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Take your money and run!

Seems like we’ve had a similar experience to a lot of others on this site.
We were contacted by Savewise in June, got a quote, accepted the quote, paid a deposit and have never heard from them again.
Contacted the salesman, he no longer works there, have us a direct line, nobody answers.
Have left messages for them, no return calls.
Can only assume the whole thing is a scam of some sort.

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Twice bitten by Savewise

Over a year ago my company signed up with Sunwise to have LED lights installed. Nothing happened after repeated calls to them ( if you can ever get through to them ). Eventually after call after call I got a refund 6 months later. Then this year we signed up again. Not realising we were dealing with the same idiots. The penny dropped later! They promised a 3 week installation. Now some 5 -6 weeks. The salesman [name removed] said he would take care of us. Now 30+ calls to him and eventually using a silent number he answered. His response was " I don't work for them anyone more" To top this off I personally signed a simple acceptance when I paid the money. Then within an hour I received by email with a full contract which was never shown to me with my signature on the contract. I rang the salesperson to complain and he advised that this is the way they operate. Still no lights and no response to many calls.
A cheap lesson for us.
Suggest you be cautious with this company.
I am personally disappointed that at the time of this second sign up I did not realise I was dealing with the same people.
Pro-Diving Services Pty Ltd

Value for Money
Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Best product ( solar hot water & skylight), Greet service

We spent 2 days did lots of researches and checking product review of which solar company we should go, we got 5 quotes from different solar companies, SOLARWISE was the best, we got the stainless steel roof solar system back up with off peak electricity, the roof tank was supplied from Factory of West Australia, it use highest grade of stainless steel.
They have great products, they are professional, efficient with best service.

I highly recommend them.


Great service, Great Product, Quick Reliable, HIGHLY Recommended!

The whole process was simple and easy, couldnt be more please the sales team are trained very well and follow up at all occasions!

love them

the service was great and friendly, and the lights really make a difference to the place ( so bright )


This is a government incentive which turns out to be a scam.
Had a salesman from Savewise come to visit a couple of days ago in regards to installing their product, gives much better lighting and saves you on money. Was quoted $85.00 per unit, to supply and install.
When Invoice came through they had charged us $99.00 per unit, and $99 for use of their scissor lift. We were not advised that the scissor lift to be used would cost us any extra money.
They booked in to fit on a Monday morning. Was advised they would be around between 8.00am and 10.00am. Got a call at 10.15am to say they had come at 7.55am to the factory, which was a lie as I was there at 7.40am.
I had cancelled 2 jobs for that morning to fit these guys in.
When they looked in workshop they complained that their scissor lift wouldn't go over hoist. There was a space on the side in which it could get through, but they were not interested in even trying this.
I had had enough and told them to cancel as they wanted to reschedule, but I do not have the time for this, and I do not appreciate being lied to, especially to my face.
Called up head office to get a refund, and they have said they will refund on Thursday!!! Will see if this happens.
They do not give a receipt or email for your $60.00 deposit, as they say they do. That is another lie.
Next step will be to Fair trading!!!
If you are considering going with these guys, be very wary as they a pack of liars and can not be trusted.
Do not pay a $60.00 deposit, as you don't know if you will get it back again!!

Sold as Philips Light Fittings but only apparently have Philips LEDs

These light fittings are marketed through a Govt. rebate scheme by some of Savewise's sales staff as being a Phillips Light fitting with a 5 year Philips warranty. When Savewise's installers turned up to install them the fittings were not branded Phillips as stated. They looked a lot bigger and better in the brochure that had a Philips LOGO on it. If I hadn't involved 20 tenants in our estate to change these over I would have sent them packing out of principle. These light fittings that are supposed to be valued at $480 are the same sort of fitting you can buy from anyone pedaling Chinese fittings for $220.00.

The other thing is the installers need to be treated like spoon fed lepers. All fittings need a fixed plug base, no extension lead supply is acceptable. They need to use a scissor lift and this was a problem for us where ladder access is the only means over machinery. If you calculate the waste of time and crap you need to go through its probably less stressful and cheaper to just buy the fittings and throw them up yourself. Remember these light fittings are supposedly worth $480, looks like another waste of Australia's money

The lights do work OK but are the people going to be around in a few years to warrant the Chinese product in case of problems?

Basically my view on the whole issue with power is this: We need to NOT listen to the Greens, Leftards or any other cretin pushing the UN agenda with climate change. Australia has massive amounts of coal and gas and we should have the cheapest power in the world. Stop all the crap and build some decent base load power stations and supply them with cheap coal. Our "Lucky Country" is running out of luck, how are we going to pay for our debts and the running of the country when its not worthwhile running a business. Time to wake up Australia.

Professional from start to finish.

