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Sabco Super Swish Xtra

Sabco Super Swish Xtra

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Love it

I have tried so many different types if brooms, mops and vacuums. I have a small dog who sheds like mad - so I need to sweep or vacuum every day or two. This is without doubt the easiest and quickest. I love taking it over my timber and tiled floors very quickly - because it is so large - then I shake it outside before grabbing the wet mop pad and go over with that just damply wrung out. Finally a fast solution!

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Hi Annie2205 - So glad to hear that you love your Sabco Super Swish Xtra so much - we love happy customers here at Sabco and feedback like this really makes our day! We hope you get many years of quick, easy and effective mopping from it! Have a great day! Sabco

Multi brilliant

Cleaning large wall areas on a big interior wall always bothered me.Then I looked at my SABCO floor wiper and wondered- what if.So put some Sugar Soap and Water on pad & -" SWISHED-" the bricks.It did brilliantly,easily,and cut a 5 hour clean to 1 hour.

Hi ERIK - Thanks for sharing this with us - we are always so pleased to hear from happy customers! Happy Cleaning! SabcoYea I was frustrated looking at high walls & looked at my sabco-& thought why not-! Bought sugar soap & hot water-& was doing walls x the 3 mtres- in few minutes.Wiped 5 hrs of walls in less than 1 hr-& showed a friend.GREAT-!!

Sprinklea mop

This is a awful swish mop for floor boards it keeps going to side to side even if locked in to centre. I paid a lot for this horror and really does not mop the floor propery. It has a spowt where you can put about 25ml water and press the button and comes out as you mop but you seem to spend more time on mobing the mop heaf into place. Tried every thing hopeless not recommended. I am going to buy another brand Sabco need to fix this for the price i cannot find the correct model number nut I havr to enter one

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Hello evirod98 - Sorry to hear about your frustrations with your Sabco Mop. It is a bit unclear to us what product you have and we would really like to put this right for you.... are you able to call our Customer Service team on 1800 066 522 so we can get a better idea of what mop you are using and what the problem might be? Thanks - Sabco


The handle keeps collapsing defeats what I’m trying to do with it.Waste of money wouldn’t recommend to anybody.I returned to Woolworths they didn’t replace the model so stuck with something we can’t use. Very disappointed!

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Hi Not happy Jan - Sorry to hear about your disappointment with our Super Swish Xtra. This is one of our most popular products and we seldom get complaints, but occasionally things can go wrong. I am sorry to hear that Woolworths did not replace the item for you - this seems unusual.... If you contact us on 1800 066 522 our customer service team will be more than happy to arrange a replacement for you. Kind regards - Sabco

Great for big floor. One of my favorite but..

Great product and suitable for the my need with large floor areas. Come with 2 refills. Bought from Woolworths and it's one of the expensive ones but work well so I am glad after many I used to buy. Just only sometimes the extended handle comes loose and didn't stay! Kept tightening it up annoyed me. I wish I could get a replacement but my docket lost over 2 weeks using it. The velco is really good idea but hope it stronger material so it last longer. Overall I like it even better than the 360 'spin one.

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Hi Phoebe40 - Thanks for your feedback - so glad to hear that you love the Super Swish Xtra! I will pass your comments onto our development team as we always take this type of feedback on board). Happy mopping! Sabco

Fantastic product cleaning staff never been so happy

Quicker, cleaner floors, walk on in 5 minutes, Staff happy, lightweight, easy to use. Washes like new every time.
Highly recommended. Trick, spray floor, use wet pad to clean. Just purchased 2 more with refills. Thrown away mops and buckets.

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Hi Cissa - Thanks so much for your glowing review of our Super Swish Xtra! It has been a consumer favourite for many years now, so we are pleased to hear that you also agree! Happy mopping to you and your staff! Sabco

Love the small one.

Small mop great, and understood right away that a spray bottle is the way to go. Never totally wet the head. Just buy a couple of spares and chuck them in the machine. Never get my hands wet. Always have a clean one ready. Love it, though the velcro thing on one has gone and I use rubber bands to hold it on. However, the bigger models. Don't know what their numbers were, but the first one broke on that hinge in 2 weeks, the second in less. And there's NO way of fixing it. When you've com back from the drawing board, let me know.That's $80 lost on those and I have several spare heads sitting around. Can't take them back to Masters, can I!!

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Hi Veronica - Glad to hear that you like using the Sabco Super Swish Xtra, and sorry to hear that you have had trouble with the mop heads breaking. If you contact our customer service team on 18500 066 522 they will be happy to help with a replacement if you wish. Thanks - Sabco

mop with dust attachment and mop

I purchased this mop 2 days ago, I used the duster which was okay but not great, it doesnt have secured fittings just slides on. The mop pad is the same, When i folded it down with the foot button to squeeze out it snapped in half, I have had the older model similar to this for many years and cannot get replacement mop pads which is why i had to buy a new mop. I spent almost 40 dollars and it is broken the next day . I would like a refund but did not keep docket as i had never had this happen before. it does not fit in the bucket either.

