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Safety 1st One Safe Infant Carrier

Safety 1st One Safe Infant Carrier

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Safety 1st misleading

when requesting a refund due to misleading advertising regarding the newer 1 star model the company said its the same car seat - however as someone pointed out they are not the same model yet the 1 star model is advertised as having received 5 star rating. false advertising but refuse to refund.
Based on what they say the older model would also be just a 1 star under new testing standards.
i purchased the sky black one based solely on the false 5 star rating advertised. They do not see a problem with this at all because they said but it says its from 2011 not current - still misleading! and still false as this particular model with changes has never received a 5 star rating.

5 star rating

Probably should point out as this is a popular review site that this is in fact the 5 star safety rated seat and whilst it's not the most user friendly seat on the market, it's still good and a small price to pay to make sure your child is in the safest seat possible. I looked at the one star seat referred to in the comments section and I'm not sure where the user is coming from, they don't even look remotely similar.... Other than being both dark colours?

Disappointed with change in safety rating.

We got this capsule based on it's excellent 5 star safety rating (88.3%) by CREP. However, we since discovered that the more recent model (OS2010) has also been reviewed by CREP and it now has a 1 star rating with very poor protection score (48.2%). It has basically gone from the best to the worst capsule on the market with the change in model. I have no idea why this might be the case. The models look very similar and I suspect that other people have likely been caught out with this without knowing it. You can read the reviews on the CREP website under rearward facing restraints tab and then prior 2012 (older model) and 2012 onwards (newer model).

[url removed]

Whether this decline in rating is because of a change in the capsule design or a change in how the testing was performed by CREP, I'm not sure? If a change in testing methodology has resulted in such wildly different outcomes, then maybe CREP should retract the older (pre 2012) results that imply the capsule design performs well in safety tests. Whilst I suspect the CREP methodology isn't perfect, it's the only independent data available for consumers to base our purchasing decisions. Indeed, the only reason we sourced this capsule in the first place was it's 5-star protection rating.

Apart from the decline in CREP safety rating, we have had no major problems. We found the capsule relatively easy to use. We had it professionally fitted, but the capsule is easy to get on and off the base and the seat belt is easy to use. Our baby gets quite warm in it with the synthetic fabric, but we dress him lightly and use the airconditioner in the car to keep him comfortable. The fabric can be removed for cleaning.The capsule was supplied with a sunshade and foot covers. The handle is a little fiddly to move when in the car as you need two free hands to unlock it. It is a light capsule.
Light. Easy to get on/off base once installed.
Current model no longer has a good CREP protection rating - has gone from best to worst performing capsule on the market. Look for an older model and not the OS2010 if you want the model with the good safety rating.

We've recently been caught out by this as well. The ACCC should really be on to the advertisement and sale of this product based upon its previous 5 star rating. We contacted the manufacturer and received the below response..... Hello,    Although the model CREP tested a couple of years ago is no longer available, the only difference between the previous and current designs were: *The new one has an easier to use tether strap *the new one (in accordance with the new standard) has the height markers sewn into the trim. *There were some new colours available These are the only differences between the 2011 release, and the 2012 release. Can I please ask if the sun over you're referring to is the canopy attached to the handle? Also, did yours come with a head support insert? Ours didn't. Trying to decide if we keep it or take it back, but so many of the popular capsules also have 1 star safety ratings.Yes - when I said sun shade, I was referring to the canopy that attaches to the handle. We removed it when in the car to allow the cool air to circulate more efficiently when the airconditioner was on. The only head rest supplied was a thin firm cushion that has fold to mould to the curve of the capsule and slots for the chest straps on the harness. It can be removed. It's not a thick semi-circular head rest like you see in some capsules/seats. I've since read elsewhere that the change in protection performance seems to be more to do with CREP changing how they test the new models. As you say, it appears that only minor changes were made to OS2010 model compared to the previous tested model. CREP website (under the News tab) has this release for 14 July 2013: "The CREP consortium has completed a review of its testing and rating methods to ensure CREP continues to raise the bar on child safety and provide consumers with relevant comparative information about the performance of child restraints being sold on the Australian market. The main aim of this review was to expand and refine the assessment criteria to address performance issues not currently taken into account in either the Australian Standard or by previous CREP rating systems and to more clearly define the both crash protection and ease-of use assessment methods. The key changes are as follows: - Improvement in the seat belt geometry to better represent the most common family car used in Australia - A better method for measuring dummy's head and knee movement in a frontal crash - Changes in dummy clothing used to provide clearer indication of submarining - Changes to the type of dummy used in booster seats to a smaller dummy to provide tougher assessment - Introduction of a second 90 degree test with reversed seat belt geometry representing impact from the opposite direction to encourage manufacturers to improve design on this area." So, it appears that the changes to the testing method rather than structural changes to the new model (different tether strap and changes to the fabric) explain the change in performance in the test. The main concern for me was the 0/12 score for "maintaining its structural integrity in frontal and side impacts (critical feature)" where previously it tested 12/12. It's frustrating that changes to the methodology can produce such extreme differences in how the capsule performs in a safety test. The new test also includes "managing impact energy to the dummy's head in side impacts". This wasn't reported in the previous results and the OS2010 scored poorly for this (0/8). Thanks for the heads up in this, I wish I knew why, I do have the older model using for my second child but how could the rating decline so much!! seems ridiculous!