I noticed my neighbors factory bay had new LEDs and I asked him where he got them from and how much, as I was planning on installing them soon. He gave me the contact details for SaveWise. I made a call , left a message and they got back to me and the sales person came out ,explained everything, did the contracts etc,set a date. Job Done, customer follow up, etc etc PROFESSIONAL from Start to Finish

The lights make a difference

The new LED lights make a big difference to our work area. The service was excellent and efficient. And inexpensive!

Great Service

Fantastic Service from the girls at the start and when the boys got here for Installation they were very quick,
There was minimal distraction and time lost to the business while they were installing
I recommend Save Wise to anyone..

Great product. SImple service

From the sales call to installation day. the LED changeover process was economical and no fuss. The lights are great; Far better than traditional hHi bays. Instant full brightness (brighter actually) and use less power.

Just fair warning

Reading the reviews already posted here I hope mine is an isolated case, so this is my experience with SaveWise,
Had Sales call at my factory door to offer the LED HI bay light deal they had going at the time and also mentioned the fact that he had signed up a few of my neighboring companies to have theirs done.
Agreed to have ours done as it is a good offer, but explained to salesman my circumstance that I was in the process of closing my business due to ill health and that as the workshop would be in turmoil I would need at least 1 days notice to clear a path for them to get in to do the change over, No problem I was told, so sign and paid deposit and was told I would receive a conformation email (which to this day I have still NOT received).
About 8>10 days later at 9.00 am I receive a phone call telling me that the installers would be at my factory to do the lights at 12 noon that day(so much for the 1 days notice) but as I had medical tests on that day I called SaveWise to say this could not happen I was told that they had booked in my neighbors for today as well (later I checked with them and this was not correct) as I explained to them about my situation I knew I was getting no where and eventually asked for the job to be cancelled(rather that stuff them around) and to refund my deposit by close off business the following day with an email to be sent confirming it.
No email received, as more tests were being done I decided to leave chasing them about deposit in the hope they had did it but when I received my C/Card bill they had taken the money but not done the refund.
So I called head office to inquire as to why and was told I was on the install wait list, but how could that be possible when I had asked for and been told I would have the job cancelled and the refund paid.
Called salesman to find out what was going on he told me that once he sent in the sales it was others at head offices job to get everything else organised but that he would chase it up for me, called me back to say that the installation dept had just got off the phone with my neighbor to arrange his install on Monday and that I was to be done the same day (even though I had cancelled job) I informed the salesman that this was no good as I was to start my Chemo on Monday and did not think I would be in any fit state to attend the installation of a cancelled job.
He made another phone call and called back to say that some one from head office would be in contact with me (This never happened).
So it may only be $60.00 deposit I am being screwed for but if they do this to 100 customers the $s soon mount up, and I have no record or receipt of the deposit for my tax records.
So SaveWise as far as I am concerned you dropped the ball completely on this one after numerous fumbling and obfuscating attempts.
Next stop Dept of Fair Trading.

LED the way to go, more economical and brighter lights

Great service, fantastic face to face marketing and promotion of the LED lights, prompt and efficient. LED the way to go, more economical and brighter lights

LED HI bay lights.

Fantastic! After 11 months of being absolutely STUFFED around by multiple companies offering LED upgrades. Companies like Maximum Lighting, Ecovantage, Ionics, Solectric and others who I can certainly say to not bother with unless you want to be made to wait up to 12 months for nothing to happen!!
Savewise came on a Friday morning and offered to quote, By Thursday of next week, it was installed. No fuss no hassle. Even turned up with their own scissor lift, which wasn't charged as an extra like the dodgies above..
Lights are great, brighter than I expected and overall I'm very happy with the prompt service and installation.
Some unnamed companies (Cough..above) could take a look at how Savewise work and follow their example..
A COC (Certificate of compliance) was supplied and all regulations followed. Your installer: Trenton is also a credit to your business. Thanks Guys!

I love how bright these lights are

from when I said to go ahead they were efficient with the paperwork and then the installers turned up on time and installation was quick and with no fuss. I have no problem in recommending Savewise.

led hi bay lighting

had a wonderful experience with safe wise the light is amazing compared to the old hay lights the differance to the factory is enormous

LED Hi Bay Lighting

We are extremely satisfied with our new LED Hi Bay lights supplied and installed by Save Wise. The service was very quick, friendly and professional. Our lights were up within 3 days of our inquiry.

We have saved a bundle and will highly recommend Save Wise to our associates.

Wow. Bright lights

Quick efficient service. From inquiring about lights to having them up and running 4 working days. Customers and staff impressed with our new lights. Have recommended SaveWise to several other businesses in the local area.

Great stuff

I was very impressed with the professionalism from the sales to the finished installation. I have recommended Save Wise to my other business also.
My workshop is now a pleasure to work in.

Great job

The led high bays are awsome I look forward to working nights now. Your prompt professional service was great to see from a big company, tradies were good blokes too

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