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2.5 from 35 reviews

Will be 5 minutes wait became 15

Kingsway store. They said five minutes, still waiting fifteen minutes later so left. They didn't look busy they did look disinterested. On previous visits they have been ok but not great customer service this time.

Poor service

Looking for a trim for my 4yr old. Told to come back in half an hour even though it was not busy. Came back. Lady on reception did acknowledge my presence but then went out back. I was left standing with my pram/baby and my 4yr old. Nowhere to sit and no indication of how long I might be waiting. At this stage there was one lady doing a haircut and the rest of the salon was empty. I waited, standing, for about 6-7 minutes then high tailed it out of there. No way I was paying for this kind of service.

Used to be great but not anymore!

Turned up 8.30am Monday 15/4/19 to get my hair done. Salon opens at 9 am. Was happy to wait till it was open as i had a 10.30 am appointment in Midland. At 8.45 am my hairdresser walks over to tell me she wont be able to cut my hair till 9.20 am. She had apparently had someone turn up at 8.30 am and had "booked" them in?? As its a first come first served salon and there are NO bookings EVER! i asked her how can this be? She replied that they got here first. By the way this customer wasn't even there? As i also had a terrible dye job 4 weeks previously (not the same stylist) i will not be going back. I have been going to this salon for years but its slowly going downhill. I tried Garden City and MUCH prefer it. Will use them from now on.

cannot do what you ask for

If I could, I would not give any stars! I have very fine hair and asked for a colour that had no brown in it, as last time it turned orange. The lady was really lovely but had no clue what she was doing. After the rinse removed the colour, it was like an orang utan! I could not even leave the salon as it was so bad, One of the senior girls put in some darker streaks in but these washed out within a week. I had a passport photo taken and it looks like I have no hair at all. I paid $208 for this and feel totally ripped off. I also did a review which popped up on my phone. No one has ever contacted me so I would never recommend them again. The girls are very pleasant but don't do what you ask. I am very disappointed with the result and now have to pay more to get it fixed.

Rip Off

I wouldn't recommend these guys. They are convenient as you can just walk in, and they do do good head massages when shampooing your hair. But they're majorly over priced (Cost me $55 just for them to dry my hair and my hair is only to my shoulders it's not long) and they're not to good at colouring. Asked for a warm brown and got a dark nearly black colour. Maybe if you're only looking for a cut they may be worth it but otherwise it's better to spend your money elsewhere

Love it

I get treated very well at the Mirrabooka Salon Express every time i go there. They make sure you get what you are paying for and when i just got my hair coloured the hairdresser did extra for free just to make my hair look more perfect!

Midland gate - salon express (never AGAIN)

Never again shall I go back, midland gate salon express has considered to ruin my hair. Every visit to this store has made my heart raise when I watch then do my hair, I tell them what I want and it’s like they don’t listen. Today I went in and asked for a trim, my hair is very long almost to my lower back, my hair needed about 2 inches cut off but she ignored my request of a trim and processed to cut 4 inches off. After she was done the lady doing my hair asked another colleague if she had done okay, and she answers back saying that she need to fix and make my hair even and proceeded to cut another inch of the side. Turns out she’s an apprentice and the salon did not even inform. My hair is now just below my shoulders.............

Avoid Salon express Wanneroo Central!

No stars would be more appropriate!
I would avoid this "salon" at all cost!
Asked for my blunt cut to be soften something I assumed any stylist could do! Boy was I wrong, what I am left with is a hack job! When I complained to head office about the Wanneroo store, The manager [name removed] from Wanneroo salon express emailed me back with a slandering email stating I wanted this haircut and went against advice from the 20 second consult prior to the hacking, which is furthest from the truth. Apparently I was rude which I think I had a right to be angry and to add salt to injury she wanted an apology from me ha but I am yet to get an apology from her! Unprofessional unskilled and no pride in their work and can't even admit when they are wrong or stuffed up, couldn't even offer a refund! AVOID if you have any pride in you hair!!!! I am strongly considering to take the photos of my hair and unprofessional unsympathetic emails I have received from [name removed] the owner of the Wanneroo store and giving them to news outlets. Please be aware I am only speaking of my experience of the salon express Wanneroo central store not any other stores who have the misfortune of carrying the same name.

Best Salon Ever Frequented.

I’ve been a customer for over 3 years now and I’m never disappointed. It’s always easy to get an appointment, the staff are so helpful and listen carefully to what you want and always work out the best price for me. I’ve never come out disappointed, only always feeling like a million bucks!