Love love LOVE it!!!

This is my second type of capsule for my first baby and have to say it is the BEST!
I bought a Maxi Cosi Mico capsule before our daughter was born after doing lots of research only to be bitterly disappointed when she outgrew it at just 9 weeks old! After a lot more research I bought a Safety First One Safe Capsule which I have been able to use on my Maxi Cosi adaptors for my pram and could not be happier. My daughter still fits in this capsule now at 7.5 months old and has plenty of room under the shoulder straps/height marker. We don't take the capsule out of the car much anymore as she is getting heavy, but love that we still have the option to if it is raining or if she has fallen asleep. My daughter has been very comfortable in this capsule from 9 weeks old (when we bought it) and it is still spacious now.
It isn't a widely advertised fact but the adaptors on the side which fit the Safety First Shuttle stroller can be removed with two screws (no impact on the actual capsule) and the Maxi Cosi adptors slot right in, turning a lot of prams into a travel system with this capsule. We used it on our Bugaboo Cameleon and it made life so much easier! I just wish I had of bought this capsule in the first place, I would have saved myself a lot of money and stress!!!
I got this on sale for $180 delivered off of the Deals Direct website, which is less than half of what I paid for the Maxi Cosi!
Everything! Lots of room for bub. Lightest available. Very affordable. Easy to use, clip and unclip bub, install and remove etc. Attaches to pram. Bub loves it!
I'm not a massive fan of the sunshade how it is attached to the handle, but that is certainly nothing major.

Baby completely unharmed in side-impact collision that destroyed car

This is a really nicely-designed carrier that is both lightweight and extremely safe, as we found out when we were involved in a side impact crash that totalled our Fairmont. Bub was 100% fine, thank God, and I was really, really, really glad i insisted on getting the one 5-star safety rated capsule on the market. Day-to-day it has been really simple to use. Bub is happy to sleep in it too. Highly recommended.
5-star safety, Convenient, Lightweight, Comfortable.

So great and comfortable for bub! Great buy!

We bought this car capsule because it was the highest rated for safety for car capsules under 6 months. It is well cushioned and looks super comfy for our little boy. Buckles are easy to use and tighten/loosen, not too heavy to carry and straightforward to get in and out of car. As our baby often falls alseep in the car, it is great being able to move him from the car without waking. He didn't like sleeping in his cot for first few weeks, but we found he would sleep in the capsule - it helped keep our sanity otherwise we would have got no sleep at all! We have only been using it for four weeks, but only downside I can see so far is very minor - the strap used to fasten in car stays with the actual capsule - which apparently is unusual, it normally stays with the car according to the professional fitter. If left it would be dangling down or might dangle into capsule and hit baby. But its easily solved by just tucking along the side and under the lining. All in all, worth buying, would highly recommend.
high safety rating, comfortable for transport and sleep, lightweight, easy to use
only minor negative is the strap stays with capsule not car when take it out of car, but easy to fasten into lining to get out of the way

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I have this car seat and the tether strap does not come out with the capsule, it stays attached tothe car and hooks over the top of the capsule when you put it into the car. Can I suggest you talk to someone from Safety 1st to check out what the problem is with your seat?

