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Samsung Galaxy Watch

Excellent Watch

Design - This watch is stunning to look at and very easy to use. The exterior is extremely easy to scuff / scratch which isn’t the greatest considering it is a watch. The button are very easy to use and the turn dial glides with ease. However I feel this watch could have been a little more compact consider how thin the Apple Watch is compared to this.

Battery - This is one thing I am quite disappointed with, I am only able to get one full day out of my watch especially if it is a busy day with calls or messages. I have turned all notification features off to try and help battery life but it hasn’t helped it much. I have not yet contacted Samsung with this issue as it seems like a very very common issue ( I will contact them soon and see what their response is )

Connectivity - This has been seem less with 4g and Bluetooth. I have had no connection issues at all. I have excellent service with messages and calls, no drop out nor has it been impacted indoor, in saying that I do live central to my town.

Setup - This blew me away with how simple the setup was, my two year old could if done it.

Inside Box - The watch comes with the charging dock, watch, two length wrist bands and instructions.

Overall the watch is a great addition for busy people, however I just wished that the battery lasted longer.

My watch is currently contracted to my Telstra Contract.

Purchased in March 2019 at Telstra.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Battery Life
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We appreciate the review you have provided us with. We understand the importance of getting the most out of your Galaxy Watch. Hence, we've provided some tips below to help you increase the battery life of your device. 1. Reduce your Brightness settings 2. Turn off Wi-Fi, data usage and Bluetooth when not in use 3. Disable notifications that are unused If after some time, you still believe that there may be a fault with the battery of your device, I would recommend for you to head into your nearest Samsung service centre so that our techs can take a look into this. Remember, all visits require a booking - you can make yours via the link below: https://www.samsung.com/au/samsungstore/bookings/ Jo Samsung AU

Love this stylish gorgeous watch

As an apple user I wanted this rose gold Samsung watch not a fan of the Apple Watch look. I love this stylish Samsung which sends me all my notifications and keeps me moving and advises of my fitness, sleep stress etc.

Purchased in March 2019 at JB Hi-Fi for $549.00.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Battery Life

A smart watch for the non-Apple people

I've had mine for around 10 months or so. My primary reason for a smart watch such as the Galaxy Watch was for fitness tracking. Not so much that it would be religiously tracking what I did and how fast and how often, but to motivate me to be healthier. Basically I enjoy walking/running and swimming so the built-in fitness tracking functions, plus the water-proof ability meant this was perfect for me. (Note: waterproof in fresh water only but this is typical of most smart watches that state they are waterproof)

I have the watch paired to a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and from reviews I believe the watch works best with Galaxy Phones. Although it will work with an iPhone, some of the functionality (eg replying to text) is limited; but the if you have an iPhone you'd be getting an iWatch!

In terms of accuracy for step counts, distance, heart beat etc, it seems pretty accurate. I used to have a Microsoft Band 2 and comparing both they are much the same. The Galaxy Watch also has an auto-workout detection. Basically if you forget to start an activity on the watch, it will start it for you once it detects you've been doing it for approx. 10 mins. So I can go for a walk or run, and if I forget to start it, the watch will track it for me.

I swim often, and the watch will count laps for me as well. It's pretty accurate too. The only it has mis-counted laps is if I've stopped mid-lap (to clear goggles of water!)

You can make and receive calls from the watch via a Bluetooth connection to your phone. It's actually come in handy a few times when my phone was the other side of the room; as I could answer on my watch instead.

The spotify app is quite good. You can control music on your phone from your watch as long as you've started this form the watch. If you've started playing music from spotify on your phone, then you can only see the track playing displayed on the watch.

The watch basically does everything it promises to do. There are plenty of in-depth reviews out there so look those if you want detail. From my experience, this is what I found in terms of pros and cons:


Looks like a watch!
Useful built-in fitness tracking apps
Lot's of free watch faces available
Lot's of replacement bands available on eBay
Pretty accurate in terms of steps, distance and heartbeat measurements
Great battery life (3 - 4 days depending on how often you use GPS)
Surprisingly comfortable to wear as 46mm is a large watch


Limited number of apps compared to Apple iWatch
Limited memory for storing music on the watch, much better to stream from your phone
Very slow upload of music to the watch
Full functionality for Samsung Galaxy Phone only.