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Hi Deb - Sorry to hear about your Super Swish Xtra breaking. If you call our Customer Service Team on 1800 066 522 our team will be happy to help you out. Thanks - Sabco


Rubbish mop. Didn't even fit in the bucket that comes with it (or sold next to it at woolies). No wringing mechanism (what mop doesn't have a wringing mechanism?!) so you have hold it and let the excess drip off but it leaves the floor soaking which leads to streaking. Tried going over with the dry pad but that was hopeless. Searching for a new mop now. I did like the width of the mop, if you could wring it out it would be ok.

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Hi P N, Thank you for your feedback, The microfiber flat mop range are substantially different to operate compared to a typical yarn mop and bucket, The benefit of a flat mop is that the amount of water being applied to the floor surface is minimal, as we recommend using a spray bottle rather than a bucket to moisten the pad. This ensures timber floors are not damaged by moisture and also are ready to walk on sooner, We've included a product demonstration video below, which should hopefully clarify the operation of the flat mop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=birtBVihWPY Thanks - Sabco

Mop is only as good as the Velcro that attaches the mophead

the Velcro strips after 4 uses are 50% lifted from the mophead making it almost useless to remove and replace the head after rinsing. I have previously had the exact mop with no problems whatsoever. Very disappointed with a mop that is one week old

Hi Leanne , Please make sure that you are not using harsh chemicals with the mop that may diminish the Velcro and reduce the effectiveness. The mop has a guarantee and should be returned to the place of purchase for replacement.Thanks for your comments. I had not used any harsh chemicals. It was the first use and so very disappointing ( this was not my first mop ) . Thank you for your advice 1 year down the track. I super glued the strips and have not had a problem since.

Brilliant Mop

Have used this mop in a commercial environment for a couple of years and it's been very good to use. Extremely sturdy, it has an extension pole which is great for tall people like myself. The pad is a large size so you can cover a large area in a short space of time. Pad mops are one of my favourite type of mops - they are simple and work well. Definitely recommend.

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Hi Eve, Thanks for the lovely feedback! We're so glad you're happy with your Sabco SuperSwish Xtra and you had a great experience with us! Kind Regards, Sabco Facebook.com/Sabco.Australia

This is great

Absolutely great mop had no issues I don't think these people writing bad reviews don't know how to use it properly. Recommend it to anyone with timber floor. It leaves no streaks and easy to use

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Hi there, Thanks for the 5stars! We're so glad you're happy with your Sabco SuperSwish Xtra Mop! Thank you again for sharing your feedback with us here! :) Best Wishes, Sabco

Absolute was of 20 bucks

The handle doesn't extend, so only suitable if you're 4 feet tall; it's impossible to squeeze water out of so the floor is sopping wet. Who invented this piece of rubbish? After using it twice, it's gone to the op shop.

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Hi Shirley, Sorry to hear you are unhappy with your Sabco SuperSwish Xtra. To address some of your concerns, When you purchase the mop, handle will come collapse, to extend the handle, Twist it anti-clockwise, you may need to grab the base if it’s tight, then pull it up to extend. Twist clockwise, to lock it in.To collapse, turn the handle anti-clockwise, until it’s lose, then push all the way down, twist clockwise to lock it in. You can watch the instruction video here --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4GqIEX2JyM Clean Regards, Sabco

Who invents these things?

SABCO SUPER SWISH XTRA The people who invent these whizz bang mops have never mopped a floor in their life! While this mop is wide and supposedly lessens the time it takes to clean the floors, who wants to have to continually rip the pad from the base, swish it around in hot water to clean it, wring it out and then fiddle around attaching the pad to the base again? Because THAT is the palaver you have to go through regardless of what the ads say. Give me an old fashioned mop and a bucket with a foot wringer any time. Why re-invent the wheel?

Hi there, We're Sorry to hear you are unhappy with your Sabco SuperSwish Xtra. This product comes with the dry & wet pad, we recommend to use dry pad for dusting or vacuum your floor first, before using the wet pad to avoid spreading dirt & particles. In that way you won't need to clean your pad continuously during the cleaning chore. If you would like to discuss your concerns further, please email us at promotions@sabco.com.au and we will be in touch. Clean Regards, Sabco Facebook.com/Sabco.AustraliaHI...I don't think you read my comments properly. The problem is, you have to remove the pad, clean it in water - getting your hands wet - and then reattach to the bottom of the mop. It is a nuisance because you have to do this routine up to 10 times to get the floors of a house clean. ,P.S. The pad dries out as you mop. That's another reason why the pad needs to be taken off and placed back into the water. And I always vacuum first before mopping. That's the logical way of doing things.