Safest on the market

I bought this capsule because it had the best safety rating see CREP website. Capsule is also the lightest. Easy to unclip and also strap bub in. We bought a second base for the other car, makes life easy when you need to just jump in the car and go.
Serves its purpose without fuss. Quick clip in and out when on the go.
The carry handle when engaged blocks the view of bub in the mirror. So needs to always be retracted. The harness strap stays attached to capsule but doesn't clip on anywhere so you need to wrap the strap around the handle so it doesn't bang against the capsule or dangle on the ground.

This is the safest capsule on the Australian market (see CREP test)

Purchased this capsule because it is the safest on the market (5 star safety CREP rating). Interestingly the safe n sound unity which is so popular only gets a 1 star rating, so do your homework!(CREP.com.au)
It is also the lightest on the market - round 3 kg which you will greatly appreciate when lugging baby in it.

Easy to install (I did it myself), easy to clean, and to get bubs in and out of. The hood and foot muff are detachable. The tether strap can just be placed over the hood, so you don't have to remove the hood each time (as per another review)

I also purchased the safety 1st shuttle stroller to turn the capsule into a travel system. ESSENTIAL! My husband and I comment every time we use it how convenient it is to not take bubs out of the car seat when shopping, visiting, even going to the beach!

This is the safest, lightest and very well priced (around $220) capsule on the market and an essential purchase.
Safest, lightest, well priced
Had to order it from an interstate store and I could not get it in Victoria (but Supercheap auto now stock it)

Iv brought myself one of these and I find mine moves alot in the car I'm not sure how make it from not moving so just wondering if you had any problems with movement.Hi, I had same problem with movement and took it to Pearce's for fitting check. They put an extra buckle thing on the seatbelt which kept it completely still, for $10. Great value!!Hi, I had the same problem with movement and took it to Pearce's for fitting check. They put an additional buckle thingy on the seat belt which held it firmly in place, no movement. Well worth it for $10 for the buckle and peace of mind!

Great car seat

This has been fantastic as baby can be moved in and out without waking. Love the colour and the fabric is easy to clean. Baby is nearly 7 months and only just fits so will be moving into maxi cosi very soon. Had to pay to get it installed. Highest safety rating that's why I went with it.
Can get heavy as baby gets older
Carseat installer said it was the worst design to install (so i haven't moved it since it was put in)

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Fantastic carrier. Light weight (compared to other brands), SO easy to use, clips in and out of base and matching stroller. I chose this capsule based on the 5 star safety rating - not on the type of stroller it matches and couldn't be happier with the matching stroller for all terrain/not too big. I agree with other comments it's hard to find instore and we only lerant about it online through choice.

The perfect capsule

I love our One Safe Capsule! We have an enormous bubba who has outgrown our capsule in length already but is still in the weight range so it would be nice to still be able to use it.
She was always comfortable in it and it was so handy to be able to move her from car to home or out and about easily without having to wake her. Before going out we would put her in her seat and would only need to carry the seat to the car and clip it in.
We have the sand colour which is gorgeous!
The only thing I would change is having the hood separate to the handle because every time I want to put the seat in and out of the car I have to undo the hood to remove or attach the tether strap and then have to re attach the hood. It becomes annoying and sometimes lays on bubbas head. This is a minor thing and
I have no other complaints. Brilliant seat!! =)
Inexpensive, safe, looks good, easy to use, comfortable for baby, fantastic in a travel system, seconds as a rocker, easy to move a sleeping baby from car to home etc.
The hood has to be attached and removed form the carry handle whenever you want to put it in or take it out of the car

Questions & Answers

Do the adapters for safety first visto stroller fit this aswell as maxi cosi capsule
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Hi there, can this capsule be used on a Joolz Geo pram?
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Hi, is the line safe capsule compatible with a baby jogger coty select pram?
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Safety 1st One Safe Infant Carrier
CategoryBaby Capsules
Price (RRP) $349.00
Minimum Age Newborn
Maximum Age 6 months
Dimensions 620 x 430 x 550 mm
Colour / Finish Black
Weight3.5 kg
ISOFIX CompatibleNo
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)
Release dateFeb 2012

Visit official website - Download manual
  • GTIN14: 09312541110973

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