Purchased in September 2018 at Samsung Online store for $549.00.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Battery Life

Fantastic watch

Great watch, have been looking for a watch for some time and obviously tried some ( wish ) watches that failed. So i bit the bullet and went for the Samsung. Very impressed. Connected via bluetooth to my phone i can view emails, phone calls and text messages. The average time before charge is 3 days ( depending on how long you use it). From Samsung health, tracking your every step to sleep tracker the Samsung watch has not disappointed. I have purchased a SS band as i do find i am gettting a little rash from the silicon band but thats the only problem i find :)

Purchased in March 2019 for $499.00.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Battery Life


I've worn it for 12 hours and the battery reads 15%, and I haven't even made a call or sent a text message. I regret buying, it's virtually useless as it spends more time on the charging dock than on my wrist. I am SOOOO disappointed!!!!

Purchased in August 2019 at JB Hi-Fi Retail Stores for $599.00.

We understand the importance of getting the most out of your Galaxy Watch. Hence, we've provided some tips below to help you increase the battery life of your device. 1. Reduce your Brightness settings 2. Turn off Wi-Fi, data usage and Bluetooth when not in use 3. Disable notifications that are unused If after some time, you still believe that there may be a fault with the battery of your device, I would recommend for you to head into your nearest Samsung service centre so that our techs can take a look into this. Remember, all visits require a booking - you can make yours via the link below: https://www.samsung.com/au/samsungstore/bookings/ Jo Samsung AUI have brightness down to 3 and I'm not connected to wifi. There's some really great apps on the watch, one I really wanted to utilise was the Samsung Fitness, BUT they're a waste of space because they use up the battery. I've gone and either deleted or forced stop on all apps except for phone, message and alarm. Very disappointed.

Battery life is rubbish as well as the resolution from Samsung VOC

My husband gave this to me as a birthday present. The first 2 weeks I had the watch, it was perfect. Enter the 3rd week, I was at work, it drained my battery within 3.5 hours of use at work. And I noticed that it keeps on vibrating intermittently (atleast twice an hour) to let me know that the battery life is draining then the watch itself felt hot hence I removed it. The following week (by this time, I had the watch for 30 days), sent it to Samsung pop up booth at Fountain Gate. They sent it for repair and after 4 working days I was contacted and told that they didn't find anything wrong with the watch itself. Reluctantly I took the watch back on the 10/07/19. The following day, darined the battery within 6 hours and the gadget felt hot again when it was down to 15% battery life and I had to enable the power saving mode. The 2nd day, battery life only lasted tops 5 hours. I also noticed that from 6:35 am with 100% battery life, by 8:10 am, the battery was down to 82% . Shocking, I know. So much for there's nothing wrong with my watch at all. 2 days after I got it back, it was sent back again for repair. This time the staff has escalated it to their ??VOC. The watch was re sent back to Samsung pop up booth on the 12/07 in the evening. I received a phone call from their Sydney office today 17/07, again, as per their words, NOTHING IS WRONG WITH THE BATTERY after their intensive testing . And the resolution I have is to take their piece of rubbish back and they will give me some form of a log in record so that if it did the same crap again, I should call their tech team and troubleshoot the junk myself!!! I have turned off notifications from apps, no 3rd party apps was downloaded on my watch. Whatever apps they have installed was the one I have there. I don't even use the watch to call as my phone always stays in my locker at work and bluetooth doesn't allow me to receive anything if the 2 gadgets ( watch and phone are over certain meters apart). Even their representative from their Samsung booth told me that I do not have any apps in the background that could drain my battery that fast! I am so disappointed. I have not received the gadget back yet but the guy from their booth told me he will run some test when he gets it back hopefully tomorrow. I will keep you up to date as to how will I go with this saga. I don't want any refund, I want the product just not the same watch because I think it is a dud piece of watch. It is 6 weeks old, not like I had it for a year!!!