Floors still dirty after mopping :(

I just had brand new floors installed and bought this mop thinking it would be awesome. It's far from it!! Straight after vacuuming and mopping our feet are filthy.

Every. Single. Time.

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Hi Lulu, Thank you for this feedback. This is definitely not the experience we would like our customers to have. The best way to use this SuperSwish Xtra system is to use the dry pad for dusting first, then use the wet pad with the minimum amount of water (e.g. spray the water) as one of the main benefits of microfibre is its effectiveness to clean with just water. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this issue. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact me at promotions@sabco.com.au Thank you Sabco Facebook.com/Sabco.Australia

Sabco swish with feathered microfibre

Horrible. Hard to sweep with and hard to clean. Discarded. The worse thing is it is sold in woolies. The microfibre fingers mop XL total on the other hand is 100% better. Should be sold in woolies but can only get from bunnings.

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Hi Nicole, Thank you for reviewing your mop & we are sorry to hear about the issues you are having. So we can assist you further please contact us at promotions@sabco.com.au or give us a call on our toll free number: 1800 066 522 Kind Regards, Sabco Facebook.com/Sabco.Australia


We'll We mopped the floors, got a paper towel, and gave it a wipe over to find the paper towel brown!!! You expect to mop and have clean floors!!! I felt dirty to even walk on the 'clean' floors again!!! It's a horrible mop and do not recommend to anyone!!!!

The floor is still filthy after wards!!!

Hate wringing by hand

I thought this mop would be great for my floating timber floors. but water just sits on top. so have to go over it again with a towel to dry off. and I have arthritis and did not take into consideration the wringing out
but it works well on the bath room tiled floor
Light and goes into corners and swivels. good on iles..
Wringing out by hand. yuk alright for some people.

Sabco covers/refills for the mop are perfect!

I actually have an enjo flat mop but I was given the sabco pad to try - much better! Fits my enjo reasonably well, only costs $12 from a supermarket, machine washable - lasts a loooong time (I'm on my 2nd pad in 4 months in a very high traffic/ 3 indoor dog household, mopping every day). Best of all the Sabco has a scourer pad attached to it so while you're mopping and find a spot that wont budge, flip the little square out and use you toe to scrub. Does the job wonderfully, can't recommend it enough!

GET a flat mop everybody!! I live in a very large open plan home, with large floor area and I swear it's only 15mins to swish mop the whole house. The scourer attachment makes this the perfect all-in-one mop head.
Wonderful!! I pity those still struggling with a rope head mop...or worse - the dreaded sponge head with silly screws to replace head..I actually use mine with an enjo mechanism/ handle but I would not buy the enjo refills ever again. Sabco is cheaper, performs better on my lino/wood/tile floors.
None! The Sabco flat mop head refills are wonderful, can't fault, can't be improved. I even use mine dry to sweep prior to mopping if I don't want to vacuum.

I have just got one of these, can't find a bucket big enough to dip it into and you can't squeeze it to get excess off, so how exactly are you meant to best use it??Hello Starky! That's because you don't use a bucket and you don't 'squeeze off' like the old mops! You use the kitchen or laundry sink to wet the pad. Here's a video demonstration on you tube: (for the enjo mop but the sabco is identical) http://youtu.be/kkI1rDfxEiU I use rubber gloves to protect my hands from the heat - use the hottest temperature water my hands can stand, rinse and wring the pad in the sink, clip it onto the mop head and off you go! I turn the mop upsidedown, bringing the head to me rather than bending down or putting the pad on the floor and trying to wrangle the clips in...I also stop, unclip and rinse and re wet frequently. I do not use any floor cleaner. Just super hot water (hence rubber gloves). Every so often I clean with a floor cleaner by spraying as I go with a squirty bottle of mixed solution. Hope that helps! Good Luck!can you fit the enjo fibres on the mop head? I have a heap of enjos and my mop went missing in a move. Dont want to fork out so much money again to replace it.

Questions & Answers

Why after 1 hour will handle not extend this is your new model and after 1 hour I am fed up I have used your products for 20 years and never experienced this before live on sunshine coast in qld now have large bruises on my hands as I suffer from a disease which causes bruising but this is ridiculous purely due to this not extending no reason it isnot moving 1 inch
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I love my Sabco Super Swish Xtra wet pad but what is the white pocket for?
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It’s a little scrub pocket - you flip it down and use your foot to scrub stubborn marks :)Oh, how ingenious and practical. I'm glad I have that mystery solved and can now put it to good use.

I am using this product and like it . The price is good too. What is the white cloth attached to the back of the removable cloth with what looks like a pocket for?
1 answer
Hi Rande - That's great to hear - we always like to hear from happy Sabco customers! Check out the video at the Super Swish Xtra product page - this shows how to use the scourer that you are referring to - it's a great way to help budge extra tough grime. http://sabco.com.au/mops/microfibre-flat-mops/superswish-xtra.html Thanks - Sabco


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