stopped working. I have tried the Aldi equivalent and doesn't go close to the Sabco Brand

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Hi surfer - Glad to hear that you are enjoying your Sabco Spray Mop. If you do find you have any troubles, give us a call on 1800 066 522 and our friendly customer service team will be happy to try and sort it out for you! Have a great day. Sabco

improvment required

Requires telescopic handle for taller persons sore back when using otherwise product works well.Sorry to see product was cheaper on line than in shop where I bought,can I purchase replacement cloths

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Hi Don D - Thanks for the great feedback on the Sabco Spray Mop! We will also pass on your comment regarding the handle length to our production team to see if this is something we can address. You can buy refills for the mop at Bunnings stores nationally! Thanks - Sabco

Sabco Spray Mop

Love this Mop great for my floor tiles brings them up nice and shiny Sabco always been a great brand and love that they keep coming up with great products well recommend this product ….

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Hi Joybell10 - So glad to hear you are loving your Sabco Spray Mop. Happy customers really make oour day! Happy mopping! Sabco

Great for spot cleans

Great product convenient to use for spills or small messes. I find it can get dirty quite quickly if you try and do the whole house in one go (i vacuum before hand for particles etc) I bought a sabco mop and bucket and will wash the floors thoroughly once a week and during the weekdays use this for small areas and spot cleans.

My only issue with it is the stick height. Feel like I am bending over constantly to use it. It's fine for average/short people.

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Hi Jacob - Thanks so much for the feedback - glad to hear you are enjoying your Sabco Spray Mop! Sabco

So convenient and great price!

Purchased for $40 from Big W for the purpose of a quick once over each night once the kids have gone to bed. Just did my kitchen and decided to do the whole house and was done in 20mins (whole house is tiles). Didn’t leave any streaks like I’ve heard other brands do.
Perfect for each night and in between my main weekly mop with the steam mop.
Handle is a good size for my height and quite ergonomic I wasn’t straining my back.
Size of the pad is nice and big also.
Have rated 4 stars because I’m yet to put the pad back onto the product so can’t testify to how it washes, and I also find replacement mops hard to locate which again reason for my 4 star review.

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Hi Melzma - SO glad to hear that you are happy with your Sabo Spray Mop - happy customers really make our day! We hope it continues to please - happy mopping! Sabco

Lightweight and so convenient

bought this a few months ago from Big W and loves its convenience of not having to carry a bucket around while mopping. the spray works well and haven't had any issues with leaking as with other reviews as I have not removed the tank for filling, I leave it attached for filling. would definitely recommend!

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Hi ssta - Thanks for your feedback on the Sabco SuperSwish Spray Mop - we love to hear from happy customers! We hope you continue to enjoy the mop! Sabco

Love my sabco spray mop!

Love this mop! After purchasing another brand which kept breaking (the seal of the bottle) I was pleased to find this has lasted me well over a year of continual use!
I used it on laminate floors with half metho/hot water and worked a charm!
I now use it on tiled floors and still love it. Its very convenient being a spray - no mess and lugging around a bucket.

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Hi Arthur A - Thanks for the great feedback - so glad to hear that you are loving your Sabco Super Swish Spray Mop! Enjoy the rest of your week. Sabco

Best spray mop ever

I have had just about every kind of spay mop, cheap & expensive and they ALL stop spraying after a short time.
Not the Sabco, do yourself a favour and get this brand. Bought mine in BigW for 1/2 half price (usually around $40) but I would gladly pay full price because this mop KEEPS on KEEPING on

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Hi oogie1a - Thanks so much for your feedback, this has really made our day! So glad to hear that you love you Sabco Spray Mop! Happy mopping! Sabco

So good!!

I found this mop and have never looked back. It is so easy to use and the water sprays just the right amount to use on hard wood floors. Unlike traditional mops that have too much water in the head this uses the amount you want every time, avoiding damage to your wooden floors. The cleaning pad is easily removed and thrown into the washing machine to clean. I would never go back to a traditional mop after this ever again.

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HI Kerry - Thanks so much for your comment - we are so glad to hear your Sabco Spray Mop (this type of customer feedback really makes our day)!!! Have a great day and happy mopping :) Sabco

Sabco swish spray mop fail

The head has come away from the pole and I can't fix it back. Can anyone advise how this can be done? I see that I'm not the only person this happened to.

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Hi Anniejnz - So sorry to hear that your spray mop has broken! If you call us on 1800 066 522 our Customer Service team will be more than happy to help sort this out for you. Thanks - Sabco

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I purchased this mop on 31/12/19 from Big W in Ballina. The sprayer stopped working after about 5 months. I followed the process for unblocking using warm water but the water just leaked out. I then emailed the contact email on 14/6/19 and to date have not received a reply. I have checked my junkmail folder in case, no reply. As a last resort I have opened up the casing. The plastic pump mechanism inside is split causing the leak . I have tried to superglue but it doesn't fix the leak. Where can I buy a replacement plastic mechanism? It's a really easy fix and if you could make the replacement mechanism available for purchase I think you would solve a common problem and stop a lot of these mops going to landfill because of a problem with a small easily replaceable part.
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Good Morning Joy, We're really sorry to hear this has happened. If you give us a call on 1800 066 522 our customer service team will be happy to help. Thanks

could I use handy andy 2 in 1 floor cleaner? I couldnt find out if it had any bleach in it
1 answer
We have never tested this particular chemical, but you could try it (I would suggest fully rinsing and flushing out the spray after use though, to ensure no chemical is left in the mechanism).

Hi I have just bought the sabco spray mop and was wondering if the mop would be safe to use on my bamboo flooring?
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Why not? I would have thought it is only the cleaning liquid which might have an affect. But I have not got an bamboo floor.Hi Joanna T - Yes, this is certainly ok (in fact it is great for use on floating floors as it reduces the amount of water used). Just be sure that any chemicals you use are safe for your particular floor! Thanks - Sabco


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