Purchased in May 2019.

Hi Jinky, we're sorry to hear of the inconveniences this may have caused. We understand that your device is currently at one of our service centres. If you would like for the Social Team to look into this as well, would you be able to provide us with your reference number and contact details via the link below? Please ensure to copy and paste your product review in a private message to us. > m.me/SamsungAustralia Jo Samsung AUOn the 7/8, Samsung told me for the third time that they found no fault with the watch. I am extremely not happy and lodge a complaint thru ACCC. You should hear from them soon. Your company has wasted 5 weeks of my time!!! I don't want your product anymore.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Cellular

So after been a Apple nut for 10 plus years , i made the change to Samsung 2 weeks ago first the phone and now the watch . The Samsung galaxy watch looks like a Watch its round like watches should be , it works fantastic. The Watch face and app store has so much to offer , there are 1000 or more watch faces to use and customice to whatever you desire. It works flawless , everything is so easy to use .
Thank you Samsung for making such a great timepiece

Purchased in July 2019 for $500.00.

Brilliant idea, just one annoying downside, and a few small issues.

Purchased in April 2019 so I could drive a fast boat and not have to lug my mobile phone along. Although it is legal to handle your mobile while steering a boat, it is not a good look.

Cost $499 directly from a Samsung kiosk in Sydney.
Bought several other wristbands online to use with it.
Ongoing cost is just $5 a month to Telstra to make it a slave of my Samsung S8 mobile.( It is not "tethered" to my mobile unless it is close by, but operates as a separate phone on my wrist when they are far apart.)
There are no additional voice or data costs as it using my mobile phone account for stuff i would normally use my mobile phone for.

The best feature: perfect mobile phone on my wrist, without even having my mobile phone anywhere nearby.

The worst feature: Appalling battery life which limits its usefulness in various ways.

Update: August 2019
I have discovered that the battery drain issue comes and goes significantly. When it has a lot of updates or downloads to do independamt of my mobile, or is not near my mobile for much of the day, the drain is great and battery is good for maybe 20-24 hours. On quiet usage days, it an acheive 50 hours.

The detail:
I wanted the cellular model so i could leave my mobile at home, and take and initiate phone calls while driving a fast boat.
I wanted the smaller 42mm model as the 46mm model i tried on my wrist made me feel like a dribbling idiot.

In retrospect, i should have got the bigger watch as it has a significantly bigger battery good for up to 2.5 days. ( Be sceptical about Samsungs optimistic estimates of battery life, they are only acheivable by castrating the watch

As it stands i am getting an average 36 hours battery life on my smaller watch, but only by turning off many functions.

But i am a very light phone user so i can work with that reduced battery life and usefulness, because the bottom line is ....it is a brilliant wrist phone....easy to make or answer calls, never drops out, signal is clear as a bell at both ends. What a marvel.

When i first turned it on, i was getting 14-16 hours of battery, but by careful and meticulous adjustment i have nearly tripled that. Here’s how:

1 Turn off “Always On Watchface” ( the biggest single continuous drain.) my watch face stays on for 15 seconds only , then goes black. You get used to it and acquire an international man of mystery look for wearing a wristwatch that doesnt always tell the time.

2 Turn off “Location” ( as GPS is another drain. Its easy to turn back on using a shortcut, when you need it for road directions or GPS positioning.)

3 Turn off “ Heart Rate sensor”. ( another big drain, and i never use the many sports or health apps built in, so no loss for me.)

4 Swap any coloured watchface for one that is nearly black. ( The pixels on the watchface only use power when they aren't black. There are thousands of free watchfaces to download, many of them elegant and many with a nearly all black background you can choose from.)

5 Every time you use an app, shut it down afterwards. ( Go to “Recent Apps” and "Close All", this saves heaps of battery.)

6 Uninstall any useless crud apps that could be stealing power in the background without you knowing by way of sedentary operations. Sadly the biggest offender is that useless personal assistant Bixby, which cant be uninstalled, ditto Samsung Pay, and the Health apps themselves. All a load of crud to me.)