Always happy coming here

Always happy with my experience at Joondalup Salon Express. Very well organised. Will be back definitely. Thanks Samantha. I have walked out of there a new person. I never book I just turn up

Salon Express - Farce

What a Farce,
Salon Express advertise $23.50 for a mans haircut. But do not tell you until you sit down that should you have product in your hair such as gel or wax they need to wash it first for another $12 that being a Total of $35.50.
Excuses they used at Joondalup was it blunts the scissors, or they cannot layer it properly. Mount Hawthorn excuses are that they cannot cut it properly because of the wax.
I've been to many other hairdressers and barbers, not one of them have ever complained or even mentioned a problem with any product in my hair. They just wet it slightly and cut away. With great results.

Its Salon Expresses way of up-selling, so men beware, first go home and wash your hair before going to Salon Express with product in your hair, as its going to cost you $12 more to have it cut.

Orian Springfield

I went in to salon express Springfield for a cut and colour my hair is long but not extra long I paid $168.50 with my hair wet. As I refused to pay the $202 dollars I was quoted to include a hair dry The price I expected to pay is what is on their website for long hair colour which is $80, but I ended up being charged an extra $65 dollars because my hair was thick and long. Don’t waste your time here, go book a nicer salon with better products and staff. You virtually pay the same price.

Overpriced. Poor results

Very over priced and results don't show for money spent. Services and prices not explained clearly. Beware of the Mirrabooka store and go elsewhere. Shop around. Complained to head office and didn't want to really want to hear me. SHOP AROUND YOU CAN GET GET BETTER AND FRIENDLIER REDULTS ELSEWHERE.

Wonderful hairdresser!

So thankful for Robbin at Mirrabooka, WA Salon Express who did layers on my hair. Very light hands and did extremely well! As well as Ashvin who did my mum's short hair. Tipped them both! Would come back to them both for sure!

Always happy with service 100%

Service is fantastic very happy 100%. Staff are friendly always remember my name and how l like my coffee. Hair color is perfect and love having my hair washed sooo relaxing. Have been having my cuts and colour with Salon express for over 10yrs

Friendly warm environment great service

Always such a friendly environment at the innaloo salon express all the staff are great and make you feel so welcome! Have been going there for 6 years now and won’t go anywhere else.

Great Supportive advice on hair colour and treatments

Kingsway shop. Friendly and professional.
Was informative about how to get the right shade of colour to my hair and very easygoing people who can guide you to your envisioned hair style

First Visit, best cut of my life

Most woman love getting there hair cut and do this on the regular. For me its always been daunting because ive never been 100% happy with how it looks. I went into belmont and was immdeiatley greeted with a warm smile and seen to straight away. I had an amazing Asian women cut my hair who has done this exactly how I wanted if not better, unfortunately I didnt get her name. Would absoutly recommend this store. Excellant service and the best cut ive had.

Garden City is Awesome!!!

I had my first visit to this store today and was extremely happy with service from the moment I walked in. A huge thanks to Dani with helping choose a new color and style that I love. Walked in with an old mop on my head and walked out feeling like a million dollars.

WARNING !!!!!!

Just wanted to warn anyone else who is thinking about getting there hair coloured at Salon Express in Ocean Keys shopping centre , I always get my hair cut and my daughters hair cut at this store but last week I wanted a simple all over plum colour put in my hair . But what i received was bright plum roots and basically brown ends . The girls would not admit that there was a colour difference at all from my roots to my ends, and basically wanted my money and sent me out the door saying that it was the lighting in the Salon that made it look that way.
Absolutely appalling colour job for a professional . Think they all need extra training and a course in customer service . But wait it gets better , later that day the owner of Joondalup and Clarkson Salon Express called me to say that she has seen photos and there is no colour difference at all !!!! What a Joke i have photos too !!!! Which clearly shows a major difference .
The whole experience was vary stressful , and upsetting !!!
Luckily I thought to call Salon Express Head Office and Rachel there was very lovely and apologetic , she directed me to Salon Express in Wanneroo which the very lovely girls spend 2.5 hours fixing up Clarksons stuff up . So happy now with my new hair colour and would go back to Wanneroo but never ever Clarkson or Joondalup .

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How much would it cost for someone with long hair (between shoulder to Waist length) to have a shampoo, cut and blow wave please? i would like to buy a voucher for a friend.
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