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Sanitarium Granola Clusters Vanilla and Almond

Sanitarium Granola Clusters Vanilla and Almond

4.2 from 11 reviews

Just about perfect, suits everyone in the family.

Just can't seem to find it anymore in any supermarkets I visit. Believe me I have tried lots of places. Last time I saw it was well before Christmas.

WHERE DO YOU GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great cereal but can not find it at Coles, Woolworths or IGA. I would buy it always for my wife but "Where is it?"

Too sweet and too gritty

I couldn't taste the almonds over the sweetness. And the unclustered cereal is too gritty. Not so tasty to a Canadian palate.

Downright delicious

Okay, I took one bite of this cereal and immediately, it became my favourite cereal. It has the perfect amount of sweetness which almost taste unhealthy, but really the cereal is rich in nutrients. It's nice and crunchy. With weetbix and now this, I can say I love Sanitarium now!
Australian brand, the taste, quite healthy
A bit expensive, don't like it with milk (it dilutes the flavour)

I don't often write reviews but this one just has to be written! Awesome, tasty as!!

I don't have a lot of cereal, but decided to purchase this. What a delight! Just the right crunch, flavour, everything perfect! I had a bowl, came out and said to my hubby, "this is officially THE BEST cereal I have had in my life!" He laughed when he picked up the box and read to me "taste experience like no other" I had not even read that!! They were right, and he followed up with a bowl amd raved about it too!! It is GREAT and apparently Australian, I will purchase again without a doubt!
Expensive, but worth it!


These are a good crunchy cereal with a hint of vanilla and these have the goodness of granola. They seem to be a bit healthier than other cereals, but can be a bit sweet sometimes. These would not suit someone who has sensitive teeth and wants a crunchy cereal because these clusters can be a bit solid, and dont really get soaked in the milk anyway.
This is a pretty good cereal which is shaped into small ballish clusters. They are crunchy and sweet to eat. For me, these are different to all the flakey shaped cereals, so I buy these when I want a change.
These are a bit expensive, but can be on found on sale. I think they are a bit pricey in general because they come in a smaller sized box compared to the other larger sized boxes cereals.


A very tasty cereal which is both healthy and tasty. Can be expensive, but look for it on special. easily available at most supermarkets.
This is one of my families favourite breakfast cereals. The nut clusters are cruchy and provide sweetness to the cereal, but without tasting too sweet. There are plenty of them too, which can be a down side with other cereals. The packaging is clear and the labelling is easy to understand. I have been following weightwatchers for a year,a dn this compares favourably to other cereals, so it is healthy.
Can be a bit pricey, but I look out for it on special, like other reviewers.

A lovely brekkie cereal

This is one of my favourite breakfast cereals. The nut clusters are cruchy and provide sweetness to the cereal, but without containing too much sugar. The packaging is attractive, clear and the labelling is easy to read and understand. Sanitarium I know is a brand I can trust.
This product can be a bit pricey when compared to other cereals. But once every few weeks I can normally find it on special.
Overall this is a very tasty and healthy cereal. And even though it can be expensive, look for it on special. It is also easily available at most major supermarkets.
very tasty
This product can be a bit pricey


I enjoy having this cereal. The taste is great with the vanilla granola clusters, and is still healthy unlike other highly processed cereals. It does contain whole grain oats, high fibre, iron and folate which I find beneficial in obtaining a healthy lifestyle. I have not tried to give this to children, but I would find they would like the taste, not as 'healthy' tasting like muesli, but with the vanilla flavoring makes it a lot more healthier than your generic sugar coated cereal.
Great taste, not overly sweet like other cereals. The vanilla flavour is a great touch
it can be costly in comparison to other cereals on the market


This is one of the best breakfast cereal I ever tasted. Me and my partner love it very much. The crunchy oat cluster with mild sweetness is really mouth watering. The almond flakes are also great in taste. However, I do not love the dried apple flakes as ingredient in this cereal. I think they should replace this ingredient by any other healthy choice. The price is also higher than other breakfast cereals available in supermarket. So I have to wait for the specials.
very tasty and healthy cereal. Love the almond flakes and mild sweetness.
Do not like the dried apple flakes. A bit costly.


This would have to be my favourite cereal on the market. Crunchy oat clusters are complimented nicely with the real dried apple pieces and sliced almonds. A slightly healthier choice for when you want something with a bit of sweetness but not over-laden with sugar.
A light, tasty cereal that isn't too overladen with sugar
A bit expensive, so stock up when on special!

Questions & Answers

Where can you purchase them from as Woolworths IGA and Coles don't stock it in Queensland?
1 answer
They are no longer produced. Sanitarium answered my question.

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