7 Turn off “wrist WakeUp” which turns the watch face on when you rotate your wrist. ( This uses some power, unlike “Bezel Turn Wakeup” which doesn’t.)

So what am i left with? A watch that is a bit crippled but still performs its primary function of answering and making phone calls brilliantly. Whether close to or many kilometres from my mobile.

I would be interested to know if the non-cellular bluetooth/wifi version, that is tethered to your watch, chews through the battery as much. It is probably a lot kinder to the battery, though not as useful to me.

Samsung have a brilliant product that needs a few more years of development to acheive glory. It needs battery and software improvements, but as much as anything, it needs more apps.

The email and messaging apps that came with it work perfectly for reading incoming dats, but they are fiddly on a small watchface to write email or txts.

It works perfectly with my car Bluetooth, and is not illegal as i still use the car buttons to answer or make calls. The watch doesnt have to be touched.

If a call comes in and my mobile is closeby, i can answer on either device, as i also can in the car, or to originate calls, emails or txts. All seamlessly perfect.

The rotating bezel for functions and app selection works beautifully, as far as i can judge, much better than Apple's button approach.

But, apart from the thousands of watchfaces and health apps you can download, there is not a lot worth a pinch of cow poo in their app library.
Come on Samsung, we need more non-health apps.

I have discovered one third party app that is great for me. The GoPro app.
I can have my GoPro camera mounted outside the boat cabin in shocking weather, and control what it shoots and how it shoots from the comfort of the cabin.

There is a very good third party weather app called au.Weather that is amazing, but it is another battery killer. The stock standard weather app that comes with the watch is mundane, but better on power usage.

In summary,

Brilliant wristwatch phone, you can leave your mobile at home.
Elegant, not to big or heavy.
Rugged, waterproof to 5Atms but take care with jets of water, and shockproof i think.
Emails and texts can be easily read ( but not easily written on such a small watchface.)

Dismal battery life unless you shut many functions down.
Very poor range of useful apps available at this time to download, unless you buy it for its sports or health functions, which many people will.

The last word: Spend more money and buy the bigger version for its battery life, if you dont mind its size or looks.

Purchased in April 2019 for $499.00.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Battery Life

Extremely Good, but Just Falls Short of Being Excellent

Instead of writing a review talking about the tech specs (which you can all easily find elsewhere), I shall try to give an overview of my experience in wearing the watch almost every day for the past 5 months. Also, just as a side note for a bit of context which may be referred to, my smartwatch before this was the Pebble Time.


One of the key reasons I bought the watch was due to the fact that it looked like a watch, and that I could realistically wear it in professional settings (something that was unfortunately not possible with my Pebble). On the wrist, assuming you get the size which best matches yours, the watch sits nicely and does not instantly look like a ‘gadget’. I have the watchface set to the always-on mode, which helps with this as well and is something I’d recommend as it does look admittedly odd if you leave it off since there is just a blank black screen visible until you lift your wrist. In my opinion, this aesthetic isn’t worth the extra day of battery life you may net. In terms of its general usability, the Galaxy Watch is extremely intuitive to use and I’ve yet to find myself mistakenly pressing the wrong button or selecting the wrong option. You may have heard about its rotating bezel, and its safe for me to say it lives up to the hype. One recommendation I would make though if you intend to wear the watch in professional environments is to buy a different strap, as the included silicon one feels a bit too ‘sporty’. I should note that it is extremely easy to change straps as the watch uses standard quick release pins so you shouldn’t be too worried about having issues there.


Not much to say here, it performs almost exactly as advertised. The advertised battery life of 4 days from Samsung is while using the setting that keeps the screen off until you lift your wrist. I, however, use the always-on screen setting, and even then, still get 3 days of battery which I believe is quite acceptable considering just how good the display is and the power it would require to run. Charging the watch is quite simple as well, there is no port as it only charges wirelessly. I have the charger set up on my desk and simply drop it on that (it attaches to the charger magnetically and is quite secure) every few days.


I will be honest here, the only other reason I have a smartwatch is so that it can display notifications from my phone. As such, I’m in no position to talk about the health/fitness features, apart from the fact it seems to fairly accurately automatically track my walks from the train station to university.
The watch runs Samsung’s own operating system (called Tizen), which is not to be confused with Android. While there is nothing inherently wrong with the OS – it does exactly what you need it to – there’s also not much to write home about. It has extremely limited app support, so much so that I haven’t found any app worth installing and as such am only running the default apps, most of which don’t see any use.
In terms of how it handles notifications, the Galaxy Watch does the job. Using the rotating bezel (which has an extremely satisfying click to it), makes cycling through multiple app notifications a breeze. The watch allows you to send pre-written replies to messages (eg. Yes, ok, on my way, etc.), otherwise you can even type on the watch itself (which is cumbersome for long messages, but one can easily get used to it for writing <1 sentence responses).

Now as I mentioned earlier, this watch replaces my Pebble Time, and from my experience using that, I have a few slight nit-picks with the Galaxy Watch that unfortunately stop it from being a truly top-tier smartwatch, regardless of how it fares against its main competitors. Firstly, the watch handles multiple notifications from messaging apps poorly. For example, if you receive 1 message from a friend, the watch has no troubles displaying that message. However, if your friend then sends another message before you have checked the first one on the watch, the OS decides to bundle both together, meaning you are no longer able to view the full messages, and can only see a preview. This may not seem like something you would ever think about, however coming from a Pebble which would allow me to read each individual message in full, without having to take out my phone, I’d expect that as a minimum from a product that’s worth more than double that. As such, it can be quite frustrating to have to still take out my phone to read messages, when I would expect the key roles of a smartwatch is to allow me to avoid doing so. The second minor UI issue I’ve noticed is that notifications do not actually display on your screen unless you physically lift up your wrist. While this may not seem like a big deal, imagine you are in a meeting and feel your watch buzz. Naturally, you’d be seated, potentially with your arms folded or resting on the table, with either of these positions still giving you full view of your watch. The issue here is that even though you can see your watch, and even with the always-on setting enabled, the Galaxy Watch simply refuses to show you the notification unless you make the exaggerated motion of lifting your wrist up as if you were checking the time. This is also the case when walking, as the watch still doesn’t show the notification when I make the fairly natural reaction to simply glance at my watch which is by my side. Lastly, the only other slight niggle I will make note of is that there is a noticeable delay for the watch to show you the notification itself. For example, you feel a notification, you lift up your wrist to view it, but then have to wait a noticeable period of time for it to actually show it, as it spends the first second simply showing the name of the app it's coming from. I would like to point out though, that for all 3 of these points I’ve raised, I strongly believe that they can all be fixed via basic software tweaks, and are not a result of any hardware limitations. As such, I hope these are addressed, and would, in turn, make this already great smartwatch an excellent one.


The biggest advantage the Samsung Galaxy Watch has over its competitors is to do what a smartwatch should do (ie. Display notifications) and look good while doing so. The Galaxy Watch certainly does that, and quite well. The lack of apps is a bit disappointing although there aren’t exactly many apps I can imagine I would want on a watch in the first place, due to how difficult it would be to use on a much smaller screen (this is also the case for the Apple Watch, which has a significant number of apps available). The only gripes I had with the watch were all things that I believe can easily be fixed with a few software tweaks, but overall, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is definitely the best smartwatch currently on the market for your Android device.

Purchased in December 2018.

The whole family is happy

I bought 4 watches for the whole family and they are extremely happy with this watch. I was lucky to get it at discounted price before the release.

It is nice little gadget which makes our life easier. Phone and message option is particularly very helpful.

Would definitely recommend this product.

Purchased in September 2018 at Samsung.

I love it

Absolutely love my watch, the only issue I have is that the battery doesn't last long. Apart from that it is easy to use and looks super sexy. I couldn't live without it

Purchased in December 2018 at Samsung Online store for $600.00.

Works well for everyone

Best smart watch you can find in market as it serves all your purposes, whether it is tracking your daily fitness activity or smart looking one with a lot of faces to choose from. Look at the smart watch gallery to get hundreds of apps to select from.

Purchased in February 2019 for $300.00.

Beautiful watch

It is a beautiful watch and rocks a solid battery. which lasts 3-4 days between charge. It also integrates very well with samsung phones. The only downside is the lack of apps on samsung store.

Purchased in September 2018.

Limited apps due to Tizen OS

This is a very good smartwatch. The screen is great, as you'd expect from samsung, it's not overly bulky, and the rotating bezel is a pleasure for navigating with. I haven't installed many additional apps, as they are pretty much useless to me, and haven't gotten much use from the cellular aspect, as I do not pay for the service needed through a telco. If you're a user who is always in range of your phone, then getting the cellular version is a waste of money. Other than this, the watch is a treat. It vibrates when you become out of range with your phone; which has saved me from misplacing / leaving my phone behind a few times.

Purchased in December 2018 at Samsung Online store for $589.40.

Great device

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ and got the Galaxy Watch because Apple Watch is not yet compatible with Android. Running Tizen OS, it does the job with a nice display and great tactile bezel.

Purchased in November 2018.

Really disappointed

This watch is a waste of time. I feel I have been misled into buying this watch by its "Galaxy" name. My galaxy 9 plus runs on android but this watch instead runs on some unknown tizen platform that has very little support with apps and functionality. No whatsapp, no google maps, no android, plus a whole lot of other apps that i have on my phone are not stored. Paid $650 for something I feel should be worth closer to $100 from ebay.

Purchased in February 2019 at Vodafone for $649.00.

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Hi Murat, thanks for providing your open and honest feedback. We've sent you a PM requesting more information. When its most convenient for you can you please send that through? You can also reach out via Facebook- please ensure to copy and paste your product review in a private message to us. > m.me/SamsungAustralia Lisa Samsung AU

Outstanding device but lacks apps

The Samsung Galaxy Watch offers alot for a smartwatch. Battery life can go about 4 days without always on display and 2 days with always on display. The rotating bezel is awesome to use and is reliable. I have gone swimming with it many times and it works just fine. All of my notifications show up on my watch. Having the ability to call people from my wrist is a good experience. The speaker is fine, but obviously hard to hear in public. Using bluetooth headphones for calls and music work well.
The main downside of this watch for me is the lack of apps it supports. No google maps, no facebook messenger, etc. If more app support was added this would hands down be the best smartwatch to get.
Only other slight complaints are that the 46mm version only comes in silver/grey (42mm has more options) and the wireless charger uses micro usb instead of usb C.
Overall it is really solid, just lacks app support.

Purchased in January 2019 at eBay for $420.00.

Mixed bag - good watch

This would be a 5 star rating, and is a great smart watch. I however have had issues with floor count and this leaves a bit of sour taste in my mouth. Despite a widely reported issue of fluctuating floor counts (where I do 120 floors one day and 0 the next - despite similar activity levels), samsung has ignored this problem.

Purchased in October 2018.

Piece of tech that I now use everyday.

Initially I was skeptical about purchasing a smartwatch because a lot of opinions are that these devices are user specific, but after buying one I can say that I fall into the category of those that consistently use it.

The build quality is exceptional and feels solid (although slightly heavy) on my wrist. The main feature that sets the galaxy watch apart from the competition is the rotating bezel that has a tactile feel when you're spinning it. After I connected Samsung Pay to my card I can just use my watch on terminals now without needing to pull out the wallet! The reported battery usage is around 4 - 5 days between charging but I've found that with heavy usage in notifications, calls, calendar items, fitness, and sleep tracking I'm only managing between 2.5 - 3 days between charges.

Nevertheless if you're looking for a smartwatch in this category then would highly recommend considering the Galaxy Watch.

Purchased in April 2019 at Samsung Online store for $549.00.

I've had a few wearable's now but this by far ticks all the boxes for me

I first had a Note 9 then the S10 plus, with both phones the watch is the perfect companion. It's even come in super handy on a few occasions when I did not have my phone with me and I could take an important call. Super happy with build quality and features.

Purchased in March 2019 for $500.00.

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